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I must admit to wondering where the hell this was going when I started it! And about Tico no less, not Richie, now that was a surprise.

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Chapter 134

‘Ally, querido, it’s time to wake up. The boys are here; come on my slug a bed, time to get up!’ He laughed as she muttered under her breath. ‘Now, now angel, don’t be like that, you knew Jon would be here early, you wanted to play last night.’ He kissed the nape of her neck and brushed his fluff around for good measure, he’d learnt this woke her up very nicely.

Ally cranked open an eye and glared at the clock, ‘Shit what he do give Rich some speed, and you were the one who wanted to play Torres!’ The clock shouted at her it was just after nine, in the damn morning! Tico’s hands had started to wander and he was definitely leaving his mark of her shoulder and neck.

‘Damn it Torres any of those show and your ass is in serious trouble.’ But her arm had snaked over her head and held his mouth into her neck and he bit gently down on it making her groan, then bitched that the guys had turned up early, then at him for getting her wound up knowing they were downstairs.

‘I can’t bloody win with you woman.’ He laughed, turned her, kissed her deeply till they were both breathless, flipped her onto her front and gave her a resounding slap on the ass, making her squeal and swear revenge.

He laughed evilly, told her he loved her and not to be too long otherwise someone, Richie, would come looking for her; with that threat he left her rubbing her smarting ass and diving for clothes, Richie was a pain when pulling her out of bed.

Grabbing her jeans and one of Tico’s shirts she headed for a quick shower, making sure she locked the door before heading into the bathroom, Sambora wouldn’t get in today.

Half an hour later, hair still damp and nothing on her feet, she headed downstairs; at the top she could hear the kids winding their fathers/uncles up and laughed. Ah nothing like a full home.

As she hit the bottom, Richie hijacked her into a bear hug and dipped her for a hot kiss. Setting her upright he had the goofiest grin on his face, ‘Got ya baby.’

Al rolled her eyes and with an arm around his waist they wandered into the kitchen, where chaos seemed to reign with David firmly in the thick of it.

‘Jesus Shirley are you trying to ruin our home?’ She grinned as he caught the eggs that Hector nearly dropped; Hec launched himself at Al for a quick cuddle, no kiss in front of the other boys, lord he was growing fast at nearly seven, and then headed off with his cousins.

‘Hey don’t look at me; Lurch suggested we get out all the goodies for you to make breakfast with.’

She looked up at Richie and pinched his ass making him yelp, ‘You making me work bub?’

‘Oh for god’s sake Sambora, get your butt in there and start cooking, you can’t expect her to cook on our first day here you moron!’ Jo bitched smacking her husband upside the head, ‘Goon.’

Richie grabbed his wife of just over a year and dipped her low and laid one hell of a kiss on her, his hand lovingly rubbing her growing bump, ‘Always baby, always, that’s why you married me.’ His grin was blinding and Jo gulped, even now he could turn her to mush with that look. They’d met a two months after Al and Tico got together, at a show in the U.S.A, Al had finally introduced the men to the women they’d been courting via phone and internet, and Richie had swept her off her feet and kept her off them, finally begging her to marry him a year later, and that year since was magical!

‘Oh god daddy let Jo up will you its so embarrassing!’ Ava moaned spotting her dad and step mom in another clinch, but she loved seeing him so happy, and she’d always got included in the love they shared, and couldn’t wait for her sister to make an appearance!

‘Aw darlin she’s feelin left out, come here baby.’ Ava took one look at her dad’s face and started to run, Richie in hot pursuit, Ava laughing and screaming at the same time.

Jo just looked at the others and rolled her eyes, ‘What can I say, he’s a loon.’ She shrugged her shoulders and waddled over to Al to hug and kiss her friend.

Al laughed as she heard the squealing and roaring of the Sambora’s running amok through the house and into the new extension they’d built onto the old one, it nearly tripled the size of their home. The new part housed masses of bedrooms and bathrooms for children and adults alike, enough to hold all the Jovi men their families and anyone else who turned up when they took up residence in London, which they now did on a regular basis.

