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Chapter 134

‘Ally, querido, it’s time to wake up. The boys are here; come on my slug a bed, time to get up!’ He laughed as she muttered under her breath. ‘Now, now angel, don’t be like that, you knew Jon would be here early, you wanted to play last night.’ He kissed the nape of her neck and brushed his fluff around for good measure, he’d learnt this woke her up very nicely.

Ally cranked open an eye and glared at the clock, ‘Shit what he do give Rich some speed, and you were the one who wanted to play Torres!’ The clock shouted at her it was just after nine, in the damn morning! Tico’s hands had started to wander and he was definitely leaving his mark of her shoulder and neck.

‘Damn it Torres any of those show and your ass is in serious trouble.’ But her arm had snaked over her head and held his mouth into her neck and he bit gently down on it making her groan, then bitched that the guys had turned up early, then at him for getting her wound up knowing they were downstairs.

‘I can’t bloody win with you woman.’ He laughed, turned her, kissed her deeply till they were both breathless, flipped her onto her front and gave her a resounding slap on the ass, making her squeal and swear revenge.

He laughed evilly, told her he loved her and not to be too long otherwise someone, Richie, would come looking for her; with that threat he left her rubbing her smarting ass and diving for clothes, Richie was a pain when pulling her out of bed.

Grabbing her jeans and one of Tico’s shirts she headed for a quick shower, making sure she locked the door before heading into the bathroom, Sambora wouldn’t get in today.

Half an hour later, hair still damp and nothing on her feet, she headed downstairs; at the top she could hear the kids winding their fathers/uncles up and laughed. Ah nothing like a full home.

As she hit the bottom, Richie hijacked her into a bear hug and dipped her for a hot kiss. Setting her upright he had the goofiest grin on his face, ‘Got ya baby.’

Al rolled her eyes and with an arm around his waist they wandered into the kitchen, where chaos seemed to reign with David firmly in the thick of it.

‘Jesus Shirley are you trying to ruin our home?’ She grinned as he caught the eggs that Hector nearly dropped; Hec launched himself at Al for a quick cuddle, no kiss in front of the other boys, lord he was growing fast at nearly seven, and then headed off with his cousins.

‘Hey don’t look at me; Lurch suggested we get out all the goodies for you to make breakfast with.’

She looked up at Richie and pinched his ass making him yelp, ‘You making me work bub?’

‘Oh for god’s sake Sambora, get your butt in there and start cooking, you can’t expect her to cook on our first day here you moron!’ Jo bitched smacking her husband upside the head, ‘Goon.’

Richie grabbed his wife of just over a year and dipped her low and laid one hell of a kiss on her, his hand lovingly rubbing her growing bump, ‘Always baby, always, that’s why you married me.’ His grin was blinding and Jo gulped, even now he could turn her to mush with that look. They’d met a two months after Al and Tico got together, at a show in the U.S.A, Al had finally introduced the men to the women they’d been courting via phone and internet, and Richie had swept her off her feet and kept her off them, finally begging her to marry him a year later, and that year since was magical!

‘Oh god daddy let Jo up will you its so embarrassing!’ Ava moaned spotting her dad and step mom in another clinch, but she loved seeing him so happy, and she’d always got included in the love they shared, and couldn’t wait for her sister to make an appearance!

‘Aw darlin she’s feelin left out, come here baby.’ Ava took one look at her dad’s face and started to run, Richie in hot pursuit, Ava laughing and screaming at the same time.

Jo just looked at the others and rolled her eyes, ‘What can I say, he’s a loon.’ She shrugged her shoulders and waddled over to Al to hug and kiss her friend.

Al laughed as she heard the squealing and roaring of the Sambora’s running amok through the house and into the new extension they’d built onto the old one, it nearly tripled the size of their home. The new part housed masses of bedrooms and bathrooms for children and adults alike, enough to hold all the Jovi men their families and anyone else who turned up when they took up residence in London, which they now did on a regular basis.

Liz, Anna, Sandy, Jo and Mandy all gathered about Al, their husbands laughing as the girls laughed and giggled with one another rolling their eyes it wasn’t like they’d been apart for more than three weeks, they’d all been at Jon and Liz’s for several weeks one big family holiday at casa de Jovi, as Al called it.

‘God, talk about a waddling parade.’ Mandy laughed, lord knows how it had happened, well they knew how, too much sex, but all five women starting with Liz, and then going to, Jo, Sandy Anna and Mandy were all pregnant at the same time, though not all due the same time. Their husbands swore they’d not set out to try and beat one another, the girls begged to differ.

The only one who’d not fallen was Al, she’d put on a brave face when her girlfriends had phone one after the other to tell her the good news. She’d been happy for them, but had cried herself to sleep, and that two and a half years into her marriage to Tico, she’d still not got pregnant. He’d held her and sung her to sleep every time the phone went with another saying she was pregnant. She’d checked, and neither Tico nor she had any problems, the doctor’s just kept telling her it would happen one day. Hell she was forty-eight and a bit, and had all about given up, till now.

They’d married three months after they’d first met on a beach on a private island in the Bahamas, all the Jovi men wearing white cotton loose trousers, and white silk billowing pirate shirts, that’s what the girls told them anyway, they all had them opened to show loads of chest and fur, and bare feet. All the boys wore a little different version of the men’s outfits.

Sandy and Jo were there as Richie and David’s dates, and to be bridesmaids. Richie and David made several moves that day that made the girls toes curl! The girls not believing how fast their lives had changed, drooled over the chests, hair, feet you name it, and they drooled.

Mind you so did Al, Tico’s hair had grown a little longer, his fluff had a little more to it, Al had begged him to grow some more, he’d agreed, and the look in his eyes shone of his love for her. She walked to him that day in a pale blue and soft lilac coloured floating dress that had small spaghetti straps, and then fitted under her bust then fell away into many handkerchief points layered over each other so it looked like it would part any second and reveal more than it should, but it never did. It fell to her ankles and her bare feet, on her head a wreath of baby’s breath and lilac bud roses were intertwined, her hair too was longer and fell nicely in loose curls.

All her girl friends, and her now nieces, wore a similar version of Al’s dress, but a little shorter, in baby pale pink and lemon. As the walked towards the waiting men and family members they looked like a bouquet of beautiful pale flowers.

When they’d exchanged vows, and rings Tico kissed his new wife deeply not letting her go, till the minister coughed gently. His brothers just laughed and caught hold of the women in their lives and kissed them too. The photographer friend of Jon’s didn’t know which way to turn with all the kissing going on!

On his finger looking back at him, the ring she’d given him a few months before, the matching necklace still adorned his rock hard chest. It just felt right this time.

And if you looked at Jon, Richie, David, Hugh and Mike’s fingers now, you’d see Al’s designs there too, she’d taken great delight as each girlfriend asked her to make their husband-to-be’s rings and on their toned hot chests rested a necklace that matched their rings, the girls had loved the idea of the engagement necklaces. And most of the engagement rings and wedding bands the women wore had been made by her too.

Hector had stood with his uncles as ‘best men’, his face beamed all day.

‘When you came down you had a far away look on your face, what gives.’ Liz asked as the girls joined the rest of the melee, Tico cocked his head, he’d wondered too.

‘When Tico woke me I was having a wonderful dream.’ She smiled seductively at him.

‘Oh you mean a hot one about Jonny Depp.’ Steph snickered, and ducked at the towel her dad threw at her.

‘No, honey, I was dreaming about when I met Tico and the guys for the first time, and that first week we were together.’

‘Oh you mean the one where you maimed daddy.’ She laughed harder remembering that time, it seemed like yesterday and here she was turned eighteen. She looked over at Liz, she was a wonderful stepmom, and she kept her dad in check! Something her mom never seemed to manage, and now she’d soon be a sister again to twins, they thought one of each as the scans couldn’t seem to get it together, her dad was ecstatic, but Liz had threatened if he toured in the first year of them being born, she’d divorce him; he’d not got anything booked, though they’d already written a new album. Jon seemed more than content to stay home with Liz.

Jon had finally talked Liz into becoming the next Mrs Bongiovi eight months after Tico and Al had tied the knot, and they’d spent time just the two of them, plus the kids of course when they visited, till Liz had suggested they may like to extend their family of four, Jon had jumped up and down and shouted ‘Hang on baby, you’re getting the ride of your life!’ And proceeded to impregnate her on the first go! Damn fertile male! He’d been strutting like a peacock after she’d started to throw up, crowing he’d done it in one go. Liz had hefted a vase, testing the weight, he’d shut up then kissed her silly, removing the vase and putting it out of her reach.

‘Oh god don’t bring that up baby girl, it hurts just to remember.’ Jon winced, and kissed Al hello.

David followed suit as did Sandy his wife of eight months and already pregnant! They’d married a month after Rich and Jo. The press had a field day with the way Jovi men had all jumped back into marriage. The guys just grinned and said it was Ally and Tico’s fault.

Then there was Anna and Mike, he’d finally conned her into marrying him five months ago when she’d announce ashen faced she was pregnant, and told her no child of his would be born out of wedlock, she’d folded gracefully, kicking and bitching all the way.

Hugh and Mandy had let the wedding fever calm down and a year and a half after they’d got together, they’d married in Scotland with the band looking on. Now she too was pregnant.

All the Jovi men were now happily married and fathers in waiting, but Al could see Tico looking longingly at his sisters in laws and their bumps of various stages.

