Saturday, 29 December 2007

Chapter 34

The guys returned to the couches, Hugh had got the fire going and they were feeling warm and cosy.

Jon had sat next to Tico on purpose. ‘Teek?’

‘Hmmm.’ The sleepy reply came as he drank from his bottle.

‘Do you think we could talk Al into letting us move here while we’re here?’

Tico choked on his drink, Jon pounded his back.

‘What the fuck do you mean, move in? You’re always the cautious one, and now you want to move into someone’s house! Who are you and what have you done with my brother?’ He couldn’t believe what Jon was suggesting. ‘Plus WTF do you think she’d say? We’ve only just met the woman! Do you really want to fuck this up for me before its even started?’ He was pissed! Jon must have lost his mind completely.

‘Calm down Teek you’ll bust a gut if you’re not careful! It’s just that I’ve never walked into a place, except my Jersey home, and felt so comfortable and well, relaxed. I know it’s mad; she’s a fan for god’s sake! But, hell I don’t know, I just feel like I could enjoy the time away from hotels. Aw shit, just fuckin shoot me!’ His head flopped back onto the couch and he closed his eyes.

Al’s laugh floated across to them and they looked to see her and Richie laughing at something he was doing.

‘See she just fits right in with us. She’s not even acting like a typical fan. Hell she’s given us all grief and joked the hell outta us too. I like her! We’ve only got another week here, well three if you count the two weeks off before we fly home and start the concerts there. I would love to be able to enjoy home cooked food and kickback during the evenings. It’s just a thought. Plus you’d get to spend hell of a lot more time with her!’ He dangled the line and wait to see if Teek hooked on.

‘Kidd, even if you didn’t try to move us in, I’d still see her as much as she’d let me! He knew Jon was trying to land him, but he’d got no intention of leaving Al when the guys went back to the hotel. He wanted to talk and learn about her, and maybe show her he wouldn’t just crash after making love to her!

‘FOOD!’ Richie hollered as he and Al started to bring the food out.

There was a mass exodus from the couches to the table. They made sure Al was at the head of the table with Tico sat on her left, Richie as helper sat on her right, and the others just grabbed a chair and dug into the groaning table.

The boys attacked the food like they’d never eaten before. Moans of pleasure coming from them as the steaks melted onto their tongues.

A light chatter floated about the table, but mainly silence as they continued to eat.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Chapter 33

Each of the guys had a big grin on their faces, home cooked meal. They salivated at the thought. Whatever she cooked would be gone in seconds flat, they missed home cooked meals the most, well after the kids. But being male, food was a main priority.

‘So what shall we have? I’ve got steaks in the fridge, salmon, and ribs. So, what’s it gonna be?’

They guys groaned, looked at one another and all said ‘Steak!’ Al cracked out laughing, and her head dove into the fridge to bring out all the fixings she’d need.

Richie asked what he could do to help. The others nodded too. ‘Well honey, I know Jon here can’t cook unless its grilled cheese sandwich.’ This caused the others to laugh at Jon’s hurt and injured look. ‘Well is it, or is it not true blondie?’

‘Well fuck you can tell she’s a fan can’t you?’ Jon rolled his eyes as the others carried on laughing. ‘It’s true, I don’t cook! Does this mean you’re not gonna feeeeeeed us?’ He pouted prettily.

Al laughed, ‘Nah I’ll still feed you.’ Jon smiled his mega watt killer smile and she blinked, and then swallowed.

‘Jon for Christ sake, will ya stop blindin her with your pearlies! She’s female and still affected by that smile, now stop it she’s mine!’ Teek all but growled at him. Throwing his arm about Al he brought her in a kissed her senseless, taking her mind away from Jon and that smile. It worked; she wound her arms about him and kissed him back. Forgetting that the guys were there, well until they all started coughing loudly!

Flustered she slapped Tico’s arm and shook her head. ‘Do you all eat everything that goes with steak? I mean usual things like mushrooms etc.’

‘Hon you put a shoe sole on the damn plate and we’re likely to eat it as its home cooked.’ Richie piped up.

The others were laughing in agreement.

‘Ok get some more beer or whatever and get the hell out of my kitchen!’ Al barked at them. All except Richie did as they were told. Her eyebrow winging up, ‘And what do you think you’re going to do?’

‘Hey querido Richie’s the only one who can cook!’ Tico shouted, settling down into the couch, TV remote in hand.

Damn they all looked so at home, smiling she shook her head. Looking at Richie she asked him if it was true. He said yup so she put him to work cutting and peeling onions and shrooms, while she heated up the griddle for the steaks.

Soon the aroma of grilling steaks and other smells mingled and sent the guys mouths watering and their stomachs rumbling.

‘How much longer?’ Jon asked. Praying it wouldn’t be long he was starving. He was also damn comfortable.

‘Well if you guys want to set the table, ten minutes.’

Al heard a scramble as the others headed for the kitchen, she pointed them to the cupboards and drawers that held her crockery and silverware. Between them they set the table, raided her wine stash, Jon impressed with the bottles he found there. They also lit the candles on the table and turned down the lights giving it a soft glow.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Chapter 32

Al knew it was in here somewhere, she’d not long finished it.

All the guys heard was a loud ‘Gotcha!’ Then a grinning Al walked out of her studio with a canvas in her hand.

She stopped dead in her tracks and took in the scene before her. All the guys crashed on her couches, another bottle in hand, looking straight at her. Damn it was surreal!

Walking up to Hugh she passed him the canvas. ‘I haven’t had time to hang this; I only finished it a couple of days ago. Sorry.’ Reaching over she gave him a peck on the cheek.

Hugh had to choke back the tears that formed in his eyes when he saw she’d done his portrait too, his bass in the background. ‘It’s beautiful Al, thank you so much.’ His eyes sparkled with the unshed tears, he wouldn’t cry, but he wanted to show how much he was touched by this.

Jon took the canvas of a grinning Hugh and whistled, ‘Damn boy she made you look handsome!’ Hugh laughed. He knew Jon recognized the fact he was choked up.

Tico walked over to Al and grabbed her into a bear hug, ‘¡El querido que era la mayoría de la cosa del unselfish cualquier ventilador ha hecho siempre! Lo más apenas posible tienda para no hacer caso de Hugh. ¡Usted es uno en millón!’ (Darling that was the most unselfish thing any fan has ever done! Most just tend to ignore Hugh. You are one in a million!)

‘Ningún no soy. Apenas le trato como iguales en la venda. Y de todos modos tengo gusto de Hugh.’ (No I'm not. I just treat all of you as equals in the band. And anyhow I like Hugh.)

‘Awww hell their off again!’ This came from David, who sat rolling his eyes.

‘C.D, shove it!’ Al smirked over at him.

He waggled his eyebrows, ‘Where do ya want me to shove it?’ He leered over at her.

Richie hit him in the arm! ‘Man you’re just sad!’

‘Aww fuck, that hurt! And I ain’t sad, just horny!’

The whole room groaned.

Al looked around at all their laughing faces, they seemed so relaxed. ‘Tico, miel. ¿Usted todo realmente desea salir para una comida? Qué significo es si usted como podría cocinarnos todos los una comida. Usted todo se parece tan cómodo.’ (Tico, honey. Do you all really want to go out for a meal? What I mean is if you'd like I could cook us all a meal. You all seem so comfortable)

Tico looked at his brothers all sprawled out and looking like they’d settled in for the night.

‘What you say Al?’ Richie asked.

‘Al wants to know if you really want to go out for food, or stay here and she’ll cook us a meal.’ He grinned knowing these guys never turned down home cooked food.

David jumped of the couch, and threw his arms about Al picking her up and swinging her round; hugging and squeezing the life out of her. ‘Fuck Teek I’m definitely gonna marry her now! You mean you’d cook for us starving men?’

‘David put me down and let me breathe.’ Al choked out a laugh; air whizzing back into her lungs when he released her, he stood back looking abashed. ‘Yeah I’ll feed you, you fed me this morning. So fairs fair!’

She walked off towards the kitchen. Looking in the window she laughed realising she looked like the pied piper, but instead of rats she had men trailing her.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 31

They stood there, arms folded and a frown on their foreheads.

Al nearly ran for it.

‘Well young lady what do you have to say for yourself?’ Jon asked.

‘Yeah what’s the meaning of those?’ Richie pointed to the drawings.

‘Erm … well being a fan, I’ve studied all of you and I decided I’d do some drawings.’ She stuttered on, head down, wishing the floor would open up. Tico had said they’d be ok with it, evidently he was wrong.

Jon interrupted her flow of words, ‘How could you.’

‘I’m sor …..’

‘How could you keep those fantastic drawings under wraps, honey they’re wonderful.’

Al’s head snapped up and looked at the men standing in her room; they all had big smiles on their faces.

‘Well fuck Al if you’re that easy to punk we’d have tried it earlier.’ David cackled.

The guys agreed with him slapping each other on the back, laughing at her stunned expression.

‘You bastards! You really had me going there. I ought to kick you the hell out!’ She was ticked, but not too ticked to see the funny side. She had got them several times and should have expected a retaliation sometime.

Richie walked over and kissed her cheek, ‘Baby we love these drawings, they’re so life like. How about selling them to each of us?’

‘Nope, sorry not for sale.’ She walked over and carefully unhooked each drawing, handing them to the respective person. ‘But I will give you them. And I do not want any shit about it, they’re mine and I give them to you!’ She gave each guy the hair eyeball.

Each man looked down at the gift she’d given them, then lined up and gave her a hug and a kiss for them. Not one of them daring to try and give them back.

Hugh stood back feeling a little left out, but understanding he wasn’t really considered a band member. He was cool with it after all these years, but sometimes it still hurt a little.

Al noticed Hugh and slapped her hand over her mouth; she took off out of the room, and down the stairs heading for her studio.

Tico cocked his head and they all traipsed after her. Each carefully carrying their canvas praying they wouldn’t drop it.

Hugh brought up the rear with their empty bottles.

Tico reached the bottom of the stairs just in time to see Al’s butt disappear into the studio. They could hear her muttering and moving things about. Deciding to make themselves comfortable they grabbed more beer out of the fridge and dropped down onto the sofas, and waited.

Chapter 30

Opening the door they looked for the others. No one was around. ‘Where the hell are they?’ Al asked.

Tico let out an ear splitting whistle. A couple of seconds’ later heads appeared from doors, all looking a little sheepish. ‘What the hell are you doing?’ He asked them.

Jon piped up, ‘Told you we were going to check out our rooms better.’ A big shit eating grin spread across his face and the others too. They were all shaking their heads yes!