Liz, Anna, Sandy, Jo and Mandy all gathered about Al, their husbands laughing as the girls laughed and giggled with one another rolling their eyes it wasn’t like they’d been apart for more than three weeks, they’d all been at Jon and Liz’s for several weeks one big family holiday at casa de Jovi, as Al called it.

‘God, talk about a waddling parade.’ Mandy laughed, lord knows how it had happened, well they knew how, too much sex, but all five women starting with Liz, and then going to, Jo, Sandy Anna and Mandy were all pregnant at the same time, though not all due the same time. Their husbands swore they’d not set out to try and beat one another, the girls begged to differ.

The only one who’d not fallen was Al, she’d put on a brave face when her girlfriends had phone one after the other to tell her the good news. She’d been happy for them, but had cried herself to sleep, and that two and a half years into her marriage to Tico, she’d still not got pregnant. He’d held her and sung her to sleep every time the phone went with another saying she was pregnant. She’d checked, and neither Tico nor she had any problems, the doctor’s just kept telling her it would happen one day. Hell she was forty-eight and a bit, and had all about given up, till now.

They’d married three months after they’d first met on a beach on a private island in the Bahamas, all the Jovi men wearing white cotton loose trousers, and white silk billowing pirate shirts, that’s what the girls told them anyway, they all had them opened to show loads of chest and fur, and bare feet. All the boys wore a little different version of the men’s outfits.

Sandy and Jo were there as Richie and David’s dates, and to be bridesmaids. Richie and David made several moves that day that made the girls toes curl! The girls not believing how fast their lives had changed, drooled over the chests, hair, feet you name it, and they drooled.

Mind you so did Al, Tico’s hair had grown a little longer, his fluff had a little more to it, Al had begged him to grow some more, he’d agreed, and the look in his eyes shone of his love for her. She walked to him that day in a pale blue and soft lilac coloured floating dress that had small spaghetti straps, and then fitted under her bust then fell away into many handkerchief points layered over each other so it looked like it would part any second and reveal more than it should, but it never did. It fell to her ankles and her bare feet, on her head a wreath of baby’s breath and lilac bud roses were intertwined, her hair too was longer and fell nicely in loose curls.

All her girl friends, and her now nieces, wore a similar version of Al’s dress, but a little shorter, in baby pale pink and lemon. As the walked towards the waiting men and family members they looked like a bouquet of beautiful pale flowers.

When they’d exchanged vows, and rings Tico kissed his new wife deeply not letting her go, till the minister coughed gently. His brothers just laughed and caught hold of the women in their lives and kissed them too. The photographer friend of Jon’s didn’t know which way to turn with all the kissing going on!

On his finger looking back at him, the ring she’d given him a few months before, the matching necklace still adorned his rock hard chest. It just felt right this time.

And if you looked at Jon, Richie, David, Hugh and Mike’s fingers now, you’d see Al’s designs there too, she’d taken great delight as each girlfriend asked her to make their husband-to-be’s rings and on their toned hot chests rested a necklace that matched their rings, the girls had loved the idea of the engagement necklaces. And most of the engagement rings and wedding bands the women wore had been made by her too.

Hector had stood with his uncles as ‘best men’, his face beamed all day.

‘When you came down you had a far away look on your face, what gives.’ Liz asked as the girls joined the rest of the melee, Tico cocked his head, he’d wondered too.

‘When Tico woke me I was having a wonderful dream.’ She smiled seductively at him.

‘Oh you mean a hot one about Jonny Depp.’ Steph snickered, and ducked at the towel her dad threw at her.

‘No, honey, I was dreaming about when I met Tico and the guys for the first time, and that first week we were together.’

