Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Chapter 122

Later, after all the kids were in bed, and Carol said she was taking a long soak with a glass of wine then hitting the hay Tico and Al sat snuggled on the couch watching tv and finishing off a bottle of wine.

‘Well querido you did it, I didn’t honestly think any woman could resist Jon’s charms, but you’ve proven me wrong miel.’

‘Well it’s nice to be in the minority, but if it had been Rich, and he’d pulled those puppy eyes of his, I’d have been toast.’

‘For fuck’s sake don’t tell him that, otherwise his head won’t fit through his guitar strap! Hey! Richie?’ He’d just caught up with himself!

‘Yup, Richie, you first honey, but the other dark haired man in the band makes my pulse skitter too. But not as much as you do baby.’ She smirked feeling him stiffen.

‘Freakin good job too, otherwise I’d have to play dirty and Jon really needs a guitar player.’ His throaty chuckle was down right evil!

She giggled, the wine making her feel loose and silly, she loved the dangerous side of him when he was possessive!

` Usted malo usted tendría una cabeza de los caballos a la izquierda en su cama porque el hombre puede hacer mi retroceso del pulso para arriba?' (‘You mean you’d have a horses head left in his bed because the man can make my pulse kick up?’)

‘¡No, tendría su dick el mentir al lado de su cabeza cuando él despertó! ¡Usted es el mío, extremo del bebé de la historia’(‘No, I’d have his dick lying next to his head when he woke up! You are mine, end of story baby!’) He said with such menace and the look he gave her made her shiver, not from fear but from need, he made her so damn hot when he talked like that!

‘Lo amo tan cuando usted va todos macho en mí, usted sé que usted es el único para mí, ninguno otro vendrá siempre cerca. Usted me estropeo y lo amo’ (‘I so love it when you go all macho on me, you know you’re the only one for me, no one else will ever come close. I’m spoiled by you and I love it!’) She reached over and tugged his burns, making him growl and pull her closer to him, plastering her breasts too him, she soon found herself beneath him on the couch, his t-shirt off and her fingers twinning in his fur and pulling it.

His erection straining his fly, grinding into her denim covered mound, mouths and hands trying to devour the other. All that you could hear from the couch was panting and groaning.

His hand snuck under her top and had her breasts free from her shirt and bra in a matter of seconds, ‘Damn you’re too good at that Torres!’ She gasped and arched her back, her breast disappearing deeper into his hot insatiable mouth, sucking and nuzzling her, his hand pressing into her mound getting her more wet than she ever thought possible.

‘Mi ángel, si vamos a continuar esto necesitamos trasladarnos a nuestro sitio, apenas en caso de que vienen los cabritos uces de los abajo. Si usted no me desea profundamente dentro de usted, usted necesita dejarme, ahora’ (‘My angel, if we’re going to continue this we need to move to our room, just in case any of the kids come down. If you don’t want me deep within you, you need to leave me, now!’)

Al slowly untangled herself from him, he looked gutted, and she stood there, her breasts bare to the night, her lips bruised from his kisses, then held her hand out to him, ‘Come on then sexy, lets take this upstairs, to our room.’

Arms about each other, they switched off the tv and lights, and headed down to check the boys, then headed to bed!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Chapter 121

She wandered into the others bedrooms watching the kids ‘help’ their fathers/uncles pack. She laughed when she realised they were packing everything, expecting to leave for a week or two.

She stuck her head back into Jon’s room, ‘Honey you may want to let the others in on how long you’re leaving for.’ And opened the door to show Jon bags being piled on the landing, he laughed his butt of, wincing, but not caring, it was too funny.

‘Hey jackasses!’ He yelled through the door, they all popped out of their room’s one after the other.

‘What, Kidd!’ David yelled back.

‘The lady says we only have to leave till Monday, so don’t over pack like you girls usually do!’

Tico rounded on Al, ‘A day, that’s it?’ He looked so confused she giggled and kissed him.

‘Yeah well I really think he’s suffered for his idiocy, don’t you?’

‘Nah he needs to stay away for a week or so, and just let us back in on Monday!’ Richie shouted.

‘Not a chance Dean, not a chance.’ Jon called out laughing. Only Al saw the wince, damn she really had done a number on the guy. Shaking her head she went to help Carol pack and turf Jon out.

‘So, we only get a day huh?’ Richie asked Jon when the packing was done. ‘She felt guilty for hitting ya didn’t she?’

‘Yeah, thank God, I’m actually glad she’s made us leave, makes me really realise that she takes us for men, not the Jovi guys. Liz’s just the same, I’m sure these girls are wired differently than other fans.’

‘Nah, they just got a bigger dose of us than other fans and got bored pdq with the ‘rock god’ status. See we tarnish to damn fast now we’re older!’ David shook his head as he wandered in and sat on the bed.

‘So when you two hooking up with erm …. Sandy and Joe then?’ He grinned, he knew these guys too damn well.

The men chuckled, ‘We’ve got dates for when we hit the states, the girls are going to be at our first home concert, and we’ve invited them backstage and drinks after.’ Rich winked.

‘Poor girls.’ Jon laughed.

They all jumped, ‘More like poor guys.’ Al snickered walking in with Carol’s case.

‘Why poor guys? We know they’re not dogs and kool aid drinkers, so what gives girly?’ Dave asked.

