Monday, 28 July 2008

Chapter 95

Liz walked through the door and grabbed Al in a bear hug, both girls crying softly.

A soft knock at the door, broke them apart, ‘Whoever it is get the hell away from my door. Torres I’ll send your stuff to wherever the hell you end up, now leave!’ Al had gone passed angry and was now nursing a broken heart, how could he go along with Jon?

‘Ally honey, its Carol and Steph can we come in please the boys are downstairs with the children.’

Liz looked at Al with the ‘who’ look, ‘Its Jon’s mother and daughter.’ Liz went white; she didn’t want to meet his family with all this shit flying about!

Al saw Liz’s face, but shrugged her shoulders, the woman had done nothing to hurt her, her son had. She undid the door and stepped back as Steph and her grandmother walked in, Steph carrying some drinks. Carol took one look at the two girl’s faces and opened her arms to both of them. With little hesitation Al and Liz walked into her embrace.

‘Oh darlin’s I’m so damn sorry, talk about shit hitting the fan! I honestly thought John would tell you before today.’ The girls holding onto her and sobbing quietly, they felt safe in Carol’s arms.

‘We’ve brought you drinks and cookies, I’m sorry daddy’s been a jackass! Unfortunately it happens, but my uncles should have known better!’ Steph seemed to have her fathers temper, and at the minute it was aimed squarely at her father.

Liz and Al pulled away from Carol, who handed them some tissues that magically appear out of grandmothers pockets. They dried their eyes and Carol took in the two girls, no, women in front of her. She eyed up the woman who is her sons, well might still be, girlfriend. She was John’s height, and her dark spiky hair was a little flat with being slept on, the grey eyes full of turmoil and hurt.

‘Steph I’m sorry you heard that, I feel terrible, I just lost it! I’d asked him if there was anything else I should know, and he said no! Carol I’m truly sorry ….’

‘Aw hush, John did wrong and you nailed his ass to the wall, Stephanie, do not tell your daddy I’ve been swearing and I won’t tell him you called him a jackass. He’s a big boy and should know by now shit happens when you lie!’

‘Ally I’m fine with it, daddy deserved what he got, boy I bet his ears were red!’ she grinned and looked so much like her father Liz caught her breath. ‘Liz I’m sorry you had to meet us like this, nana said daddy was seeing someone.’ Steph held out her hand to Liz, for her age she showed remarkable maturity. Liz shook it and found out Steph had the Bongiovi mega watt smile.

‘I’m sorry too, I just couldn’t help myself. How could he lie like that?’ Liz looked at Carol, who shook her head; she hadn’t raised him like this.

A timid knock on the door had the women jumping a little, they all laughed self-consciously; Steph went to the door and opened it.

‘Hey Steph do you think I could please have a word with Ally?’

‘Daddy, I think you should leave, you’ve done enough damage here.’ Her tone was sharp with the father, and she blocked the door with her slight body.

Carol walked over and saw her eldest son had seemed to look his age, he had a haunted look in his eyes, one she’d not seen before and he looked contrite. Maybe he’d realised people’s emotions shouldn’t be taken for granted. Looking over her shoulder she saw Ally straightening her spine, and Liz heading into the bathroom to dress. ‘Looks like Ally’s going to talk to you son, but I swear on your life, you don’t fix this you will not be welcome at my home ever again, do I make myself clear?’ She snapped this out.

Jon realised looking at his daughter and mom he’d really become lowest or low in their eyes, and Liz’s, damn he was an ass! His mom looked damn serious about what she said, and he knew damn well she’d stick to it, and that he couldn’t have, his family was everything to him. ‘Yes ma’am.’

With that Carol and Steph left the room, and Ally followed them out of the door, pulling it closed behind her, ‘We’ll go into my office.’ She brooked no argument, he nodded and followed her, glancing back at the door, wanting to talk to Liz, but knowing Ally took priority at the minute.

Chapter 94

Al took the stairs two at a time, steam coming out of her ears; she hit the top step running! She didn’t give a shit if Liz was with him, she couldn’t remember, he was going to die! The bastard had lied to her, openly looked her in the eyes and lied his pert little butt of! And the others had said nothing either, that made her madder realising Tico had lied by omission!

She slammed the door open, banging it loudly off the wall, that’d need re-plastering, shit!

As the door hit the wall, Jon went from a hot and horny dream to sitting straight up in bed wondering is there was an earthquake? Lizzie jumped upright, grabbing her head, what the hell…… then she spotted a very pissed Al, oh shit, what was wrong.

Jon just managed to register Al before instinct took over as a vase flew passed his head by inches, smashing into the wall.

‘You fucking bastard, you lying conniving shit! You fuckin lied to my face, you two faced wanker! You knew they were flying in and you fuckin lied to me!’ A book sailed towards him and he managed to knock it away with his arm, her aim was getting better!

‘I’ve just had the most embarrassing experience of my life! How’d you think I felt opening the door to find your fucking mother and all the kids waiting for me you shit! I’m not even dressed, and your kids are eyeing up my legs, there fucking bare because I had no fucking notice they were turning up on my doorstep you prick!’ She was pacing back and forth, and luckily for Jon, there was nothing else heavy she could throw.

A cushion caught him upside his head, making his ear ring, shit! ‘Now darlin calm dow..’ Another cushion hit him square in the face, by now Liz was out of bed and standing out of the way trying to groggily follow the conversation.

‘Do not tell me to calm down, how dare you do this to me! I asked you if there was anything else you needed to tell me and you fucking lied!’ With that she ripped the duvet off him, barely registering he was naked, ‘Get your ass out of my house, now and take your brothers with you!’ With that she stomped back out the door, only to find all the others were stood there bleary eyed and shocked, Tico with them, rumpled and sexy, damnit!

Pointing at each one, including Tico, ‘You bastards knew about this and you said nothing! You’re all as bad, you heard me pack the hell up and get out of my home! Now!’ With that she ran into her room, slammed and locked the door.

Richie looked at a stunned Jon emerging from his room, ‘I take it the brood and mom arrived?’

‘Yes we did, now get some clothes on all of you, and start either packing or grovelling! John Francis Bongiovi, you should be ashamed of yourself! I thought I’d taught you better! That poor girl had the shock of her life finding us on her doorstep, how could you. The rest of you are as bad, you are supposed to be role models for your children, who’ve just had to listen to some of that till we ushered them outside in the garden! I don’t blame Ally for letting rip, John you’re just spoilt.’ With that Carol turned on her heel and walked back downstairs, hoping to god John would right this wrong.

The men still stood there, stunned at what had happened Tico couldn’t move he was rooted to the spot.

Liz emerged dressed in Jon’s shirt; her clothes in hand as she drew level with him, her empty hand pulled back and slapped him across the face! ‘How dare you lie to her, how can I trust anything you’ve said or say. Stay the hell away from me you lying bastard!’ She glared at the rest who parted, and with as much dignity she could muster, she walked to Al’s room knocked on the door, and after letting her know who was there, the door opened, Liz walked in and the door shut and relocked, but not before Tico caught sight of the tears running down her face, his heart broke in two, they’d caused all that hurt.

Chapter 93

Al could hear banging, and as she moved she thought it was her head doing it. Shit her hair even hurt, so much for not drinking any more last night. Gingerly she turned over, glancing at Tico who lay on his back snoring softly, he lay half in and half off the bed, she didn’t laugh, it’d hurt!

The clock said it was gone eleven, then she heard the banging again and the bell going. Someone was going to die! Carefully sitting upright, hand clutching her head, she grabbed Tico’s shirt from last night and pulled it on, it skimmed the top of her thighs. No nookie last night, panties still on and intact!

Looking over she vaguely noticed the phone was on the floor, what she didn’t realise was that it was on, and had been since it hit the deck late this morning as they’d tried to undress and hit the night stand.

Lord knows where her handbag was! The banging started again; someone seriously wanted to loose their life! Tico hadn’t moved from his spot, and from the noise that was going on downstairs none of the other shits were awake! She stumbled out of the bedroom and headed carefully downstairs, trying to wake up.

‘Ok keep your knickers on, I’m coming!’ Some days she really wished her home was smaller and more compact.

The banging started again just as Al reached the door, she unlocked it flung it open, her hand covering her eyes from the blinding sunlight; ‘For god’s sake stop that racket, I swear the dead nearly answered! I’ll give you five seconds before I murder you!’

A chuckle followed by some higher giggles met her tirade. ‘Aw guys we’ve got Ally out of bed.’ More laughter flowed.

Al carefully peeked between her fingers, wincing at the light hitting her retinas. She focused and realised she was under dressed in front of loads of children and an older woman! Then her woozy brain caught up with the fact the woman had used her name, and that there were loads of suitcases stacked next to the door.

‘I’m sorry, but who the hell are you? And do I know you?’ She blinked her eyes hoping they’d be gone when she re focused.

‘Aw honey, he didn’t tell you did he?’

‘Tell me what, oh god my head.’ She felt a tug on the shirt tails, looking down into deep brown eyes that looked disturbingly familiar.

‘Where’s pappy? The child asked a lilt to his voice, black hair framing his cherub face.

‘I don’t know sweetheart, who’s your pappy?’ The fog had started to clear, if only a little.

A teenage girl stepped forward, laughing, ‘His pappy is Tico, and we.’ She gestured to the rest of the children, ‘Are here on holiday to be with our dads, I’m Steph!’

Carol finally took pity on the petite, shocked woman at the door, Hectors hand already ensconced in hers, not letting go. ‘Ally, I’m Carol, John’s mom? We’ve spoken on the phone. I’m sorry but no one met the plane so I rang Tony to come get us and bring us here. We did try to ring you, but your phones engaged. And none of the boys are answering their cells. So here we are.’

Tony stood off to one side, Obie next to him camera in hand, poor Al looked shell shocked.

The whole thing suddenly hit Al’s brain, her jaw dropped the fog vanished and she yanked herself back from swearing a blue streak! ‘You’r..’ She coughed to clear her throat, ‘You’re Carol?’ The woman nodded, ‘And you’re the boy’s kids?’ She looked at the nodding heads, vaguely aware the older boys were eyeing her bare legs up. ‘Oh god, I’m going to kill the sh…..’ With that she let go of Hectors hand, turned and took off into the house at a run.