‘Oh you mean the one where you maimed daddy.’ She laughed harder remembering that time, it seemed like yesterday and here she was turned eighteen. She looked over at Liz, she was a wonderful stepmom, and she kept her dad in check! Something her mom never seemed to manage, and now she’d soon be a sister again to twins, they thought one of each as the scans couldn’t seem to get it together, her dad was ecstatic, but Liz had threatened if he toured in the first year of them being born, she’d divorce him; he’d not got anything booked, though they’d already written a new album. Jon seemed more than content to stay home with Liz.

Jon had finally talked Liz into becoming the next Mrs Bongiovi eight months after Tico and Al had tied the knot, and they’d spent time just the two of them, plus the kids of course when they visited, till Liz had suggested they may like to extend their family of four, Jon had jumped up and down and shouted ‘Hang on baby, you’re getting the ride of your life!’ And proceeded to impregnate her on the first go! Damn fertile male! He’d been strutting like a peacock after she’d started to throw up, crowing he’d done it in one go. Liz had hefted a vase, testing the weight, he’d shut up then kissed her silly, removing the vase and putting it out of her reach.

‘Oh god don’t bring that up baby girl, it hurts just to remember.’ Jon winced, and kissed Al hello.

David followed suit as did Sandy his wife of eight months and already pregnant! They’d married a month after Rich and Jo. The press had a field day with the way Jovi men had all jumped back into marriage. The guys just grinned and said it was Ally and Tico’s fault.

Then there was Anna and Mike, he’d finally conned her into marrying him five months ago when she’d announce ashen faced she was pregnant, and told her no child of his would be born out of wedlock, she’d folded gracefully, kicking and bitching all the way.

Hugh and Mandy had let the wedding fever calm down and a year and a half after they’d got together, they’d married in Scotland with the band looking on. Now she too was pregnant.

All the Jovi men were now happily married and fathers in waiting, but Al could see Tico looking longingly at his sisters in laws and their bumps of various stages.

Carol and John Snr had come over with everyone; they’d decided they’d keep an eye on their grandchildren and have a second honeymoon. Jon had pointed out they’d had many honeymoons over the last couple of decades. John Snr had looked lovingly at his wife and told his son to shut the hell up; son did as told, his wife snickering softly behind his back. She really did love her in laws.

As the food was cooked and consumed, Al gazed about the room watching her brothers and their families, all the children inhaling food so they could get on with their holiday and the laughter that echoed off the walls, she sighed with total contentment.

Tico heard her and wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her onto his lap, ‘You okay miel?’

‘Yes, I’m just happy, everyone’s here. Do you realise that it’s the exact date we met two and a half years ago?’ She kissed him gently, savouring the feel of his fluff against her face.

‘You think I’d forget the day god saw fit to give you to me, no querido I didn’t forget in fact…..’ He nudged Richie who grinned and pulled a long box from his wife’s purse.

‘Hey how the hell did that get in there Rich?’ Jo looked on perplexed.

‘Slight of hand darlin, you know I’m good at that.’ He leered lovingly at her; she slapped him on the arm.

Tico took the box and handed it to his wife, Al’s hands shook as she took the box from him and realised the whole damn room was watching her. ‘Lord you lot could make a saint sweat!’ She tore at the paper and inside was a Tiffany’s box, she looked at Tico, who had a stupid ass grin on his face, he liked giving her gifts when she least expected them. Most were art, but a few bits of jewellery had appeared, but he’d always wanted to buy her something from Tiffany’s, but she’d said no, as she’d be scared of loosing it. ‘You didn’t?’

‘It’s insured, it gets lost or stolen we’re covered now open the damn box woman!’ He knew exactly what ran through her mind and it was scary!

Opening the lid she gasped, there lay a breath taking necklace, Tico lifted out of the box and gently placed it about her neck, ‘It’s called, now let me get this right, an oval spessartite with marquise diamonds in platinum. And when I saw it I thought of you amour, I’ve always said you have my heart, this is as close as I can get to really giving it to you.’ It nestled warmly against her chest catching the light and sparkling with fire.