Carol and John Snr had come over with everyone; they’d decided they’d keep an eye on their grandchildren and have a second honeymoon. Jon had pointed out they’d had many honeymoons over the last couple of decades. John Snr had looked lovingly at his wife and told his son to shut the hell up; son did as told, his wife snickering softly behind his back. She really did love her in laws.

As the food was cooked and consumed, Al gazed about the room watching her brothers and their families, all the children inhaling food so they could get on with their holiday and the laughter that echoed off the walls, she sighed with total contentment.

Tico heard her and wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her onto his lap, ‘You okay miel?’

‘Yes, I’m just happy, everyone’s here. Do you realise that it’s the exact date we met two and a half years ago?’ She kissed him gently, savouring the feel of his fluff against her face.

‘You think I’d forget the day god saw fit to give you to me, no querido I didn’t forget in fact…..’ He nudged Richie who grinned and pulled a long box from his wife’s purse.

‘Hey how the hell did that get in there Rich?’ Jo looked on perplexed.

‘Slight of hand darlin, you know I’m good at that.’ He leered lovingly at her; she slapped him on the arm.

Tico took the box and handed it to his wife, Al’s hands shook as she took the box from him and realised the whole damn room was watching her. ‘Lord you lot could make a saint sweat!’ She tore at the paper and inside was a Tiffany’s box, she looked at Tico, who had a stupid ass grin on his face, he liked giving her gifts when she least expected them. Most were art, but a few bits of jewellery had appeared, but he’d always wanted to buy her something from Tiffany’s, but she’d said no, as she’d be scared of loosing it. ‘You didn’t?’

‘It’s insured, it gets lost or stolen we’re covered now open the damn box woman!’ He knew exactly what ran through her mind and it was scary!

Opening the lid she gasped, there lay a breath taking necklace, Tico lifted out of the box and gently placed it about her neck, ‘It’s called, now let me get this right, an oval spessartite with marquise diamonds in platinum. And when I saw it I thought of you amour, I’ve always said you have my heart, this is as close as I can get to really giving it to you.’ It nestled warmly against her chest catching the light and sparkling with fire.

Al’s eyes filled with tears and she reached for her husband, kissing him then burying her head in his neck, ‘Aw well done Teek, you’ve made her cry!’ David moaned, ‘You know if one starts the others will follow!’ Looking at Sandy he could see he was right, she’d filled up, sighing he hauled her into his arms and cuddled her; Tico noticed the rest of his brothers doing the same with their wives.

‘Tico, it’s beautiful, but you didn’t have to I have you and Hector, and yes this motley bunch, my life is complete.’

‘But miel I wanted you to have it, you won’t make me take it back will you?’ He put on his most soulful eyes and she laughed telling him no.

‘Actually I have something for you; I got it yesterday, just a minute.’ She hopped off his knee and flew upstairs. She was going to tell him last night, but he’d side tracked her into oblivion.

She grabbed the wrapped package out of the bedside drawer and headed back down. Everyone was exactly where she’d left them, minus the younger children. Walking over to Tico she kissed him and handed him the package. He quickly made short work of the wrapping, and then looked totally confused at her, his brain not really computing what he’d got in his hands.

The whole room held it’s breath as finally recognition dawned on him and he whooped and grabbed his wife into a bear hug and scattered kisses over her face rapidly talking in Spanish telling her how wonderful she was, and he couldn’t wait to be a father again! ‘How far along do you think you are?’

‘About a month and a bit, I thought I was on the change, but I guess not.’ He pulled her to him again and just held on, his eyes tearing up.

The whole room erupted and congratulations and kissing became rife.

‘When did you do it?’ Tico managed to ask her.

‘Yesterday, I never got chance to tell you, you distracted me.’ Her eyes became heavy lidded as she recalled last nights passionate love making.

His face went white, ‘Damn it I could have hurt our baby! That’s it those chains and cuffs are gone!’

Al burst out laughing as the whole place went quite, and then she flushed red.

‘Chains, cuffs, holy hell do tell!’ David waggled his brows and leered at Al. ‘You’ll have to stop chaining her up Teek!’

‘Why? You like it too Shirley!’ Sandy snickered loudly as David clapped a hand over her mouth.

Al laughed then looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘Who said I was the one tied up?’

Stephanie squealed with laughter and Jon went white as he realised she knew what they were talking about.

Everyone started to talk at once, and laughing at David’s shocked look, they moved into the lounge. Al picked up the pregnancy test that yesterday completed her life, and threw it in the bin; she didn’t need it any more. She was finally pregnant and married to the man of her dreams and fantasies, damn life was incredibly good!

Her husband held out his hand to her and she walked towards him and their future, together, forever.

The end?

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Chapter 133

She went off looking for Tico, the necklace and ring in her clutches hoping he wouldn’t think her silly.

She popped her head around the door to check on Hector and Romeo, walking over she shook her head and laughed softly. Both boys were on their fronts, legs out of the covers, that they just had covering them. She pulled the covers over them, kissed their heads, and stroked their hair, sighing, walked out.

Heading to their room she opened the door and heard the shower going, she salivated at the thought of water cascading down his taught muscular body, she shed her clothes quickly!

She put the necklace and ring in the nightstand drawer for later, now her lust was calling!

She slipped in behind him and her hands caressed his back and she wrapped them about him, taking strength from him before her deft hands wandered south making his breath hiss between his teeth as she found his already straining erection.

‘Thinking about me were you?’ She chuckled.

‘Nah, it has a life of its own, couldn’t stop it from growing and damn if it likes you petting it!’ It jumped in her hand, making her chuckle.

‘Aw look its needy.’ And began to move faster on it, making Tico groan, she knew just how to play him. Just as his eyes started to roll back in his head she stopped, and picked up the soap, starting to wash herself, a look of total innocence on her face.

Tico’s eyes snapped forward as the water hit his raging hard on, glancing at her and that look, ‘Perra (bitch).’ He whispered softly as he backed her up to the wall and menaced her slightly.

A shiver went down Al’s spine at the darkness of his growl and the look in his eye was molten, ‘Cabrón (bastard).’ Was her reply as he crowded her into the wall, his mouth swooping down to claim her, his tongue not asking for permission, just taking what he wanted, needed, his hand clamped to her breast pummelling it, and pinching the nipple and pulling firmly, Al moaned into his mouth. He’d always been gentle’ish with her before this was a new side of him and she liked it!

Al’s arms looped around his neck, and then squeaked as he picked her up and carried her to her bed. ‘The covers Torres, they’ll get soaked!’

‘Tough.’ And she squealed as he heaved her up and threw her onto the bed, bouncing as she hit. His hands clamped onto her ankles anchoring her there as she would have scooted out of reach. His hands stayed on her legs as he worked his way up onto her, as she tried to sit up he pushed her back not allowing it. He finally sat on her hips and looked down at her a pure evil glint in his eyes. ‘I found something today, and I saw a different side to you my angel.’

He leant forward and when she thought he’d kiss her he passed her by and put his hand under the pillow, pulling back, she flushed red seeing what was in his hands, her ‘toy’ box, she groaned louder and he laughed a down and dirty one, her insides quivered, then she jumped as he set it on her stomach and proceeded to open it.

He pulled out several different vibrators, some lubricant, and scented oils and last but not least hand cuffs, two sets just single ones, and two sets of two, his eyebrow winged up in question.

‘Leg ones.’ Was all she squeaked out, as he took the single ones and snicked them onto her wrists.

‘Guess what else I found?’ She gulped, he’d really looked.

‘Stay still querido.’ His voice told her he meant it; she shivered again, this time in anticipation of what he was going to do. Climbing off her, he moved once again to the head of the bed, reaching down into the corner he pulled out one length of chain that if you didn’t hunt for it, you’d never know it or the others were there, but he’d been nosy and knew there were four lengths of chain in each corner.

He reached for an arm and snapped the cuff to the chain, Al’s core started to heat up and she could feel the wetness start to drip. He walked around the bed, told her to move, and secured the other arm. He ran his hand from the cuff down her arm and to her breast where he roughly pinched it, Al’s body arched from the bed. ‘Well, well, well my love, looks like you like to ‘play’ a little.

Her green eyes had turned a deep mossy green with unleashed desire, and the thought he knew her secrets.

Tico was in awe, none of his wives or girlfriends had liked being tied up, and it wasn’t something he’d ever thought of till he’d stumbled over her box, and had seen what she’d got in it, scenarios had run through his head for most of the evening, but he’d kept it to himself till she’d played him. He watched her writhe on the bed, and his erection became painful, it’s head glistening more with each whimper she let loose.

His hands wandered down her stomach, making a quick foray into her dripping centre, roughly playing with her clit, then ramming three fingers deep into her, making her start to scream when he rapped out, ‘Be quite!’ She pulled the scream back in fast, if she did scream she’d wake the kids up.

His fingers moved easily with all the juices dripping from her, he leant over while still pumping her and latched onto her breast equally sucking and biting them both. Al was nearing the top of the high jump, and just as she started to go over he pulled out his fingers and let go of her breast, she swore up one side and down the other, even questioning his birth, all spewed out in Spanish, it made him smirk that she’d forgone her native tongue and sunk into his to curse him out.

‘Ah amour, I just love it when you talk dirty to me.’ Leaning over her he kissed her deeply.