‘Oh come on, you really think my girlfriends are going to fawn all over you? Well for a minute or two but after that, nope! They’re exactly like Liz and I are; they’ll chew you up and spit you out if you try any ‘rock god’ crap. Sambora, Joe will have you grovelling for mercy within ten minutes of you meeting her. And Curly well lets just say Sandy may look like a perfect angel who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but step out of line and I won’t play nurse maid to ya.

Both men looked at her, then each other, then rubbed their hands together, ‘Bring them on!’ Was the statement from both of them.

Al rolled her eyes but was glad they’d take that attitude; they really were the men she’d pick for her Jovi sisters!

The rest of the day passed smoothly into evening, even Hugh and Mandy reappeared to lots of good natured teasing. Obie, Tony, Liz, Anna and Mike returned too as it was Saturday night, that meant pizza and a movie night. Al had to laugh when she gave their regular pizza place the order from hell, she was certain she’d heard a quite ‘holy fuck’ as she put the phone down.

Forty-five minutes later the door bell rang and not one pizza guy stood there but three! They started bringing in the boxes and the kids stood back in awe as boxes after boxes were brought in. The aroma of garlic bread wafted through the house and Al started to salivate! She’d ordered enough of it so no one would miss out and they’d gas anyone who they spoke to tomorrow.

The kids headed down into the cinema grabbing prime seats and each carrying some sort of food with them. The adults followed bringing up the rear carrying paper plates, napkins, food, glasses and anything else they could think of.

Al headed into the bar and took out several bottles of wine, and beer, headed back into the cinema and stopped dead in her tracks. The place was full, the laughter and shouting enough to deafen a person. Children of different ages were sat or sprawled over the floor/seats to the front, adults towards the back and acting as food/drinks servers. This is what had been missing from her life. Sure she had her girls, and her work, but a full house of kids and laughter, never. She wiped away the lone tear that ran down her face, ‘Ok, what are we watching?’ She waded in and sat next to Tico, she poured the wine out and except for Rich all adults settled down with pizza and alcohol.

‘We took a vote, so we’re watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ trilogy over the next few nights, that’s if it’s ok with you of course Ally?’ Steph blushed prettily.

‘Oh god Jonny Depp, what a man! Honey it’s so fine by me.’ She winked at Steph.

Tico growled!

‘Oh yeah, I love him he’s gorgeous, those eyes.’ Steph sighed and fluttered her lashes, swooning into her chair.

‘Christ not another Depp fan?’ David bitched and all the men rolled their eyes and Jon glowered at Steph, who snickered and blew him a kiss.

‘Yes daddy, he’s got a nicer butt than even you have.’

Jon choked on his slice of pizza, going red in the face till Richie thumped him on the back. ‘You young lady, stop looking at his backside, or any other males backside come to that!’

‘But daddy, I’m a girl; it’s what we look at.’ She wrinkled her nose, hit the play button and ignored the gasping and growling noises coming from her dad, the lights automatically dimmed and went out and the film began.

Next to Jon, David asked him if he needed cardiac paddles to restart his heart.

Jon told him to fuck off.

David laughed saying he’d already gone through it with Gabby a while ago, and his baby girl was turning into a woman.

Jon groaned and slugged back his wine, just as Jonny Depp appeared on screen, and Steph smacked her lips loud enough for him to hear, Al handed him the bottle!

After the film finished they all traipsed upstairs and the men got their gear together, just as the door bell rang heralding the buss.

Goodbyes were passed between fathers and children, then they said bye to Carol and Liz, leaving Al for last. She held the door open for them and as they filed passed they kissed her and walked out the door, all saying ‘I’ll be back’ making her laugh. Everyone headed out to wave goodbye to the buss and the men in it. After they left Liz, Obie, Tony, Anna, Mike, Hugh and Mandy all went too.

The children were shooed back in and the door closed and locked. To Al the quite was un-nerving after earlier, amazing how much noise three men could make!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Chapter 120

She knocked ‘You decent in there blondie?’

‘Yeah, come on in baby.’

‘Well damn you’re no fun!’ Opening the door she realised he was in the bathroom. ‘What are you doing? Or don’t I want to know.’

The slightly ajar door opened more and a rumpled Jon walked out. Even hobbling he looked damn fine! His hair looked like he’d been raking his hands through it, giving it a just got out of bed look. He’d pulled on some grey tatty sweats and a navy blue hoodie, and bare feet. ‘I was getting dressed, nosy bitch.’ He leant down and pecked her cheek, trying to convey he held no grudge that they had to go. ‘It’s ok, I’ve already phoned the hotel, and the buss will pick us up about eight if that’s ok with you?’

‘Aw damn there’s no need to run out of here! I feel like a heel now.’ She sat on the edge of the bed, head in hands.

He sat next to her and slung his arm about her shoulders pulling her in for a hug, he rested his chin on her head. ‘Darlin, you could never be a heel, the only one round here lately has been me. And I’m sticking to our agreement; you said leave, so we go. I think mom’s already got my room marked as hers.’ He chuckled and squeezed here tighter.

‘Ok, let go, can’t breath!’ She inhaled and thumped his thigh, ‘Killing me won’t get you back in the house any quicker, bub!’

‘Damn, saw through my plan! I must be slipping.’

‘Yeah the older you get ……’

‘Hey you’re older than me!

‘Yeah but men’s brains go faster than women’s, too much crap in them.’

Jon just rolled his eyes, he should have learnt by now she had an answer for almost everything he said! ‘So, how long to we have to leave for, cause I [i]know[/i] your not as pissed as you were, hitting me in the nads seemed to have taken the wind out of your sails Ally honey.’