Al groaned and rolled her eyes and laughed.

‘Hell honey I’m serious! I love your home. I say we go back to the hotel and check out. Anyone else with me?’ Jon grinned at the rest.

Everyone raised their hands and laughed.

‘No fucking way! You lot are not moving in!’ Al held onto the belief that they were joking! Otherwise, these twenty four hours just got a hell of a lot more weird!

‘Fuck guys, stop winding her up!’ Tico growled at them, begging them to quit pissing about. She’d already told him it felt surreal. He glowered at Jon, who in turn looked like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Bastard!

What Tico didn’t realize was that Jon was serious about moving in! He’d be in heaven here. But the look Teek was shooting him was telling him to back the hell off, NOW! So he did.

‘Yeah darlin, we’re joking. Now are going to show us your room or what?’
He grinned down at the panic stricken woman trying hard not to bust a blood vessel.

Al was trying to calm down; damn these guys would kill her off! She just nodded yeah, and let them wander into her room. She stayed where she was and waited.

‘HOLY SHIT!’ she heard from Jon, he’d seen the sketches.

‘Nah Jonny boy you’re Holy Fuck! He’s Holy Shit! Come on get it right.’ This came from David.

‘Teek, bring Al in here please!’ Came the stern voice of Jon again.

Al gulped and Tico took her hand and led her back into her room.

Chapter 29

Once in the room Al closed the door. Tico stood in awe. The room ran the width of the house; it was big, beige, chocolates and red, again the main colours. A big glass fire set into the wall on the right next to it to old and battered armchairs that had seen better days but looked big and comfortable enough to sleep in.

Her bed was a big carved wooden sleigh one. The end wall was again glass, but looked tinted or something. A door leads off to the bathroom. A big claw footed tub dominated the middle of the floor. Tico thought of him and Al in it, candles that were in there, lit and bubbles. Lots of bubbles! The shower could fit four people easily. The other door led into a walk in closet.

She had a canvas set up on an easel, blank and waiting for the muse to hit her.

Al held her breath as Tico took in the room. Finally he turned and stared up at the canvases on the wall behind her bed. ‘Damn darlin, no wonder you didn’t want to let the guys in here.’ He walked up to the bed and ran an appreciative eye over the four portraits.

Looking back at him was himself, Jon, Richie and David. Drawn in charcoals, they weren’t copies of photos. She’d done her own interpretation of each of them. They were wonderful, so life like. She’d captured each of them in a quiet moment. In the background of the drawings she’d set something of each of them there. His held a set of drums, David the piano, Richie a guitar and Jon, his white mic stand.

‘These are fantastic querido! You have a talent miel.’

Al blushed to her roots. ‘Now you understand why I am reluctant to let the guys in here.’

‘Querido they’d love them! Who wouldn’t! They know you’re a fan, it wouldn’t throw them, well not too much.’ He held out his hand, she placed hers in it and he pulled her into his embrace. He held her tenderly. ‘Your bedroom is, well magnificent. I think they’d love to see it. Can we let them?’

She looked into his eyes and saw tenderness there, leaning forward she pressed her lips to his. His arms tightened and his tongue gently asked permission to enter, she gave it. Her hands went to his shoulders as he deepened the kiss. She tugged on his burns.

Pulling back he grinned at her, ‘Perv!’ He told her.

‘Hell yeah!’ She chuckled softly. ‘I think we’d better let the others in.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah, I think I trust your judgment of your brothers!’

‘Okay then.’ With his arm still around her waist they walked to the door.

Chapter 28

After wandering about the studio she took them on a tour of the downstairs. Jon told her if she wanted to sell it, he wanted to be the first in line. Al told him, nope she wasn’t selling, ever!

While in the kitchen she asked if they wanted a drink, they all settled on beer.

‘What about upstairs?’ Richie piped up.

‘You seriously want the full tour?’ She couldn’t believe these guys.

They all shook theirs heads and grinned. Sighing she led them upstairs, Tico directly behind her, and drooling.

Reaching the second floor she veered away from the master bedroom to the main walk way. This ran the length of the upper story. To the right you could look over the balcony and into the room below. The chandelier fell from the roof straight passed the balcony and into the room below.

To the left there were four good size bedrooms, all with en suites. And all decorated in Al’s taste. At the far end was her office. On every wall they’d seen so far where paintings. Hugh had asked if they were hers. Blushing she nodded yes. He told her he loved them.

On the right hand side after the balcony, were two larger bedrooms, and one smaller room, again with en suites.

She hesitated to take them into her bedroom. Tico noticed and wondered why. ‘¿Querido cuál es incorrecto?’ (Darling, what’s wrong?)

‘Nada realmente, es justo que tengo algo de mi trabajo de arte en mi sitio. Eso podía tener un factor embarazoso todos nosotros.’ (Nothing really, it's just that I have some of my art work in my room. That could have an embarrassing factor to all of us.)

The men behind them rolled their eyes at each other. They knew something was wrong, but not sure what.

‘Amor no puede ser ese malo. Le digo lo que porqué usted no me toma adentro primero y no me deja ser el juez de cómo será el desconcierto de él.’ (Sweetheart it can't be that bad. I tell you what why don't you take me in first and let me be the judge of how embarrassing it will be.)

Sighing Al knew she wasn’t going to get away with missing out her room. ‘Ok, we’ll do it your way miel. (Honey)

Tico looked at the guys. ‘Look, Al’s not sure if she wants you idiots in her room, so I’m gonna go in and take a look, any problems with that?’ He glared at Richie, who he knew could be an ass about this.

Jon elbowed Richie as he went to start in, ‘Nope, we’ll just check our rooms out more thoroughly.’ He grinned evilly at Al whose head had snapped up. Tico grabbed her hand and dragged her away before anything was said.

Opening the door they went in.

Chapter 27

Tico couldn’t believe that from the outside it looked rundown and unloved. Then you walk through the door and BAM! light and space. It was fantastic. ‘Sorry querido, I just can’t get over this place, it’s wonderful.’ He walked over and kissed her.

‘Wonderful! It’s fuckin fantastic.’ Richie said. His eye had been drawn to the chandelier. He stared at it in amazement.

Jon couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his ideal home. Well after his Jersey home. He could see himself kicking back in front of a roaring fire, damn that fireplace was big! He couldn’t wait to explore the rest of Al’s home. ‘Do we get the tour darlin?’ He pouted at her, and she laughed.

‘Well I suppose I could stretch to one.’ Keeping her arm about Tico she walked them to her studio in the corner. ‘Before I let you in here, just to let you know I don’t normally let people in here.

They guys all looked serious and followed her through the open door, wondering what was in there.

Tico was in hog heaven when she switched on the lights it lit the room like daylight. It was cleverly designed. Then he realized there were canvases stacked against a wall and an easel with half a painting on it. ‘Holy shit! You paint?’

Whistles came from the others as they filed in.

‘Yeah a little.’ Al blushed to the roots of her hair. Her friends knew she painted, but they’d never been allowed in here.

‘More than a little querido. These are wonderful.’ Tico said going through all the stacked canvases.

Richie was taken up with the potters’ wheel and the kiln that she also had.

David was the first to realise there was another door. ‘Hey Al what’s in here?’ His hand was already turning the door handle. ‘Holy crap!’ His jaw nearly hitting the floor! Inside was a state of the art darkroom.

Tico pushed passed him and looked slightly stunned. ‘You think you’ve got enough stuff?’

‘I think so. But if there’s something missing, let me know.’ She laughed at the boys expressions.

‘So I was right, you can use that camera of yours.’ Jon smirked.

‘Yeah I do alright.’

‘Hey what’s in here?’ Hugh Asked.

‘Oh that leads to the basement.’ Al shrugged it off. Not letting on she’d installed a mini cinema and games room down there. If they were around for a while, she’d tell them.

Chapter 26

They drove for sometime out towards the edge of London and into a revamped district. Lots of old factories had lovingly given a new lease of life, and turned into homes. There where shops and pubs, restaurants and many more things now in the district. What was once ear marked to be flattened had be transformed.

They pulled up at what seemed to be an old factory. The driver pulled over and Al got out. The boys just sat there wondering if they’d got the right address.

‘I take it you’re all sitting here while I go and change?’ She cocked her head to the side, and laughed inwardly at their wary expressions. Digging the keys out, she went to a small discreet door and waited.

Tico was the first out; he hoped this wasn’t a joke. The rest followed looking about them. The area seemed ok, but looking at the outside of the building made them all wonder.

Chuckling Al undid the door and walked in, quickly followed by Tico, who slammed to a halt after passing the door jam, Richie barrelling into him and swearing, ‘What the hell you stopped for?’ Then he glances over Teeks shoulder, his mouth hits the floor.

One after the other the men filed in, each one looking in awe about the place.

It had been given a lower story and an upper one. The lower had massively high ceilings. After flicking a switch, light flooded the place. Its was mostly open planned and huge!

As you walked in on your right an enclosed space, which they would find out housed her studio and dark room. But besides that one room everything was open. You looked down the room and all you could see was space.

The walls were mostly a warm creamy coffee colour with hints of browns and reds here and there. Big leather couches in muted beiges scattered around near the monster of a fireplace. To the side of the couches the dinning table and chairs sat. Deep mahogany table that could sit at least twelve people.

The space was amazing. Lights ran along either side of the room set into the floor, the same kind of lights came from above too. The floor was a light beech wood that ran all the way to the kitchen, where it was replaced by a dark slate floor.

In between the table and the couches in the ceiling hung a massive light. It was made of twisted metal with many lights coming from the ends.

Passed the couches and table, there were the stairs leading up to the next floor. Behind that was the kitchen, all done out in light beech coloured wood and clean stainless steel handles and appliances. Above the waist high cupboard the wall was made up of glass. You could stand there and look into the sunroom and out to the garden. Blissful! Every gadget known to man was in that kitchen; Al loved to cook, but hated to cook just for her. That was boring.
‘Guys pick your jaws off the floor will ya.’ Al laughed at them.

Chapter 25

They changed and headed out to the car, it was now well passed eight. They were talking about dinner and where they should go. Piling in Al again took shotgun. Looking at them making plans she put her two cents in, ‘Hey, I need to go home guys!’ None of them heard her.


Silence descended on the car, and all eyes turned to her. ‘I need to go home!’

Richie was the first to recover, ‘Well of course you do darlin, and you need to change for dinner. Can’t take our girl out without letting her get gussied up can we boys?’ The whole car agreed with him.

