Sunday, 16 December 2007

Chapter 32

Al knew it was in here somewhere, she’d not long finished it.

All the guys heard was a loud ‘Gotcha!’ Then a grinning Al walked out of her studio with a canvas in her hand.

She stopped dead in her tracks and took in the scene before her. All the guys crashed on her couches, another bottle in hand, looking straight at her. Damn it was surreal!

Walking up to Hugh she passed him the canvas. ‘I haven’t had time to hang this; I only finished it a couple of days ago. Sorry.’ Reaching over she gave him a peck on the cheek.

Hugh had to choke back the tears that formed in his eyes when he saw she’d done his portrait too, his bass in the background. ‘It’s beautiful Al, thank you so much.’ His eyes sparkled with the unshed tears, he wouldn’t cry, but he wanted to show how much he was touched by this.

Jon took the canvas of a grinning Hugh and whistled, ‘Damn boy she made you look handsome!’ Hugh laughed. He knew Jon recognized the fact he was choked up.

Tico walked over to Al and grabbed her into a bear hug, ‘¡El querido que era la mayoría de la cosa del unselfish cualquier ventilador ha hecho siempre! Lo más apenas posible tienda para no hacer caso de Hugh. ¡Usted es uno en millón!’ (Darling that was the most unselfish thing any fan has ever done! Most just tend to ignore Hugh. You are one in a million!)

‘Ningún no soy. Apenas le trato como iguales en la venda. Y de todos modos tengo gusto de Hugh.’ (No I'm not. I just treat all of you as equals in the band. And anyhow I like Hugh.)

‘Awww hell their off again!’ This came from David, who sat rolling his eyes.

‘C.D, shove it!’ Al smirked over at him.

He waggled his eyebrows, ‘Where do ya want me to shove it?’ He leered over at her.

Richie hit him in the arm! ‘Man you’re just sad!’

‘Aww fuck, that hurt! And I ain’t sad, just horny!’

The whole room groaned.

Al looked around at all their laughing faces, they seemed so relaxed. ‘Tico, miel. ¿Usted todo realmente desea salir para una comida? Qué significo es si usted como podría cocinarnos todos los una comida. Usted todo se parece tan cómodo.’ (Tico, honey. Do you all really want to go out for a meal? What I mean is if you'd like I could cook us all a meal. You all seem so comfortable)

Tico looked at his brothers all sprawled out and looking like they’d settled in for the night.

‘What you say Al?’ Richie asked.

‘Al wants to know if you really want to go out for food, or stay here and she’ll cook us a meal.’ He grinned knowing these guys never turned down home cooked food.

David jumped of the couch, and threw his arms about Al picking her up and swinging her round; hugging and squeezing the life out of her. ‘Fuck Teek I’m definitely gonna marry her now! You mean you’d cook for us starving men?’

‘David put me down and let me breathe.’ Al choked out a laugh; air whizzing back into her lungs when he released her, he stood back looking abashed. ‘Yeah I’ll feed you, you fed me this morning. So fairs fair!’

She walked off towards the kitchen. Looking in the window she laughed realising she looked like the pied piper, but instead of rats she had men trailing her.

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