‘Yeah, did me a power of good.’ She chuckled at his pissy look and laughed. ‘Ok, if you leave today, I say you get to come back ….Monday.’

Jon’s jaw hit the floor, she was only making them leave for a day, hot damn, ‘I’ll take it!’ He landed a loud kiss on her lips.

‘Christ Jon I’d hate to think what you’d have done if I said come back tomorrow!’ She started to laugh and he joined in.

He waggled his brows at her, ‘Wanna try it and find out.’ He leered at her.

‘Sweet cheeks, Tico’s just looking for an excuse to pound you further into the ground, don’t go there!’ She hopped up and headed for the door, ‘And Anna says, get your butt back into bed! She knew you’d be up and about.’ She walked out the door shaking her head and laughing at him.

‘It’s my butt and I’ll do what I like shorty!’ Jon groused back at the closing door, all he could hear was her laughing, smartass women!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Chapter 119

Al was sat at the breakfast bar, along with Carol, watching the men of Jovi wash up and put away, she did own a dishwasher, but they’d not found it and hadn’t asked. David and Richie had a bubble fight before she threatened to slap them both.

All the children were downstairs, still in their pj’s.

She noticed Anna walk down, as had Mike, Christ he’d got it bad real quick, but from the kiss Anna planted on him, so had she. ‘How’s the rock star then?’

Carol looked up, ‘Hope nothing’s fallen off?’

‘Nope, your boys fine.’ She looked Al in the eyes and arched her brow.

‘What do you mean by fine?’ Al held her breath, she had a feeling.

‘He can move around, the damage isn’t as severe as I first thought, mainly bruising.’ Anna looked at all the men who’d gathered about them, she took a deep breath, ‘Jon says to pack it up boys, and you’ll be leaving later today.’

Stunned silence met her statement. Tico watched the reactions on Al’s face, one was delight he was better, the other, well he wasn’t sure if it was happiness or not that they could go.

All eyes turned to Al, she felt terrible, but she needed to stick to her guns. ‘You guys need to tell the children what’s going to happen, and if any of them want to stay they can do.’

‘Hell Ally, Colt and Jess have moved in, they’re not going anywhere.’ Richie laughed, trying to break the tension. ‘Come on CD let’s go tell the kids, then throw our gear into our bags.’ He slapped David hard on the shoulder making him yelp.

As they walked passed Al they both leant over and kissed her, squeezing her shoulder, making her feel a little better.

Two minutes later Liz came downstairs, and saw Carol, Al and Anna drinking coffee and Al looking like she’d hurt a kitten. The men were nowhere to be found. ‘I see you told them Anna.’ She put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, making Carol chuckle.

‘Yeah, talk about bearer of bad news, thought they were going to kill me.’

‘Oh come on girls, the boys knew they were going to have to leave, they brought it on themselves and deserve to get thrown out. But Teek is staying, isn’t he?’ Carol looked at Al questioningly.

‘Yeah, he’s still staying.’

‘Well at least I’ll get my own room while their gone!’ Carol let out a nasty chuckle.

Al smiled, she’d really hit it off with Carol, she took no shit from any of the men, and they respected her for it.

Anna noticed the guys coming back in and the children surrounding them, she jerked her head at Al, who turned; the sight nearly broke her heart, damn!

Steph walked forward and put her arms about Al, hugging her, ‘Don’t worry, we kids have voted and we’re staying with you and grandma! Dad can pay for his stupidness, but we’re not!’

The older ones confirmed what Steph had said, Gabby and Ava hugging her too.

‘See, they find someone who thinks their wonderful and they dump us from a great height! Just ain’t fair.’ David groused to the others.

‘Aw, bite me old man, you shoulda ratted on Uncle Jon!’ Colton laughed at his father.

‘Hey I can cut you off if you keep that up!’

‘Nah you wouldn’t you love me to much!’ Colton blew a kiss at his dad and laughed. ‘Sides, who’d help you punk my uncles if you cut me off.’ He winked at David, and Al marvelled how alike they were in temperament, and looks.

‘See how he treats me.’ David sighed dramatically, the other just laughed at them.

‘Ok people, let’s get packing!’ Tony yelled and everyone headed for the stairs, laughing and joking.

‘I need to speak to Jon, back in a min.’

‘I’ll be off, gotta go back to work, or my boss will sack me!’

Liz and Al hugged and Al whispered, ‘Is he moving in with you?’

‘Nope! He gets the hotel. We’ve talked and sorted things out. He’s promised never to piss either one of us off again. He did hint, but I didn’t bite, he needs to learn actions have consequences. Now I’m off, I’ll be back after work.’ Louder she said, ‘We still on for Saturday night pizzas?’

Anna, Al and Carol looked at one another, ‘Yep, the kids will love more junk food.’ Al said and they all laughed.

Liz said bye to the other two women, and left.

Al headed to Jon’s room again.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Chapter 118

Liz was relieved, those bruises had turned nasty.

‘Well that’s wonderful Anna; I can’t wait to get up and..’

Anna cut him off, ‘I said later Jon, and I don’t want you to push it! They’re still going to be tender for several more days, and if you push it too much, they’ll hurt for longer, do I make myself clear?’ She glared down at him, the man she’d lusted after for twenty years, and wanted to slap him. He’d got that look in his eyes that said he’d be trying to jog before the days out! Stupid man.

Jon sighed, looking at her she looked like she’d snap him in half if he wasn’t careful. ‘Yes Anna, I’ll behave.’ And he shot her a killer pout, she knew he’d push the envelope if he could. Well from what she’d seen he was a grown man, let him discover his pain threshold!