Al didn’t know what to do, this couldn’t go on. She started to panic a little. They just tried to steam roller over her. She bit her lip nervously. Damn!

‘Ok, give JJ you’re address and we’ll head there now, and wait while you grab some gear.’ This came from Jon, the rest agreeing with him.

Al didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, they meant well, but hell it just felt like she was dreaming all of this. She looked towards Tico; he was trying again for the puppy look, begging her to agree.

‘Tico, necesito ir a casa. ¡Por favor, no estoy seguro si puedo hacer frente a esto más! Es justo a surreal. Miel, me siento como estoy siendo vapor rollered.’ (Tico, I need to go home. Please, I'm not certain if I can cope with this any more! It's just too surreal. Honey, I feel like I'm being steam rollered.)

‘Pero darlin, dijimos que nos familiarizaríamos con. Deseo familiarizarme con le. Le deseo en mi vida. Por favor, salga con nosotros. Podemos hablar, usted podemos en pasado darme respuestas a todas esas preguntas de anterior. Si usted quisiera que pidiera, no estoy sobre hacerlo, si le significa que permanece con mí un poco más largo.’ (But darlin, we said we'd get to know each other. I want to get to know you. I want you in my life. Please, come out with us. We can talk; you can at last give me answers to all those questions from earlier. If you want me to beg, I'm not above doing it, if it means you staying with me a little longer.) He all but growled at her, knowing the deeper and rougher his voice got the more she was likely to say yes.

It was like watching one of those Spanish soaps on TV, you’d no idea what they were saying, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to change the channel. That’s how the rest of the car load saw it.

‘¡Maldígalo Tico, de que es secreto!’ (Damn it Tico, that's underhanded!) Al glared at him, but felt her self starting to give in. She wanted to spend as much time with him as she could. If it was only a few days, she’d take them, storing away the memories for when he’d gone.

Fluttering his eyelashes he asked her, ‘What’s underhanded querido (darling)?’ He grinned devilishly.

‘You know damn well Torres!’ She turned in her seat so she wasn’t looking at him or any of the others. Grinning she gave JJ the directions.

‘Damn Teek, she’s got a temper on her and maaan she can rattle off Spanish like a native.
Anyone would think she’s got Italian blood in her veins.’ Jon laughed.

‘Idiot ridente di conservazione! Potreste ottenere appena una scossa fucking!’ (Keep laughing idiot! You might just get a fucking shock!)

Jon’s jaw dropped and Richie choked on a snicker, both looking at the back of her head, mouthing at one another ‘Holy shit!’

‘Well damn, she got you didn’t she Kidd.’ Tico laughed himself silly at the look Jon and Richie had on their faces.

‘If she knows Hebrew I’m gonna marry her.’ David piped up, looking hopefully at Al’s head.

‘Nope C.D you’re safe, and so am I.’ came the rapid response from her.

Chapter 24

Tico and the guys watched as Al ripped Frank a new hole, and all of them chuckled, well Tico did after being held back and wanting to rip Frank’s head off.

She laid into him, not bothering when people stopped and stared, some of the audience had already got their mobiles out to video the band. They soon zoomed in on what was going on in the corner. Jon realised that this would end up on You Tube well before the interview did, he just shook his head.

Al stalked away from him, mentally calling him every crappy name she could wrap her brain about. How dare the asshole expect to kiss and make up. He’d dragged her into all this, and pissed the boys off by doing it.

He opened his arms and she walked straight into them burying her hot face in his neck and holding onto him for dear life. ‘Es bien darlin, calma abajo. Él es un asno. (It's alright darlin, calm down. He's an ass.) Es aceptable, vamos a cambiar y a irnos. Usted no tiene que hablar con él otra vez. (It's ok, we're going to change and leave. You don't have to talk to him again.) All the time he was stroking her hair and back.

The rest of the guys crowed about them, giving them some protection so Al could get her self back together.

‘Soy Tico fino; yo apenas necesito un minuto parar mis rodillas de dar hacia fuera en mí. Bebé honesto.’ (I'm fine Tico; I just need a minute to stop my knees from giving out on me. Honest babe.) She nuzzled his neck, keeping her head down, embarrassed how she’d lost it.

If she had of looked up she’d have seen the rest of the guys jaws on the floor. Richie gave Jon a WTF look; she’d just blown them away by rattling Spanish off like a pro. David grinned and gave Tico the thumbs up. He’d never get away with muttering in Spanish with her like he did when he was pissed with them.

Mike and a few of the security crew walked over, ‘Ok guys you ready to leave before we fuck that dick over?’ He was glaring at Frank who stayed on the other side of the studio.

They all nodded and looked towards Al. ‘¿Darlin es usted listo ir? Necesitamos hacer un movimiento.’ (Darlin are you ready to go? We need to make a move.)

Finally she straightened up, mentally pulling herself together. She looked about and realized the boys had literally hidden her and Tico from prying eyes. She looked at each man, ‘Thank you, and yes I’m ready to go. But Jon I’m really sorry if I’ve put you in an awkward situation with Frank. Should I apologize to him for what I’ve said?’ She looked at the floor, not wanting to say sorry, but she would if he wanted her too.

‘Fuck no! He deserves each and every barrel you nailed him with. I never expected him to say anything about you, let alone suggest you were the band toy! You walk out of here with your head high honey, you did nothing wrong!’ Jon leant over and took her into a hug, letting her go they boys formed another human shield about her and Tico, and lead them out of the studio.

Hugh flipping Frank the bird as they passed.

Chapter 23

Tico tried to see past the damn lights but to no avail. He knew she was still here, Obie had told him, but he needed to see her. Damn she was addictive.

They finished the song and walked to the couches, he spotted her lurking off to on side, camera in hand. She waved and he waved back grinning.

They sat and Frank started to ask them about the tour and life as single guys. Over the last couple of years they’d all gone through divorces, David first, closely followed by Richie. Six months later they were shocked to the core when Dot asked for a divorce. Two months later Tico started divorce proceedings too. Luckily for him, he and David weren’t in the spotlight like the other two, and after a brief flurry of media attention they pretty much left him alone.

Time marched on and here they were, in the middle of another tour, all single, the women in the audience screamed, they guys laughed.

‘Ok guys, you rocked Wembley last night.’ More screaming, ‘I have a question for you. Who’s Al and what relation is she to you guys?’ He speared Jon with a look. ‘Don’t try and deny you have a woman with you, she’s over there.’ He flicked his hand in her direction, and the camera panned to her, showing her on the back screen, looking gob smacked and bright red.

Tico wanted to nail his ass, but David put a hand on him, and squeezed, Tico relaxed a little.

‘Well damn Frank, side swipe me why don’tcha.’ Jon flashed a killer smile into the camera.

‘Come on man, spill. I’m not sure which of you guys she’s with. You’ve all been at some point or other, around her, kissing and cuddling her, this afternoon. So what’s the scoop?’ He leered into the camera.

Al stood their mortified, how could he. He seemed to imply she was the band whore! Then she realised Mike and another security guard had appeared either side of her. Mike laid a comforting hand on her shoulder. Leaning down he said into her ear, ‘Breathe darlin, and just breathe. Jon and the boys will handle it.’

Jon looked at Teek; he looked about ready to throttle Frank. Catching his eye he raised his brow in question.

Teek nodded at him. ‘Well now Frank I think I’d better pass you over to the man whose heart she’s got wrapped about her little finger.’ With that they all stood up, the audience laughing at their prank.

Al put her face into her hands and laughed. Lord they were wonderful.

‘Ok, come on let’s be serious here, we just want to know about her.’ Frank looked at them in exasperation as they sat back down grinning.

‘Ok, Teek you wanna take this?’

Frank’s eyes flew to Tico, so that was it.

‘The lady in question is Al. She’s from UK.’ A cheer went up from everyone. ‘I met her last night, and I’m trying to get to know her, but I had to come here and so we dragged her with us.’ He glared at Frank, not caring if he looked mean. He prayed it would be enough for him.

‘But all of you guys seem to like her?’ He slimed again.

Richie jumped into the fray, ‘Frank, look at her, she’s beeeeautiful! But she’s only got eyes for Tico; even Jon shakin his ass in front of her had no affect on her.’ He feigned a shocked face and the audience laughed. ‘Even I didn’t get a look in.’ He gave the puppy dog eyes, and all the women ahhed.

‘We think she is a wonderful lady, she has a killer sense of humour, she can cope with us lot. We flirt with her and try to make Teek jealous, but that’s as far as it goes. And she seems to make the old man happy!’ Richie ducked as Tico went to punch him.

Al laughed; damn she loved these men, so protective and caring.

They made it clear they wouldn’t talk any more about Al and the rest of the interview and the last song went passed quickly. After they’d finished they signed autographs and had pictures took with the audience, laughing and joking. Frank wandered about talking to them and back slapping and joking ensued. But the guys gave him the cold shoulder when he tried to talk to them.

He went across to Al, who straightened, not knowing what was going to happen. Both Mike and his friend stiffened beside her.

‘Hey Al, look I just want to say I’m sorry for what went off, and no hard feelings? I have a producer who seemed to think the show needed a bit of spice, and unfortunately you were it.’ He grinned endearingly at her.

‘Oh, I see, so its not your show?’ She glared up at him.

‘Yes it is.’ He looked confused, bless him.

‘So why the fuck did you rake all this crap out? Hmm. Do you not own a set of balls? I think Mr. Skinner, you do what the fuck you want to do, and in this instance it meant screwing over people who liked you! You could have ignored all the joking about, the kissing and hugging, but no you smelt a story and went after it. Not caring who you hurt or embarrassed in the process. And you can stuff your lousy apology!’

She turned and walked off towards Tico.

Mike menaced Frank who soon moved off.

A smattering of applause came from the audience and crew alike.

Chapter 22

Time moved fast from there, then dead slow. Al was twitchy, the sound check had gone smoothly, and the guys were in make up, the audience filing in. They would tape today and air it tomorrow. It was well passed six and she needed to go home. She knew though Tico would be pissed and Mike was probably laying in wait for her.

Tony had shown her how he worked the sound board; she’d taken pics of him doing his job. Obie was about too, and kept popping in to see her. When the guys had left for make up she decided not to go with them, she didn’t want to upset the way they got ready for a show. So she’d stayed in the control booth, quietly sat, watching the monitors. Besides Jovi, they’d got some other guests on, but the guys were the main attraction.

She got up and headed for the door, ‘And just where do you think your goin?’ Tony asked.

‘Well I thought I’d go down into the studio and take some shots and watch the show. Any objections or do you want to shackle me to the chair? That’s kinky, but if that’s what does it for you Tony.’ She smirked as he rolled his eyes and the others in the sound booth laughed.