Al’s eyes filled with tears and she reached for her husband, kissing him then burying her head in his neck, ‘Aw well done Teek, you’ve made her cry!’ David moaned, ‘You know if one starts the others will follow!’ Looking at Sandy he could see he was right, she’d filled up, sighing he hauled her into his arms and cuddled her; Tico noticed the rest of his brothers doing the same with their wives.

‘Tico, it’s beautiful, but you didn’t have to I have you and Hector, and yes this motley bunch, my life is complete.’

‘But miel I wanted you to have it, you won’t make me take it back will you?’ He put on his most soulful eyes and she laughed telling him no.

‘Actually I have something for you; I got it yesterday, just a minute.’ She hopped off his knee and flew upstairs. She was going to tell him last night, but he’d side tracked her into oblivion.

She grabbed the wrapped package out of the bedside drawer and headed back down. Everyone was exactly where she’d left them, minus the younger children. Walking over to Tico she kissed him and handed him the package. He quickly made short work of the wrapping, and then looked totally confused at her, his brain not really computing what he’d got in his hands.

The whole room held it’s breath as finally recognition dawned on him and he whooped and grabbed his wife into a bear hug and scattered kisses over her face rapidly talking in Spanish telling her how wonderful she was, and he couldn’t wait to be a father again! ‘How far along do you think you are?’

‘About a month and a bit, I thought I was on the change, but I guess not.’ He pulled her to him again and just held on, his eyes tearing up.

The whole room erupted and congratulations and kissing became rife.

‘When did you do it?’ Tico managed to ask her.

‘Yesterday, I never got chance to tell you, you distracted me.’ Her eyes became heavy lidded as she recalled last nights passionate love making.

His face went white, ‘Damn it I could have hurt our baby! That’s it those chains and cuffs are gone!’

Al burst out laughing as the whole place went quite, and then she flushed red.

‘Chains, cuffs, holy hell do tell!’ David waggled his brows and leered at Al. ‘You’ll have to stop chaining her up Teek!’

‘Why? You like it too Shirley!’ Sandy snickered loudly as David clapped a hand over her mouth.

Al laughed then looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘Who said I was the one tied up?’

Stephanie squealed with laughter and Jon went white as he realised she knew what they were talking about.

Everyone started to talk at once, and laughing at David’s shocked look, they moved into the lounge. Al picked up the pregnancy test that yesterday completed her life, and threw it in the bin; she didn’t need it any more. She was finally pregnant and married to the man of her dreams and fantasies, damn life was incredibly good!

Her husband held out his hand to her and she walked towards him and their future, together, forever.

The end?

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Chapter 133

She went off looking for Tico, the necklace and ring in her clutches hoping he wouldn’t think her silly.

She popped her head around the door to check on Hector and Romeo, walking over she shook her head and laughed softly. Both boys were on their fronts, legs out of the covers, that they just had covering them. She pulled the covers over them, kissed their heads, and stroked their hair, sighing, walked out.

Heading to their room she opened the door and heard the shower going, she salivated at the thought of water cascading down his taught muscular body, she shed her clothes quickly!

She put the necklace and ring in the nightstand drawer for later, now her lust was calling!

She slipped in behind him and her hands caressed his back and she wrapped them about him, taking strength from him before her deft hands wandered south making his breath hiss between his teeth as she found his already straining erection.

‘Thinking about me were you?’ She chuckled.

‘Nah, it has a life of its own, couldn’t stop it from growing and damn if it likes you petting it!’ It jumped in her hand, making her chuckle.

‘Aw look its needy.’ And began to move faster on it, making Tico groan, she knew just how to play him. Just as his eyes started to roll back in his head she stopped, and picked up the soap, starting to wash herself, a look of total innocence on her face.

Tico’s eyes snapped forward as the water hit his raging hard on, glancing at her and that look, ‘Perra (bitch).’ He whispered softly as he backed her up to the wall and menaced her slightly.