‘Well least Liz will make sure you do.’

‘Oh nope sorry, I’m on my lunch break, some of us work for a living. I’m heading back in half an hour; I came to check on him, that’s it.’

‘You mean you’re not going to stay with me?’ He tried a Sambora special on her; she didn’t bite, just rolled her eyes at him.

‘No, you’ve got your friends and family downstairs, hell Jon your mums down there!’

‘Yeah but they’re not you baby.’ Damn he didn’t want her to go.

‘Christ I can smell BS in the morning air, can’t you Anna?’

‘Yeah someone likes to fertilize well.’

Jon huffed, they got him spot on and he didn’t like it. ‘But you’ll be back later won’t you?

‘Cause I will you big baby!’ She rolled her eyes at Anna again, the girls snickered.

‘Well don’t forget he won’t be here.’ Anna waited.

‘What do you mean? Of course he’ll be here.’

‘No he won’t, he’s better.’

Jon’s face fell, he understood what Anna was saying, ‘I’m well, so I can move out today.’ He sighed and weighed the possibility of getting Anna to lie so he could stay. Then mentally slapped himself, shit had he learnt nothing from the last couple of days?

‘Oh god I’d forgotten about that.’ Liz looked a little stunned, looked like Jon’s time was up, unless Al changed her mind.

‘Anna, tell the boys and Al we’ll leave later, I’ve just got to tell the hotel we’re moving back in, I didn’t cancel the rooms just in case something went wrong.’ He held out his hand to her, ‘It was nice to see you Anna, and I think we’ll see lots more of you darlin. But no offence I hope to god you never have your hands on my boys again.’

‘None taken, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will be something to tell my grandchildren about when I’m on my death bed.’ She took his hand and was surprised when he pulled her down and kissed her on the lips, damn no tongue though she chuckled inwardly.

He released her hand and she walked to Liz and hugged her, and headed for the door, ‘Oh yeah, still no sex for a week, however your boys feel!’ She winked, and walked out the door.

‘I like your girl Lizzie darlin, Mike’s not going to handle that one. Now come here and kiss me.’

‘Nope, you could get excited and strain something that’s mending.’

He lunged and grabbed her, making her squeal and land on the bed, he anchored her with a leg thrown over hers, ‘It didn’t bother you before she came in.’ With that he proceeded to see how much pain he could take, without taking her!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Chapter 117

Anna walked into Jon’s room, and stopped dead; Liz was on the bed and in his arms and some hot and heavy breathing was going on. She coughed discreetly and waited till they reluctantly let go of each other. ‘Morning all how’s my patient today?’

‘Holy crap Anna, what are you wearing?’ Liz’s mouth was a big O as she checked her out.

‘Fuckin hell, lady you are one hot lookin doc! Shit those jeans look like my stage ones!’ He ran his eyes appreciatively over her,

‘Down boy or I’ll give you a shot to calm you down!’ But Anna’s husky chuckle was dirty. ‘Hey Liz, how’s he been? Aw sweetie pick your jaw off the floor.’

‘Damn Mike must have really unclogged your pipes!’ Liz hadn’t seen her so relaxed, in, well forever!

Anna stretched and Jon watched her t-shirt rise and a flat stomach start to appear, talk about going straight to hell! ‘Yeah I’ve never spent twelve solid hours making love before! It’s tiring, but I feel so alive it’s unreal!’ She snickered at Jon’s look of relief as her t met her jeans again. ‘Ok rock star let’s check out your boys.’ And before Jon could protest she expertly flicked off his sheets.

‘Damnit woman!’ Jon went beet red and tried to cover himself. ‘You said Sunday, not today!’

‘Oh for god’s sake, I’ve seen them before or did you think the testicle fairy had been by to have a good grope?’ She rolled her eyes, yanked on some gloves, snapping them in place, and pried his hands from the boys. ‘And I thought I’d check on you seeing as I’m here.’

Liz was still stunned, ‘Twelve hours?’

‘Yes and he’s delish in the sack, all that muscle and damn he’s got moves that’d put Jon here to shame.’

‘Please for the love of god, stop talking about Mike’s moves while you touch my boys!’ He laid there arm slung over his eyes trying not to picture Mike’s moves, he shuddered.

‘Aw sorry honey, too real for you there?’ Anna smirked at him finishing off her exam.

‘Darlin, no man wants to hear about another man when a woman’s got her hands on him!’ He gingerly pulled the sheet up to cover him again; it was unusual that a woman could make him feel naked, when he was. But she just looked at him and handled him like he wasn’t who he was, it felt weird.

‘Well Jon, I hate to tell you this ….’

‘What, did you miss something yesterday?’

‘Nope, the swellings gone down very fast actually, you weren’t as badly hurt as I first thought, they just bruised easily, and seeing as you don’t wear underwear.’ Both Liz and Anna laughed at his groan, hell they were fans, what he expect? ‘You should be fine to get up and wear some baggy sweats or something, but you can get up, later,and move about a bit.’ She waited to see if he realised what this meant.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Chapter 116

Five minutes after they started to eat the front door swung open, Tico forgot to lock it, and in strolled a smirking Mike and Anna.