‘Well kids looks like we can go in now, Obie, put the camera down, no you are not goin after Ally, help Tony with the cases! Children lets go in and wait while Ally talks to John.’ She hoped to god the place had a little sound proofing or the kids were going to hear more than they should do. But hell Carol wanted to be there when Ally let rip at her eldest boy, grinning, looking just like Jon, she ushered the children in.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Chapter 92

The meals arrived and even though asked to stay the others went back to their table. As they left they kissed the girls and shook hands, slapped backs with the men. When Duff got near Liz, Jon grabbed him and told him to fuck off, Duff laughed his ass off, and told Jon he gets to be best man at the wedding seeing as he was the reason she admitted she was in a relationship with him! With that Alice and Steven dragged him back to their table.

‘Well that was some experience!’ Al said as they settled down to their food.

The girls had been cheeky and got loads of pics with the others, much to Tico and the boy’s disgust. And they’d signed some menus for them too; even Liz had got Duffs picture and signature. Jon had been pissed till she said she’d get his autograph in private, it cheered him up no end.

Mandy had shyly asked Steven for his autograph and she blushed as she read it, ‘To Mandy, the hottest hotty about, you’re gorgeous, don’t ever change. Call me if it doesn’t work out, Richie’s got my cell. Love Steven Tyler’ then as they’d snapped the photo he landed a smacker of a kiss on her, that still had her grinning like a Cheshire cat! Hugh had been pissy but not too much. He like the way she seemed to shine and blossom with the attention. He’d told Tyler to piss off, she wouldn’t need it.

Rich and Dave looked shock, where was the mild mannered bass player? The boys seemed to be acting like cavemen at the minute, and Rich made a crack about dragging knuckles, the girls laughed!

The meal progressed and stomachs were filled with fine food and a little more drink, the atmosphere relaxed and happy. A few fans had wandered up asking for pics, autographs or both, the guys were happy to oblige as none of them were pushy.

Richie noticed Slash heading back their way, and as the only thing they could see on him was his lips, he noticed he was grinning, a ciggie hanging out his mouth.

‘Hey guys were headin out; we’re goin to the Funky Buddha. Wonderin if you want to join us later?’ Wow Al thought a full sentence! Holy crap might be a first. ‘Might see you, might not, been nice to meet ya ladies.’ He grinned, chewing on the unlit cigarette in his mouth. He turned and walked to the door joining the others who saluted and went out. You could see the flash of cameras going off, it looked like lightening.

‘Well girls it’s up to you, do you fancy taking us on at dancing?’ David asked it’d be nice to let some steam off.

‘We’ll let you know when we get back from the ladies.’ Al told him, cocking her head at the other two, who rose and followed her.

Entering the loo the girls started to giggle over the whole night. ‘Damn Liz I thought Jon was going to kill either Duff or you! Ok how was he? It’s always been between Jon and him, and now both have kissed you, so spill it sister!’ Al and Mandy stood arms crossed waiting for deets!

‘Ok, it was nice.’

‘Bullshit, it was more than nice I saw your fingers holding onto the damn chair lady!’ Al crowed.

‘Ok hell, ok it was freakin hot! Boy that man could curl my toes at forty feet at a concert, and Jesus up that close and personnel I nearly came! Satisfied?’

‘Oh my god, no we’re not! More Liz!’ Mandy chimed in.

‘So you’d chuck Jon over for a shot at Duff then?’ Al was curious.

‘Fuck no! I may have lusted after Duff for years like I have Jon, but, well Jon’s really in my heart and even though I wanted to grab Duff, I love Jon way too much. It took a minute for my brain to catch up with my lips, then it was like ‘whoa that ain’t Jon, put him down’, so I did!’

Both Mandy and Al realised she’d used the ‘L’ word and grabbed Liz in a hug.

‘What put me down you crazy bitches, what?’

‘Aw you said you love Jon!’ Al beamed.

Liz’s jaw went slack and she hit her memory rewind button, holy crap she had said she loved him. Damn will my subconscious please stop spilling out before it lets me in on the damn secret she thought!

‘So are we going onto the Funky Bud?’ Mandy wanted to get Hugh on the dance floor and up close and personnel.

‘Well don’t suppose it’d hurt, long as Liz keeps her hands off Duff! Aw damn that hurt bitch!’ Liz had flicked Al on the forehead.

Laughing they used the loo, freshened makeup and headed back to the table.

‘Well, can we go and party?’ Rich and David asked, using puppy eyes to beg them.

‘Yeah, if you old men don’t need to get home to bed, it’s already after your bedtime!’ Al snickered, then squealed as Hugh tossed her over his shoulder, slapped her on the butt and told her not to be so damn cheeky to her elders.

The boys howled that she’d now got a full set, Al bitched that she was starting to get motion sickness from being held upside down one to many times, everyone laughed!

Jon had been on the phone and called the limo back to the front, told the driver to bump the pavement if he had to, so they didn’t have to wade through the hyenas again.

When the door burst open, with everyone laughing and Al still over Hugh’s shoulder the flashing lights were blinding. Then a horn blared making journalist jump out of the way and the limo screeched to a halt, and the bouncers held open the doors as everyone piled in. Al got flung in of Hugh’s shoulder and squealed with laughter as she hit the seat.

She ended up with Hugh next to her as it nearly ended up in a dog pile in the back, not one woman was sat next to her partner, the laughter continued as the limo pulled away, heading to their new destination.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Chapter 91 - Please note I've taken liberties with the guest lmao!

Al glanced over, not even trying to do subtle, and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head! There sat grinning back at them, saluting them with raised glasses, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler, and, holy crap someone who looked like Slash and Duff!

Liz choked on her vodka and coke, she’d always had a thing for blondes and damn Duff had always been on her ‘would do if could’ list!

‘Well fuck look what the cat drug in!’ Richie boomed as Alice and the guys got up and headed their way.

Laughing, all the boys got up and a round of slapping each other on the back ensue. The girls just sat looking totally stunned at the men saying hey to their guys.

Liz mouthed ‘Holy shit, Duff.’ Her eyes round and shocked as Duff’s ass was a few inches from her face. Al mouthed back, ‘Don’t you dare!’ Liz just laughed out loud startling the men who stood talking, all eyes swung back to the girls, who immediately shut up.

‘Well Jonny you shit, ain’t you gonna introduce us to these hot women you’ve got with you man!’ Steven asked winking at Mandy, who blushed like a warning light.

‘Oh man, sorry guys, Steve, Alice, Slash, Duff these are our ladies, Mandy belongs to Hugh.’ This sent Mandy even redder being introduced as Hugh’s, she sighed and prayed it might be true one day.

‘The lady next to me is Lizzie, and I’m trying my damndest to get her into my life. But she’s struggling against it.’ He grinned down at Liz who thumped him hard in the leg making him yelp.

‘And this lady must Al?’ Alice grinned down at Al, who stood in a daze, offering him her hand. He ignored it and pulled her in and kissed her on the cheek, ‘Darlin the way you handled those vultures, a hand shake didn’t cover it. You were wonderful, and man if you haven’t broke that wankers toes I’ll eat my hat!’ He laughed.

‘Actually Alice she is an Alice too, or as we call her Ally.’ David chortled at the stunned look still emanating from Ally’s face.

‘Shit Jon she wasn’t this dumbstruck when she met us, was she?’ Richie asked, laughing, he’d not seen her this quite since they’d met her.

‘Aw don’t tell the asshole that, he’ll crow for years!’ Jon grinned and rolled his eyes.

‘Well Ally, I won’t call you Alice, to confusing for the boys here, nice to meet you.’

‘Oh get out of the way old man.’ With that Steven roughly shoved him out the way, taking Al in an embrace and kissed her, on the lips, ‘I saw that assholes show last night, fuck what a dick! I hope he suffered afterwards?’ He looked at Tico for confirmation.

‘Yeah he did Steve; Ally took him apart and gave him another hole to shit out of!’ All of the men laughed, Al just wanted the floor to open up, and Steven hugged her even more.

Duff looked down and caught Liz staring at his ass, grinning as her hand moved to touch, then slapped it onto her knee. He bent down till he was level with her; Liz’s eyes went wide with shock! In front of her was a grinning Duff, the one from posters covering her walls when she was a teenage, holy hell!

‘Hey Lizzie honey, see anything you liked there?’ His laugh turned dirty as she flushed red, her eyes skittering away from his. ‘Aw now you’ve gone all shy, don’t be baby. I like a woman who knows what she wants.’ He leant forward and laid a kiss on her. Liz clamped her hands to the chair so she didn’t reach up and grab a hold of him, and then she remembered Jon and she jerked back, looking up and seeing a very pissed set of blue stormy eyes watching them.

Duff was grinning; he was surprised Jon hadn’t hauled up and smacked him! He straightened up and saw that the man in question was trying hard not to beat the shit out of him, so he ran his tongue over his lips, looked down at Liz and said, ‘Nice tasty lipstick you had there.’ Wrinkling his nose at her and smiling.

The whole table seemed to hold its breath; they’d all seen what he’d done to Liz, Al was praying that Liz would snap out of it.

Liz had to do something before Jon killed Duff, her smartarse side took over. She stood, smiling seductively at Duff, who frowned, good! She walked her fingers up his chest, oh god he was hot, focus damnit! ‘Well Duff darlin, you are still fucking hot! And that kiss could sure put a woman on her ass.’ Duff’s chest puffed up and he caught her hand taking it too his lips, total devilment shone through his eyes.

Liz prayed her legs would keep her upright, she really didn’t think Jon would be happy if she melted into a puddle! ‘But you’ve got a hell of a way to go before you’re ever getting into Jon’s league.’ She pulled her tingling hand from his slack grip and moved to Jon, putting her arm about him. ‘And shame on you for being naughty and kissing someone else’s girl. But then you are a bad boy girls go for! Just like I like the bad boy side of Jon.’ Reaching up she prayed he’d not push her away, she put her hand behind his head and pulled him to her to kiss him.

