Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 12

‘Tico put me down!’ Al realised he wasn’t going to stop at the door and carried on going, she thought towards the lift, but at this angle she’d no idea. ‘Your showing me your just a caveman at heart, you’ve got a penchant for throwing women over your shoulder.’ She giggled, damn how many more times would he do this to her, she loved it.

‘Nope, you played me lady, now you get your punishment!’ He growled back, pushing the button, and waiting for the lift to arrive. He started a bit when he felt her hand on his ass, lovingly caressing it.

‘But Tiiiiiiiiiiico I didn’t start it, Richie did, why should I be the only one punished?’ She whined, playing it to the hilt, liking the view and deciding if he wouldn’t put her down she’d fondle his ass enjoying herself.

The lift arrived, Tico let the people out first, and they gave him side long glances having Al thrown over his shoulder, who blew kisses at them as they went passed. She felt a slap on her ass and jumped, ‘What the hell was that for Butch?’

‘Behave woman.’ Came the growling reply. ‘And stop playing with my ass.’

She laughed and carried on squeezing him, she heard him swear under his breath, only for her breath to catch as one of his hands meet out some torture of his own. It slipped under the cuff of her jeans and onto bare flesh, running up her calf, stroking and massaging it. Al went to jelly; just that small touch had her so turned on again it was unbelievable!

‘That’s a good girl.’ He smirked, he heard her groan as he continued just to run up and down her calf. Then he realised she was making little purring sounds in the back of her throat, and he also realised his jeans had become uncomfortable, damn!

Luckily for him and her, the bell pinged signalling they’d reach his floor. He walked down towards his room, ‘Hey just reach into my back pocket and grab the card key out for me.’

She did as he asked, and he turned her so she could open the door without him putting her down, she smiled at that.

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