‘You want dirty Torres; I want you to fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk for the next week. I want to come so hard I nearly break your dick! I want you so deep inside me, I won’t know where I finish and you start. Most of all miel I want you to love me.’

‘Always luz de Dios mio(light of my life), always.’ He crawled between her spread legs, his head dipped and her breath hitched, ‘Remember querido, quite!’ His hands went under her butt, tilting her to his gaze, she lifted her head and watched as he blew over her heated centre, Al’s head fell back and her hips tried to get closer to that wicked mouth. She didn’t have to beg as his tongue flicked out, straight and true directly into her, piercing her and a stifled scream clamped into her throat as he began to clean her, his tongue drilling deeper, his fluff giving another side to the torture his tongue was creating.

As she started that climb again, her hands wrapped around the chains and held on for dear life, and as she crested, he stopped again! In Spanish she told him what she’d do to his manhood if he didn’t let her cum, and he’d better watch out for a horses head appearing in bed with him sometime soon. To which he chuckled and told her that was what Italians do! She told him to go shred his dick, he winced!

He realised though she was near the end of her rope and if he wasn’t nice to her, he’d suffer later! He dropped a kiss on the top of her mound and started to slid up her body, her hands trying to touch him, then bitching at being tied up, ‘Hey baby, you could have said no, but you didn’t’.’ He smirked and slowly continued his way up her body, using his teeth, tongue and fluff to make her moan.

He played with her breast again, biting them a bit harder than he normally would, making her try to rub herself against his leg to relieve the ache he’d created. Looking at her he saw the fine film of perspiration shimmering over her body, her teeth worrying her bottom lip, her chest rising and falling at a rapid rate.

He positioned himself at her entrance and when she raised her hips, he moved backwards, causing more swearing, before she could finish the sentence, he latched onto her nipple and pulled it hard, simultaneously he reared forward and buried his dick deep into her in one thrust.

Al came, and passed out with the force of her orgasm.

She came too seconds later finding Tico starting to pick up his pace again, her body, way ahead of her head, was already undulating under him. ‘You okay miel?’ he’d been a little scared when he realised she’d passed out, but her body had started to lead him on again and he’d, well, gone with it.

‘I’d be even better if you released me.’ She purred and her inner muscles squeezed him; within seconds he’d unsnapped the cuffs and was once again buried deep within her, blowing both out of their minds within minutes.

Stated and sweaty they curled together, ‘Wow, amour, that was, amazing. I never thought you had a little fetish going on.’ Tico snickered.

‘If you hadn’t been so damn nosy, you still wouldn’t and I’d have gotten rid of the damn chains with you none the wiser. I’d forgotten about the fuckin things, they were from a passed life of mine.’ She moved and pushed them back into the dark recess of the bed, then snuggle back down with him, he laughed.

‘Well for what it’s worth, I’m glad there still there. To see you so turned on, made me hotter than I ever thought possible. But don’t worry baby, next time we play there won’t be anyone else in the damn house.’ His voice had dropped and his eyes had gone liquid chocolate with the promise of things to come. ‘Maybe for our honeymoon?’ he waggled his brows at her.

With that Al shot upright and said, ‘Damn!’

‘Hey it’s not that ba…..’

‘No not that silly, I’ve got something for you if you want it?’ She shyly opened the drawer and pulled out the ring and necklace. ‘I thought seeing as you gave me an engagement ring, I’d give you something in return.’ She held out her hand and the necklace dropped down, catching the little light from the nightstand.

‘You made this.’ It wasn’t a question, more a statement. Al nodded and Tico took the necklace from her and turned it this way and that in the light, marvelling that she could make something so beautiful. He slipped it over his head and jumped a little as the cold metal touched the middle of his chest, but it soon warmed to his body’s temperature. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her, ‘Amour it’s wonderful, I’ll never take it off.’

‘I’ve got this too, it sort of matches the necklace, and normally no two things I make look alike, but these did. She held out the ring and Tico marvelled again, they did match.

‘My wedding ring?’

‘If you want it?’

‘Want it, amour, it’s perfect, it’s what I’d look for in a ring. When we marry, this will be the ring I’ll put on and never remove. Ally its gorgeous your work is fantastic, hell seeing my necklace the guys will want one.’

‘Well there’s enough in my work room to go about, but this one I’d never have parted from, it seemed to be made for the man I’d eventually marry.’

‘I love you Ally, so damn much. You’re mine and mine alone, as I am yours, you know that right?’

‘I should you tell me all the time. And I love you too my Latin lover.’ She giggled as he started to kiss her and bank the fires again; it looked like it was going to be a long hot steamy night!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Chapter 132

The rest of the afternoon and into evening became an engagement party of sorts, back at Al’s, the TV playing to itself in the corner.

Jon put out a few calls to places and lots of party food appeared as if by magic. The kids thought it wonderful, Al just told him off!

‘Blondie, you didn’t have to do this, we’ve got enough food to feed a damn army in this house! And you cater in more!’ She rolled her eyes at him.

David walked over and slung an arm about her shoulders, ‘Babe get used to him taking over. He forgets he’s not the boss of others half the time, it’s his age.’ He dropped a kiss on her and headed off with Jon’s curses floating after him.

‘Well this will be the last time you do that, won’t it blondie?’ She glared at him and picked up a statue, and tested its weight.

Jon gulped and promised he’d try to hold back his instincts, the unlady like snort echoed about the walls again, he pouted, shrugged and kissed her, ‘Hey that’s what brothers do for family.’

‘Bossy, pushy, younger ones by the look of it.’ But she laughed and elbowed him in the ribs just to make sure he knew he did anything again without running it passed her, his ass would be canned.

Ally.’ Steph suddenly yelled to her, ‘You need to see this!’

Al pushed her way to the TV, where Steph had paused it, ‘What?’

‘This.’ And she hit resume.

'Good evening and welcome back to Showbiz News!

Well folks have we got a mega exclusive for you tonight!

It seems that this afternoon love was in the air at the Ritz in London.’

Al groaned, no they couldn’t know! Tico walked over and hugged her and stayed with his arms about her wondering what else they were going to throw at them.

'And fortunately for us we had someone inside who took these photos of Tico Torres, the drummer with Bon Jovi, proposing to the woman we saw on Frank Skinners show, who at the minute we only know as ‘Al’.

The lady in question, said yes and as our pictures show Mr Torres and the rest of the band were very happy when she did!

Let’s hope this one last longer than his others!

Congratulations to you both.’

Through the piece they’d shown pictures of Tico and her arriving, a few of Jon and Liz, the rest of the band, but no children. Then Tico going down on one knee and all the flurry of hugs and kisses after she’d said yes, and then the toast to the happy couple and smiles all around.

There were several males swearing under their breaths after the end bit. Al buried her face in Tico’s neck and cursed, assholes, how could they say that!

‘Holy hell, is this how it feels like when someone does this to you? Tico, how could they say that shit? It’s just not right’ Al’s face was ashen, hell she’d had snaps taken with them by fans at the concerts, and the debacle of Skinner, but this was a very private moment made public, and to say they hoped it lasted longer than his other marriages was just sickening. She felt more for him than herself.

‘Aw darlin, I’m sorry, we’re normally more ‘aware’ of people around us, but we got caught up in it.’ Richie said as he pulled her from Tico and in for a bear hug, he’d like to get the leech who’d photographed this and the bigger moron who’d written the script!

‘It’s fine Rich, just a shock. I’d better be making some phone calls to the girls, just so they don’t get caught unawares and think I didn’t remember them.’ As she started for the stairs Richie caught up with her.

‘Tell the girls Dave and I will phone them later, okay?’ She nodded and he dropped a kiss on her nose. ‘Ally, I’m glad you said yes, don’t let this get to you, you’re his other half and I’m so damn happy for you both.’ His smile faltered a little.

‘Rich, thank you, and it only hurt me when they had a go at Teek! One day when you least expect it you’ll find your other half too, trust me on this. There’s someone out there for everyone.’ Standing up several steps she ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek, then headed up to blow the girls minds!

She was still on the phone when she got invaded by the guys saying their goodbyes and shouting into the phone bye to the girls.

‘Well be back early tomorrow shorty.’ Jon laughingly threatened her as he hugged her goodnight.

‘You mean if you can get Lurch outta bed.’ She snickered loudly at Richie’s indignant face.

‘Hey if he’s not he can make his own damn way here.’ Which earned Jon the bird, and they all piled back out laughing and bitching at each other.

‘Hell honey, sounds like you’ve got your hands full. Want any help there?’ Purred Jo.

‘Hey yeah, we could all come to help out.’ Sandy chortled gleefully, she’d love to see David up close and personal after all the hot and dirty phone calls she’d been getting. Hell even the emails had a smut edge to them, and when they’d hooked up the webcam… she blushed, the things he’d tried to get her to do, and failed…… damn the man!

‘Well just know if I need help, you’ll be the first ones I shout for.’ They laughed and chatted for a little longer, the girls again congratulating her on the engagement and then signing off for the night, Jo making her promise to send them all pictures of her ring, Al saying she’d get on it tomorrow and hanging up.

With a smile on her face she sat for a while just looking at her ring, it was beautiful, and it seemed Tico and she had the same taste in rings.

A thought hit her; she could give him an engagement gift too. With that thought in her mind she took off for her studio.