Jon was no fool and plundered her mouth like a man staking his claim! He kissed away Duff’s kiss with his own. And damn he needed to thank Duff and even buy him a drink; she’d said ‘someone else’s girl’, so she admitted she was Jon’s, thank fuck! He felt Liz sag against him and stopped his assault on her mouth.

Raising his head he speared Duff with his eyes, ‘Man you ever touch her like that again and your guitar won’t see the light of day ever again! Now what ya drinkin, seeing as you kissing her got Liz to admit she’s mine!’ He let go of Liz and shook Duff’s hand, slapping him extremely hard on the back and dragging him off to the bar. A big shit eating grin on his face, and Duff looking relieved, some days his weird and warped sense of humour got him in deep shit!

Liz dropped into her chair, watching them walk away laughing! Looking about the tableau of faces around her she asked them ‘What the fuck just happened?!’

Al piped up, ‘You’ve just told Jon you love him, and Duff’s to thank for you saying it.’ Everyone laughed at the shocked look on her face!

‘Well fuck, I did too.’ And the beaming smile spread across her face, it was time to see where this relationship, yes relationship, was heading! She might even kiss Duff again to thank him for getting her to see the light. She grinned evilly.

Chapter 90

Al was still thinking about all the shit that damn interview caused, if she ever saw Skinner he was a bloody dead man! The waiter arrived to take their drinks order, Al stuck to coke. Jon tried to tell her another drink wouldn’t hurt her, but she stuck to her guns and said coke was fine with her, she needed to stay sharp so she didn’t miss anything else that might happen tonight.

The food was ordered and the talk turned to the tour and how it was going and what was to come.

The three girls just sat rolling their eyes as the guys forgot all about them.

Al winked at Liz and making a great gesture, she took her hand from the table and placed it on Tico’s thigh, it made him stop but then he carried on talking. Liz laughed, and did the same to Jon, and got the same reaction. Mandy not to be left out laid her hand gingerly on Hugh’s thigh, which earned her a smile, then he carried on talking. More eye rolls from the girls.

Al decided to fight fire with fire, she leered at the other two and they immediately got what she was going to do, they nodded too, what the hell!

As one the girls slid their hands to the top of their men’s thighs, and tucked their hands between the men’s legs, Al and Liz rubbing the backs of their hands against the boys dicks; conversation crashed to a halt as Tico, Jon and Hugh finally got the message that their ladies were bored!

Tico’s eyes filled with passion and a slumberous look took over, he leant over and kissed Al, working his tongue into her mouth.

Jon followed suite with Liz, and Hugh gently placed a butterfly kiss on Mandy’s lips, leaving her wanting a whole hell of a lot more!

‘Well damn David, you think we’ve become invisible?’ Richie watched the three couples, loving the way the men’s new respective halves could stop a conversation in mid flow, lucky bastards!

‘Just a bit man, just a bit.’ But he’d got a big grin on his face, nice to see that someone could stop Jon talking about work.

Jon and Tico looked up from their ladies, flicked them the bird and grinned goofily at each other.

‘I’m sorry to disturb you, ladies, gentlemen.’ Two waiters had appeared at the table, one carrying champagne flutes and another with a bucket with Crystal champagne in it.

‘Sorry boys we didn’t order that.’ Jon told them, flashing a quick glance about the table just in case.

‘Oh no Mr. Bon Jovi this is sent to Mr. Torres companion, with complements on handling the media.’ The man proceeded to fill each flute. Al wondered who had sent it and why to her.

‘Ok, thanks, but who sent it over?’ Tico’s rasp held a little jealousy in it.

‘Oh I’m sorry sir, the gentlemen over in the corner.’ He gestured to the far corner.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Chapter 89

As they exited the car, flash bulbs went off, the paparazzi was out in force. Jon swore, how could he have forgotten the one downside of the restaurant?! They shouted at Jon, who’d got a tight hold of Liz, he flashed them one of his smiles and dragged her into the restaurant at a trot; not stopping to answer any questions.

Hugh, Mandy, Richie and David piled out next, David and Richie goofing for the cameras. Hugh ushered Mandy in after Jon.

Tico and Al were, unfortunately the last to get out the car, they were swamped and couldn’t get to the door.

Now, since the concert, video and pictures of them together had spread like wild fire. People trying to figure out who Al was and if they were still together, that argument in Ireland had become a YouTube hit, mainly because of Jon looking like he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him, or hug the hell out of Al. Then of course the debacle of Frank Skinner’s show aired last night, and instead of editing out the bit where he went for Al, they’d left it in!

So of course people wanted to know about the woman Tico wouldn’t let go of. The paparazzi started to shout questions at Tico, and then when he didn’t respond they started on Al.

‘So Al, that is the name Frank used last night, are you after his money or just your fifteen minutes of fame?’

Tico went red in the face and wanted to punch the guy, Al’s gentle hand on his arm stopped him.

‘Why haven’t you guys all flown back to America? Are they all having a piece of you babe?’

By this time all the men had come back out after they’d realised that Teek and Ally hadn’t got passed the melee. Jon swore as he realised they were stuck in the middle of a mob, the others lined up to do battle.

They’d all heard the last comment; David knew who’d made it, a right sleaze of a ‘reporter’.

Tico rounded on the guy, and Al pulled him back, ‘Don’t.’

Then she shoved him behind her away from the leering idiot. ‘Ok, calm the fuck down all of you, or we do not say a word, got it?’ She shouted over the top of the questions. She saw the others aiming to join in the fray and shook her head no, it’d only make things worse.

A hush descended on the crowd, bouncers from the Ivy waiting for a nod from Jon to wade in and rescue them, and crack a few faces!

‘Ok, here it is, no I’m not after his money, I have enough of my own thank you very much! I’m not after fifteen minutes of fame; I had enough of that the other day to last a life time! All I’m after is the red hot sex we’re having! no, I’m not sleeping with any other man but Tico, be quite I’m talking! They have stayed because they’re having a break before starting the last leg of the tour. The only reason you assumed I’m a tramp is because of an asshole chat show host who puts two and two together and ends up with twenty.’ And chuckle went about the group, ‘Now, we would like to be let through so we can join our party for dinner. I’ve answered your questions, more politely than they were asked. If you have any more inane questions, keep them to yourselves!’

With that she started to push passed them, ‘accidently’ drilling her heel into the asshole reporters foot, who’d pissed Tico off, she made out he’d got in her way as he tried to push a mic in her face to answer some more stupid questions. He yelped with pain, and started to call her a bitch, when two other reporters told him to shut the fuck up, and grow a set! The throng opened, and Tico and Al walked out of the crowd and into the Ivy.

Once inside and out of their shot Al collapsed into a chair shaking like a leaf, wondering where the hell all that had come from.

Jon thrust a brandy snifter at her, ‘Drink it darlin it’ll calm you.’

Al tipped the snifter and emptied it in two gulps, handing it back to him, ‘Do not give me any more please I’ve made a big enough fool of myself for one night.’

Liz knelt down by her side, ‘No you didn’t they were god awful, if it’d been me, I’d have decked the prick!’ It made Al smile, because she knew Liz would!

‘Miel, I so damn sorry, I didn’t even think, are you ok? That bastard is lucky he’s still got his balls.’ Tico continued, but in Spanish, walking back and forth making great arm gestures, it made Al smile. He talked about sending a horse’s head, at least that’s what she thought she heard.

‘Baby, calm down, you’ll burst a bloody blood vessel if you keep ranting.’ Getting up from the chair she grabbed him as he stomped passed and wrapped herself about him, trying to stop him from beating himself up about it. ‘Miel, shit happens, its life.’ And as he went to start off again, she silenced him with a kiss. His arms finally came about her, moulding her to him, her CMF’s meant she was now taller than he, but he liked it.

A discreet cough dragged them back to where they were stood, in a restaurant, Al blushed furiously as she realise people were watching them. ‘Ladies, gentlemen, your table is ready, if you’d like to follow me.’

Tico kept his arm about Al’s waist followed the maître de. Behind them, the rest followed closely.

They were soon seated at a table towards the back, slightly screened off from the other tables. Next to Tico sat Al, besides her Richie; next to him Liz and beside her Jon. Hugh sat next to Jon and Many next to him; beside her and next to Tico, David. So at least Rich and David had a female to charm, if not to be here with.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Chapter 88

Liz was pacing nervously, good god she was going out on a date, well sort of one, with Jon! Holy hell!

She checked her make up for the thousand time. Still ok!

Damn her bedroom looked like a clothes bomb had gone off in it! She’d gone through twenty outfits, and like most women, had on the first one she’d tried on. She had on black linen slacks and a silk dark blue spaghetti strapped top. She had on her favourite CMF’s, black four inch ones, they fit like a glove and had never blistered her feet, and more importantly, never fell off them, even when drunk!

The doorbell jangled her out of her revere, oh god, he’s here, and her mouth was suddenly very dry. She picked up her purse and dropped in her door keys, here we go!

Liz opened the door and just stood there, damn the man was handsome. Then she spotted what he was wearing and started to laugh, ‘Holy crap Jovi, do you have a camera in my house or what?’ She laughed again as his look was wtf?

Jon looked and drooled as the door opened, damn she looked good enough to eat! And if his brothers weren’t waiting for them, they’d be late and she’d be mussed. When she started to laugh he thought she’d lost it, till she pointed out what they were both wearing, shit they looked like Teek and Ally did, colour co-ordinated, damn! ‘Well Lizzie darlin I sure hope to shit you can take a ribbing; because we’re gonna get shit thrown at us from all sides. Christ, even Ally and Teek don’t look this co-ordinated.’

‘Maybe I should change…’ Jon cut her off saying no way, he’d tough it out if she could, and that she looked damn hot, so no she couldn’t change. Then he leant in and kissed her, nothing else touching, just lips. When he moved away she was gasping for air!

She closed the door behind her and he offered her his arm, linked together they walked to the limo, ‘Boy you don’t do things by halves do you, a limo no less, very nice sir.’ All of her nervous had gone bye byes after finding they’d matched, and she’d laughed.

As they drew to the car, the door opened and Richie got out, damn Jon thought here we go.

‘Lizzie darlin you look a picture.’ With that he handed her into the car, Jon’s jaw was on the floor, what no pot shots?

‘Ok who the fuck are you and what’ve you done with my brother?’