Anna didn’t look like the same woman from yesterday, or any day that Al had known her. Gone were her doctor clothes, the grey/pinstripe pants and the white, high neck blouses, sensible heels, hair pulled back, well most of the time. This Anna looked, well loved up! She was wearing spray on jeans, Al knew she wore jeans, she’d seen them when they went to concerts, just not these ones! Her shoes had four inch killer heels, and her t-shirt was tight and dark green that seemed to set off her red hair, which looked like she’d just got out of bed, and hello, the cleavage was just dangerous!

‘Holy fuck look what the cat drug home! Surprised you can walk Mike!’ Richie chortled, eyeing Anna up and down, damn she looked hot!

‘Hey I’m a doctor, ice pack and a shot can get anyone moving!’ Anna bit back, her arm about Mike’s waist. ‘Seeing as I’m here I’ll go take a look at the rock god upstairs.’ She laid a kiss on Mike that nearly had smoke coming from his ears. She hugged and kissed Al on the way passed grabbing Al’s coffee, they both took it the same, white two sugars.

‘Hey that’s mine!’ But Al laughed as all the boys asked where their good morning kisses were. Anna said in her bag along with a few lips she’d taken off smart ass males earlier, she headed up. David voice his concerns that she just might kill Jon off in that get up!

Tico chuckled and handed Al another coffee. ‘Thanks miel.’ And she bent down to help Hector get some more juice, and a greasy kiss from him; he’d got a piece of bacon in his hand, just like Teek had. She laughed at that, it was damn cute, if only she’d got her camera! He wandered off with the other kids, all heading downstairs.

‘So Mike, been having fun with my best friend hmm?’ She glared up at him, nearly giving herself a crick in the neck.

‘Ally darlin, she’s one in a million, she got me all hot and bothered, and then ravished my chaste body.’ His hand went to his forehead and flapped his hand in front on him.

That earned choking laughs from all adults in the room, including Steph. Richie looked at her and his jaw hit the floor. ‘Baby girl you better not let your dad know you understand adult conversations!’

‘Christ Richie, she’s grown up around you guys, you expect her not to pick up on your bad habits? Please!’ Al snorted in an unladylike fashion.

‘Yeah Uncle Richie how’d you think I learnt about the birds and the bee’s? You really should close your dressing room door.’ Richie’s eyes nearly fell out as she blew him a kiss and sashayed across the room and headed after the other kids to the basement.

‘Shit Sambora your so dead if Jon finds out!’ David laughed, then stopped dead as Steph poked her head out and politely told him he should close his too! He went white and sat down hard, Christ they were in so much shit!

Al couldn’t say anything for laughing.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Chapter 115

A polite cough had them jerking apart; Al’s face flushed seeing Carol standing there looking at them and smiling. ‘Oh don’t mind me honey, I just thought I’d warn you everyone’s up and running.’

‘Even Rich and Dave?’ Al grabbed hold of Tico’s wandering hand, and tried to act normally.

‘Yup even those two, Hector’s in with Jon and Romeo at the minute.’

Al hopped off Tico’s knee and headed towards the door, ‘I’d better get started on brunch.’

‘I’ll help and I’ve told Richie to get his butt in gear too. All hands to the wheel when cooking for eighteen people.’ With that Richie strolled down the stairs, Hector in tow, looking like a sleepy teddy, dressed in blue t-shirt, jeans, and bare foot and unshaven. He grabbed the apron Carol threw at him and started to get out the sausages and bacon from the fridge. When he put them down Al thrust a mug of coffee at him, he grinned and downed it, nearly taking out the back of his throat; then getting another to keep him going.

Hector went to his pappy and kissed him good morning, then to Carol, and lastly to Al whom he nearly climbed up to kiss and hug, asking if he could help. She told him he could help his pappy set the table up, the food would be put on the counter tops so they could serve themselves, but the orange juice and condiments would be put on the table.

She also asked him and Tico to go and wake Jesse and Colton up, otherwise they’d get no breakfast. As Tico walked his son to the studio door the front door bell rang, he opened it and there stood Obie and Tony. ‘Where’s Mike?’

‘No idea, probably still in bed.’ And Obie winked at him.

‘Your mom, Rich and Ally are just starting to cook, oh sorry Lizzie darlin, didn’t see you there, come on in and join the mad house.’ Then he headed downstairs with Hec who jumped all over the two boys to wake them up.

By the time they got back upstairs, other adults and various children had joined the fray. Tico grinned at Ally right in the middle of it, directing things like a drill sergeant; she’d never looked lovelier, the smell was drool worthy, nothing like breakfast cooking!

‘Pappy we need to set the table!’ Hector reminded him, and they set about the task, laughing and joking with everyone who also pitched in. None of the kids were dressed yet so it looked like someone was having a mass slumber party!

Half an hour later, the counters were groaning under piles of toast, sausages, scramble eggs, bacon, baked beans, Al had told them it was an English breakfast and that’s what they ate, hash browns, fried bread, mushrooms, and other bits and pieces. The men thought they’d died and gone to heaven, and then they thought about all that cholesterol, they all mentally said ‘fuck it’ and dug in with the kids.

Liz fixed a plate for Jon and one for her, and headed upstairs. Carol stood watching her and grinning. Liz had Jon literally eating out of her hand.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Chapter 114

Half an hour later she’d snuck back out of her room washed and dressed. She’d quickly checked on everyone and they were flat out. She’d peaked in Jon’s room and checked that the tablet she’d left there last night for this morning had gone, it had.

Satisfied everyone was ok upstairs she headed down again. Walking through the main room she didn’t see Tico, looks like he’d gone to get cleaned up. His pillow and duvet were on the floor by the fire all nice and neat. And for a second she felt bad he’d slept there like some errant husband who was in the dog house, but only for a second.