A shiver went down Al’s spine at the darkness of his growl and the look in his eye was molten, ‘CabrĂ³n (bastard).’ Was her reply as he crowded her into the wall, his mouth swooping down to claim her, his tongue not asking for permission, just taking what he wanted, needed, his hand clamped to her breast pummelling it, and pinching the nipple and pulling firmly, Al moaned into his mouth. He’d always been gentle’ish with her before this was a new side of him and she liked it!

Al’s arms looped around his neck, and then squeaked as he picked her up and carried her to her bed. ‘The covers Torres, they’ll get soaked!’

‘Tough.’ And she squealed as he heaved her up and threw her onto the bed, bouncing as she hit. His hands clamped onto her ankles anchoring her there as she would have scooted out of reach. His hands stayed on her legs as he worked his way up onto her, as she tried to sit up he pushed her back not allowing it. He finally sat on her hips and looked down at her a pure evil glint in his eyes. ‘I found something today, and I saw a different side to you my angel.’

He leant forward and when she thought he’d kiss her he passed her by and put his hand under the pillow, pulling back, she flushed red seeing what was in his hands, her ‘toy’ box, she groaned louder and he laughed a down and dirty one, her insides quivered, then she jumped as he set it on her stomach and proceeded to open it.

He pulled out several different vibrators, some lubricant, and scented oils and last but not least hand cuffs, two sets just single ones, and two sets of two, his eyebrow winged up in question.

‘Leg ones.’ Was all she squeaked out, as he took the single ones and snicked them onto her wrists.

‘Guess what else I found?’ She gulped, he’d really looked.

‘Stay still querido.’ His voice told her he meant it; she shivered again, this time in anticipation of what he was going to do. Climbing off her, he moved once again to the head of the bed, reaching down into the corner he pulled out one length of chain that if you didn’t hunt for it, you’d never know it or the others were there, but he’d been nosy and knew there were four lengths of chain in each corner.

He reached for an arm and snapped the cuff to the chain, Al’s core started to heat up and she could feel the wetness start to drip. He walked around the bed, told her to move, and secured the other arm. He ran his hand from the cuff down her arm and to her breast where he roughly pinched it, Al’s body arched from the bed. ‘Well, well, well my love, looks like you like to ‘play’ a little.

Her green eyes had turned a deep mossy green with unleashed desire, and the thought he knew her secrets.

Tico was in awe, none of his wives or girlfriends had liked being tied up, and it wasn’t something he’d ever thought of till he’d stumbled over her box, and had seen what she’d got in it, scenarios had run through his head for most of the evening, but he’d kept it to himself till she’d played him. He watched her writhe on the bed, and his erection became painful, it’s head glistening more with each whimper she let loose.

His hands wandered down her stomach, making a quick foray into her dripping centre, roughly playing with her clit, then ramming three fingers deep into her, making her start to scream when he rapped out, ‘Be quite!’ She pulled the scream back in fast, if she did scream she’d wake the kids up.

His fingers moved easily with all the juices dripping from her, he leant over while still pumping her and latched onto her breast equally sucking and biting them both. Al was nearing the top of the high jump, and just as she started to go over he pulled out his fingers and let go of her breast, she swore up one side and down the other, even questioning his birth, all spewed out in Spanish, it made him smirk that she’d forgone her native tongue and sunk into his to curse him out.

‘Ah amour, I just love it when you talk dirty to me.’ Leaning over her he kissed her deeply.

‘You want dirty Torres; I want you to fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk for the next week. I want to come so hard I nearly break your dick! I want you so deep inside me, I won’t know where I finish and you start. Most of all miel I want you to love me.’

‘Always luz de Dios mio(light of my life), always.’ He crawled between her spread legs, his head dipped and her breath hitched, ‘Remember querido, quite!’ His hands went under her butt, tilting her to his gaze, she lifted her head and watched as he blew over her heated centre, Al’s head fell back and her hips tried to get closer to that wicked mouth. She didn’t have to beg as his tongue flicked out, straight and true directly into her, piercing her and a stifled scream clamped into her throat as he began to clean her, his tongue drilling deeper, his fluff giving another side to the torture his tongue was creating.