‘Man just cause you look like fuckin twins, doesn’t mean I have to piss her off, you I don’t care about! She’s got Ally on her side and that’s scary bro.’ With that he got in, Jon followed quickly. All the way to Mandy’s the guys didn’t say a word about their attire, just joked and talked, filling Liz in about the Ireland debacle.

When they pulled up outside Mandy’s the men in the party wondered what was going on, but Hugh climbed out and went into the flats. Liz and Al grinned like idiots, they knew who lived here, and damn the man was fast. Mind you Al thought, fairly slow compared to her and Teek!

A few minutes later Hugh hand in hand with Mandy emerged, ‘Well damn the boys finally took the plunge!’ This came from David seconded by Tico.

Richie jumped out again and opened the door for them, kissing Mandy on the cheek and making her blush beet red telling her she look beautiful. And she did, she looked like a female version of Richie, all in black, but hers had sparkles on it, slacks and a low cut black top. She’d splashed out after work and gave into the need that pinched her every night as she walked home passed a shoe shop, she’d looked longingly in the window for weeks. Tonight she went in, tried them, and then brought them, five inch blood red CMF’s with a black dragon on them.

‘Well hell Rich looks like you and I are the odd ones out, no dates for us.’

‘Aw but boys you’ve got each other, you make a cute couple!’ Al cracked out laughing, the others joining in, Richie and David looked affronted!

‘Honey I’m just so damn far out of his league, so people will know it’s a pity date.’ David sniffed.
Richie just looked at him, ‘Fuck you asshole, you’re out of my league!’ Thus the argument went all the way to the Ivy. The girls laughing and clutching their sides, Mandy now felt right at ease with them, it helped that Hugh hadn’t let go of her hand yet!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Chapter 87

She quickly changed purses and headed off to find the boys, hell that really should be men! She laughed, ah well, boys seemed, more, well normal; and she really needed that at the minute. Everything seemed to be happening so fast, the way Tico and she had fallen into life as a couple. The fact that she’d gone from one person living in her home to six, seemed overwhelming. She needed to take a break and sit down with this change of life and give it some prospective, when she had a minute!

She slung her purse over her shoulder and headed downstairs, she could hear the guys talking and laughing, damn it sounded lovely and weird at the same time. As she hit the bottom step she realised they all gone quite, looking up she saw all five jaws being scraped off the floor, ‘What?’ taking the last step down.

Jon just signalled her to turn about, with an eye roll she complied, arms akimbo she turned about.

‘Holy fuck, darlin are you trying to kill us?’ Richie couldn’t believe what he was looking at. Hell they all knew Ally was pretty but when really dressed up, she was gorgeous!

Al looked at Tico, ‘I told you miel, I’m gonna have ta kill him!’

‘Oh for god’s sake! I get dressed up to go to a nice restaurant and you make a big deal out of it! Jezz!’

‘But Ally, we love the way you’ve been dressed the last few days, jeans and t-shirts rule our lives, but damn girl you look hot!’ David said, hanging his tongue out and panting.

Tico reached over and slapped him upside the head, ‘Stop drooling on the carpet idiot!’

‘I got dressed up in Ireland!’

‘Yeah, but that compared to this, well no contest, this looks way hotter honey!’ Richie announced. Hell Al thought she’d worn jeans every night, sparkly ones, and some very low cut tops, so what was different? Men, funny buggers really.

‘Well one thing for sure, I know damn well the lady is commando in those leathers!’ This came from a smirking Jon.

Tico’s head whipped to his beloved, then back to Jon, ‘She’s got underwear on, tell him querido.’

Al blushed bright red, but looked all the men straight on, ‘Sorry miel, Jon’s right, the panties had to go.’

Tico’s jaw hung slack, she’d taken them off and now all his brothers knew this, fuck, fuck, fuck! ‘Darlin, are you tryin to give me a heart attack or what?’ He shook his head, why did Jon have to spot what she’d done and ask? Tico could have lived without that knowledge, now he’d just keep thinking about it all damn night!

‘No I’m not, but it’s early yet.’ Sticking her nose in the air she sauntered passed all the guys, they all inhaled her scent, damn she even smelt good. She strode to the door, ‘Are we going or are you all staying here?’

‘No we’re going, if only to stop other men throwing themselves at you honey!’ David said.

Al waited for them to catch up and took a good long look at the men before her. David had on pale beige slacks and a white shirt, open and when he turned you could see the joker appear, on his feet beige loafers.

Richie, well she hid a snicker, black dress slacks, and a black shirt, open nearly to his navel. It showed his tanned and toned chest off perfectly, he certainly knew what the ladies liked. And peeking out where a beautiful pair of black cowboy boots.

Hugh had on a pale green shirt and black trousers, with black shoes. Very cute looking and green certainly was one of his colours!

Then she came to Jon, a deep blue shirt, opened at the neck but not as far as Richie’s, it made his blue eyes a whole hell of a lot bluer! Black trousers and black polished shoes finished him off! Hell good job she was spoken for, because all of these men looked hot! And a woman would be spoilt for choice.

Al was the last out the door, flicking on the outside light and locking the door. Turning she saw all the guys lined up, bowing at the waist, one arm stretched to the limousine door, ‘Your carriage awaits m’lady.’ The all said in unison, laughing she walked passed them, slapping each head as she went, making them all yelp. Tico laughed after she’d swiped him too and handed her into the limo, following her closely so as none of the others got near her, his mouth watered looking at her ass, knowing the only thing between them was a pair of trousers!

The others piled in except for Jon who walked down to Liz’s. David and Richie tried to move Tico from Ally’s side, but he threatened them with sneaking into their rooms and finding a use for his old drumsticks, they soon shut up!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Chapter 86

After getting out again, Al quickly blew dry and fluffed her hair, and applied her makeup; while Tico shaved next to her; talk about acting like an old married couple! ‘Hey watch you don’t shave off the fluff querido!’ Al said as she walked back into the bathroom having put on underwear instead of the towel she’d been wearing since they got out of the shower again.

‘I’m always careful.’ He turned to look at her, his jaw hit the floor when he saw her bra and panties, they were blood red! Holy fuck he had a feeling that he’d have an erection all night now he knew what she was wearing under her clothes!

As she walked passed she placed a gentle finger under his chin and pushed his jaw to, ‘Miel you’re catching flies. Plus you’ve seen this all before, it’s not like I haven’t worn bra and panties in the last few days.’

‘Yeah, but compared to the bits of froth you’re wearing now, they were safe and sensible, these well darlin, make a man walk over broken glass to get to you.’ His hands caught her too him, making her chuckle.

‘Sorry honey but times moving on! Don’t want to be late, do we.’ She battered her lashes at him, pecked him on the lips and sashayed to her closet; she looked back over her shoulder coquettishly, blew him a kiss and went in.

Grinning he followed her; he’d made damn sure she knew he was here to stay, his clothes now mingled with hers in the closet and the drawers. Walking in he stopped dead in his tracks, she was bent over at the waist, her hair falling over her face, her breast swaying as she moved, hunting for something just beyond her reach! But what got him the most was the shoes she’d now got on, they matched her underwear, and shit, they must be at least four inches high; the sight was permanently burned onto his retinas.

‘Fuck woman you trying to give me a stroke?’ He licked his lips as she stood up straight, legs still apart, and gave him a saucy smile over her shoulder.

‘Nope, why you think this would do it?’ She leant forward again, still facing away from him and slowly lowered herself downwards, her hands caressing her leg all the way down, till she gripped her ankle, and then she worked her way back up.

Tico was now gasping for air, ‘Shit querido I didn’t know you were that flexible!’ He started towards her, his intent clear in both his eyes and his briefs.

‘No Tico!!! We’ve got to get dressed, no, stop it, aw hell!’ She gave up, and because of the added height he could bury his face into her cleavage without too much trouble, walking her back till she hit the back wall.

The sound of the phone stopped them dead, and they started to laugh, together they said, ‘Damn kids!’ Reluctantly letting her go, he went and grabbed his cell, ‘What, no, fuck off, thirty minutes, ok?’ He snapped it shut, quickly combed his hair and walked back into the closet, ‘Holy fuck you are not going out in that, I’d have to kill Sambora!’ His eyes wandered all over her, it seemed to have got hot in there, ‘Jon said smart casual darlin.’

‘Sweetie, for the Ivy, this is smart and casual! What’s wrong with it?’

‘Abso-fuckin-nothin, just I’d have to fight off every man there, and my brothers!’

Al walked to the full length mirror, looking back was herself! Yes she’d been living in jeans and t-shirts since she’d met the guys, but it was nice to dress up once in a while! The trousers were soft leather in deep red, the colour of her underwear. They moulded to her like a second skin, so what? What Tico didn’t know, she’d had to take off her panties, she didn’t want VPL! The top was a black halter neck, with a deep v and showed ample red laced cleavage, completing the outfit, silver earrings, necklace, bracelet and arm cuff. Oh and don’t forget the CFM’s!

‘So, you don’t want me to wear this? Why? I can’t see anything wrong with it; I’ve worn it out before.’

‘Yeah but you didn’t go out with these horn dogs! And no you look so hot in that, I just want to…………… shit I need to stop thinking like that! Ok you can go out in that……… No you can’t!’ He’d just seen the back or the lack of it as she turned to get her purse, now thinking back, he realised the bra had been a halter one and the straps had looped about her stomach and with this top on, you didn’t see the damn bra, except from the front!

‘Now what?’

‘Where’s the rest of that back?’ He growled all he could see was the smooth surface of her back; he itched to run his fingers down it. Her ass looked damn good in those trousers too!

‘Sweet Jesus Teek, it’s a top, that’s all! Yes the backs a bit low, but I like it, so live with it or stay here! Your choice honey!’ Honey was said in a derogatory tone.

Muttering he gave in, he felt jealous as hell that every man would have his eyes glued to his woman! It didn’t sit well. He muttered some more.

‘Oh for fuck’s sake Teek, you were married to Eva, she was a damn model, and why I needed to remind myself of that Christ knows! She took her clothes off for a bloody living, were you like this with her?’