He made a shooing gesture and turned his back on her.

Laughing she wandered out and into the studio, her trusty camera like an extension of her hand, being aimed at the crowd. There were loads of Jovi fans wearing T’s and some had banners. She went up to the ones in T’s and asked if she could take their pics, telling them that the band would see them, if they ever let her go home and upload them. After taking several she noticed Mike watching her, she blew him a kiss, and walked towards him.

‘Ah I was wondering where my shadow had gone too. What’s up love?’

‘Nothing doll, just making sure you’re ok. You need anything, they’re gonna start taping in a bit. No camera flashes please, from the director.’

‘Nope, don’t need anything, and d’oh like I’m gonna use a flash. Sheeeesh!’ She rolled her eyes.

After ten minutes, the lights went down and the title music struck up, out came Frank to people clapping and cheering. He waffled for a bit, asking if there where any Jovi fans in and the place erupted. They did the show out of sync because there where skits to be put in. They did all the other interviews, then Frank stood and introduced the guys, the place went mental again. The wall moved back and the guys swung into Lost Highways, Al heard the audience singing along with them. It took her back to last night. Damn, it seemed so long ago.

She noticed Tico searching for her, trying to see passed the strobes, she knew he wouldn’t be able to see her, but was touched he still tried.

They finished and all the guys moved to the couches. She grinned; normally it was just Jon, or him and Richie. This was nice; the audience seemed to think so too.

Chapter 21

She wandered back to the studio and bumped into Frank, literally. ‘Oh I’m so sorry; I wasn’t looking where I was going.’ She smiled at him, this man was funny, she watched him over the years, especially when he’d had Jon on.

‘That’s ok, you with the band?’

‘Yeah, well sort of.’ She reddened a little.

‘Sort of, do tell.’ He had a big grin on his face.

She was saved by Mike wandering by, she hadn’t seem him, but knew he’d be about somewhere. ‘Hey Al, are ya having a good time? Do you need anything, Tico told me to find you asap.’ He rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically.

‘Hey Mike, I’m fine, can’t even go to the loo without being tagged.’ She too rolled her eyes.

Frank realised this was who the men were on about earlier, shaking her ass. ‘So are you with the band or what does sort of mean.’ His eyes fell to the generous amount of boobs she was showing, nice.

‘It means, Frank, she’s here as a favour to Tico.’ Jon said coming up behind them and slipping his arm about Al’s waist. ‘And to keep us boys in line, it’s a tough job but she’s more than capable.’ He leaned over and pecked her cheek.

‘Hey I’m no baby sitter bub! And there’s no way in hell I’d even try to keep you lot in line.’ She played up with a totally shocked face, and rolled her eyes at Frank.

‘But angel, we gave you that whip last night and you seemed to know how to use it!’ Jon went with it, having a blast at Frank’s expense.

‘Yeah but damn it those five inch thigh high boots nearly crippled me. And look next time I’m not borrowing them off Richie his feet are just too damn big.’ She grinned evilly at Jon, Frank’s head swinging back and forth like watching tennis, his mouth open jaw nearly on the floor with shock.

‘Well if you’d have said something woman, mine should fit ya fine!’ At this point Frank started to make funny noises.

‘But Jooon you were wearing the bloody things!!!!!’

Frank choked on a gasp, then realised that he was hearing muffled laughter from behind him. Turning he saw the rest of the band and their roadies and his techs trying to stifle their laughter and tears were running down their faces. He looked back to Jon and this Al and he saw them laughing too, and it finally sunk in he’d been had!

‘Jon! You fuckin bastard!’ With that everyone about him let rip with laughing loudly.

‘Aww damn Frank, you’re just too damn easy to punk, you’re not worth it buddy.’

Tico walked over and pushed Jon out of the way, reclaiming Al. He leaned over and kissed her hotly. Franks eyes grew wide. ‘Woman, everytime I leave you alone do you end up messing with someone’s mind.’ He kissed her again.

Frank had now totally lost it. Was she with the Jon, the band or Tico? He noticed her arms sneaking up and about Tico’s neck and Tico’s hands moving down and moulding her ass their kiss deepening.

‘Fuck Teek put her down will ya; you’ll make us all horny!’ Richie bellowed, rolling his eyes, ‘You just can’t put her down.’

Al started hearing Richie, coming out of the zone she went into when Tico kissed her. ‘You’re just jealous cause your not getting any so shove it Sambora.’ Al flicked him the bird.

‘Ya think honey. After watching you and Teek get it on we’re gonna have to all go and jerk off.’ He glared down at her, but she could see the mirth hiding there. She laughed at the picture he painted.

Tony decided enough was enough, ‘Ok assholes time to get back to work. Rich, man give all our secrets out, please! Tico, you’re gonna have to let her go bro. Al sweetheart, you need to come with me out of their sight for a while, and let em calm the fuck down.’ He held out his hand.

‘Aw Tony, if you wanted to play all ya had to do was ask darlin.’ Al said as she walked towards him, and proceeded to walk her fingers up his chest, moving so she got into his space and made him back up a couple of steps, she smirked.

Tico barked out a laugh. The others looked at him, then back at Tony. Tony sighed, shook his head and grabbed the wandering hand and started to walk off with Al in tow. Al blowing kisses at the boys, the boys laughing.

Chapter 20

They piled into the people carrier, all talking and laughing. Much to Tico’s disgust Al was sat in the front with the driver, leaning over the seat listening to what they were planning to do. She kept looking at him and batting here eyelashes and pulling faces, but stopped as soon as he cracked up and looked a picture of innocence. Damn she was good.

Arriving at the BBC, where they were filming the security guards checked them over, querying Al but letting her in when Jon said she was their PA and had forgotten she was coming on the trip. It worked. Outside the studios railings Jovi fans had gathered so the guys did a walkabout and signed things and had pictures took with different people, some who’d been at the concert last night in Wembley stadium. Al took out her camera and started clicking away again.

Someone asked Jon if she was the woman from last night, he looked at the woman, asking her is she had been at the concert. She had, so Jon asked her if she seen Tico kiss her, she said yes. He looked at the woman, grinning and told her it was cause Tico refused to let her go home. She eyes Al up and Jon heard her mutter, lucky bitch! He laughed and dropped a kiss on her cheek, she nearly passed out.

The guys finally make it into the BBC. Al looks around with awe, huge place. They were quickly taken to the studio, so they could get everything set up and do a sound check. All the time Tico kept Al by his side.

Frank Skinner the host of the show walked in while the guys were sound checking. They’d decided to play Lost Highways and Everybody’s Broken. Richie piped up that they should do Put the Boy Back, so he could watch Al shaking her ass again.

For that he got the bird from Al, but Jon said he could be persuaded to change the set and she walked off the set, with a resounding round of agreement from the others.

Tico watched her go, ‘Rich bro you better pray she comes back otherwise I’m gonna find a different use for my sticks!’

Al headed off to the bathroom, shaking her head, not that bothered by what had been said. She was getting used to the camaraderie of the guys. It was fun. In the bathroom she looked into the mirror. If someone had told her twenty four hours ago she’d be here with Bon Jovi, she’d have had them committed! Damn life was strange.

Chapter 19

Jon motioned for a shaky Al to come and sit by him, she collapsed into the chair, and Tico dived on the one next to her before Richie could stake a claim.

‘Seeing as you two took an hour or so to get dressed.’ Snickers rounded the table, ‘You’ve got half an hour before we’ve got to leave, so fill up.’ Jon grinned at Al, she looked shell shocked. Before them a table groaning with food, and covered dishes, the smell was driving Al mad, she was starving.

As a lull hit the table, her stomach made itself known and growled loudly. All eyes swung to her, she went bright red. The men cackled. Richie grabbed her plate and the rest of the guys filled the damn thing to overflowing, ladling all sorts onto it. She just looked at Tico who shrugged and laughed as the plate was gently placed in front of her.

She looked around the table at the grinning mugs, shrugged her shoulders, picked up her knife and fork and dug in. ‘Well hell she’s not a picker.’ David chortled, ‘Damn a woman that eats. I think I’m in looooove.’ He batted his eyelashes at her, making her nearly choke.

Swallowing her mouth full she grinned at David, ‘But you can’t love me.’ Her bottom lip pouted prettily.

‘Why not?’ David wondered if he’d left himself open to being punked. They’d only just been talking about her ability to nail their asses to the floor.

‘Cause I don’t have any coffee sat in front of me C.D.’ she sat and waited.

They didn’t disappoint her. Coffee appeared as if by magic, and she added cream and sugar.

‘Ok I’ll bite and take it like a man, what’s the C.D stand for.’ Dave looked like he was in front of a firing squad.

Taking a big hit of caffeine, she waited for it to wash into her veins. Looking deep into David eyes, she fluttered her own, ‘Why Cupie Doll of course.’

There was dead silence as she started to eat again. A choking sound came from Dave, his face going bright red. The rest of the table exploded with laughter, tears running down Richie’s cheeks, Jon gasping for breath, Tico choking on a sip of coffee, damn he shoulda realised she’d have a come back. The rest howling with mirth, David knew that he’d be called C.D for months if not years to come, fuck! He was supposed to be the joker of the pack!

Al looked about the table with her big green eyes wide and innocent looking, ‘Are you guys ok, or should I call the paramedics, it’s not good at your ages to laugh so much. You could have a heart attack. Seriously!

They all stopped, looked at her and went off again. Jon couldn’t remember ever laughing this much, damn she was good, not just for Tico, but for the rest of them, talk about being cut down to size.

After the snickering stopped they started to talk about what they’d got to do today, and phone calls that needed to be made. The interview was with Frank Skinner, Jon had been on his show before and loved the guys humour, so had agreed to revisit but with everyone this time. He loved London, it was like another home for him, he walked around here better than America, and no one bothered him at all here. Well unless a fan caught him.

‘So Al you are coming with us aren’t you?’ Jon watched as she nearly choked on her drink, his baby blues sparkling with laughter.

‘Erm … well I really shou ..’

‘Yep she’s coming with us if you assholes stop trying to kill her off. You ok sugar.’ Tico gently pounded her on the back. He glared at Jon, who held his hands up as in WTF I do.

Jon stood up, ‘Look the cars here in a few minutes, we’ll go and get our gear while you two finish up, meet you in lobby in ten mins.’ With that he jerked his head and the rest of the guys moan, got up and went off leaving Al and Tico looking at one another.

