Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 16

They both laid there, trying to regain their tenuous grip on their sanity.

‘Tico, your brothers are better than any protection! They seem to sense just the right minute to call.’ She laughed.

He just laid there praying for control, she moved her leg again and he thought he’d go threw the roof. ‘Al baby, please either lay still or move your leg.’ He growled at her, his arm thrown over his eyes.

‘What ……… oh Tico I’m sorry.’ She gingerly moved off him, seeing the tent in the towel, she grinned, she’d done that to him. He looked in agony, his chest heaving. ‘Sweetie, how long do you think before they call back?’ A devilish glint formed in her eyes.

‘I’ve no fuckin idea with those assholes; I need a cold sho ……’ He gasped and his arm flew from his eyes as he realised she was undoing his towel. ‘Al what ….’

Moving the towel away his shaft sprang free, she grasped it in her hand, smoothing it, gently scoring her nails over it, making Tico’s hips rise from the bed. ‘Well honey if you don’t realise what I’m gonna do then you’ve missed out over the years.

She scooted down and between his legs; she kissed the tops of both thighs. Tico lifted himself up onto his elbows, looking down at her blonde head, ‘You don’t have to, really ...’

‘Sssshhhh.’ was all he heard and with that she opened her mouth and flicked his head with her tongue. His head fell back and a deep growl wrenched from him. She blew over the top of his slit, making him gasp. The next thing he knew was her taking him all into her; she sank down his length her nose touching his stomach. It took all he had not to cum straight away. Her wicked fingers tugging slightly on his balls, gently rolling them his hips bucked and he fisted the covers to stop from grabbing her head.

His control slipping away as she continued to suck him, she hummed and he nearly went flying. Her head sped up moving up and down faster. Her hand wrapped about him causing more friction as she just sucked on the top of him. ‘Al, darlin …… I’m …gonna … Madre dulce del dios!’(Sweet Mother of God) The veins of his neck stood out as she deep throated him once more and he emptied himself into her mouth.

Al licked him clean. She’d looked up as he came, his muscles standing out on him arms as he nearly ripped the bed apart. His eyes tightly closed, head thrashing side to side, and all because she’d given him the release he’d needed. Grinning she crawled up his body, laughing when two steel bands clamped about her, holding her to him. ‘I think we need to get a move on before the kids come banging on the door again.’

He grinned and kissed her deeply, tasting himself on her. Damn she was wonderful and giving, not asking for herself but knowing he’d needed release. ‘Pienso darlin que podría amarle.’(I think darlin I could love you.)

Al froze, ‘No you don’t its just you cumin talking, now get your ass out of bed.’ She wriggled out of his arms and out of his reach and headed for the bathroom. Just about stopping herself from bolting the door shut. She took hold of the sink and looked into the mirror. Looking back was a tousled woman, who looked like she’d spent the whole night making love to someone. She groaned.

Outside, still sat stunned in bed Tico wondered what the hell went wrong!

Al quickly washed, and then finger brushed her teeth. Aw fuck! Her clothes were scattered about the bedroom. She sat down heavily on the toilet seat. How could he say that to her, they’d only just met! Did he not have any idea what saying something like that to a woman meant! She’d been half in love with him for over 20 years, now the other half had made itself known, and she could be all the damn way in love with the man. Sheeeesh! She really knew how to blow things out of proportion.

A tap at the door had her jerking, ‘Hey darlin thought you might need these.’ The door opened a crack and Tico’s arm appeared around the door, in his hand were her clothes, he waved the hand up and down a bit just incase she hadn’t seen them. Al grinned a little.

Walking over she took them from him, ‘Thanks.’

‘Erm look … if you need a clean T or something … you can raid my wardrobe. But only if you want.’ The growl coming through the door went straight to her stomach, he sounded unsure of himself.

‘Thanks Tico, I appreciate that.’ As she moved away he pushed the door open, Al turned and gulped, he’d put on some boxers, but that was all.

‘Al, what went wrong? One minute we’re enjoying ourselves, the next your running from the room like the Devil was after you. Spill lady, or the ‘kids’ are going to be banging on the door, cause we aren’t going anywhere till you fess up.’ All the time he talked he walked towards her, a glint in his eye, damn she looked cute and sexy still bundled in her robe.

‘Nothing went wrong ...’

‘Bullshit and you know it.’ He soooo wished he’d got a cigar.

Al gaped at him, she’d never heard of him raising his voice. ‘Look its nothing, but you have to understand I’m a fan! Been one for twenty plus years, and like all fans we have, shall we say, feelings for you guys, ones that we never expect to be able to act on.’ She took a deep breath and looked him in the eye, ‘But your telling me you could love me is just so damn surreal it’s fuckin scary. It’s like something out of a dream, and truthfully if it is, I don’t want to wake up. Satisfied?’

Tico couldn’t believe how stupid he’d been, he gathered her, clothes and all into his arms. ‘Darlin I’m sorry, I didn’t think when I said that, I felt it so I said it, it’s how I am.’ He kissed her forehead. ‘I should have thought, but I didn’t and for that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for scaring you too. This isn’t a dream, and I’m so glad it’s not, because it means I get a chance of happiness that I thought had long passed me by. So what do you say we take it a little slower, not much though because I love making love to you?’ He all but growled the last sentence making Al shiver, he grinned knowing what it was doing to her. ‘Let’s get to know one another properly.’

Al sighed, wondering if she should take this chance on having a bit of happiness in her life. Tico lifted her chin and gently placed his lips on her, not deepening it just resting there. She sighed and her hands wandered up his arms on their own accord and onto his shoulders. They never deepened the kiss, and when they’d finished she snuggled her head into his neck, standing like that for what seemed an eternity.

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