She realised, when she got downstairs, all the kids were gone and Carol and Tico were nowhere about. She wasn’t bothered that they weren’t there and went into her studio.

Pulling out the necklace she’d made the other night, and the ring she’d done weeks ago, she went in search of her love.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Chapter 131

He strode back to his seat with added pep to his walk; he saw all the men looking at him and smiled.

He noticed Al looking at him and cocking her brow at him. Walking over he kissed her and sat down, the males rolled their eyes, not believing he was making them wait.

‘You okay? You looked a little pasty.’ Al checked him over with her eyes and couldn’t see anything wrong any more, just love and adoration shining from his beautiful brown eyes.

‘Nah I’m fine, just a bad case of gas.’ He waggled his brows at her.

She shuddered and barfed loudly, ‘Thanks for going to the loo, don’t think the Ritz is ready for your farts baby.’

David laughed loudly, ‘Yeah we’ve been on the receiving end of them and they ain’t nice!’

Liz snorted, ‘Hell David you were the one that gassed us the other night in the car! Odour Pepe Le Pew has nothing on you.’

That started everyone laughing and throwing about who they thought did the same as David. Al was in the thick of it.

He took the chance and with her distracted he dug the ring out of his pocket and took it out of the box, taking a deep breath, pushed his chair out and dropped to his knee, and waited for her to turn; those sat near him and across from him, stopped laughing and grinned. Little Hector was bouncing up and down with his hand over his mouth.

Al noticed the table going quite and frowned, glanced at Tico, saw him kneeling and asked ‘Honey, have you lost something?’ Moving the tablecloth out of the way, totally missing the ring in his fingers.

‘Mi amour.’ He said quietly his other hand grasping her hand and squeezing.

‘Huh.’ And that’s when she noticed the beautiful ring in his fingers, her jaw went slack. She’d thought he’d pop the question in the next few days even a week but not that day, she took in the table and everyone was grinning at her.

‘Mi Corazon, I’ve told you how much I love you and what you mean to me. Since we met you have made my life glow and sparkle again, bringing colour back into it, and the laughter, lots of laughter! Alice, would you make me the happiest man alive and do the honour of marrying me querido?’

A hush had descended not only on the table, but the whole room, and Tico was now holding his breath, she’d said she’d say yes, but he needed to hear it!

Al was stunned her gaze fixed on the beautiful ring he offered her, she could feel the hand that held hers was sweating and trembling, he was nervous! Her heart pounded, trying to break out of her chest and launch itself at him; her eyes started to fill with tears, and she prayed she wouldn’t turn into a blubbering wreck!

‘Oh for god’s sake Ally say something! You’re killing us!’ David whined.

She tore her eyes from Tico’s and realised they were all waiting for her response, blinking she turned back to Tico ‘My heart is yours and yours alone honey, I’ll marry you whenever and wherever you want to.’ With that she threw her arms about his neck and hauled him in for a mind blowing kiss that had the whole room whooping and catcalling.

When she let him go, he picked up her hand, kissed her finger and slid the ring onto it, kissing it again. ‘You’re mine miel and I’m never letting you go.’ He just managed to say as Hector threw himself at his pappy and Ally, shouting his happiness and knocking Tico to the ground in his haste.

Al laughed then screamed as she found herself lifted off the chair and into Richie’s arms and once more thoroughly kissed, ‘Congrats Ally, you’ve made us all happy.’

‘Yeah you may be able to control this mob, where I’ve failed.’ Carol laughed, hugging and kissing her. Al let out a very unlady like snort at that, but thanked her.

With that everyone else gathered to congratulate her and Tico, and Hector too, hugs and kisses and some tears from the women followed, the others in the room stood and clapped them, making Al smile and blush.

Liz and Anna grabbed her and they had a three way hug, laughing when Jon moaned about being left out. No comment was made as the children were there, but the promise in Liz’s eyes told him she’d make it up to him later.

Finally Tico reclaimed his fiancée and kissed her soundly before sitting down with her on his lap. The waiters appeared and began to serve champagne, compliments of the hotel, and sparkling non alcoholic wine for Richie and the children so they could join in a toast to the newly engaged couple.

The man in the corner saluted them too, then hurried out, he’d scored big time here! His friend at the news station would kiss his feet for the exclusive photos of them getting engaged.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Chapter 130

Christ he really needed to pull himself together, he’d never been this bad proposing to his other wives before, but then again, he didn’t think the others mattered as much as Al did.

He splashed cold water on his face and dried it, looking in the mirror he didn’t see the young man he’d once been, he only saw the old man he’d become when he wasn’t looking. Would she want him? Oh sure she said she loved him and had said when he asked she’d say yes, but had she really thought this through? He was nearly a decade older than she was.

He sweated some more and paced up and down.

He pulled out the ring he’d got, when he’d seen it he’d immediately thought of Ally, he just hoped she loved it, or they’d be heading back to the jewellers! He’d sneakily took the ring Liz had mentioned Al sometimes wore when the girls went out, to stop men hitting on them. She’d laughed and told him it worked, to a degree. He’d found the ring, and pocketed it before she could catch him this morning. He’d grabbed Hector and headed into town a list of jewellers in his pocket.

The fifth place they’d tried came up with the Bespoke platinum ring with lilac sapphire and diamonds in it, he’d also purchased the matching wedding band that came with it, making it all fit together snugly, looking like one ring. To him it symbolised Al and he fitting together, as one.

The damn thing was now burning a hole in his trouser pocket where he’d shoved it back in. He was surprised there wasn’t a neon glow coming threw the material!!

‘Teek quit worrying a hole in the damn floor!’ The statement from Jon making his heart hit the back of his throat.

‘Fuck Kidd, scare me much more and you’ll have a funeral to attend!’

‘Bro, Ally’s wondering what the hell’s wrong with you. If you’re going to ask her, man up and go for it. If not, calm the fuck down.’ He’d seen Tico propose to his ex’s and he’d never been this bad, he rolled his eyes Christ it must really be love this turn round!

‘Ah shit Kidd you’re right! I’ve just got myself worked up into such a mess it’s unreal! Look even my hands are shakin!’ To prove it he held his hand out and damned if they weren’t acting like they’d got a vibrator in them!

Jon slapped him on the shoulder and dragged him in for a hug, ‘She loves you, hell, she worship’s the ground you walk on! Now go on, go get your woman.’ With that he headed out the door, not wanting to miss when he finally proposed.

He silently prayed for a minute, looked in the mirror once more, called himself a pussy, grinned and headed out to meet his destiny full on.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Chapter 129

By the time they got to the Ritz it was well passed six, but the massive crowd streamlined when they hit the hotels doors, filtering in two by two. The maitre de looked a little nervous thinking he’d got to turn them away till Jon walked over and gave his name, then grins appeared and they were shown to table’s right at the back; away from too many prying eyes.

Al noticed the lustful looks the men were getting from women scattered about, she missed the looks the men were throwing at Anna, Liz and herself.

The food arrived and they dug in like they’d never seen the stuff ever before!

At one point a little cream sailed over and landed on Jon’s nose, no one owned up to throwing it, but under the table Richie and David knocked fists and smirked.

No one noticed the unassuming man in the corner reading his newspaper. They didn’t see the camera lens being aimed at them and pictures being snapped off. He’d got some nice ones of Bon Jovi and his new lady canoodling, but he’d realised straight off that the drummer and his squeeze were news at the minute too, they’d been on TV and so people would be interested in them.

He’d been careful not to take any of the kids, he knew if he did without Bon Jovi’s permission he could end up black balled, and he wasn’t that stupid.

Tico was sweating; Hector kept looking at him and frowning. He knew if he didn’t do something soon his hijo would take matters into his tiny hands, after all he was his father’s son.

His prayers seemed to be answered as Al and the other girls, all of them, got up on mass and excused themselves to go to the ladies; all the men rolling their eyes.

He knew when she came back it’d be now or never, he started to sweat even more.

‘Bro you okay? You look a little flushed?’ David was full of concern, never seeing Teek this flushed.

Before he could answer Hector beat him to the punch. ‘Pappy’s askin Ally to marry us!’ He declared to his uncles, crawling onto Tico’s knee and kissing him.

Every jaw at the table dropped in shock, ‘Seriously bro? Now?’ Richie asked and at Tico’s nod, grabbed him and Hector into a bear hug, ‘Congrats man, she’s a wonderful woman, and mind you she really could do better and trade up.’ He winked and punched Tico’s arm, making the older man wince.

They all started to congratulate him and he held up his hand, ‘Don’t, I don’t want it jinked. She hasn’t said yes yet.

‘She will bro, she will, she’s head over heels with you. Just like you are with her, anyone can see it.’ Jon said, deadly serious about it, the others agreed.

‘Shit I just let me get the dvd camera set up! This I’ve gotta take.’ Said Obie rushing to get his hand held out before the girls returned the others chuckled.

‘Calm down Ob you’ll give yourself a stroke man!’ Richie laughed at him.

‘So are you askin as soon as she gets back or what?’ Mike asked.

‘I’ve no idea, just none of you give it away, I’m begging you, and hijo you need to stay quite till I’ve asked her, okay?’

Little Hector solemnly nodded his head, he just really wanted his pappy to get on with it!

‘Well bro, don’t look now but your future wife is on her way back to the table.’ Tony told him, and then they snickered as he went white and broke out in a sweat.

