Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 6

Richie realised that the dynamite woman taking their pictures had started to dance along to the song, her hips swaying and twitching, a little jiggle here and there. Watching her, he came to the conclusion she didn’t realise what she was doing, it was just reflex. He looked towards Teek to see if he’d noticed, then chuckled as he realised Teek was missing absolutely nothing where this woman was concerned.

Al walked over to Mike, Tico watching every move she made. ‘Hey how do I get down the front so I can take some fan view pics?’

‘Well darlin just follow me.’ He put his arm around her shoulders, and glanced at Teek, smirked at him and blew him a kiss, snapping of another salute. If looks could kill he’d be six foot under. Chuckling he led her off through the maze of backstage, and out at the side of the stage into the walkway between the stage and fans. ‘You can work from here, but I’m staying with you, got it?’

Al nodded and walked out into the front, shooting pictures of the fans that were singing and dancing along. They noticed her and shouted and waved. Laughing she turned her back and aimed the camera at the stage, just as Hugh looked down, his grin lit up his face and she caught it through her lens, perfect.

Jon noticed Hugh smiling down and wondered who he’d spotted. As usual they had fans that followed them all tour and some who just did their own country tours. The guys knew most of them by sight, and always threw grins, smiles and asset shaking at them. He danced across, grinned at Hugh and looked down.

He nearly missed the words as he realised who he was looking at; he glanced back to the stage just to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. Then he looked at her and gave her that, million dollar, panty soaking grin. Fans behind her screamed and nearly passed out. She just laughed and clicked him. He posed and preened, then goofed off for her.

Tico was worried, she hadn’t seen Al for a while now, and wondered WTF Mike had done with her, he’d kill him if he’d lost her! He noticed that Jon, Rich and Hugh were stood on Hugh’s side of the stage looking down into the fans. What the hell were they doing, and where the hell was Al?

What he didn’t realise was that above him on the screen the whole crowd could see Al taking pics of the guys, the camera man kept shifting between her and the three guys on the stage, mugging for all their worth, still singing and playing, but laughing themselves silly. Ah what a man does for a hot looking woman!

They started into the last song, well the one before the encores, throwing in One Wild Night for a change. The fans screamed the place down as the first bars echoed around the stadium and Jon started to cha cha across the stage. The place just erupted. Al got some great shots of him doing that, then the place went wild, fans singing and dancing again, even Al started to singing and dance, the camera man threw it up onto the big screen again as she shook her ass, not realising what he was doing. He thought, best job I’ve had in hell of a long time, grinning at Mike, who was smiling at her antics. This tape would probably end up in Teeks hands and his eyes only.

The place went ballistic as the song ended. The guys all got together, slapping each other, hugging and high fiving all over the stage. Tico was still looking to see if he could see Al, but to no avail. Hugh realised who he was looking for and grabbed him by the shoulders and marched him to the edge of the stage. Pointing down Tico followed his finger, and there camera in hand grinning up at him stood Al; he breathed a huge sigh of relief and slapped Hugh on the shoulder in thanks.

He went back to join the line up for the bow they always took, then waved to the crowd and he blew a kiss in Al’s direction, and walked off the stage. The crowd started chanting for them to do some more. They were all passed towels and Jon and Richie stripped off their shirts and quickly donned clean ones. Teek just gulped some water down and dried off his face and neck.

‘Well Teek, what do you think of Al?’ asked Jon grinning like an idiot, ‘I somehow get the impression she may just like you a little.’ With that the whole band started to laugh, Teek included.

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