‘Before you go of on one I want you to come with me. I don’t want to let you go just yet. You need to call someone to let them know you’re not going into work. Please darlin come with us.’ He tried Richie’s puppy eyes.

Al snorted and hit his arm, ‘Sweetie those eyes only work for Richie, give it up. No I work for myself, and when you put it like that, I’ll go with you. But sometime today I need to go home. Ok?’

Tico leaned over and pressed a kiss to her lips, ‘That’s more than fair, means I may get to know answers to some of those questions you say I need to know.’ He smiled and kissed her again. ‘You about done here?’ He’d never seen a woman pack it away like she had, he loved it.

‘I’m stuffed, I haven’t eaten since yesterday lunch, I was too busy, and then it was concert time. So yeah I’m done now.’

‘Oh so you mean you don’t normally eat well?’

‘Sorry darlin, I always eat like I’m starving, hence the extra padding I carry about on me.’ She grinned at him.

‘Well I just love where you stash your padding.’ He leered over her boobs.

Al’s laugh could be heard by the guys waiting for them in the lobby. It struck a cord in all of them, it was just plain dirty!

Chapter 18

They walked into the hotel dinning room and were immediately greeted with whistles and cat calls from the men impatiently waiting for them. The guys were nudging each other as they realised she must have on one of Tico’s shirt, and damn she filled it out in all the right places. They were jealous, but happy for Tico.

Al held onto Tico’s hand for dear life and walked behind him, blushing.

‘Aw shut the fuck up! I never give you assholes this much fuckin grief when you get a woman in your room. So shut the hell up, cant you see your being dicks and making Al wish she’d gone home.’ Tico growled at the idiots sat watching them. He pulled her forward and tucked his arm about her waist.

Jon, Rich, and Dave snapped their mouths closed. Tony, Hugh and Obie just rolled their eyes. ‘But Teek you’ve never done this before and we so gotta wind you up man.’ Rich complained, Dave nodding, his curls bouncing up and down.

Jon said nothing but got up and walked to Al. He stood in front of her and she looked up into those gorgeous sparkling blue eyes of his. He took her hand, ‘Al darlin, if we’ve embarrassed you we are truly sorry. You’ve got to understand as we’ve said Teek has always been the one who never jumped a woman like he did to you last night. We don’t want you to leave, hell the way he was acting you can come on stage every night, hell on tour. It makes the old dog frisky for a change.’ Jon winked at her, leaned down and pecked her on the cheek.

Tico punched Jon in the shoulder and made the younger man wince, ‘Old dog, ya fucker.’ But he laughed as he said it. They gave each other a hug to show no hard feelings, Tico letting go of Al for a second. The next thing he heard was a squeak and a laugh, and the whoosh of air as she was yanked from his side.

‘Sambora what the hell have I said about man handling my woman?!!!!’

‘Can’t remember!’ Laughed Richie as he whisked Al and himself out of Tico’s range, he dipped her and slapped a sloppy kiss on her. ‘Mornin darlin.’ A wicked glint in those chocolate eyes told Al he was playing. ‘That combination of top and bra just make me wanna dry hump ya! He laughed his ass off. With that she was twirled out of his arms and into David’s.

‘Hey doll.’ He grinned at her and again she was dipped and kissed. ‘Hell I agree with Sambora, Teek your shirts never looked so damn good!’ Damn a woman could get motion sickness and whiplash with this lot as again she was twirled, landing into Hugh’s arms, again the dip and kiss, passing onto Tony and Obie in turn, both dipping and kissing her.

She finally twirled into Jon’s arms, where he too dipped her low and landed a smacker of a kiss on her lips. He leered down at her open shirt and wiggled his eyebrows, twirling her again, and landing her back into Tico’s arms, who scowled at the men grinning like idiots? Then proceeded to dip her and lay one hell of a hot steamy lip lock on her. Pulling her upright he too grinned, looking around the table he levelled each of the men with a stare, ‘You fuckers ever do that again and I swear to God I’ll have a hit put on your asses. Get it?’

All the men nodded, and then proceeded to laugh themselves stupid.

Chapter 17

After their talk they quickly got dressed. Al decided that she couldn’t go down in the night befores T, so she did what Tico said and mooched through his T’s and shirts. She laughed lightly; most of them were black T’s. Grinning she walked into the wardrobe to see what else he had.

Teek watched her with a hunger as she snickered over his clothing. He grinned himself, his philosophy on clothes was, if I like it, I’ll damn well wear it! This was much to Jonny’s and Rich’s disgust. So black T’s reigned, he was cool with that. But he could see Al was looking a little frustrated. Then he heard her give out a ‘wow’ and wondered what she’d found, walking after her.

Al couldn’t believe all the black in his clothing, she rolled her eyes. Mind you she couldn’t talk, fashion didn’t come high on her list, and T’s and jeans were about the norm for her, and yeah, usually black, she grinned again. Running her hand over his shirts her hand settled on a gorgeous white silk shirt, it was so damn soft, her hand gently caressed it. Lord it was wonderful.

She jumped as she heard Tico say, ‘Why don’t you try it on.’ He stood there in tight jeans and the black T and a grin on his face, which was slowly slipping as he watched her hands fondle the shirt, his throat closing as he remembered those wicked hands on him …………… Fuck he needed to stop that line on thought now!

‘But Tico this is gorgeous, Oh God it’s an Armani! Damn I couldn’t wear this it costs a packet.’ She starts to hang it back up till Tico takes it from her and holds it open for her.

‘Darlin it’s a damn shirt, I’ve worn it what once, and it was probably a freebie, so put the damn thing on woman!’ He grinned at her, ‘Otherwise I’ll throw you over my shoulder and take you down for brunch in your jeans and bra, I’m sure the guys would approve.’ He chuckled, thinking of his brother’s faces if she did, he’d have to kill em.

She laughed at him, lord he was a darling. She turned and slipped her arms into it, and he reached around and started to button it up, leaving the top three buttons undone, showing a generous amount of cleavage. He snuck in a couple of gropes while he ‘helped’ her into the shirt. Turning her around, he stood back and groaned. Damn he wanted to throw her back down on the bed and muss her the hell back up again. She eyes looked slumberous and filled with lust, her lips parted, and her tongue flicking out to wet her dried lips. He took a step forward and made himself stop, if he touched her now he’d never get down to that damn interview! Fuck!

Al watched him battle with himself, as she did. Just Tico fondling her and brushing her breasts as he buttoned the shirt nearly had her cuming. Damn the man! He knew exactly what he was doing to her.

He swallowed hard, ‘Take a look and see what you think.’ He adjusted his jeans a bit, and she grinned, he smirked.

She walked to the full sized mirror and did the, this way and that move, checking herself out. It was a tiny bit big but unless it was a T she liked things a bit loose. She snickered again thinking how broad he was, but there was only a little room left for her breast so they didn’t strain the buttons. She rolled the sleeves up to her elbows, yeah not too shabby, just a shame she’d got a black bra on. But what the hell women wore things like this all the time.

‘Ok I’m ready as I’ll ever be.’

Tico held his hand out for her and together they left the room, just as the phone started to ring again. They both rolled their eyes and headed for the lift.

Chapter 16

They both laid there, trying to regain their tenuous grip on their sanity.

‘Tico, your brothers are better than any protection! They seem to sense just the right minute to call.’ She laughed.

He just laid there praying for control, she moved her leg again and he thought he’d go threw the roof. ‘Al baby, please either lay still or move your leg.’ He growled at her, his arm thrown over his eyes.

‘What ……… oh Tico I’m sorry.’ She gingerly moved off him, seeing the tent in the towel, she grinned, she’d done that to him. He looked in agony, his chest heaving. ‘Sweetie, how long do you think before they call back?’ A devilish glint formed in her eyes.

‘I’ve no fuckin idea with those assholes; I need a cold sho ……’ He gasped and his arm flew from his eyes as he realised she was undoing his towel. ‘Al what ….’

Moving the towel away his shaft sprang free, she grasped it in her hand, smoothing it, gently scoring her nails over it, making Tico’s hips rise from the bed. ‘Well honey if you don’t realise what I’m gonna do then you’ve missed out over the years.

She scooted down and between his legs; she kissed the tops of both thighs. Tico lifted himself up onto his elbows, looking down at her blonde head, ‘You don’t have to, really ...’

‘Sssshhhh.’ was all he heard and with that she opened her mouth and flicked his head with her tongue. His head fell back and a deep growl wrenched from him. She blew over the top of his slit, making him gasp. The next thing he knew was her taking him all into her; she sank down his length her nose touching his stomach. It took all he had not to cum straight away. Her wicked fingers tugging slightly on his balls, gently rolling them his hips bucked and he fisted the covers to stop from grabbing her head.

His control slipping away as she continued to suck him, she hummed and he nearly went flying. Her head sped up moving up and down faster. Her hand wrapped about him causing more friction as she just sucked on the top of him. ‘Al, darlin …… I’m …gonna … Madre dulce del dios!’(Sweet Mother of God) The veins of his neck stood out as she deep throated him once more and he emptied himself into her mouth.

Al licked him clean. She’d looked up as he came, his muscles standing out on him arms as he nearly ripped the bed apart. His eyes tightly closed, head thrashing side to side, and all because she’d given him the release he’d needed. Grinning she crawled up his body, laughing when two steel bands clamped about her, holding her to him. ‘I think we need to get a move on before the kids come banging on the door again.’

He grinned and kissed her deeply, tasting himself on her. Damn she was wonderful and giving, not asking for herself but knowing he’d needed release. ‘Pienso darlin que podría amarle.’(I think darlin I could love you.)

Al froze, ‘No you don’t its just you cumin talking, now get your ass out of bed.’ She wriggled out of his arms and out of his reach and headed for the bathroom. Just about stopping herself from bolting the door shut. She took hold of the sink and looked into the mirror. Looking back was a tousled woman, who looked like she’d spent the whole night making love to someone. She groaned.

Outside, still sat stunned in bed Tico wondered what the hell went wrong!

Al quickly washed, and then finger brushed her teeth. Aw fuck! Her clothes were scattered about the bedroom. She sat down heavily on the toilet seat. How could he say that to her, they’d only just met! Did he not have any idea what saying something like that to a woman meant! She’d been half in love with him for over 20 years, now the other half had made itself known, and she could be all the damn way in love with the man. Sheeeesh! She really knew how to blow things out of proportion.

A tap at the door had her jerking, ‘Hey darlin thought you might need these.’ The door opened a crack and Tico’s arm appeared around the door, in his hand were her clothes, he waved the hand up and down a bit just incase she hadn’t seen them. Al grinned a little.