‘I gotta go to the head!’ and with that he jumped up and nearly ran from the room, leaving the males laughing and Al with a bemused and worried look on her face.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Chapter 128

The day was busy, hectic and full of laughter.

To people looking at the large group, they saw a large family trolling about Hyde Park, kids running screaming from a crazed tall dark haired man growling like a monster. Even the older children ran from him while the other adults just shook their heads and laughed. They saw love connecting them together, older couples stopped and watched them, smiling in memories of doing this with their children.

People who recognised them couldn’t believe what they were seeing, but laughed at Richie’s antics along with other people about them, some took video, others took a few snaps of kids being held upside down by their ankles, laughing and squealing.

The one thing they didn’t do, was interrupt the group, it was nice to see rock stars acting like normal people, some laughed and shook their heads as women were thrown over different shoulders and ran with, shrieking and cursing the carriers!

They did the history museum first and the kids were enthralled by the massive skeletons guarding the main doors.

They loved exploring different parts of the museum, laughing when Al made a crack about the Neanderthal exhibit missing one of them, and pointing to Richie. He threatened retaliation when she least expected it, she laughed harder.

Lunch was a shipping order of sandwiches on the go, the children wanted to look around Big Ben and St Pauls Cathedral, so food on the go was a must.

Al was having a wonderful time her camera was on the go nearly all the time, she’d videoed Richie menacing the kids in the park, loving the warmth coming from all the adults and children, and she was included in it!

They did the London Eye, David making barfing noises as they stopped at the top to take in the view.

The kids loved it. Jon not looking happy to be there, but manning up. All caught on Al’s camera, for posterity.

Jon nearly coming to blows with Richie and Mike as they tried to get the car to ‘swing’ a little. Liz having to kiss Jon to distract him. Carol threatening said males if they carried on. Said males, cowering like kids from their irate mom!

Children’s laughter at the adult’s antics.

The only thing Al missed totally was the shifty looks Tico kept giving her and patting his pocket, and Hector grinning up at his pappy.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Chapter 127

Everyone scooted about and got ready to head out, Liz and Anna followed Al to her studio on the pretext of getting her gear to take with her.

‘Ok, spill it sister you’ve had a sappy look on your face since we walked through the damn door! I take it Tico didn’t spend the night on the couch like you said he would!’ Anna shot at her as the door closed.

‘Nope, he didn’t.’

‘Come on what’s going on with you?’ Liz chimed in, the look on Al’s face was one of pure happiness something she’d not seen in years.

‘Well…………. I’m just happy with life.’ She started to load her cameras into her backpack, knowing the girls wouldn’t let it go.

‘Bullshit! Something’s happened, now talk before I get my needles out!’ Anna threatened.

‘Nothings happened, Tico and I made wonderful love last night and I think he’s going to ask me to marry him.’ She continued to pack.

She found herself spun and up against the wall her two friends pinning her there. In unison ‘What!

She started to laugh, ‘He told me to think about marrying him, and girls the only one who has me up against the wall is Tico, now let me go please.’

‘And?’ Anna wanted to slap the answers out of her, but restrained herself, just!

‘And I told him I’d already thought about it, and when he asked me properly, I’d say yes!’

Whooping a hollering ensued, hugs and kisses were passed about, till one of them realised what she was telling them.

‘Fuck!’ Liz uttered then sat heavily on the couch.

‘What’s wrong?’ Anna asked still hugging Al.

‘Don’t you get it? If she marries Tico, she won’t be living here any more.’ Liz’s emotions vied back and forth from happiness to major sadness. ‘It’s going to be the end of an era.’

Al walked over and sat down hugging her friend, ‘Hell don’t you think I’ve thought about this. It’s scaring the crap out of me!’

Anna sat down next to them both and looked stunned, ‘I never even thought about that. Shit!’ The three sat there looking glum and despondent.

That’s how Tico found themn minutes later; looking like their favourite puppy had died. ‘Mi amour, you okay, what’s wrong?’ He was worried, they looked close to tears and damned if he could cope with Al let alone the other two where tears were concerned.

‘Nothing querido, we were talking and got maudlin, but we’re fine now, aren’t we girls?’ She begged them with her eyes not to let on.

‘Yeah, we spotted a picture that she painted of our friend, and got to wondering how he is. We’ve not seen him in years, sorry about the pity party.’ The other two thanked god Anna was a on her feet thinker.

He didn’t believe her, but let it slide, ‘Well we’re ready to go if you ladies are?’

‘Yep, time Bongiovi fed us!’ Al said as they walked back into the main room.

‘Hey, who paid for the food yesterday?’ He pouted, hearing he was being slandered again.

‘Actually that’d be me.’ David piped up.

‘What do you mean, you?’ Jon frowned; sure to god he’d paid.

‘You may have paid for the first load bro, but I got stuck with the last four trips! You owe me.’

‘Aw damn Lemma, why didn’t you say something?’

‘You were too busy schmoozing, as usual.’ David laughed.

‘Bite me!’

‘Nah, that’s a job for Lizzie girl.’

Liz went beet red and headed for the door saying it was about time they went for food. The kids nearly ran her over trying to get out the door!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Chapter 126

By the time she walked back out Tico had vamoosed! She smiled, she’d heard him rattle the door, and then it had gone quite. She’d carried on with getting her shower, a small smile playing her lips, he’d finally realised what she’d said, he asked and she’d say yes. Yes to a life of love, happiness, joy, with him and his son in the middle of her universe.

Now she’d got to wait and see how it played out. Smiling she dressed and headed for the kitchen.

When she got there Carol was the only one about, ‘I take it everyone’s still in bed?’ She emptied the coffee Tico had brought up for them and got a fresh one, sitting with the older woman, sipping the hot brew, she could feel it diving through her veins, kicking her into full awareness.

‘No, Tico and Hector left ten minutes ago.’

Al’s mug hit the counter, ‘What? Why? Are they okay?’

‘Calm down honey, Tico said they’d an errand to run and would be back before breakfast was served.’ She chuckled at the panic in Al’s eyes.

Al slumped back against the chair for one nasty ass minute she thought he’d re thought the whole thing and legged it! She checked the clock nearly ten, god she hoped things were okay between them; the doorbell had her nearly screaming and jumping six foot off her stool. Carol laughed out loud, ‘Aw honey, you need to calm down before you stroke out.’

Al got up and headed for the door, ‘Tell me about it.’ Carols laughter still following her. Opening the door Richie, David, Obie, Jon, Tony, Mike, Hugh, Mandy, Anna and Liz poured in each kissing her as they passed. ‘Holy shit Bongiovi did you have to blast Sambora out of his pit? And damn it man we could have been having a lie in it is Sunday after all!’ She rolled her eyes, closing the door and followed them into her home!

Richie flicked the bird at her, stood at the bottom of the stairs and shouted in a deafening voice, ‘Time to get up kids if you want breakfast!’

‘Christ Rich, you’ll hurt their hearing!’ But as the words left Al’s lips she heard a squeal of ‘Daddy’ and then the thunder of feet rushing about upstairs.

The others laughed, ‘Darlin how the hell do you think he greets them at home?’ Jon laughed.

‘You’re looking okay there, take it the boys aren’t too bad today?’ Al asked.

‘Nah the boys are okay thanks, just a little tender when touched.’

Liz went bright red and the men snickered. ‘I meant by material you assholes!’ But by then the damage was done and no one believe him.

‘Where’s Teek?’ David asked starting to go pour out coffees, ‘We’re on about going out for breakfast so you and Rich don’t have to cook.’

‘He’s not here; he’s nipped out with Hec. But he said he’d be back for breakfast, but I don’t think he knows you want to go out, does he?’ Carol asked.

He went to push it, as Ally was still there, but one raise eyebrow from Carol told him his ass would be in a sling if he kept talking, making him shut the hell up.

A while later all the kids were washed and dressed and greeting their fathers/uncles etc.

‘Okay, itinerary for today, first breakfast, then we’re off to the London Eye.’ The kids whooped at that. ‘Then the Natural History Museum, and before you bitch you did put it on your ‘want’ lists back home.’ Jon forestalled Jesse and Colton’s reactions.

‘Hey we were the ones who wanted to go there dad!’ Jesse said indignantly as Jon looked at them both after his statement.

‘Okay, calm down, I’m sorry. But I should have thought its dead things.’ He shook his head. ‘Well after that we’re having afternoon tea at the Ritz, so best behaviour please, that includes you two.’ He said giving Richie and David the hairy eyeball.

‘Why us?’ Richie asked with an injured air.

Jon snorted loudly, ‘Last time we went there you started a damn food fight that nearly got us kicked out!’

Al gaped, ‘A food fight at the Ritz, damn I bet you were popular.’ She tried for a straight stern face in front of the kids; she nearly cracked it, till Richie chimed in.

‘Hey, that was over a decade or two ago and those stuck up waiters asked for it!’ he protested.

Al went under, she’d seen the waiters, and it was why people paid to eat there. ‘Anyone got pictures of that one.’ She laughed even harder when Jon glared at her.

‘Yeah I did.’ Obie winked at her.

‘Ob, those I’ve got to see!’

‘Ally, when I get home, there yours.’

Al heard Jon groan and swear under his breath, he grabbed Liz and kissed her, making everyone laugh, so he didn’t swear louder in the kid’s presents. Liz even stroked his hair when he let her up, saying ‘There, there honey, it’ll be fine. Ob, I’m next in line for those please.’ Earning her a sharp slap on her butt from Jon.