She headed down to see how the boys were; they were their father’s sons, snoring their butts of. Chuckling she headed back upstairs and wandered into the kitchen.

By the time Tico reappeared she’d got the coffee on and was beating eggs ready for scrambling. Two mugs of coffee sat side by side, he checked and picked up the one that was black. ‘Thanks, right what do you want me to do?’

It was on the tip of her tongue to say ‘me’ but she caught it just in time. ‘If you can go and get more cartons of orange juice from downstairs and bring up some more bacon and sausage it’d be a help. I’ve seen you guys pack food away and your children, I’ve a feeling I’m sending you lot shopping again later.’

Laughing at her apt description he went off to do her bidding. When the last of the eggs were ready she put them back into the fridge, grabbed her coffee and headed outside for a breath of fresh air, and that’s where Tico joined her a few minutes later.

‘Taking a rest before the hoards wake up and want feeding?’ The back of the house had surprised him when he’d first come out. It was all fenced in by a twenty foot fence, but it didn’t feel closed it. She’d got a deck, then it went to grass and she’d made various nooks and crannies for seating with hedges so you could have privacy but see anyone else in the garden. Then beyond that, another hedge which looked like the end of the garden, but when you walked up to it you notice it overshot one side which the children found in under two minutes of being outside, and when you stepped passed it, there was a swimming pool! The kids had been beside themselves. Al confessed that before him and the guys had landed, she’d swum each morning and most evenings, but since they’d arrived she’d not been near it.

She sat on a lounge chair, feet tucked up under her, sipping her coffee, to Tico she’d never looked more adorable. He made her scoot over as he sat down next to her. ‘Hey there are more places to sit.’ He put his legs out in front and turned her so she sat sideways and her legs pulled over his thighs

‘Yeah but I like being next to you miel.’ He took a drink of his coffee then pulled out a cigar. Al nearly groaned again, she love the smell of a cigar, in fact she’d been known to smoke the occasional one, not that she’d told him that, yet. She watched him trim the ends, and take out his lighter as he started sucking on it she’d pictured him doing the same thing to her breasts, they responded by becoming erect and painful with need, shit!

They sat there for quite some time taking in the morning sun; the fence seemed to turn her garden into a suntrap. ‘What’s the time?’ She knew the first thing he did after getting dressed was to put his watch on, a foible of his.

‘Ten twenty.’ He noticed her feet rubbing together, bare as was usual. He took each one in his hands and started to massage warmth back into them. ‘Darlin they’re freezing!’

‘Well till you dragged them out I’d got them toasty beneath me, so your fault shorty!’ She smirked, hell he was the same height as she was.

With a growl of outrage he swiftly pulled her across onto his lap fully, and burrowing his hand into her hair anchored her so he could kiss her silly. That was how Carol found them several minutes later.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Chapter 113

Al was warm! No in fact she was hot! Or something near her was hot!

She tried to move and couldn’t, she wiggled and shifted a bit but she couldn’t move; she finally cracked open an eye, all she could see was fur, jet black with a hint of grey fur.

No she couldn’t have given in! Had she? The last she remembered was talking with him about using silver, and other things. But when did she fall asleep?

‘Mornin querido, and if you don’t stay still the kids are going to wonder what all the screaming’s about!’ Tico chuckled as she made like a statue.

‘Please tell me they’re not in the room?’ She groaned and leant against his chest, she inhaled his scent; damn he made her mouth water.

‘Nope, no ones down yet, but if we’d had continued what your twitching started, they’d be down in a shot.’ He pulled her tighter in his embrace; her soft curves fitting into his, his mom had raised no fool. Al in his arms was the best thing about waking up.

‘Teek, you need to let me up, and how did I end up here all night?’ She pushed in vain against his chest, but with his arms about her she didn’t stand a chance of shifting him.

‘We were talking, I went to the loo and when I came back you were snoring, I did try to wake you, but you were flat out of it. So being the gentleman I am.’ Al snorted, ‘I pulled you down next to me, covered us up and then went to sleep too. But darlin when we went to sleep, you were facing away from me, so you must have decided in your sleep you wanted to snuggle me.’

She groaned, how could she have fallen asleep? Talk about your subconscious taking over and making your body do what it wants to, which from the look of it meant sleeping in Tico’s arms! ‘I need to get up, what time is it?’

He glanced at the clock on the far wall, ‘Just after nine, everyone’s still asleep, don’t worry miel, you told them you wouldn’t let me in your bed, and I’m not.’ A deep rumble rolled through his chest, and a dirty chuckle pushed its way out into the world.

‘Sod off Torres, now let me up, Obie, Tony, Liz and if she’s let him out of bed and he can walk, Mike, are all coming for brunch at eleven. I need to get on with the prep.’ She managed to get her hand up on his chest again and shoved, hard, and damn the man he let go and she squeaked as she fell off the couch and her ass hit the floor!

He looked over the edge of the couch laughing, ‘Well you wanted me to let you go!’

She scrambled to her feet and glared down at him, ‘You did that on purpose! You knew I’d push hard!’ With that she spun on her heel and headed for the stairs, muttering all the way, trying to save a little dignity.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Chapter 112

Tico laid on the couch a duvet and pillow his only comforts. Hell this was more comfortable than some places he’d slept over the years!