Walking over she took them from him, ‘Thanks.’

‘Erm look … if you need a clean T or something … you can raid my wardrobe. But only if you want.’ The growl coming through the door went straight to her stomach, he sounded unsure of himself.

‘Thanks Tico, I appreciate that.’ As she moved away he pushed the door open, Al turned and gulped, he’d put on some boxers, but that was all.

‘Al, what went wrong? One minute we’re enjoying ourselves, the next your running from the room like the Devil was after you. Spill lady, or the ‘kids’ are going to be banging on the door, cause we aren’t going anywhere till you fess up.’ All the time he talked he walked towards her, a glint in his eye, damn she looked cute and sexy still bundled in her robe.

‘Nothing went wrong ...’

‘Bullshit and you know it.’ He soooo wished he’d got a cigar.

Al gaped at him, she’d never heard of him raising his voice. ‘Look its nothing, but you have to understand I’m a fan! Been one for twenty plus years, and like all fans we have, shall we say, feelings for you guys, ones that we never expect to be able to act on.’ She took a deep breath and looked him in the eye, ‘But your telling me you could love me is just so damn surreal it’s fuckin scary. It’s like something out of a dream, and truthfully if it is, I don’t want to wake up. Satisfied?’

Tico couldn’t believe how stupid he’d been, he gathered her, clothes and all into his arms. ‘Darlin I’m sorry, I didn’t think when I said that, I felt it so I said it, it’s how I am.’ He kissed her forehead. ‘I should have thought, but I didn’t and for that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for scaring you too. This isn’t a dream, and I’m so glad it’s not, because it means I get a chance of happiness that I thought had long passed me by. So what do you say we take it a little slower, not much though because I love making love to you?’ He all but growled the last sentence making Al shiver, he grinned knowing what it was doing to her. ‘Let’s get to know one another properly.’

Al sighed, wondering if she should take this chance on having a bit of happiness in her life. Tico lifted her chin and gently placed his lips on her, not deepening it just resting there. She sighed and her hands wandered up his arms on their own accord and onto his shoulders. They never deepened the kiss, and when they’d finished she snuggled her head into his neck, standing like that for what seemed an eternity.

Chapter 15

The guys continued to laugh hoping to piss Tico off enough to undo the door. They started to pound on the door again; nearly all falling through it was it was flung open. They all stopped laughing as they saw Al standing there; they bit back a groan as they took in her mussed hair and kissed puffy lips and the sultry look in her eyes.

‘Do you guys want something? Or are you trying to wake Tico up? I’ve just let him go to sleep and you idiots want to wake him. I’m telling you know if in half an hour he’s not pleased to see me cause you woke him up; I’m coming after one of you to satisfy me! Now bugger off!’ Leaving looking like fish out of water she slammed the door in their faces. She nearly squealed as a pair of arms wound around her waist.

‘Holy crap darlin, I wouldn’t want to piss you off any time.’ Tico couldn’t help himself, he started to laugh. He turned Al in his arms, ‘God woman you look like a glorious Valkerie defending her man, thank you they’ll never forget that. Plus I won’t let them forget it.’ His laughter died as he took in how she looked.

‘I thought you’d be upset, but I couldn’t let them get away with that crap.’

‘Nah, it’s nice for them to get blasted once in a while. Now how about we stop talking …’ He leaned in a kissed her, gathering her close to him, his hands slipping about her waist and holding her gently.

She wound her arms about his neck, pulling him in for a deeper kiss their tongues meeting in a slow lazy duel. Al ran her hands to the side of his face and tugged on his sideburns. He pulled back and looked questioningly at her.

‘Hmmm … oh sorry I’ve always loved your burns, they make you want to play with them, and this little bum fluff you’ve sported,’ she ran her fingers over his goatee, ‘Just seems made for rubbing all over me.’

Tico growled at the picture she painted, he took his lips to her ear, running his tongue over the delicate shell he found there, sucking the lobe into his hot mouth. Nibbling down her neck to where it met her shoulder. He then proceeded to see what his ‘bum fluff’ would do to her, stroking it gently over her neck and shoulder, licking where it touched.

Al’s head fell backwards, lorrrrd that felt sooooo damn good! She did wonder if she should have mentioned her little fetish, now she was happy she had ………… Oh damn he was working his goatee down towards the swell of her breasts.

Just as he reached his goal, the phone jangled into their quite world making them jump apart like scalded cats.

Tico marched over to the phone, ‘WHAT? This better be fuckin good!’

Al finally realised he had slung a towel about his hips, shame really. The play of muscles on his back caught her attention, for a fifty-five year old he was in superb physical shape.

‘Al, the guys are wondering if we want to join them for breakfast. They’ve also reminded me we have an interview at two.’ He glared at the phone then at the clock it now said 11.30! DAMN! ‘And Rich wants to know which one you need to come up and take over for me. Also says they got your jacket, camera and bag with them seeing as I man handled you out so fast last night you forgot them.’ He just grinned at the blush he saw creeping up her chest.

‘Oh God I forgot my gear. Shit! Tell Richie no sub required and I suppose you’d better go and get fed.’ Al was wondering how to back out graciously, she should go, but hell she had an itch only he could seem to scratch!

‘Hear that asshole, and we’ll be down for breakfast in a bit.’ He put the phone down and walked purposefully back to Al; taking her hand he led her to the bed. He got on and pulled her into his arms, tucking her head in the crook of his neck. ‘I saw that look lady, and you’re not going anywhere you hear me. I’ve just found you and I don’t want to loose you. I think we need to see what this attraction is. Do you agree?’ He held his breath.

‘But Tico you don’t even know me. For all you know I could be a psychopath!’ She felt him chuckle and slapped his stomach making him jump. ‘All you know is I’m a fan, and take pictures, nothing else, not my full name, where I’m from, zilch!’ She said with an exasperated air.

‘I know something’s about you darlin.’ She raised one eyebrow and he chuckled. ‘I know you’re a true blonde.’ That earned him another slap, he laughed kissing her forehead. ‘I know you have a penchant for drummers, you purr when you’re in the throws of passion, you speak fluent Spanish, you make me want to throw you down and ravish you with just a look.’ Al shivered. ‘You have a wicked sense of humour, you can hold your own with the guys, you’re not afraid to stand up for what you want, and most importantly of all.’ He reached down gently taking her chin and making her look into his eyes, ‘I’ve never felt like this before about a woman I’ve just met.’ His kissed her gently.

Al turned to complete mush in his arms. Lord this man knew which buttons of hers to press, and used it to great advantage. He started to deepen the kiss, pulling her atop of him, groaning as her leg slipped between his, knocking his erect shaft.

The phone jarring them apart again had her reaching for it swearing like a trooper! ‘What?’

Laughter from Jon nearly made her want to kill him. ‘Just a reminder darlin you can’t get down and dirty you need to move you cute little ass into gear.’ He quickly disconnected the call before she could blister his ears, high fiving Rich and Dave, Tony and Obie rolling their eyes at the childlike actions.

Chapter 14

A soft snore penetrated the fog in Al’s brain, snoring who the fuck is snoring? Her eyes flew open and she froze, there was a hand wrapped around her holding her breast. In a blinding flash of clarity last night came hurtling back to her.

Holy fuck I’ve slept with Tico!!!! Her eyes closing as she tried to control herself from leaping from the bed. She’d never done something this rash before. Yeah it was one of her fantasies to sleep with him, but she never thought she would! WOW! And damn he was better than anything she’d ever imagined.

Glancing at her watch still on her wrist she realised it was gone 10.30. Hell she never slept past 8. Mind you she’d never had sex like that before either. Al realised that her bladder was calling her, so she gently moved his hand and went into the bathroom.

Tico woke as he heard the bathroom door snicked to. He glanced at the clock, wow he sure slept like a log, he heard the toilet flush, he thought for a minute. Then a big grin broke as he remembered Al and the hot sex they’d had.

He groaned and clapped his hand to his face; he’d fallen asleep after taking that passionate woman, asleep! FUCK! He was surprised she was still here, and hadn’t run from the oap that he’d turned into over night! When the hell did his stamina give out, he used to go all night, now one magnificent fuck and he’d fallen asleep! God help him if the guys found out, his life would be shit for months to come.

He heard the door open and looked at Al who had one of the hotel robes on, she looked like a little girl playing dress up, and he chuckled. Al’s head flew up when she heard it, looking straight into Tico’s gorgeous eyes; she blushed, her eyes skittering away. ‘Morin.’ She choked out.

‘Well hi there honey, comin back to bed?’ He said with a salacious look in his eye, and praying she would say yes.

Al hesitated, she really wanted to join him, but felt shy. Hell she’d fallen asleep on him; she hated to think what he thought of her. She walked to the side of the bed and looked down at him, just laying there a sheet covering him, lord she just wanted to throw herself on him, she felt herself get wet at that thought!

‘Erm ….well, I really think I’d better get going.’ Al stuttered out, twiddling with the ties of the robe, blushing bright red at some of the thoughts running through her brain when he scooted up the bed a little, the sheet moving down and she could see where his happy trail led too. Take me now lord, cause I sure can’t stand the heat!

Tico realised something was wrong she was nervous and not once looked at him after her first furtive glance, well at his face any how! He chuckled softly when she went red, and nearly laughed his ass off when her eyes zinged to his crotch as he sat up. But he couldn’t help wonder if last night hadn’t been as good for her as it was for him, then him nearly passing out on her, she must think of him passed his prime and heading for an oap’s home. Shit!

‘Well you don’t have to run off do you? You could stay for breakfast.’ He stumbled over the words wanting her to stay, to let him prove he could make love to her for longer. He caught the tie of the belt and gently tugged it, holding on when she tried to get him to let go, pulling it till she had to sit on the bed or end up in a tug of war. This woman made him feel like a teenager again after he’d slept with his girl for the first time.

Al looked into Tico’s questioning glance, wondering why he wanted her to stay; hell if a man had fallen asleep on her she’d want him out pdq! ‘Tico, look I’m really sorry …. But …’ She started to say sorry for falling asleep.

Tico, embarrassed, thinking she was going to can his ass, butted in ‘Al, please let me have one more chance …….’

Both together they said, ‘I never meant to fall asleep I’m sorry!’ Al finished.

‘I won’t fall asleep on you, please.’ Tico came to a grinding halt.

They looked at one another, Tico slowly started to grin, ‘Did you say you fell asleep on me?’

‘You said you fell asleep?’ Al couldn’t believe it. ‘I thought you’d be pissed at me cause I crashed, but you did too?’ She started to laugh, tears quickly forming.