As they all laughed the front door opened and Tico and Hector walked in, seeing his uncles he laughed and ran to greet them.

Tico wandered to Ally and kissed her thoroughly, ‘Mornin baby.’

‘Morning querido. Where have you been?’ She was dying with curiosity.

‘Out with my son.’ He kissed her again, smirking at her miffed look.

‘I noticed my painting mysteriously walked itself out of my studio to my bedroom wall sometime last night. Know anything about it?’ Her hand now firmly in his back pocket, squeezing his ass cheek.

‘Yup, I did it, no ones going to have a half naked me, on their wall lady!’ He growled tickling her ear with his fluff and then nibbling it with his teeth, making her squirm.

‘How’d you know it was you, it could be any man!’ She could feel herself melting into a puddle as his teeth grazed her jugular, heading for the other ear.

‘Darlin if that isn’t me, then you’re in big trouble!’ He bit down harder on her neck, knowing this would make her drenched.

‘Christ sake Teek there’s kids about! Let Ally alone.’ David gently reminded him.

‘Sorry, I’ll be more careful in future.’ But the grin he gave Al said he didn’t care who saw them, and she struggled to stay upright!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Chapter 125

Tico didn’t wake her as soon as Hec had gone he sat and watched her sleep, god he loved this woman more than any before her, even Alejandra, and he thought he’d found his other half, but she’d decided she needed a life, and that one didn’t include him; he’d been devastated, but now, this with Ally felt more right in just this short time than it ever had with Alejandra. He prayed she’d consider what he’d said.

‘Aliado, querido es hora de despertar y de beber su café. Venido en subida y brillo del bebé.’ (Ally, darling it’s time to wake up and drink your coffee. Come on baby rise and shine.) He gently nuzzled her neck, peppering small kisses across her shoulders, making her groan and start to move, she gathered her pillow into her arms and cuddled it, still not moving from on her stomach. He chuckled; when she wanted she could be a real bed bug and not want to wake. He ran his ‘fluff’ over her shoulders, and then licked the same path.

‘Damn it Teek you just don’t play fair.’ She groused turning over and throwing her arm over his shoulders pulling him down onto her, and plastering her curves to his, her lips aiming for his and he obliged.

Just as things started to get to hot to stop he pulled back, ‘Damn woman you’re trying to kill me off!’ He was gasping for breath and trying to get his dick to calm down, talk about walking about with a raging hard on.

‘Hey asshole, I didn’t start this you did!’ She followed him and curled into his side, playing with his chest fur; his arm came about her, stroking down her arm, sneakily stroking the side of her breast every other pass. ‘Keep that up and I’m gonna jump ya!’ She growled at him as her nipple pebbled and ached for his full touch.

His hand immediately stopped, shit he needed to talk to her …………..

‘Oh for fucks sake Tico, you as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof, calm down!’ Al moved till she was laid on him, her legs lying between his, she could feel that he was pleased to see her, but his face was just one big ass frown, and boy did she know why!

‘Miel …. Querido, mi vida…’ He stuttered to a stop.

‘Aw baby, you’re nervous, how sweet, I’ve consider your proposal amour, now shut up and kiss me you idiot.’ She grinned down at the shocked look on his face, damn she needed to keep a camera by the bed, and she laughed evilly that could be sooo damn dirty to. She knew he was worried about what he’d asked as he threw her over the edge of sanity this morning, so had she been. That’s why she’d gone and worked out her feelings on that painting, she needed to know herself if this is what she truly wanted.

She knew she’d have to leave London, to make a home with him wherever he was, and Hector and that would mainly be in Florida. She also knew she’d never give up her home here, hell, she’d not even told him she’d just brought the place next door to extend her home! Plus there was the gallery; no way would she sell that! She’d got Liz and Mandy to run it, but she had a vague feeling they wouldn’t be about much in the future either. She’d racked her brains till she’d fallen into a disturbed sleep on the couch, but she’d felt his warmth about her, subconsciously, as he’d found her and brought her back to their bed. But by the time she’d awoken with Hector snuggling into her arms, she’d made a decision, and that was to love the man and his child till she’d no breath left in her body, to follow him and be by his side forever. Once she’d come to that decision, she’d snuggled Hector in her arms and fallen asleep, feeling so contented and free for the first time in decades!

Tico looked up at her and swallowed, did she really mean…. ‘You mean you’ll think about marrying me amour?’

‘Nope.’ She grinned down at him and kissed him tenderly, barely touching lips.

‘Then what do you mean?’ He was now totally confused!

‘I mean that whenever you ask me to marry you, I’ll say yes! I don’t need to think about marrying you Tico, I’ve already thought about it, now I’ll wait till you ask me.’ She pressed a hard kiss to his lips and leapt off him and the bed, heading to the bathroom. Looking back at him she laughed throatily at the stunned look, sauntered into the bathroom and locked the door.

He lay there for what must have been five minutes, his brain a total whirl, and then he smirked, the smirk changed to a grin, which in turn turned into a full blown belly laugh! She didn’t need to think about it! She’d say yes! His eyes grew wide, crap! Now he had to ask her! Jumping off the bed he headed to the bathroom, turning the knob he realised she’d locked the damn thing! Well fuck! He took it to mean she didn’t want him proposing to her in there, and then he laughed again, damn she knew him!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Chapter 124

Tico awoke and realised she’d gone; there was no residual warmth so she’d been gone for sometime. Grabbing his sweats he yanked them on pulling a t-shirt over his head as he left the bedroom.

He didn’t even try Hector’s room, he knew exactly where she’d be, the same place he’d be. He took the stairs two at a time praying he wouldn’t fall and break something, he hit the bottom and jogged across to the studio. Opening the door he spotted her, fast asleep on the over sized chair she had in there for just these sorts of nights.

He stood and looked at her; purple rings under her eyes told him she’d not long fallen asleep. He glanced about and noticed a new painting, walking over his mouth fell open; his own face stared back at him, well the side of hi anway! She’d captured him as he slept; face down on his stomach, one arm under the pillow and the other hugging air, or where she would have been, his arm reaching for her in his sleep. He could just tell it was himself and no other man, one of his burns was showing, plus his black hair and the tapered waist gave it away too. He grinned like a fool, he checked the paint, nearly dry, he took it off the easel and without waking her, took it up and hung it in their bedroom, where it would stay, and no one else would get to buy this one!

After he’d hung it he went back down to wake her, ‘Miel, querido, time to wake up, come on sweetie, you’ll have a hell of a bad neck.’ Still nothing, sighing he gathered into his arms and carried her back to bed, where she snuggled back under the covers with a sigh, not really waking at all. Glancing at the clock he saw it was only five-fifteen so he crawled back in with her. She felt his nearness and wiggled into his arms, kissing his chest, making him smile, even in her sleep she knew he was there, with that he nodded back off too.

Several hours after that Hector crept in and jumped on his pappy, making Tico sit bolt upright in bed, he’d not really missed his son’s wake up call. ‘Hey son, how about you and I leaving Ally to sleep a little longer?’

Hector giggled and lent over, kissing Al’s cheek, she smiled in her sleep, then he jumped up and after Tico got his pants on they headed downstairs.

There they found Carol inhaling her first cup of coffee; Hector ran to her and climbed up for a hello kiss, while his pappy got him some juice.

‘I take it you didn’t have to use the couch last night?’

‘Nope, I didn’t, but she did.’

Carol frowned, ‘What do you mean Tico? You didn’t fight, did you?’

‘Nah poco momma (little momma), she got up and headed to her studio sometime after I went out like a light. Hey where do you think you’re going hijo (son)?’ He’d noticed Hector heading back upstairs.

Hec smiled cheekily, ‘Desee ir sueño con el aliado!’ (Wanna go sleep with Ally) and he scampered off before his pappy could stop him.

‘Seems like his pappy’s not the only Torres male who wants to be loved by Ally.’ Carol smiled, though Tico had loved his ex wife, she’d just been too young to be tied down, it was a shame. But she’d given him Hector and father and son doted on each other.

‘Yeah, thrown out of my own bed by my baby boy.’ He grinned and shook his head.

‘So, what sent her to her studio, and don’t tell me you don’t know!’

He laughed, they could never pull anything over on Carol, ever! ‘I think I may have freaked her out.’ He had the grace to blush.

‘Spill it!’

‘Well while we were…. Erm …. Making love, I told her to think about marrying me.’

Carol’s mug hit the counter with a thud, ‘You did what? What did she say?’

‘Well that’s just the thing; she didn’t get much of a chance to say anything.’ He could feel himself blushing even more.

‘Oh don’t tell me you said it just as you ….’ Tico nodded, now the colour of a fire truck. ‘Oh hell! Héctor Samuel Juan Torres! Don’t tell me you dropped that on her just as, well, oh good lord man what were you thinking? No don’t answer that, I know what you were thinking!’ She sat looking at him, stunned.

‘Damn Carol I know, but, we, well fell asleep straight after, and when I woke up several hours later she was gone, I found her fast asleep in her studio; she’d been painting. I carried her back to bed, then Hec woke me up before I could wake her and talk to her.’ He lent his head onto his arms, hell he’d fucked up again!