There was no way in hell he’d share with Sambora! The farting nearly gassed him last time, nearly a decade ago, but his memory still threw it at him when Rich suggested it. Dave nearly pissed himself. So here he was till Ally let him back into her bed and he could wrap himself around her soft curves ……. Damn he needed to stop that line of thought, his dick already well ahead of his brain!

He heard someone come down the stairs, he sat up and watched as the figure headed to the fridge, he didn’t need a light to know who it was, he’d know Ally’s figure anywhere.

He watched as she got a glass of water, and eagerly emptied half of it, she closed the fridge and he watched as she slumped back to it, looking like someone who’d got the world on her shoulders.

If he said anything she’d jump a mile, if he didn’t she’d think he’d been spying on her; he decided to lie down and try to sleep.

Al knew that even though she should sleep, she couldn’t! With a deep sigh she hauled herself from the fridge and instead of going back up stairs she aimed towards her studio. Maybe she could channel her restlessness.

He watched her walk passed him, close the door and a light appeared under it. She did what he did when something was bothering him, painted, or she could be throwing a pot or sculpting. Hell there was a hundred things she could be doing in there!

Inside the work room Al had gone to her smithing station, and started to work on a design floating around her head for a necklace. The silver seemed to take on a life of its own as she contorted it this way then that.

Checking her gem stone collection, she picked out the blackest piece of onyx she could find. She took the twisted silver, heated it again, moving and stretching it, then slipped the black stone in between the silver threads, till it nestled inside. She let it cool, and then held it to the light. It looked like the stone had been encased by a spider’s web, but the black seemed to take on a hue of its own from the silver, making it shine more than normal.

She made another silver loop and welded it onto the necklace to take the black leather she strung threw it. Finally adding the silver clasps to it. She set it next to a matching ring that she’d done a few weeks ago, funny how they matched, normally each piece was a separate, but not this time.

She stretched, and groaned, arching her back, checking the time she noticed she’d been working for over two hours, hell she needed her sleep!

Checking then rechecking that all her smelting gear was off and unplugged, she headed out of the door, leaving it ajar for the boys.

Starting to walk back to the stairs she found Tico watching her, ‘What are you doing down here?’ Lord the man looked sinful! ‘Carol said you were bunking with Rich?’

‘Nah he’s like a buzz saw when he gets going, I shared a room with him when we were younger, man I needed ear plugs and a pillow over my head, and some nights it still didn’t drown him out. So here I am.’ He sat up as he talked to her, and noticed her eyes wandering over his bare chest.

‘I hope you’re wearing something under there, otherwise Carol or the girls could get an eye full.’ And damn so could I, was the thought shooting about inside her.

‘Wanna check me out just to satisfy your curiosity?’ He letched at her, waggling his eyebrows and tugging on one of his burns. He saw her swallow when he'd tugged, she wasn’t immune to his charms.

‘Nah, I’ll take your word for it.’


‘Nope, sane!’

He laughed, ‘What were you doing in there?’

‘Making a necklace, the designs been buzzing about my head for days and I couldn’t sleep.’

He patted the couch next to him, ‘Come on sit down and tell me about it.’ He grinned at her hesitancy, ‘I won’t bit miel, unless you ask nicely.’

Al snorted and took the tiger by the tail and sat down, they started to talk about the process they went through to capture an illusive image, and what materials captured what they wanted to say the best.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Chapter 111

By the time the day beds were put up, the kids showered and all hitting the hay it was nearly midnight. Obie and Tony said they’d be back in the morning, about eleven, ready for breakfast.

Al wandered down into the cinema, but found both boys out for the count, snoring happily. She left a small light on in the back and pulled the door nearly closed, she left all the doors open, just in case something went wrong during the night.

She went around checking doors, windows, gas taps, her usual ritual when on her own.

She wandered upstairs and into the girl’s room, she laughed under her breath. Ava was on her back, arms and legs akimbo, blonde hair trailing across the pillow. The pose was one she’d seen of Richie several times on the couches; she was her father’s daughter!

Gabby and Steph shared the double bed, each looking like they’d been cast in stone, the covers had not moved.

Lilly, bless her was clutching a teddy and she looked so like her father, blonde hair all over her face. Shaking her head Al gently moved it off for her and kissed her forehead.

She snuck into Jon’s room, praying he was covered. And not knowing whether to be happy or sad that he was. She walked over to Romeo’s bed, chuckling softly as she looked from child to father. They’d both rolled into the covers cocooning themselves, both looking hot. She gently uncoiled the boy, he muttered in his sleep then settled back down. She thought for a moment, then went to Jon and did the same for him; he too muttered and resettled down. She headed out.

She noticed the light under her office door and went in, David and Richie looked up. Rich was on his laptop, and Dave on her comp.

‘Don’t tell me, Jo and Sandy right?’ They grinned and nodded, ‘Say hi from me and I’ll talk to them tomorrow.’

‘Hey! Where’s our goodnight kisses then? I’m betting you’ve been around the kids and they’ve got one.’ David puckered up at her.

‘Jesus Rashbaum, you big kid!’ But she walked around the table and gave both him and Richie a peck on the cheek. ‘Don’t be up to late; the guys will be back at eleven for breakfast.’ She ruffled both their hairs, then cracked up when she realised what she’d done.

‘Yes mommy, we won’t be long, honest!’ Richie squeaked out at her.

‘Smartass!’ And she cuffed him about the ear. Then she heard laughter and looking at the comps she did a double take. They’d both got their messengers on and the video link open and both mic’s on! ‘Oh hell you could have said something girls!’