That pulled him up short, and he realised he hadn’t been. ‘No, but I knew what she did for a living mi corazon, it was always there, it never phased me. I’m sorry, you brought out the caveman in me, and I just want to keep you to myself, is that so wrong? What if some young stud walks in and sweeps you off your feet? I’d be a broken man mi vida.’

She walked over to him, flicked his forehead and then kissed the sting away. ‘Tico, I love you, hear that, not anyone else, you!’ She tugged on his burns, ‘I’m not leaving you, ever! I’m like a limpet, you’re stuck with me. I love the caveman bit, but I wanted to look pretty for you, not anyone else. I only have eyes for you miel, no one else. Get it?’

He smiled at her, ‘Yeah I think I get it now, and a limpet, damn great analogy querido! And I love you too.’ They shared a gentle kiss, ‘Now reapply some more gloop and let’s get out of here before I ravage you!’

‘Sweetie, you may want to put some clothes on, otherwise I’m going to be the one doing the slaughtering!’

‘Shit!’ He turned and looked at the closet, what should he wear? ‘Ally help me darlin.’ He dropped his voice and she saw her shiver, good!

Walking over she quickly scanned his clothes, pulling out a pair of tuxedo trousers. Rifling through his shirts she found a deep rose coloured one, near enough to her trousers, ‘Here you go, leave the shirt out though.’ Then she went into the few pairs of shoes he’d brought with him, she found a highly polished black pair of evening shoes. That was him completed.

He liked what she’d given him, it was very him, casual and laid back but chic enough to get him into anywhere. Plus he liked her choosing his clothes, she knew what he’d like and be comfortable in! He dressed quickly, and then went for his watch, wondering what necklace he should wear? He was holding his two favourite ones up when Al walked up behind him.

‘Here, try this one.’ She handed him a beautiful rope necklace, just the sort he liked, and on it was a miniature drum made out of silver, it was about an inch in diameter, with small diamonds around the edge of the drum, when he moved it the light bounce off it.

‘Querido, it’s beautiful.’ He kissed her and put it on; it glistened in the middle of his chest, nestled in his fur. He fingered it, turning it; he caught something on the back and took a closer look. ‘Darlin, you made this didn’t you?’

Al blushed, she’d been playing around with silver smithing for several years, this pendant had been made two or three months ago, but she’d never imagined she’d be able to actually give him it. ‘Yeah.’ She’d got quite a few pieces of jewellery, she’d specifically made them for men, but she’d worn the drum around the house, feeling silly, but she like feeling silly at times.

‘Angel its fantastic, I love it! Jon’s going to be so damn jealous.’ He chortled. ‘You really are full of surprises aren’t you?’ He kissed her again, feeling the pendant slowly heat to his bodies’ warmth. ‘It’s time to go miel, though I’d sooner stay here, and thank you for my necklace.’ He waggled his eyebrows, making Al laugh.

‘Nah the kids will start bitching through the damn door and put me right off.’ Her heart was full to bursting, he loved her gift. ‘I just need to put my bits in my purse, you go ahead, and I won’t be a minute. You can brag to Jon before I get there; just no scuffling.’ She turned and headed back into the closet, making Tico salivate again at the sight of her bare back.

‘Yes dear.’ And laughing he walked to the door, unlocked it and went in search of his brothers.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Chapter 85

Al hit her bedroom just as Jon bounded up the last step, ‘Waaaay to slow old man.’ She laughed at him as he made out his legs were going from under him, and grabbing his chest.

‘Damn woman you trying to kill me?’

‘Nah, not yet!’ She snickered, and he walked to the door, pecked her on the lips, hugged her turn around and hobbled off to his room, her laughter ringing in his ears.

‘Hey Jon?’ He turned, ‘Did you tell Liz where we were going?’ He nodded yes and carried on down the corridor, occasionally clutching the wall for support.

She went in and headed for the shower. What to wear could wait!

As they hit the top of the stairs the guys split, but Hugh headed to Jon’s door, knocking on it. Hugh told Jon what he’d done, and Jon just grinned telling him it’d be no problem to change the booking. Jon smiled when Hugh wandered off, looks like everyone may just have found someone on this tour!

Tico hurried in two minutes later, and stopped just inside the door, there, a trail of Al’s clothing scattered on the floor all the way to the bathroom. He chuckled, there hanging on the door knob, her bra! He closed the door, locking it and laid his own trail over the top of hers, getting to the door, he hooked his briefs over her bra, and walked in closing that door too.

He stood looking at Al, she was in the shower, and he could see her through the side panel of clear glass. She was soaping her hair, eyes closed; her breast thrust out in front of her, damn what a picture she made! Walking to the opening he stepped in behind her, his fingers joining hers massaging her head till her hands fell away. He picked up a side shower head and gently rinsed her hair, then repeating another wash, and then conditioning it too. All the while she was making little moans and groans, and the occasional purr.

After rinsing that last of the conditioner off, he reached over and got the coconut shower crème she used, pouring a generous amount onto the sponge, he proceeded to soap her down from behind her. Everytime he moved forward, he brushed against her back, his chest hair rubbing her back, his dick hitting her ass.

Al was in heaven! She’d heard him come in and when he took over washing her hair, well she’d nearly turned into a puddle. Then the soaping started up, and she was so damn wet, and the ache, shit if this didn’t lead to them making love she’d have to get her toy box out!

Tico’s heart was racing; he’d long abandoned the sponge, and was just using his hands. He cupped her breasts then wandered down between her legs, his fingers slipping easily into her, making her gasp. Al braced her hands on the wall, damn he could play her better than his drums, and boy could he keep a beat!

His dick hit her ass again and Tico could stand it no more, he turned her, his mouth ravishing hers, pushing her back roughly up to the wall. He hefted her up, stepped between her legs and let her drop onto his raging dick, Al screamed, sobbing at the feeling of being joined to him. Al grabbed the shower head with one hand, the other on his shoulder, their mouths still mashing together in hot heated need. Slowly she began to rotate her hips, moving him in her, but only a little, she growled at him that she wanted more.

Tico slowly pulled his hips backward, withdrawing from her, only to rise onto his toes as he thrust back into her, repeating the motion over and over, making Al sob but not giving her the completion she needed.

Tico could feel his orgasm building, but it was so near but yet so damn far! He was getting to old to make love in a damn shower when a perfectly good bed was not far away. ‘Hold on miel.’ Al wrapped her arms about his shoulders and her legs clamped down on his waist, as he started out of the bathroom. She grabbed a couple of towels as they moved out into her bedroom, trailing water.

She threw the towels on the bed and Tico turned her and still joined laid her onto one of them, but he stood at the side of the bed. As soon as her ass hit the towel he pulled her legs and pulled her forward sliding him deeper into her, Al groaned again, damn that bed was just the right height.

He started to piston his hips back and forth, the friction heightening both of their needs even more. ‘Tico?’ Came the plaintive high moan from Al, her arms outstretched to him, she needed his weight on her. He gave in, pushing them both further onto the bed, and making love to her like a starving man. He could feel her walls flexing on him, she was near.

‘Come with me my love………… yes that’s it, cum miel.’ With two more thrusts he took her over the edge, and in turn himself!

They lay on the bed talking in quite whispers, touching and kissing, blanking out everything else, but themselves. Then laughing they jumped back out the bed taking the sodden towel with them and headed back into the shower once more. This time they washed each other, but laughter and the need to be clean and ready when the others banged on the door, took more precedence this time than making love again!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Chapter 84

After two hours of shopping, the frozen and chilled goods were packed and paid for. They guys had posed for the pictures Tom wanted, plus ones people came up for; they’d signed loads of autographs, and answered tons of questions, the main one, being why they were there.

Jon had told them they were visiting friends in the area and that they were leaving in two days to go home. Hell people believed him; no one thought they’d be staying in the area!

With the security team now under Mikes control they paved the way to the bus, and everyone boarded. The doors shut and people stood waving at the guys, and they waved back. It was nice not to be mobbed, just gently hustled.

Mike stood and took a look at the men, ‘Hey idiots, you forgotten something?’ They all looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders. ‘Teek, how about your girlfriend?’

Tico glanced about the bus and realised Mike was right, she wasn’t there! ‘¡Cogida santa del `, pensé que ella estaba en frente con Richie! ¿Dónde el infierno es ella, por qué no aviso de I? Cogida del Aw!'’ (‘Holy fuck, I thought she was in front with Richie! Where the hell is she, why didn’t I notice? Aw fuck!’)

‘English Teek, only Ally knows what you’re saying!’ Jon tried to calm his agitated brother.

A phone started to ring, Phil Collins started to sing, ‘Two hearts, beating in just one mind, living together till the end of time’, Tico ripped the phone from his pocket, ‘Miel where the fuck are you?’ He listened, ‘No you’re not walking home, give me a minute.’ Closing the phone he headed to the door.

‘Where is she?’ the others following him.

‘At the damn shop doors, she thought she’d nip to the loo while we were doing our thing, and we forgot her! How the hell did we do that? Look there she is.’

They spotted her waving, Tom stood next to her, trying to get the security guards back to him.

‘Ok Joe, open the door.’

Mike blocked his way, ‘You are not going out there, they may have been nice before but you know they can turn.’

‘I’m not going out there, move Mike, don’t make me say it again!’ Mike back away, damn he’d never seen Teek as mad as he had these last few days, Ally certainly brought out his fiery Latin side!

As the doors opened the crowd cheered again, Tico stood on the steps and asked for quite. When the crowd had died down, he asked them if they’d mind letting Al through, as she’d got left behind, and she needed to slap some sense into them. Laughing the crowd parted and the security guards walked her to the bus. Some women shouted did she need a hand slapping the boys, because they’d sure like to help her. Everyone laughed and Al finally made it to the bus, to be dragged into Tico’s arms and kissed. Some cheered others ahhed at them.

Waving again the door shut, ‘Take us home for god’s sake, I always seem to loose you lady when we’re out!’ He sat and pulled her onto his knee, just holding her.

‘Honey, I was in a shop, not left out in a field, I’m fine, I could’ve walked home.’

‘You came with us Ally, you go home with us.’ This came from David.