She checked the clock, it was just after eight-forty-five, ‘Tico honey, I think you need to go and talk to her before the others arrive, you know Jon he’ll be back here damn early. You need to sort it out, and I take it you want her to marry you?’

‘Of course I do! And I know your right, ok if I send Hec to you while we talk?’

‘I’d be insulted if you didn’t, you know I love him, hell all of the kids like they were my own. Now go, talk to Ally, and honey, I’m praying she says yes, she’s good for you.’

‘You don’t think I moved to fast do you?’ A deep frown appeared between his brows.

‘No, if you know she’s the one, then time is irrelevant. Go get your girl!’ She smiled as he took off with two mugs of coffee and a determined look on his face. A few minutes later Hector walked down and crawled onto her lap.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Chapter 123

Before going to bed they wandered about the rooms checking the rest of the children, both kissing Hector who was sleeping in a room with Romeo, they would have their room to themselves for tonight and tomorrow at least.

Holding hands they slowly made their way into their room, locking the door behind them, they’d unlock it before they fell asleep.

‘I need a shower first.’ Al told him, peeling off her clothes and throwing them into the laundry bin in her closet. Tico stood taking in his fill of her, it may have only been one night, but he felt like they’d been apart for weeks! He took in her flushed cheeks from their lovemaking downstairs, the tangle of her hair where his hands had caused havoc. Her full firm breasts, her beautifully rounded hips, his eyes took in the darker blonde hair that glistened with her need for him. Then she shapely long legs, for a short woman she’d got legs that defied her height!

And as she sashayed to the bathroom, her gorgeous, curvy ass, beckoned him, damn she filled out in all the right places! He made short work of his jeans, his throbbing dick springing free in anticipation of being buried in her, ‘El hombre apesadumbrado, no apenas todavía, calma el infierno abajo!’ (‘Sorry man, not just yet, calm the hell down!’) He muttered to his dick. He quickly followed her into the shower and took the shampoo from her, ‘I’ll help.’ With that he made good on his word, soaping her hair, then rinsing it, Al purring as his fingers massaged her scalp. He even conditioned it, making her smile, he’d remembered. Then after he’d rinsed her again, he took hold of her bath sponge and squirted a good amount of coconut shower gel onto it and then lather her all over.

By the time he’d finished Al was a quivering mass of need. He’d not put a single finger out of place and when she’d said she’d return the favour, he’d said gently, no, he’d do it and in a blink of an eye he’d showered.

Taking her hand he pulled her out, and wrapped her in a fluffy bath towel, gently drying her hair, then the rest of her body, not leaving a drop of moisture on her, well except between her thighs, that, he couldn’t, wouldn’t stop just yet!

He dried himself of and taking her hand led her to bed.

He climbed on and held out his hand to her, she took it and he pulled her on and tucked her body under his, his need now so great, the shower had him on the edge for so damn long he was praying for patience so he didn’t go off like a hair trigger.

Al opened for him and he slid into her, stopping and staring down at her when he was seated as deep as he could get. ‘Te amo tanto aliado, le deseo con mí siempre. Piense de esto para mí, cáseme.’ (‘I love you so much Ally, I want you with me always. Think about this for me, marry me.’) Al’s eyes grew wide, then her brain shut down completely as he started to move, with every thrust he moved her higher and higher, leaning down he kissed her with such passion it striped away any layer of resistance she had left, she wrapped him in her arms and let him take her as far as he would.

With one last thrust they shattered into a million pieces, each sighing the others name, sleep claiming then minutes after they came down.

An hour later Al shot awake, his words coming back to her, holy fuck she was certain he’d meant what he’d said, he wanted to marry her! Fully awake now, she knew sleep was gone for a long time as her brain churned his words over and over. She slid from his arms and did the only thing she knew how to do when she was like this; she headed to her studio, taking the picture of Tico sleeping soundly with her.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Chapter 122

Later, after all the kids were in bed, and Carol said she was taking a long soak with a glass of wine then hitting the hay Tico and Al sat snuggled on the couch watching tv and finishing off a bottle of wine.

‘Well querido you did it, I didn’t honestly think any woman could resist Jon’s charms, but you’ve proven me wrong miel.’

‘Well it’s nice to be in the minority, but if it had been Rich, and he’d pulled those puppy eyes of his, I’d have been toast.’

‘For fuck’s sake don’t tell him that, otherwise his head won’t fit through his guitar strap! Hey! Richie?’ He’d just caught up with himself!

‘Yup, Richie, you first honey, but the other dark haired man in the band makes my pulse skitter too. But not as much as you do baby.’ She smirked feeling him stiffen.

‘Freakin good job too, otherwise I’d have to play dirty and Jon really needs a guitar player.’ His throaty chuckle was down right evil!

She giggled, the wine making her feel loose and silly, she loved the dangerous side of him when he was possessive!

` Usted malo usted tendría una cabeza de los caballos a la izquierda en su cama porque el hombre puede hacer mi retroceso del pulso para arriba?' (‘You mean you’d have a horses head left in his bed because the man can make my pulse kick up?’)

‘¡No, tendría su dick el mentir al lado de su cabeza cuando él despertó! ¡Usted es el mío, extremo del bebé de la historia’(‘No, I’d have his dick lying next to his head when he woke up! You are mine, end of story baby!’) He said with such menace and the look he gave her made her shiver, not from fear but from need, he made her so damn hot when he talked like that!

‘Lo amo tan cuando usted va todos macho en mí, usted sé que usted es el único para mí, ninguno otro vendrá siempre cerca. Usted me estropeo y lo amo’ (‘I so love it when you go all macho on me, you know you’re the only one for me, no one else will ever come close. I’m spoiled by you and I love it!’) She reached over and tugged his burns, making him growl and pull her closer to him, plastering her breasts too him, she soon found herself beneath him on the couch, his t-shirt off and her fingers twinning in his fur and pulling it.

His erection straining his fly, grinding into her denim covered mound, mouths and hands trying to devour the other. All that you could hear from the couch was panting and groaning.

His hand snuck under her top and had her breasts free from her shirt and bra in a matter of seconds, ‘Damn you’re too good at that Torres!’ She gasped and arched her back, her breast disappearing deeper into his hot insatiable mouth, sucking and nuzzling her, his hand pressing into her mound getting her more wet than she ever thought possible.

‘Mi ángel, si vamos a continuar esto necesitamos trasladarnos a nuestro sitio, apenas en caso de que vienen los cabritos uces de los abajo. Si usted no me desea profundamente dentro de usted, usted necesita dejarme, ahora’ (‘My angel, if we’re going to continue this we need to move to our room, just in case any of the kids come down. If you don’t want me deep within you, you need to leave me, now!’)

Al slowly untangled herself from him, he looked gutted, and she stood there, her breasts bare to the night, her lips bruised from his kisses, then held her hand out to him, ‘Come on then sexy, lets take this upstairs, to our room.’

Arms about each other, they switched off the tv and lights, and headed down to check the boys, then headed to bed!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Chapter 121

She wandered into the others bedrooms watching the kids ‘help’ their fathers/uncles pack. She laughed when she realised they were packing everything, expecting to leave for a week or two.

She stuck her head back into Jon’s room, ‘Honey you may want to let the others in on how long you’re leaving for.’ And opened the door to show Jon bags being piled on the landing, he laughed his butt of, wincing, but not caring, it was too funny.

‘Hey jackasses!’ He yelled through the door, they all popped out of their room’s one after the other.

‘What, Kidd!’ David yelled back.

‘The lady says we only have to leave till Monday, so don’t over pack like you girls usually do!’

Tico rounded on Al, ‘A day, that’s it?’ He looked so confused she giggled and kissed him.

‘Yeah well I really think he’s suffered for his idiocy, don’t you?’

‘Nah he needs to stay away for a week or so, and just let us back in on Monday!’ Richie shouted.

‘Not a chance Dean, not a chance.’ Jon called out laughing. Only Al saw the wince, damn she really had done a number on the guy. Shaking her head she went to help Carol pack and turf Jon out.

‘So, we only get a day huh?’ Richie asked Jon when the packing was done. ‘She felt guilty for hitting ya didn’t she?’

‘Yeah, thank God, I’m actually glad she’s made us leave, makes me really realise that she takes us for men, not the Jovi guys. Liz’s just the same, I’m sure these girls are wired differently than other fans.’

‘Nah, they just got a bigger dose of us than other fans and got bored pdq with the ‘rock god’ status. See we tarnish to damn fast now we’re older!’ David shook his head as he wandered in and sat on the bed.

‘So when you two hooking up with erm …. Sandy and Joe then?’ He grinned, he knew these guys too damn well.

The men chuckled, ‘We’ve got dates for when we hit the states, the girls are going to be at our first home concert, and we’ve invited them backstage and drinks after.’ Rich winked.

‘Poor girls.’ Jon laughed.

They all jumped, ‘More like poor guys.’ Al snickered walking in with Carol’s case.

‘Why poor guys? We know they’re not dogs and kool aid drinkers, so what gives girly?’ Dave asked.

‘Oh come on, you really think my girlfriends are going to fawn all over you? Well for a minute or two but after that, nope! They’re exactly like Liz and I are; they’ll chew you up and spit you out if you try any ‘rock god’ crap. Sambora, Joe will have you grovelling for mercy within ten minutes of you meeting her. And Curly well lets just say Sandy may look like a perfect angel who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but step out of line and I won’t play nurse maid to ya.