Tico couldn’t help himself he scooped her into his arms and held her tight as they both laughed themselves nearly sick.

Five minutes later they both calmed down to a snicker.

‘So you thought I’d be pissed that you’d fallen asleep on me and vice versa huh.’ Tico snickered again. He couldn’t believe how they’d nearly shafted this relationship, damn was it, before it had even started.

‘Yeah I was so flaming embarrassed I nearly died when I realised you were awake, and laying here looking like a sex god, and all I could think was why you weren’t trying to kick my butt out the door.’ Al said shaking her head, still feeling a little stupid.

‘Sex god huh?’ He grinned, ‘Hold that thought darlin.’ He said leaning in an softly kissing her, then pulling away, jumping naked out of bed and legging it to the bathroom, Al’s laughter following him.

Al nearly screamed when a thundering noise came from the room door.

‘Come on stud get your lazy ass up and let that hot woman up for air.’ Came, Richie’s, Jon’s and David’s voices and laughter, all of them banging on the door again!

Al decided to play them at their own game, and got off the bed and headed for the door. She checked in the mirror, mussing her hair up and slipping the robe nearly off one shoulder. Making sure she tightened the belt so it wouldn’t fall undone in front of them.

Chapter 13

They walked into the darkened room and Tico turned, pushed the door closed and turned the lock. He then slid Al down to the front of him biting his lip to keep from groaning out loud as her breast brushed his cheek.

As her feet touched the floor he pulled her to him, she could feel the need flowing from his every pore, ‘Darlin, if you have any doubts about this, tell me know before I can’t stop.’ He whispered against her lips. In answer she leaned forward and gently bit his bottom lip laving afterwards with her tongue.

‘Nope.’ Then slipped her tongue into his mouth, Tico groaned and ground himself into her softness as their lips mimicked what their bodies would soon be doing.

His hands did what he’d wanted to do for hours; they both went up and closed over her heaving chest, growling as they filled his palms, she let out a keening sigh as he caressed them. He rubbed and she purred in the back of her throat, lifting his head he looked into her heavy hooded eyes, ‘Take it you like that?’

‘Hell yes!’ And she kissed him again, her hand slipping down to cup him through his jeans. Hmmm she thought, and they say Richie’s big. He groaned into her mouth, and started to walk backwards to the bed, his hands now on her waist, pulling at the hem of her T, touching flesh, stroking it. Al’s mind melted into a puddle of want and need as she felt his hands on her.

¡Mujer del dios del Oh cuáles son usted que hace a mí! He whispered in her ear, shivers ran down her spine, knowing what he said it sounded sexy!

‘So I’m doing something to ya huh?’ She smiled at his stunned look, ‘I took Spanish for fun a couple of years ago. Let me see, ¡Deseo sentir su boca en mí, ninguna ropa, apenas su boca caliente!

Tico’s heart nearly stopped, ‘Well I always love to oblige.’ He pulled her T over her head, unsnapped her bra, caught her breasts in his hand and lowered his head to one. He lightly flicked his tongue over the tip, her moan shooting straight to his already engorged shaft. She grabbed his head and pulled him to her, he granted what she’d asked for and his mouth took in as much of her breast as he could. He sucked it hard, making her cry out, gently closing his teeth around it and biting. Her head fell back, eyes closed her breathing ragged.

Al was in heaven, his mouth moving from one breast to the other, sparks shooting down to her core, wetness invading her panties. He made his way back up her, kissing whatever he found, whispering to her, ¡Deseo estar en usted! ¡Profundo dentro de usted, AHORA! (I want to be in you! Deep inside you, NOW!)

She nearly came from that alone, in his deep gravely voice everything he said sounded like pure sex, but in Spanish it turned into molten sex! He gently licked his tongue over her lips, and then slipped in, stroking her tongue with his. Her hands fastened to his shoulders, needing the support to keep her upright.

Needing to feel him, she grasped his shirt and pulled it up, Tico refused to release her mouth, so it came to rest under his arms. Her fingers dived through the hair she found there, she sunk her fingers into his pecs, kneading them, and then flicking his nipples with the ends of her nails.

He sucked his breath in threw his teeth, ‘Darlin, next time we play, I need you now! Watching you all night just kept me getting hotter and hotter for you.’

With that he unzipped her jeans and went to pull them and her panties off, muttering when he realized her boots were still on. He dispatched them at lightening speed, need making his hands shake, kneeling he finished tugging off her garments. Leaning forward he gave in and placed a kiss on her mound, and then stood up and shucked his clothes.

Al smiled in awe at the naked man in front of her, his shaft standing out proud and long, his arms bulging trying to haul his need back in. His dark eyes glittering as he took his fill of her. He reached out a hand to her, she placed hers in his, and he took it to his lips as he’d done earlier and kissed it. Keeping hold he used it to reel her in, clasping her body to his. Letting her feel his desire for her, her nipples being tormented by the fur on his chest, he kissed her softly and moved her to the bed.

‘Forgive me, Al, I need you.’ He pushed her onto the bed, his hand snaking down and into her, as his lips took hers in a searing kiss that scorched her soul. His fingers piercing her, feeling she was ready for him, her juices coating his fingers, a growl emerged from his throat. Pulling up onto his hands, he looked deep into her soul as in one thrust he impaled her.

She screamed as an orgasm hit her.

Tico couldn’t believe how responsive she was to him, he pulled back and this time pushed back in gently, her hips leaving the bed taking him further in, he ground him self into her. Her head thrown back and neck arched, she convulsed on him again, another orgasm hitting her. He swore in Spanish and tried to hold onto his sanity a little longer.

Al ran her hands down his back, scoring her nails into his when the orgasm hit. Feeling him start to build up again, equally going slowly, then faster she gripped his ass and pulled him into her. Her nails sinking into his buttocks had Tico hammering into her, taking them both higher, she felt him near the edge, and squeezed him with her muscles.

‘Ah fuck.’ Shouted Tico as he felt her contract around him, he leant down and as his hips pistoned into her he took her breast in his mouth and sucked hard on it, sending them both crashing over the edge, Tico shouting at the top of his lungs, Al making a low moan convulsing around him, milking him for all she was worth.

He collapsed on top of her, and then rolled off to the side, taking her with him as he was still in her. He kissed her softly ‘Darlin you could probably kill me if this is what making love to you is going to be like.’

Al snuggled into his arms, loving the feel of him about and in her. ‘Nah, you’re too much of a stud for that to happen.’ Giggling as he swatted her ass.

‘Woman, you’d better be careful how you sass me. Revenge is a dish best served cold!’ He palmed both her ass cheeks and kneaded them roughly.

‘Babe, you doing that is only turning me on again.’ Snickering as his hands stopped. Only to jump at his bark of laughter, he laughed so hard his limp shaft finally slipped from her.

‘Ah darlin you are fuckin wonderful!’ Gathering her to him he settled in to wait out his laughter.

That’s how they fell asleep, wrapped in each others arms.

Chapter 12

‘Tico put me down!’ Al realised he wasn’t going to stop at the door and carried on going, she thought towards the lift, but at this angle she’d no idea. ‘Your showing me your just a caveman at heart, you’ve got a penchant for throwing women over your shoulder.’ She giggled, damn how many more times would he do this to her, she loved it.

‘Nope, you played me lady, now you get your punishment!’ He growled back, pushing the button, and waiting for the lift to arrive. He started a bit when he felt her hand on his ass, lovingly caressing it.

‘But Tiiiiiiiiiiico I didn’t start it, Richie did, why should I be the only one punished?’ She whined, playing it to the hilt, liking the view and deciding if he wouldn’t put her down she’d fondle his ass enjoying herself.

The lift arrived, Tico let the people out first, and they gave him side long glances having Al thrown over his shoulder, who blew kisses at them as they went passed. She felt a slap on her ass and jumped, ‘What the hell was that for Butch?’

‘Behave woman.’ Came the growling reply. ‘And stop playing with my ass.’

She laughed and carried on squeezing him, she heard him swear under his breath, only for her breath to catch as one of his hands meet out some torture of his own. It slipped under the cuff of her jeans and onto bare flesh, running up her calf, stroking and massaging it. Al went to jelly; just that small touch had her so turned on again it was unbelievable!

‘That’s a good girl.’ He smirked, he heard her groan as he continued just to run up and down her calf. Then he realised she was making little purring sounds in the back of her throat, and he also realised his jeans had become uncomfortable, damn!

Luckily for him and her, the bell pinged signalling they’d reach his floor. He walked down towards his room, ‘Hey just reach into my back pocket and grab the card key out for me.’

She did as he asked, and he turned her so she could open the door without him putting her down, she smiled at that.

Chapter 11

Al was still laughing when all of a sudden she was grabbed tipped backwards, a hand steadying her head, and lips connecting to hers! Tongue swooping into her mouth like a pirate on a raiding party. Her hands grabbed onto the kissers shoulders so she didn’t hit the deck, and looked into a pair of smiling chocolate brown eyes, and they didn’t belong to Tico!!!!

‘For fuck’s sake Sambora get the hell off my woman!’ Came the disgruntled and recognisable rumble of Tico’s pissed off tones. ‘How the hell did he get in here?? Rich, man I’m telling you if you don’t let go of her I’m gonna fuckin kill ya!’

Richie just carried on kissing the hell out of Al, moving so his hair covered their faces, he lifted his mouth just a fraction and said to Al, ‘Play along darlin.’ Grinned, and started to kiss her again as he pulled her upright. His lips gently left hers; nibbling them for the last time he turned to Tico, ‘Well hell bro you seemed intent on the fans than this wonderful woman.’ He cuddled her close, gently squeezing her waist.

‘But Tiiiiiiiiiiico I told you if you left me alone too long I’d have to find someone to occupy myself with.’ She gave him the puppy dog eyes and tilted her head to one side, sighing prettily, and looking put out with him, her hand playing with Richie’s shirt button, and gently grazing his bared chest.

Both Richie and Mike looked at each other, as Al’s other hand snuck down to Richie’s ass and goosed him, making him jump, thus earning another nasty look from Tico. Richie thought any minute now he’s going to explode, then his brain registered what she’d said, and had to bite back a laugh, damn she’s good!

Tico didn’t know what the fuck to do! She sat there looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, looking very puzzled as to why he was pissed. To top it all people where watching them.

‘I know ya did, but I thought you were joking! I got ready as fast as I could.’ he raked his hand through his hair wondering how the hell he could turn this around. ‘But hell baby did you have to give into that jackass?’