As she started that climb again, her hands wrapped around the chains and held on for dear life, and as she crested, he stopped again! In Spanish she told him what she’d do to his manhood if he didn’t let her cum, and he’d better watch out for a horses head appearing in bed with him sometime soon. To which he chuckled and told her that was what Italians do! She told him to go shred his dick, he winced!

He realised though she was near the end of her rope and if he wasn’t nice to her, he’d suffer later! He dropped a kiss on the top of her mound and started to slid up her body, her hands trying to touch him, then bitching at being tied up, ‘Hey baby, you could have said no, but you didn’t’.’ He smirked and slowly continued his way up her body, using his teeth, tongue and fluff to make her moan.

He played with her breast again, biting them a bit harder than he normally would, making her try to rub herself against his leg to relieve the ache he’d created. Looking at her he saw the fine film of perspiration shimmering over her body, her teeth worrying her bottom lip, her chest rising and falling at a rapid rate.

He positioned himself at her entrance and when she raised her hips, he moved backwards, causing more swearing, before she could finish the sentence, he latched onto her nipple and pulled it hard, simultaneously he reared forward and buried his dick deep into her in one thrust.

Al came, and passed out with the force of her orgasm.

She came too seconds later finding Tico starting to pick up his pace again, her body, way ahead of her head, was already undulating under him. ‘You okay miel?’ he’d been a little scared when he realised she’d passed out, but her body had started to lead him on again and he’d, well, gone with it.

‘I’d be even better if you released me.’ She purred and her inner muscles squeezed him; within seconds he’d unsnapped the cuffs and was once again buried deep within her, blowing both out of their minds within minutes.

Stated and sweaty they curled together, ‘Wow, amour, that was, amazing. I never thought you had a little fetish going on.’ Tico snickered.

‘If you hadn’t been so damn nosy, you still wouldn’t and I’d have gotten rid of the damn chains with you none the wiser. I’d forgotten about the fuckin things, they were from a passed life of mine.’ She moved and pushed them back into the dark recess of the bed, then snuggle back down with him, he laughed.

‘Well for what it’s worth, I’m glad there still there. To see you so turned on, made me hotter than I ever thought possible. But don’t worry baby, next time we play there won’t be anyone else in the damn house.’ His voice had dropped and his eyes had gone liquid chocolate with the promise of things to come. ‘Maybe for our honeymoon?’ he waggled his brows at her.

With that Al shot upright and said, ‘Damn!’

‘Hey it’s not that ba…..’

‘No not that silly, I’ve got something for you if you want it?’ She shyly opened the drawer and pulled out the ring and necklace. ‘I thought seeing as you gave me an engagement ring, I’d give you something in return.’ She held out her hand and the necklace dropped down, catching the little light from the nightstand.

‘You made this.’ It wasn’t a question, more a statement. Al nodded and Tico took the necklace from her and turned it this way and that in the light, marvelling that she could make something so beautiful. He slipped it over his head and jumped a little as the cold metal touched the middle of his chest, but it soon warmed to his body’s temperature. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her, ‘Amour it’s wonderful, I’ll never take it off.’

‘I’ve got this too, it sort of matches the necklace, and normally no two things I make look alike, but these did. She held out the ring and Tico marvelled again, they did match.

‘My wedding ring?’

‘If you want it?’

‘Want it, amour, it’s perfect, it’s what I’d look for in a ring. When we marry, this will be the ring I’ll put on and never remove. Ally its gorgeous your work is fantastic, hell seeing my necklace the guys will want one.’

‘Well there’s enough in my work room to go about, but this one I’d never have parted from, it seemed to be made for the man I’d eventually marry.’

‘I love you Ally, so damn much. You’re mine and mine alone, as I am yours, you know that right?’

‘I should you tell me all the time. And I love you too my Latin lover.’ She giggled as he started to kiss her and bank the fires again; it looked like it was going to be a long hot steamy night!