Sunday, 7 September 2008

Chapter 113

Al was warm! No in fact she was hot! Or something near her was hot!

She tried to move and couldn’t, she wiggled and shifted a bit but she couldn’t move; she finally cracked open an eye, all she could see was fur, jet black with a hint of grey fur.

No she couldn’t have given in! Had she? The last she remembered was talking with him about using silver, and other things. But when did she fall asleep?

‘Mornin querido, and if you don’t stay still the kids are going to wonder what all the screaming’s about!’ Tico chuckled as she made like a statue.

‘Please tell me they’re not in the room?’ She groaned and leant against his chest, she inhaled his scent; damn he made her mouth water.

‘Nope, no ones down yet, but if we’d had continued what your twitching started, they’d be down in a shot.’ He pulled her tighter in his embrace; her soft curves fitting into his, his mom had raised no fool. Al in his arms was the best thing about waking up.

‘Teek, you need to let me up, and how did I end up here all night?’ She pushed in vain against his chest, but with his arms about her she didn’t stand a chance of shifting him.

‘We were talking, I went to the loo and when I came back you were snoring, I did try to wake you, but you were flat out of it. So being the gentleman I am.’ Al snorted, ‘I pulled you down next to me, covered us up and then went to sleep too. But darlin when we went to sleep, you were facing away from me, so you must have decided in your sleep you wanted to snuggle me.’

She groaned, how could she have fallen asleep? Talk about your subconscious taking over and making your body do what it wants to, which from the look of it meant sleeping in Tico’s arms! ‘I need to get up, what time is it?’

He glanced at the clock on the far wall, ‘Just after nine, everyone’s still asleep, don’t worry miel, you told them you wouldn’t let me in your bed, and I’m not.’ A deep rumble rolled through his chest, and a dirty chuckle pushed its way out into the world.

‘Sod off Torres, now let me up, Obie, Tony, Liz and if she’s let him out of bed and he can walk, Mike, are all coming for brunch at eleven. I need to get on with the prep.’ She managed to get her hand up on his chest again and shoved, hard, and damn the man he let go and she squeaked as she fell off the couch and her ass hit the floor!

He looked over the edge of the couch laughing, ‘Well you wanted me to let you go!’

She scrambled to her feet and glared down at him, ‘You did that on purpose! You knew I’d push hard!’ With that she spun on her heel and headed for the stairs, muttering all the way, trying to save a little dignity.

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