Jo looked from Richie’s comp, ‘Hell we were enjoying you playing momma bear with full grown cubs.’ Both she and Sandy laughed, they may not be able to see each other, but they could hear alright, plus they were typing to each other too, but the boys didn’t need to know that.

Al groaned she’d never live this down! ‘On that note I’m going, just don’t make them too hard girls, they may skewer something you need!’ With laughter following her, she headed out closing the door. God help the girls if they ever met the guys in person!

She went into her room, checking on Hector, he looked like an angel sleeping, and she kissed him too, and went to get changed, and swallowed a scream, ‘You’ll make a great momma one day honey.’ Carol had watched her through the door, checking on everyone and the look of love on her face when she’d looked at Hector.

‘God Carol I thought you’d be asleep! You have your eldest tendencies to spook me!’

‘Sorry honey.’ She chuckled, she’d wanted to take the day bed, but Ally had insisted she should take the bed. Carol saw the stubborn look in her eye and gave in with little fight.

‘I’m going to change then get a drink of water, do you need anything?’

‘No, Tico’s been in and grabbed some clothes, I think he’s crashing in Richie’s room.’

‘Good, right I’m going to change. I’ll be back in a while. Night Carol, and I really I’m glad you and the children are here.’

‘So am I honey, so am I. Night.’ With that Carol settled down, she was bone tired and knew the time to get up would come around damn fast.

Al went into the bathroom and completed her ablutions, then silently tiptoed out the room, pulling the door closed a little, and headed downstairs for a drink.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Chapter 110

A little later that’s how Tico found them, curled up in bed talking. ‘Jesus can’t you guys find your own damn women and leave mine alone?’

‘Take it you had to come and see if I’d killed him yet.’ Her eyes sparkled with laughter.

‘Yeah, it was too quite, no screaming and moaning, oh damn sorry that’s only when your jackin off ain’t it Kidd.’

‘Yeah and he can’t play on his own till the boys are better, can you boo?’ Al fluttered her lashes at him and crossed her eyes.

Jon groaned as he laughed, ‘That’s it make them hurt more by makin me laugh, evil bitch!’

‘Aw but ya love me, don’t cha?’ She giggled, they’d talked and made their peace and now were acting like brother and sister, razzing the hell out of each other, again!

He heaved a sigh, ‘Damn Teek how the hell you put up with this one I’ll never know.’

‘I love her bro, that simple.’

Al blushed at the love shining from his eyes; yeah he did love her, probably the first and only man too.

‘Oh yeah the boys are ready to drowned you and wanted you to know they await you in your bathroom, along with mamma C for back up.’

‘God it’s seven already. Okay blondie, take your meds and I’ll get Rich to set up the bed for Romeo. And no, Romeo won’t sleep with you, one false twitch from your child’s foot and you’ll be singing soprano.’ She leant over and pecked him on the nose, kissed Teek on the lips and walked out shouting for Richie, David, Tony and Obie to get their asses in gear humping the beds upstairs; as she headed into her room.

‘Damn she’s like a drill sergeant!’

‘Yeah, she may actually be the only one other than the ‘moms’ to keep us in line.’ Tico had a great big grin on his face.

‘So she told you that you get to stay, but not in her room?’

‘Yeah, what she say to you?’

‘She told me she wouldn’t forgive herself if she let me stay, so when I get the all clear, the rest of us will leave till she says it’s okay to come back.’

Tico looked at Jon, usually if he didn’t get his way, he threw his rattle out of the pram, ‘And you’re okay with that?’

‘Teek, I know what I did. Hell I could have really screwed things up for you two. She’s given me a chance to atone for my selfishness and I’m willing to do it.’

‘Fuck bro, you sure you’ve still got your boys? Cause it sure don’t sound like it. You’d normally be screaming from the ceiling.’

‘Yeah I know, but between them Ally and Lizzie have made me realise that I am a diva and not a nice one at that! I need to change my ways! I should have told the truth when she first asked me, I didn’t; but if leaving rights things then I’m willing to do it. We’ve talked, and I’m happy at where we are. Teek, don’t let this one get away, or I may just have to become a Mormon and marry her and Liz myself.’

‘Fuck me; you said the ‘M’ word bro!’ Even in joking Jon very rarely used that word.

Jon’s jaw was swaying in the wind, holy crap he actually thought about marriage and Liz! Talk about coming from left field, ‘Yeah I did, didn’t I!’ a grin lighting his face.

‘Shit man we’ve both got it bad! Downstairs all I could think about was Ally should be sorting our kids out, and being rounded with my child in her.’ He looked at Jon and they both had stupid ass looks on their faces.

‘Looks like we’re screwed man! Hell I’ve got to get Liz talking to me again!’

‘Kidd, I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble, she didn’t want to leave tonight, even after arguing with you. She’s hooked man; you’ve just got use better bait than you’ve been throwing out lately.’

As he went to tell Tico to ‘fuck off’ Richie came in huffing and puffing with the day bed, ‘Damn woman, she’s a damn slave driver!’

‘Stop bitching Lurch and get the thing set up, covers in the airing cupboard in the bathroom!’ Hollered with such lady like manners, not!

‘Told ya, slave driver!’ But after he’d put the bed up, he trotted off to get the sheets and pillowcases.

‘And you thought you’d lost your balls bro!’ They both laughed themselves silly, till Jon curled up in pain.

‘Hell I wish I had!’ This set them off again, Richie came back arms loaded, looking at them like they’d finally lost it.

‘Dude, only Jon’s supposed to take the fuckin pills!’ Which set them off again?