Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Chapter 122

Later, after all the kids were in bed, and Carol said she was taking a long soak with a glass of wine then hitting the hay Tico and Al sat snuggled on the couch watching tv and finishing off a bottle of wine.

‘Well querido you did it, I didn’t honestly think any woman could resist Jon’s charms, but you’ve proven me wrong miel.’

‘Well it’s nice to be in the minority, but if it had been Rich, and he’d pulled those puppy eyes of his, I’d have been toast.’

‘For fuck’s sake don’t tell him that, otherwise his head won’t fit through his guitar strap! Hey! Richie?’ He’d just caught up with himself!

‘Yup, Richie, you first honey, but the other dark haired man in the band makes my pulse skitter too. But not as much as you do baby.’ She smirked feeling him stiffen.

‘Freakin good job too, otherwise I’d have to play dirty and Jon really needs a guitar player.’ His throaty chuckle was down right evil!

She giggled, the wine making her feel loose and silly, she loved the dangerous side of him when he was possessive!

` Usted malo usted tendría una cabeza de los caballos a la izquierda en su cama porque el hombre puede hacer mi retroceso del pulso para arriba?' (‘You mean you’d have a horses head left in his bed because the man can make my pulse kick up?’)

‘¡No, tendría su dick el mentir al lado de su cabeza cuando él despertó! ¡Usted es el mío, extremo del bebé de la historia’(‘No, I’d have his dick lying next to his head when he woke up! You are mine, end of story baby!’) He said with such menace and the look he gave her made her shiver, not from fear but from need, he made her so damn hot when he talked like that!

‘Lo amo tan cuando usted va todos macho en mí, usted sé que usted es el único para mí, ninguno otro vendrá siempre cerca. Usted me estropeo y lo amo’ (‘I so love it when you go all macho on me, you know you’re the only one for me, no one else will ever come close. I’m spoiled by you and I love it!’) She reached over and tugged his burns, making him growl and pull her closer to him, plastering her breasts too him, she soon found herself beneath him on the couch, his t-shirt off and her fingers twinning in his fur and pulling it.

His erection straining his fly, grinding into her denim covered mound, mouths and hands trying to devour the other. All that you could hear from the couch was panting and groaning.

His hand snuck under her top and had her breasts free from her shirt and bra in a matter of seconds, ‘Damn you’re too good at that Torres!’ She gasped and arched her back, her breast disappearing deeper into his hot insatiable mouth, sucking and nuzzling her, his hand pressing into her mound getting her more wet than she ever thought possible.

‘Mi ángel, si vamos a continuar esto necesitamos trasladarnos a nuestro sitio, apenas en caso de que vienen los cabritos uces de los abajo. Si usted no me desea profundamente dentro de usted, usted necesita dejarme, ahora’ (‘My angel, if we’re going to continue this we need to move to our room, just in case any of the kids come down. If you don’t want me deep within you, you need to leave me, now!’)

Al slowly untangled herself from him, he looked gutted, and she stood there, her breasts bare to the night, her lips bruised from his kisses, then held her hand out to him, ‘Come on then sexy, lets take this upstairs, to our room.’

Arms about each other, they switched off the tv and lights, and headed down to check the boys, then headed to bed!

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