A few short minutes they arrived at the house, Al used her remote and opened the garage doors, ‘If we go in this way we can put the chilled and frozen in the downstairs freezer and fridge, then take whatever’s left up stairs.’

The men agreed and they started the trips back and forth to unload the bus, it took a while! Al directed where things should go and the boys obliged her.

By the time they’d finished Al had gone into the games room and raided the fridge for beer, they all deserved one, she included Joe too. Jon noticed and smiled, she was one hell of a woman!

They realised that it was now six-thirty, they’d been out for over five hours, and three of them had been taken up shopping and stuff.

‘Ok guys, we need to get ready to go out for dinner, I’ve made reservations at the Ivy, so smart casual people!’ Jon laughed at Al’s expression. ‘Don’t you want to go darlin?’

‘Of course I do, I’m just wondering if they can cope with you lot!’ She stuck her tongue out at him. She yelped and ran for the door as he lunged for her, they careened up the stairs laughing and shouting at each other, the others following at a more sedate pace.

Mike, Tony and Obie heading back to the hotel, except for Mike and some of his crew, everyone else would be flying home in a few days time, some had already gone. Tony was making damn sure he was at Ally’s when the kids turned up, and with the camera in hand! Then he’d fly home and have a break, then head off to get the last leg of the tour ready.

I'm glad you're all enjoying this story. These last few chapters just hurtled out and onto the page lmao. They were fun to write and I'm glad you're laughing along with me. Thanks.

Gail xx

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Chapter 83

Jon agreed and before you could say ‘queue jumping’ the first six trolleys were on their way through a checkout. But when Tom asked if they wanted a packer, Al jumped in and told him they didn’t need one, the guys just loved to pack shopping. Tico nearly died laughing at the faces on Jon, Richie and David, Hugh was already slinging stuff into bags.

‘Tell me she’s fuckin joking Teek?’ Richie implored him.

‘No she fuckin ain’t! You’ve pulled some shit in here, now you get payback! Start packing Lurch!’ Al chimed in.

Jon realised when he should keep quite and do as she said, after all he needed to rack up some brownie points with her, before he mentioned tomorrows delivery of nine kids, a couple of nannies and who the fuck knew who else! He opened a bag and started to pack, not saying anything to any body.

David just stood with his mouth open watching Jon meekly pack, then grinned evilly. ‘Hey Jon, you don’t put produce in with toiletries. You need to pack them according to where they’re going in the house, you know, fridge, freezer etc, etc.’

The next thing he knew a twelve pack of toilet rolls hit him upside the head, sending him flying.

‘Blondie I’m warning you, any more and you shit and you can go back to the hotel!’ Al growled down the belt.

Angie the checkout girl was totally in awe of the job she’d been given, she could feel jealous eyes on her, tough! She got to serve Bon Jovi, how freakin cool is that! Her head was going back and forth like she was watching a tennis match. She couldn’t believe how Al was talking to these men; she acted like they were normal men!?

‘Damn Al, it slipped out of my hand, honest.’ Al let out a very unlady like snort but carried on unloading the trolleys, but he was sure he heard ‘bullshit’ coming from the far end.

As they worked, Jon’s phone went, ‘Down on the checkouts, far end, and did you have to come with the bus ……. What, oh Jesus Mike did you have to tell them?’ He flipped his phone down, and then carried on packing.

‘What’s wrong, who’s comin in?’ Richie asked.

Before Jon could answer laughter started a bit away, but grew louder as they neared. With Mike was Tony and Obie, and Obie had a dvd camcorder in his hand shooting them busily packing the bags! The guys groaned this would find its way onto the tour video diary for sure.

People started to stare at the men on the checkout, and at the men walking towards them. Some people realised who they’d got and carefully pulled out their phones and started videoing.

‘Well, well, well, hell must have frozen over if you guys are packing your own bags!’ Tony laughed and as one five fingers signalled their displeasure to him.

‘We have to, Ally told us we should.’ Richie looked down at the petite woman stood next to him, ‘She scared us into doing it.’

Tony, Obie and Mike doubled over laughing, the look of fear in Richie’s eyes, caught on camera, perfect!

‘Why don’t you three stop messing about and start taking the trolleys to the bus?’ She glared at them, and they gulped.

‘Ok doll, we’ll do just that, come on slackers don’t piss her off any more than she is.’ Mike said.

Angie didn’t believe that Alice could instil so much fear in these men, they were all bigger and taller than she was, well except Tico, who kept kissing her every time he went passed her. She just had to raise her eyebrow and they leapt to do what she said.

They finished and Jon paid for everything, nearly blinding poor Angie and making her fall off her chair. ‘Right, we ready for the rest?’ Groans met him, but each man, including the other three, grabbed trolleys and followed Ally back into the store. Al was sure she heard a bell go ding, ding, and someone says ‘round two’!

Chapter 82

Al was wandering up and down the aisles, Teek and Hugh hot on her heels. Teek was surprised when she’d pulled out a list; he’d not seen her do one!

They were on aisle four and all three trolleys were groaning, ‘Miel, I think we need more?’

‘No shit Sherlock! Are you sure you need this much stuff??? We can go shopping tomorrow you know! And where are we going to put this stuff while we carry on? I daren’t even think how it’s all getting home.’ She was having a little panic about everything, yes she’d got another fridge and deep freezer in the basement, but damn she didn’t think her cupboards would take all this lot!

Tico’s phone went, Al rolled her eyes, it was Jon’s ringtone, ‘Hey bro, yeah four, we’ll wait. They’re on their way.’

‘Yippee!’ More eye rolling and muttering ensued.

By now they’d picked up some followers, and they weren’t fans, the store security team! Al nearly died; this was her local store, shit! The security guards weren’t even trying to remain covertly watching them; they just stood at the ends of the aisle, both ends, watching what was going into the trolleys. She knew what they were thinking, shoplifters! She wanted to die! And she noticed some of the girls she knew by name, watching them too, wondering what was going on. More security men turned up, she’d counted at least ten, she groaned wishing the floor would open up, and swallow her whole!

‘Honey, we’re home.’ Richie bellowed, as they manhandled their heaving trolleys around the corner, nearly taking out two of the guards. You could see the guards do a double take at all the alcohol and juices in their trolleys and wonder if they’d got enough staff on for this.

‘Jesus, CD, Lurch, Blondie, did ya leave anything for anyone else?’

‘A bit.’ David laughed.

‘Mike should have sent one of the buses to pick us and the shopping up soon.’ Jon grinned, then he realised Al wasn’t happy and was flushed and looking about her. he knew they hadn’t been rumbled, so why was she worr ……… oh fuck he thought, looking at the tight wall of security and someone who looked like the manager descending their way, aw hell!

‘Erm, excuse me Miss.’ Looks like they figured Al for the mother of the rowdy kids.

She flashed him a dazzling smile and prayed it looked real, ‘Yes can I help you?’

‘Ah well madam.’

‘Please call me Alice.’ Again the smile, Jon was proud, she’d learnt to hit them right between the eyes with her version of his mega watt smile.

‘Well, Alice, we’ve notice the amount you’ve been putting in your trolley, and wondered if you’re having a party or something? He tried to smile, the woman didn’t look like a shoplifter, but he wasn’t sure about the men she’d got with her, wearing sunglasses indoors, posers!

‘No….’ Glancing at his name badge, ‘Tom, this is what happens when friends come to visit.’ Nodding at the men who’d now converged behind her, ready for a fight if it came to it. ‘They may act and sound like children, but trust me they don’t eat like ones.’ She laughed, and Tom raised a chuckle.

‘And how will you be paying for this today?’ He edged backwards as the men with her frowned at him.

Jon stepped forward and flashing him a grin he used for journalists said, ‘I’m payin for it Tom, with my card, I’m assuming you take Amex?’

‘Yes sir of course we do.’

‘Well now how about you find us a checkout and we can start putting this through, load it into the bus and then carry on shopping; would that make you less nervous of us?’ He grinned again, but more feral. Jon handed him his card, Tom glanced down at the name on it and his head snapped back up and scanned everyone in front of him. Jon had just taken off his glasses and Tom got the full impact of the Bon Jovi baby blues!

Tom started to sweat as the other men took off their glasses, holy fuck he’d just accused Bon Jovi of shoplifting, holy fuck!

Al saw that look, and noticed the security guards seemed to waver, looks like the boys were known, bugger! She placed her hand on Tom’s arm, ‘Don’t sweat it, you’re doing your job. Mistakes can happen, breath honey, breath.’ The guy looked like he was about to keel over.

‘Mr Bon Jo..’

‘Call me Jon.’ Jon didn’t want people overhearing his name.

‘Jon, I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t mean to imply….’ Tom dried up like a desert, parched and bone dry.

‘Tom its fine; like Ally said, you’re only doing your job. But if you can help get us through with this lot and let us carry on shoppin it’d sure be appreciated. Ally gets stressed if we don’t get it all in one go.’ He gave him a conspirital wink, and Tom chuckled.

‘Only if you gentlemen will agree to have a photo taken for the store news letter, we have many famous people come in, but never this big.’ Tom knew he was brown nosing, and his mother raised no fool, but who cared! He knew these men, his mum was a major fan, and shit he’d better get an autograph for her otherwise she’d kill him!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Chapter 81

Several streets over was the supermarket. They’d got lots of second looks, but mainly because of one laughing woman, and the five snickering men surrounding her.

The way they were laughing and joking made the people watching them smile at their antics. At one point Al found herself over David’s shoulder squealing with shock; it was retribution for making a smartass comment about his taste in stage clothes. She asked for help from the others they just laughed and watched her swinging from side to side.

‘Well Teek the only one whose not thrown her over his shoulder is Hughie here.’ Richie slapped Hugh on the shoulder.

‘Give me a chance, you guys don’t let go of her long enough! But don’t worry I’ll get her.’ He grinned as Al flicked him the bird.

David finally called uncle as they hit the front doors of the supermarket, ‘Damn Teek she’s heavy for a lil bit!’ That earned him a sharp slap on his butt from Al, and he quickly put her down, rubbing the smarting cheek. ‘Hey that hurt!’ He pouted.

‘Good! I was getting motion sickness from your crappy gait!’ She squeaked as he lunged for her again. ‘You do CD and I’m not baking any more cookies for anyone!’ He came to a grinding halt as Richie grabbed one arm and Jon the other.

