Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 2

Jon realised who Teek was eyeing, and grinned. She looked cute, and he’d noticed she hadn’t once taken her eyes off Teek! I think she deserves a little something, something for not looking away from Teek. He nodded to the security guy; they got into the pit ready to help the lucky woman out. All the women went wild as he reached the part of the song he chose someone to dance with. The little blonde didn’t even realise he was nearly in front of her, Jon grinned. He moved in front of her and she tried to look around him as every other female tried to grab his ass and crotch!

The next thing Al realised was someone had her in a vice grip on her waist and she was lifted out of the pit and onto the stage, she squealed in surprise, nearly dropping her camera. Her hand was taken and she finally looked at the man in front of her. Holy mother of God! Jon Bon friggin Jovi had her hand and was pulling her into his arms!

Tico glared at Jon, who was watching him, as the blond was manhandled into his arms. Tico missed the beat and flipped Jon off. Jon let his head fall back and laughed his ass off. Grinning he looked down into the eyes of the shell shocked blond. ‘Hey little darlin, lets dance.’

He pulled her in tight and proceeded to waltz her back and forth past Tico, who now had a murderous look on his face. ‘What’s your name babe?’ He leaned his head down to her ear, speaking directly into it, nothing, not a hitch or a shudder. Well fuck! Suppose there’s a first time for everything he thought. Damn she was petite, about Teeks height. He smirked again.

Al wasn’t to sure what the hell Jon was trying to do but he really was pissing her off! All she wanted to do was look at Tico. ‘The names Al, now why don’t you introduce me to the Hitman?’ She looked into those baby blues and didn’t flinch.

Jon’s jaw nearly hit the floor, she really did want Tico. He stood stock still on the stage. ‘You really mean that don’t you?’

‘Yup.’ She fluttered her eyelashes at him.

The guys realising something was amiss stopped playing. Richie took the mic, ‘Hey asshole what the hell ya doin?’ Richie looked confused.

Jon took hold of Al’s arm and led her to his mic. ‘Well you really wanna know?’ The crowd went wild screaming yeah at him. Glancing at his brothers, with the exception of a pissed Teek, were all looking perplexed.

Keeping her tucked into his arms he explained, much to Al’s embarrassment! ‘It’s like this, she don’t want me.’ The women in the audience screamed in protest. Jon put on his puppy dog eyes, looking totally put out. ‘She’s just told me she wants …….’ He let the sentence run off. The guys shouted ‘Who’ and so did 90,000 other people!

Al seriously thought about strangling Jon then and there, she’d get away with it, temporary insanity! She tried to move away from him, he just pulled her closer and tightened his arms, leaning down he said to her, ‘Ah ah aha naughty, naughty you’re not going anywhere darlin.’

She leaned back so she could see him, Richie asking who again, smiled sweetly looked him straight in the eye and said succinctly ‘Bastard!’

Jon nearly went to his knees laughing, damn this one had spunk!

Richie walked over, and crowded her between them. ‘Well if she doesn’t want you, then it must be me!’ He looked down at the woman looking like she wanted to smack the shit out of Jon! That’d be a first. He turned on the Sambora charm. His chocolate brown eyes beamed down at her.

‘Fuck off Sambora.’ The reply came whizzing up at him, green eyes shooting daggers at him! An elbow connected with his stomach.

Richie’s jaw hit the floor, and Jon went under again, tears streaming down his face. Lord if he wasn’t careful he’d need his inhaler. ‘Oh folks we’re running two for two here, she don’t want either of us!’ The crowd went wild again.

Al just wanted to crawl into a dark place and hide, what the hell was wrong with her, here she was, sandwiched between to gorgeous men, both vying for her attentions, and she told them both to take a hike! Other women would kill for these hot, toned and sweaty bodies pressing themselves on them. She groaned, and her head dropped forward, unthinkingly onto Jon’s undone shirt.

His arms went around this petite firecracker, he heard her moan, and grinned stupidly at Richie, who still couldn’t get his head around what she’d said. At this point David joined them, hell definitely not a normal night. ‘What about me, do I do it for you sweetheart?’

Al glanced up from Jon’s chest, ‘Nope, sorry.’ David laughed and went back to the pianos.

Jon had finally stopped laughing, but had a big shit eating grin on his face. ‘Ok people, just a minute.’ The crowd went off again. He took hold of Al’s sweaty palm, clapped Rich on the shoulder, and walked her towards Tico.

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