By now Jon, David, Hugh, Obie and Tony had joined them at the bar, watching the drama unfold was like watching a soap opera, they loved it!

Al looked up at Richie, her eyes sparkling with laughter, then at Mike, who she could feel shaking with unleashed laughter. Sighing dramatically she put her head into her hand, shaking it. Hopping off the stool she stepped across to Tico, wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled his unresisting head down to hers and kissed him with all her soul and lust. Just as he reached for her she stepped back, leaving him bereft of her mouth.

She looked back at Richie, ‘Sorry babe, but I must admit this jackass kisses a damn sight better than you, so I’ll take him.’ Looking at a stunned Tico she says to him, ‘But only on one condition sweetie.’

He manages to croak out, ‘What?’

Tilting her head again, pursing her lips, she took a deep breath, and Tico’s eyes bounced down to her chest, then snapped back up. ‘The condition is you learn how to spot your being punked by your brothers and myself!’ She waited.

The guys could see the wheels turning and steam coming out of his head as he tried to sort out what she’d just said. They knew the second the other shoe dropped; he grabbed her arm, ducked and threw her over his shoulder again. She squealed out loud with shock and laughter, the people around them started to laugh to.

He looked Richie in the eye, ‘You fuckin bastard, I’ll get you for that shit!’ Turning on his heel, camera flashed going off about him, he proceeded to walk towards the door, and giggling woman floundering over his shoulder, and his brothers laughing their asses off behind him!

Chapter 10

Al and Mike where still engrossed in their conversation, but were now on American football, he was amazed that a woman all the way over in the UK would be interested in it, she blew his mind. But as she said, she didn’t really understand the games rules and regulations, just like what she liked, and she shouted for several teams, NYG, Bear, Pats to name a few, not like Americans who were born and raised to love one team.

They’d down a few drinks, and she’d stopped checking the door for him, and really got into the conversation. But Mike ever the head of security had been in ear piece contact with his crew since they reached the hotel, not that he’d told Al that! And knew Teek was on his way. Fuck that was a damn fast shower, and he’d not waited for the others like they normally did. It must be love!

‘Damn I’ve gotta use the loo, tanks on full, be right back.’ She hopped off the stool and headed for the toilet.

As she headed out one door Tico came in the other. Mike grinned as Tico spotted him and started to hurry over, but got caught by fans waiting to meet and greet the band. He saw Tico’s frown from way over at the bar and laughed. But Tico the ever gracious man that he was started to sign books, shake hands and schmooze his way across the room. But being the only member to be in the bar he got mobbed. Mike told his team only to rescue him if he really needs it, otherwise let him suffer a bit more. The security team all laughed their asses off at that; they all knew Tico wanted to get to the mystery woman Mike was in charge of.

Al walked back to Mike, she was having a whale of a time talking to him, but she hoped Tico wouldn’t be much longer, her nerves were killing her. She looked towards the door but didn’t see Tico surrounded by fans. She hopped back up on the stool, Mike handed her a fresh drink, and she looked up at him frowning. ‘Tell me is it your job to get your bosses targets drunk off their asses so we’re easy for them to hit on?’

Mike nearly spat his malt across the bar, she looked so serious, ‘No it’s not, I would never pimp for one of the guys and they’d never ask me too either! How the hell did you ever think that of me?’ He looked shocked and injured all at the same time.

Al couldn’t help it she went under, tears streamed down her face, looking at him again and seeing the shocked WTF look made her worse and she was gasping for breath. The bartender and some of the guests looked at her, wondering what had set her off.

She finally looked up at him and said simply ‘Got ya!’ And she peeled off into another fit of laughter at his dumbfounded gaze.

Mike realised he’d been played as soon as she started to laugh her cute little butt of. Fuck! He could hear laughter on his head set, he’d never live this one down, and no one had ever pulled one over him, till today. Damn! His lips twitched, they he roared with laughter too, damn his sides hurt.

Tico’s head snapped up when he heard laughter, there at the bar stood Al with Mike, both laughing their asses off. He grinned wondering what had set them off. He excused himself from the group wishing them a great evening, and started towards the bar, determination etched on his face.

Chapter 9

Tico just laughed at the dead phone in his hand, she’d cut him off, damn she was one of a kind. Still laughing he got into the shower, and quickly washed his hair, then started to soap himself down. His hands gliding across his biceps, just like Al’s hands had, he groaned, he closed his eyes and thought of how she tasted when he kissed her, and the little noises she made.

He moaned, why the hell had he started on this train of thought, his dick was at full attention, throbbing and twitching as he thought of her hands, and how he’d love to have them on his dick now instead of his own as he washed it down, groaning again at the friction. He couldn’t believe the state he was in at his age! He rubbed the soap onto his chest, keeping away from his dick, hoping it’d die off.

He rinsed off, then seeing as he was still fully aroused, took the shower head and turned the water to cold and held it to him, yelping at the freezing cold water drenching his still rock hard dick. Damn it wasn’t going away, damn and double damn, he needed to take care of it. He turned the water back to warm a re hung the shower head.

He reached down, and took himself in hand, closing his eyes, he concentrated on Al again, her lips, mouth, and breathy little noises she’d made as he’d fondled her ass. His hand was now moving at a great rate, water cascading over his head, running down his chest and down onto his shaft, lubricating him so his hand could move faster and faster. His hips started to buck, he thought of her soft breast and how she’d feel in his mouth. He came fast and hard, his hips jerking spasmodically as he emptied himself into the shower, groaning, and hoping that would be the last time tonight he’d have to jerk off. He’d not done that in years!

After his legs stopped shaking he got out towelled off and got re dressed in record time. Slicking his still wet hair back he headed for the door and towards Al, who was waiting for him. A big shit eating grin spread across his face.

As he walked down the corridor, he banged on each of the guys doors not stopping, just doing it for the hell of it.

Half way down the corridor, Richie opened the door wrapped in a towel, searching for who'd just scared the crap out of him. He noticed Tico strutting towards the lift, damn he’d been quick, and then grinning remembering Al, and yeah if she was waiting for him he’d be bloody fast too. ‘Hey Torres, watch yourself at your age she could kill ya bro.’ and laughed out loud as Tico not stopping, raised his hand and flicked him the bird.

Chapter 8

The band finished on ‘Story of my Life’ unusual but the crowd loved it. They took there bows, slapping each other and waving to the fans, then calmly walked off stage.

Tico was looking for Al, but couldn’t spot her. He hoped to hell Mike had hold of her. Towels were thrown over his shoulders and they were all ushered to their cars. A clockwork system being in place had them on their way within minutes, and at the hotel not long after.

They got out of the cars and some fans were waiting for them, so they did a quick pic and autograph stop, chatting to the fans. Tico was looking like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, he still hadn’t seen Al.

Richie noticed Tico looking about and grinned, since his divorce a year ago Tico hadn’t looked at any women, let alone kissed their face off. He slapped Teek on the shoulder, ‘Don’t worry man, Mike won’t let anything happen to her, she’ll be here, chill.’

Tico grinned sheepishly up at Rich, and nodded. ‘Yeah I know but I just don’t want to loose her, she’s a special woman.’ Tico grinned up at Rich and he nodded and gave him a quick hug for comfort.

They went into the hotel and straight to their rooms so they could grab a quick shower and head off to the after show party in the hotels ballroom. They laughed and joked in the lift till they reached the top floor, which was all theirs.

‘Teek, do you realise we’ve never in 26 years, seen you act that way with a woman, even your ex’s!’ Dave pointed out to him, the others agreeing with him.

Tico held his hands up in surrender, ‘Hell, tell me something I don’t know! She caught my eye cause she was the only woman not watching Jonny or Rich shaking their asses. That alone warranted a closer look.’ Everyone cracked up because it was so true.

They all tumbled out of the lift and headed to their own rooms. Tico prayed that when he opened his, Al would be there. Taking a deep breath he opened the door. Fuck she wasn’t there. Where the hell had Mike stashed her? He opened his cell, scrolled down and hit call.

‘Mike the woman sitter here.’ Came the chirpy answer.

‘Where the fuck is she you asshole?!’ Tico growled down the phone.

Mike just laughed, ‘Here someone wants to talk to you.’ He thrust the phone at Al.

‘Hello!’ A hesitant voice answered. Tico sighed and started to calm down.

‘Hey little darlin, where’s he got you, I expected to see you soon as we got off stage, but you weren’t there, what happened.’ While talking he peeled off his sweaty T and soaking wet jeans, no underwear as was his ritual when playing a gig.

‘We tried to get to you, but the rest of Mike’s security team had you out the door before we could get there. Mike wasn’t a happy bunny when they realised you’d gone and I was stuck there. He commandeered a motorbike from some poor bloke and we’ve literally just got here. He’s taking me into the ballroom, I’m gonna take pics till you show up.’ She heard something that distinctly sounded like a zip undoing, and swallow hard. ‘Erm …. Tico, what are you doing?’

He gave a dirty chuckle, and turned on the shower, moving the phone nearer it so she could hear the water; pulling it away he grinned when he heard her moan, and then gasped when his dick decided it liked that sound. ‘Well baby, I need to shower, and I had hoped you might be up here to help wash my back, but looks like I’m on my own.’ He laughed again as she let out a mortified groan.

‘Shit you don’t play fair, do you? Hurry up and get your cute little Cuban ass washed and down here before I find someone else to occupy my time and hands with.’ She snapped Mike’s phone closed on him before he could say anything, and smirked.

Mike took the phone back laughing at how she’d ended the conversation with Teek; he knew he’d be down as fast as humanly possible to deal with this firecracker he’d landed. ‘Let’s get you a drink babe. What do you want?’ He dragged her behind him, not letting go of her.

‘Will you please stop calling me babe? I’m not a friggin pig! She shot at him.

‘Well I would but no one actually told me your name and you haven’t thrown it at me.’ He smiled down at her, noticing her cheeks go beet red.

‘Oooh my God, I’m sorry I didn’t realise.’ She held her hand out grinning up at him, ‘Hi Mike my names Alice or Al for short. How’d you do?’ She giggled when his large hand engulfed hers and squeezed gently.

‘Nice to finally meet you Alice.’ He said, and they both fell about laughing again. ‘Drink?’

‘Yeah I’ll have a jack and coke please.’

‘Lord not another one who drinks that crap!’ Mike delicately shuddered.

‘Hey I happen to like that drink.’ She told him snootily while he caught the bartenders’ eye.

‘Yeah so do some of the band, Jon starts off with it then hits the wine later.’ He rolled his eyes.
That started off a heated debate as to the best way to drink whiskey and what sort was the best to drink.