‘Sorry Davey can’t let you do it, we love her cookies.’ Jon tried to look serious, and nearly succeeded.

‘Me either bro! Can’t have no cookies, and shop brought just won’t do it any more.’ Richie slapped him hard on shoulder and nearly sent him flying.

While the three stooges carried on Ally, Tico and Hugh each grabbed a trolley. Al looked at the two men, ‘You can’t seriously think we’ll fill all three?’

‘Nah miel, those idiots gotta bring one each too, then we just might have enough to keep us going for a couple of days.’ Tico laughed as Al’s jaw nearly hit the pavement.

She shook her head and started into the store, noticing that the others did get a trolley each too. Well fuck, she wasn’t paying for their shit!

Ok, picture going shopping with five hyperactive children, all saying ‘can we have this, why not?’ and that’s nearly what she had to put up with, except these were grown bloody men!

At one point she looked behind her to see Dave, Rich and Jon lining up for a trolley race. Al’s face flamed, handed her half full trolley to Hugh and legged it back to the others, walking up to them she told them if they dared show her up they’d never have any cookies or any food cooked by her in the next month, dead arming each of them as she spoke low enough for it not to carry. Then she walked calmly back and retrieved her trolley. Fucking hell they were on the first bloody aisle and she wanted to kill them, it was going to take every ounce of her patience not to kill them, or send them out the store to cool off!

She loaded up with fresh fruit and veg, Tico and Hugh nearly filling Hugh’s trolley with just the produce, yup looong shopping trip! ‘Seriously, you think you’ll get through that much?’

Tico nodded yes, he’d put in all the fruits the kids were used to. They needed to shop for the kids tastes, but seeing as Jonny hadn’t told her, Teek figured he’d wing it and blame Rich and David, ‘The boys like to make smoothies a lot!’ He’d force them to drink some just so he wasn’t made out a liar! God help him when they started to fill up on nuggets, fries and other teenager friendly crap that Jon’s eldest love to graze on.

Al looked about, and realised why it had gone too damn quite, the stooges had disappeared, crap! They needed bloody harnesses on them, or a cattle prod might help! ‘Teek, where’d they go?’

‘I’d probably go for the alcohol section.’ He grinned at her eye roll and the way she walked off muttering dire threats to them and their anatomy in Spanish, damn he loved that!

They were in deed in the booze section of the store. Even though Richie wasn’t drinking, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t help to load the trolleys up. Two of the three were half full. Jon’s had all the wines in it and David’s the beer and other assorted goodies!

‘Bro I’ve got a question, how the fuck are we getting this all back to Ally’s?’ Richie asked. Six carts weren’t going to be enough!

‘Shit, I forgot we walked, hold on.’ Flipping his phone open he hit speed dial, ‘Hey there Mike, need some help, we’re in Sainsbury’s not far from Ally’s and we’re shopping, what, crap I forgot the kids! No, I haven’t told her yet! Shut up, look, stop laughing, we need help to get this stuff to Ally’s …… we walked asshole. Yes, walked! Look stop laughing and get one of the buses to come pick us up. No don’t come with, just get us help.’ Muttering he closed his phone.

‘So take it Mikey wondered if you’d told Ally yet.’ David chuckled, Jon flipped him off and started to the next aisle for the coke etc the kids would need. Crap, he really needed to tell her!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Chapter 80

He found Ally’s pics and paintings without any trouble, and he knew before he looked at the name they were her’s. He’d seen enough in her studio to recognise her work.

She was good, mostly black and white photographs, largely of landscapes and flowers. But her paintings had so many colours in them, a total turn about. Here she painted people; just like those she’d given him and the others. But where as their portraits had been in charcoals these ones were done in water colours, chalks and even by the look of it pencils.

There was one of a woman, and if he looked closely it looked like it could be ….. Holy hell it was Ally! It was of a woman, standing in a field surrounded by sunflowers, her face turned away, but Tico knew that body intimately and that was Al! The woman was naked except for the flowers covering her modesty, damn!

David walked up, ‘Your girlfriend is quite the artist isn’t she. She’s even got pottery and wood carvings over there.’ He nodded towards a small corner, he’d seen a lovely statue of an owl, he wanted it, and it looked so alive you could almost see it ruffle its feathers. If he could get Hugh out of the way he could talk to Mandy about buying it, he was certain if he asked Ally to buy it, she’d try to give it him.

‘Yeah she certainly is!’ There was no way in hell this painting was going with anyone else but him, he needed to talk to Liz, now!

The two men head for their targets, Ally was busy answering the phone, good!

Jon still had hold of Liz, keeping her close; he looked up and saw Teek bearing down on them, huh oh what had happened.

‘Jon, bro I need to talk to your lady here, so let her go please.’

‘Not gonna happen, sorry.’ He grinned at Teek.

‘Ok then how about I tell my angel about that surprise that’s due in tomo…..’ That’s as far as he got, Jon let go of Liz and held his hands up.

‘What’s arriving?’ Liz didn’t like the sound of that.

‘Nothing querido, I just need you to do something for me, now!’ He took her arm and steered her away from Jon, who shrugged and decided to check out the place.

Tico quickly filled her in on what he wanted and told her not to tell Ally who’d brought it. He asked her if he was right, was it a self portrait. She’d nodded and told him it had took her weeks to realise who it was, he smiled and said to someone who didn’t know her, they wouldn’t guess.

Liz promised a sold sticker would go on it as soon as they left. Tico gave her his Florida address and he wrote a cheque then and there and swore Liz that she’d cash it. She told him it would go in that nights banking. He kissed her and thanked her. Liz grinned, he’d not batted an eyelash at the price, the one she’d put on it when Al had left, she’d just added a few more noughts on the tag. The price Al had put on it was, well, pitiful! Liz usually went around and changed the prices after Al had gone; she never noticed the change, artists! When she did it was usually way after the money had gone into her account and she was going through the receipts. Al and Liz had fought over this, but as Liz pointed out, she was in the store way more than Al and she’d do what she felt was right.

Al had given in at the end, she’d tried changing them back, but they always sold for more than she’d asked for. Liz was just plain sneaky!

Meanwhile David and done the exact same thing with Mandy, but because he stood at the till, he’d paid with his credit card, so she didn’t have to fend off Ally when she found out.

Al came out and shouted to the guys it was time they went shopping to restock, seeing as they’d eaten her out of house and home.

Then guys laughed, but agreed, they could be worse than a plague of locusts!

Before they left Jon made sure Liz would come to dinner with them later, after a slight battle, she’d agreed. Jon told her if she didn’t show he’d sit outside her door all night singing off key. Liz just rolled her eyes, Richie piped up saying he’d do it too!

Unbeknown to the others Hugh asked Mandy to join them, shyly she’d agreed and he’d told her they’d pick her up, making sure he got her address, home phone number and her cell number. She’d laughed saying both Liz and Alice knew where she lived, he’d just grinned.

‘Ok rabble time to shop!’ Al grinned and kissed Liz and Mandy, telling the former she’d see her later, Mandy just smiled.

Then the boys got in on the act and each woman received a kiss, Jon lingered more on Liz’s kiss, and while the others chuckled at that, Hugh lent over and kissed the shit out of Mandy, leaving her breathless and wanting to jump him!

Laughing Al finally shooed them out the door, they all waved as the walked passed the window, mugging for the two women in the store.

Chapter 79

They headed out just after one. Al thought they should go to the gallery first; mainly to stop Jon from whining any more! Then do some grocery shopping. The guys looked a little horrified, she reminded them they weren’t in the USA, and so they might not get recognised.

When she told them they’d walk to the gallery, the guys all laughed, till they realise she was serious. She told them it would burn off all the damn food they kept hovering up!

When she met them at the front door, she started to laugh. What a sight they made everyone of them in sunglasses and baseball caps, well except Hugh who’d just got the glasses.

‘Good god, it’s the mob squad.’ She peeled off into laughter again.

‘Ally darlin it’s not nice to laugh at us. You’re a fan you know this is how we look! We looked like this when we went out in Ireland.’

‘But Jon sweetie, people expected you to be there, that’s where you were playing! Everyone assumes you’ve flown off into the sunset and headed home to get ready for the last leg of the tour. Not staying in a fans home and walking the streets of London.’

They moaned and bitched but Tico and David took their hats off, but the glasses stayed. Richie and Jon kept theirs on. Al just laughed at them.

They set off walking, it was a nice sunny day, but not hot enough to bring out people in shorts. Mind you Al thought she’d love to see all these guys walking down the street in them; and also topping them off, tight muscle shirts. Yummy!

Arriving at the gallery, whose name they discovered was just that, ‘The Gallery’. Richie laughed and asked how she’d come up with it. She told him she didn’t want anything pretentious and sounding up its self.

Walking passed the window she checked to see if Liz was about, she wasn’t. Mandy the receptionist was there though.

The bell rang as she opened the door, ‘Hey Mandy, how’s things going?’

‘Fine Alice, we’ve had som………..holy crap! She’d watched as the men filed in behind her boss, and they’d take of their caps and glasses off. Mandy knew who they were, hell anyone who knew Liz and Al knew about Jovi.

‘Close your mouth honey, you’re catching flies.’

The guys huddled around the counter and whichever way Mandy looked she saw killer smiles.

‘Guys I’d like you to meet Mandy, Mandy I think you may know these guys.’ Al laughed as one by one they shook her hand and pecked her cheek. She kept swallowing, not believing who stood in front of her.

‘Darlin you ever gonna say two words to us?’ Richie asked.

Mandy went bright red and started to stutter. ‘Aw Lurch, leave her alone.’ Al knew Mandy was shy, and very quite. A little over weight, by Mandy’s standards not Al’s, she thought she was rubenesque! She was thirty-one and cute, a button nose, grey eyes and she was medium height. Her eyes were mainly hidden behind thick black frames. Hell Al and Liz had tried to talk her into lighter frames or contacts over the last year, but to no avail.

Mandy giggled, ‘You call Mr. Sambora, Lurch?’ She giggled again.

‘Well what should I call him? Cousin It?’

Choked laughter from the guys and a ‘bitch’ from Richie started to put Mandy at ease. She scanned the men again, damn they were hot! But her eyes kept skittering back to Hugh, he looked nice, and he’d got a wonderful smile.

‘Mandy did I hear the do…………oh hi guys.’ Liz came around the corner and seeing them all laughing with Mandy made her smile. Her eyes flew to Jon, Christ he looked good enough to eat!

From the side of her mouth Al said to Jon, ‘Fetch.’ And laughed as he walked towards her; stalking her with a fluid grace of a panther.

As Jon walked towards her Liz took an instinctive step backwards, then berated herself and stood her ground.

He reached her and stopped in front of her, his smile was warm, his eyes lust filled, ‘Hey they Lizzie, did ya miss me?’ he reached out and tucked a stray hair behind her ear, she gulped in air.

‘Nope, why would I?’

‘No reason.’ Without any warning at all, he caught her too him and kissed her; just a gentle brush of lips, but his arms were locked about her and not letting her move from him. Pulling back a fraction he said to her, ‘But Lizzie my darlin I sure missed you.’ This time his lips touched hers he demanded her to respond to him and let his tongue into her moist depths.

David nudge Al, who looked at Mandy, who’s jaw was nearly on the floor watching Jon kiss her boss!

Al thought what the hell, and leant forward and gently kissed Tico on the lips. You could nearly hear the snap of Mandy’s neck as she turned towards them. Hugh leant over the desk and placing his finger under her jaw, pushed it to. ‘You get used to them kissing and canoodling all over the house. Just take it with a pinch of salt Mandy.’ He grinned at her as she focused on him, and he winked at her.

‘You mean they’re always doing this?’

‘Yeah.’ Hugh got a beaming smile from Mandy and he grinned back, she seemed nice.

‘Ok Mandy for the record, Tico and Ally are what is it, dating or fuckin?’ David ducked out of Al’s reach.

Tico was holding a threatening Al back and laughing, ‘Dating asshole!’

Mandy’s eyes grew wide. She looked over at Liz, who was nearly wrapped about Jon, ‘And they’re doing what then?’

‘Fucking!’ Richie laughed.

‘That’s dating you moron, dating!’ Came the pissy tones of Jon.

‘Scuse me, dating implies we’ve gone out on a date. All we’ve done is fuck each others brains out!’ Liz just couldn’t help herself.

‘Now darlin, that’s just semantics.’ Jon smiled at her trying to side track her, she was right of course.

‘Ok enough!’ Al barked she knew things could get out of hand if they weren’t careful. ‘Yes Mandy, I’m going out with Tico and Liz and Jon are trying to figure out that they’re going out.’

‘But how, when, how?’

Laughing Al started to fill her in and the guys took off around the gallery. Tico was in his element.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Chapter 78

Al awoke a short time later and leaving a tired Tico fast asleep she dressed in jean and one of his sweat tops, breathing in his aroma of cigars and aftershave. A heady mix! He hadn’t really smoked while they’d been together, but when he had, she’d been with him, loving the aromas of his cigars. She kissed him before she left; he smiled and murmured ‘querido’ in a contented way, snuggling up to her pillow.

With a grin on her face she headed downstairs, first order of the day coffee and food, in no particular order!

Reaching the bottom, daydreaming, she crashed into a wall of warm, rock hard flesh. She rebounded off the body and only because he caught her arms and yanked her back to his chest, was she saved from a sore butt.

‘Well darlin, if you’re not careful I’m gonna start thinking your throwing yourself at me instead of Teek.’ Those other damn brown eyes laughed into hers as he brushed his lips to hers, ‘Mornin Ally. Coffee?’

‘Shit Rich, you nearly gave me a heart attack!’ Her heart felt like it had lodged in her throat.

He laughed and took her hand dragging her into the kitchen and furnishing her with a mug of coffee.

‘So are you the only one up? And Rich are you sick? You’re up and running, but I’m sure you haven’t had fifteen hours sleep.’

‘Keep that up and I’ll not cook breakfast/lunch.’ He rolled his eyes and smiled, damn fans know he loved his bed. ‘And Jon’s already headed out to track your Liz down.’

Al laughed, he’d find she wasn’t at home, but at work, ‘How longs he been gone?’

‘Only a few minutes.’

‘Well Rich he’s going to find he’s shit out of luck. She’s at work.’ Richie grinned and they both took a mug of coffee and sat on the couch facing the door waiting for Jon to return.

‘So have you figured out if you want to meet Jo yet?’

Richie nearly choked on a sip of scalding hot coffee, ‘Who says I even like the woman?’ His eyes were hooded and shifty.

‘Aw come on Lurch, your jumping through hoops to talk to her, and I know damn well that’s what you were up to last night, damn this morning. That’s why I’m surprised to see you awake so early! Come on, fess up, your interests been piqued?’

‘Damn you’re good! Yeah she seems a real sweetheart. And we talked till five, and then I had to sleep. She’s got some spunk, feisty as hell and man the way her mind is so in tune with mine, fuck it’s scary.’

‘Yeah she’s a real gutter queen!’ Al cackled.

‘Gutter queen?’

‘Oh come on you telling me you’ve never heard that before?’ He shook his head no, ‘Well hell man where have you been living? GQ means someone who has a one track mind and it’s usually filled with sex and what we’d like to do to you guys given a running start.’ She laughed at the look on his face. ‘You’d be a Gutter King with the way your mind works!’

‘Are you one then?’

‘Hell yes and proud of it; and now I’ve accomplished many of those things on my list that I’ve wanted to do to Teek.’

‘Oh fuck woman TMI, TMI!!!’ His eyes crossed and he looked close to vomiting.

Al sat there laughing and joking with Richie for the next five minutes till the door opened and Jon walked in.

‘Ok Ally where the fuck are you hiding that crystal ball?’ Richie asked.

Al just laughed.

‘Hey there bro, ready for your breakfast now you’ve figured out you lady love ain’t at home.’ Asked Al.

‘How the hell did you know ……………. Aw damn I should have woke you up and asked you Ally!’ Jon grimaced, some days his dick took all the blood and his brain just wouldn’t kick in.

‘You had, and your ass would have had my foot print imbedded into it Blondie!’ She thought he looked a little miffed, but she realised it was disappointment she could see there, so she threw him a bone, ‘She’s at work Jon.’

Jon slapped his forehead, ‘Aw damn I didn’t even think about that.’

‘Yup shnookums she works in the real world for a living.’ Al walked to him looped her arm around his waist and guided him towards the kitchen. ‘Well Lurch you cooking or what?’ She handed Jon a coffee and pushed him onto a stool. ‘After breakfast how about I show you my gallery?’ Green eyes meet sparkling blue and she saw the thanks in his, she winked at him.

Before she could move away he pulled her into his embrace, kissed her and then hugged her tightly, whispering his thanks into her ear. Her arms slipped about him and squeezing him back, totally understanding where he was coming from. She felt the same way about Tico.

‘Why is it every time I look for my woman, one of you assholes has his hands on her?’ Tico stood there at the bottom of the stairs shaking his head, smiling at the three of them. ‘I’m sure I heard someone mention food!’ He looked hopefully at Ally, who nodded towards Richie, who rolled his eyes and started to raid the fridge. Al made a mental note, they needed restocking sometime today!

‘Cause you can’t keep hold of her old man, and foods on its way!’ Richie snickered as Teek told him to sod off, very English!

‘Jesus it’s only eleven thirty, and you’re making too much bloody noise! How’s a guy to sleep in around here?’ The complaint coming from David as he padded barefoot down the stairs! He got jeans on but not done up, a shirt that had been pulled on, but not buttoned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Al admired his joker tat that was flashing quite nicely, her hands itched to have her camera in her hand, she took a mental picture; hoping to remember it later and transfer it to canvas. He looked dead cute like that.

‘You’re not.’ Hugh groused trudging down behind him.

Well thought Al, full house again! Where one goes the others are sure to follow.

Soon Al and Richie had bacon, sausage, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread, toast and anything else that took their fancy ready to eat. It didn’t last long!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Chapter 77

She came awake slowly, realising she was wrapped in a firm embrace, and in her own bed! They were laying on their sides, her back to his front, his chest rising gently behind her. She felt so damn cared for! Opening her eyes she sighed looking at Tico’s dark tanned hands entwined under her breasts with her pale ones. She did tan, but it took a hell of a long time because she was prone to burn. But when she did get one it lasted for ages!

Al laced her fingers with Tico’s, six days, that’s all it had been! How in god’s name had she gotten so damn lucky? Her other fingers ran through the hair on his arm, making patterns.

She brought his hand up and kissed it, tucking it between her naked breasts, sighing with happiness.

‘Miel?’ Al jumped, she hadn’t realised he was wake, he snuggled her more into him and she smirked, not only was he awake, all of him was up and running.

‘Yes querido?’ She twitched her butt against his rock hard dick.

‘How bout we celebrate being home?’ He’d called it home; she got a silly sappy look on her face.

She turned in his embrace, waggling her eyebrows at him ‘What you have in mind mi amour?’ She threw her leg over his waist, his dick in perfect alignment and without preamble he pushed forward and buried himself into her hot soaked centre.

They both groaned. It felt like they’d been doing this dance for years instead of days. Kissing and caressing each other, each burning for the other. Breath and tongues mingled. Al’s hands buried into Tico’s hair, one on his hands on the leg she’d thrown over him an almost painful grip anchoring her to him as his pace picked up. The other hand snuck under her waist and he’d got a good grip on her ass.

Tico could feel her start to crest and needed to be with her, he flipped her fully onto her back and started to thrust faster and faster.

Al’s insides gripped onto his dick as she hit the edge of her orgasm, screaming his name; Tico was one thrust behind her as he buried himself deeper in her and spilt his seed into her, as he shouted her name in return.

They lay there panting and the sweat cooling on their skins, ‘Now that’s the best welcome home I’ve ever been given.’ Al said a soft smile playing her puffy lips.

‘Yeah,’ Tico said, ‘Least there’s no damn banging/shouting/razzing this morning, kids must still be in bed.’

They both laid there chuckling, before finally heading to the shower to get clean, then they got dirty while in there and had to start all over again!