Both men looked at her, then each other, then rubbed their hands together, ‘Bring them on!’ Was the statement from both of them.

Al rolled her eyes but was glad they’d take that attitude; they really were the men she’d pick for her Jovi sisters!

The rest of the day passed smoothly into evening, even Hugh and Mandy reappeared to lots of good natured teasing. Obie, Tony, Liz, Anna and Mike returned too as it was Saturday night, that meant pizza and a movie night. Al had to laugh when she gave their regular pizza place the order from hell, she was certain she’d heard a quite ‘holy fuck’ as she put the phone down.

Forty-five minutes later the door bell rang and not one pizza guy stood there but three! They started bringing in the boxes and the kids stood back in awe as boxes after boxes were brought in. The aroma of garlic bread wafted through the house and Al started to salivate! She’d ordered enough of it so no one would miss out and they’d gas anyone who they spoke to tomorrow.

The kids headed down into the cinema grabbing prime seats and each carrying some sort of food with them. The adults followed bringing up the rear carrying paper plates, napkins, food, glasses and anything else they could think of.

Al headed into the bar and took out several bottles of wine, and beer, headed back into the cinema and stopped dead in her tracks. The place was full, the laughter and shouting enough to deafen a person. Children of different ages were sat or sprawled over the floor/seats to the front, adults towards the back and acting as food/drinks servers. This is what had been missing from her life. Sure she had her girls, and her work, but a full house of kids and laughter, never. She wiped away the lone tear that ran down her face, ‘Ok, what are we watching?’ She waded in and sat next to Tico, she poured the wine out and except for Rich all adults settled down with pizza and alcohol.

‘We took a vote, so we’re watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ trilogy over the next few nights, that’s if it’s ok with you of course Ally?’ Steph blushed prettily.

‘Oh god Jonny Depp, what a man! Honey it’s so fine by me.’ She winked at Steph.

Tico growled!

‘Oh yeah, I love him he’s gorgeous, those eyes.’ Steph sighed and fluttered her lashes, swooning into her chair.

‘Christ not another Depp fan?’ David bitched and all the men rolled their eyes and Jon glowered at Steph, who snickered and blew him a kiss.

‘Yes daddy, he’s got a nicer butt than even you have.’

Jon choked on his slice of pizza, going red in the face till Richie thumped him on the back. ‘You young lady, stop looking at his backside, or any other males backside come to that!’

‘But daddy, I’m a girl; it’s what we look at.’ She wrinkled her nose, hit the play button and ignored the gasping and growling noises coming from her dad, the lights automatically dimmed and went out and the film began.

Next to Jon, David asked him if he needed cardiac paddles to restart his heart.

Jon told him to fuck off.

David laughed saying he’d already gone through it with Gabby a while ago, and his baby girl was turning into a woman.

Jon groaned and slugged back his wine, just as Jonny Depp appeared on screen, and Steph smacked her lips loud enough for him to hear, Al handed him the bottle!

After the film finished they all traipsed upstairs and the men got their gear together, just as the door bell rang heralding the buss.

Goodbyes were passed between fathers and children, then they said bye to Carol and Liz, leaving Al for last. She held the door open for them and as they filed passed they kissed her and walked out the door, all saying ‘I’ll be back’ making her laugh. Everyone headed out to wave goodbye to the buss and the men in it. After they left Liz, Obie, Tony, Anna, Mike, Hugh and Mandy all went too.

The children were shooed back in and the door closed and locked. To Al the quite was un-nerving after earlier, amazing how much noise three men could make!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Chapter 120

She knocked ‘You decent in there blondie?’

‘Yeah, come on in baby.’

‘Well damn you’re no fun!’ Opening the door she realised he was in the bathroom. ‘What are you doing? Or don’t I want to know.’

The slightly ajar door opened more and a rumpled Jon walked out. Even hobbling he looked damn fine! His hair looked like he’d been raking his hands through it, giving it a just got out of bed look. He’d pulled on some grey tatty sweats and a navy blue hoodie, and bare feet. ‘I was getting dressed, nosy bitch.’ He leant down and pecked her cheek, trying to convey he held no grudge that they had to go. ‘It’s ok, I’ve already phoned the hotel, and the buss will pick us up about eight if that’s ok with you?’

‘Aw damn there’s no need to run out of here! I feel like a heel now.’ She sat on the edge of the bed, head in hands.

He sat next to her and slung his arm about her shoulders pulling her in for a hug, he rested his chin on her head. ‘Darlin, you could never be a heel, the only one round here lately has been me. And I’m sticking to our agreement; you said leave, so we go. I think mom’s already got my room marked as hers.’ He chuckled and squeezed here tighter.

‘Ok, let go, can’t breath!’ She inhaled and thumped his thigh, ‘Killing me won’t get you back in the house any quicker, bub!’

‘Damn, saw through my plan! I must be slipping.’

‘Yeah the older you get ……’

‘Hey you’re older than me!

‘Yeah but men’s brains go faster than women’s, too much crap in them.’

Jon just rolled his eyes, he should have learnt by now she had an answer for almost everything he said! ‘So, how long to we have to leave for, cause I [i]know[/i] your not as pissed as you were, hitting me in the nads seemed to have taken the wind out of your sails Ally honey.’

‘Yeah, did me a power of good.’ She chuckled at his pissy look and laughed. ‘Ok, if you leave today, I say you get to come back ….Monday.’

Jon’s jaw hit the floor, she was only making them leave for a day, hot damn, ‘I’ll take it!’ He landed a loud kiss on her lips.

‘Christ Jon I’d hate to think what you’d have done if I said come back tomorrow!’ She started to laugh and he joined in.

He waggled his brows at her, ‘Wanna try it and find out.’ He leered at her.

‘Sweet cheeks, Tico’s just looking for an excuse to pound you further into the ground, don’t go there!’ She hopped up and headed for the door, ‘And Anna says, get your butt back into bed! She knew you’d be up and about.’ She walked out the door shaking her head and laughing at him.

‘It’s my butt and I’ll do what I like shorty!’ Jon groused back at the closing door, all he could hear was her laughing, smartass women!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Chapter 119

Al was sat at the breakfast bar, along with Carol, watching the men of Jovi wash up and put away, she did own a dishwasher, but they’d not found it and hadn’t asked. David and Richie had a bubble fight before she threatened to slap them both.

All the children were downstairs, still in their pj’s.

She noticed Anna walk down, as had Mike, Christ he’d got it bad real quick, but from the kiss Anna planted on him, so had she. ‘How’s the rock star then?’

Carol looked up, ‘Hope nothing’s fallen off?’

‘Nope, your boys fine.’ She looked Al in the eyes and arched her brow.

‘What do you mean by fine?’ Al held her breath, she had a feeling.

‘He can move around, the damage isn’t as severe as I first thought, mainly bruising.’ Anna looked at all the men who’d gathered about them, she took a deep breath, ‘Jon says to pack it up boys, and you’ll be leaving later today.’

Stunned silence met her statement. Tico watched the reactions on Al’s face, one was delight he was better, the other, well he wasn’t sure if it was happiness or not that they could go.

All eyes turned to Al, she felt terrible, but she needed to stick to her guns. ‘You guys need to tell the children what’s going to happen, and if any of them want to stay they can do.’

‘Hell Ally, Colt and Jess have moved in, they’re not going anywhere.’ Richie laughed, trying to break the tension. ‘Come on CD let’s go tell the kids, then throw our gear into our bags.’ He slapped David hard on the shoulder making him yelp.

As they walked passed Al they both leant over and kissed her, squeezing her shoulder, making her feel a little better.

Two minutes later Liz came downstairs, and saw Carol, Al and Anna drinking coffee and Al looking like she’d hurt a kitten. The men were nowhere to be found. ‘I see you told them Anna.’ She put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, making Carol chuckle.

‘Yeah, talk about bearer of bad news, thought they were going to kill me.’

‘Oh come on girls, the boys knew they were going to have to leave, they brought it on themselves and deserve to get thrown out. But Teek is staying, isn’t he?’ Carol looked at Al questioningly.

‘Yeah, he’s still staying.’

‘Well at least I’ll get my own room while their gone!’ Carol let out a nasty chuckle.

Al smiled, she’d really hit it off with Carol, she took no shit from any of the men, and they respected her for it.

Anna noticed the guys coming back in and the children surrounding them, she jerked her head at Al, who turned; the sight nearly broke her heart, damn!

Steph walked forward and put her arms about Al, hugging her, ‘Don’t worry, we kids have voted and we’re staying with you and grandma! Dad can pay for his stupidness, but we’re not!’

The older ones confirmed what Steph had said, Gabby and Ava hugging her too.

‘See, they find someone who thinks their wonderful and they dump us from a great height! Just ain’t fair.’ David groused to the others.

‘Aw, bite me old man, you shoulda ratted on Uncle Jon!’ Colton laughed at his father.

‘Hey I can cut you off if you keep that up!’

‘Nah you wouldn’t you love me to much!’ Colton blew a kiss at his dad and laughed. ‘Sides, who’d help you punk my uncles if you cut me off.’ He winked at David, and Al marvelled how alike they were in temperament, and looks.

‘See how he treats me.’ David sighed dramatically, the other just laughed at them.

‘Ok people, let’s get packing!’ Tony yelled and everyone headed for the stairs, laughing and joking.

‘I need to speak to Jon, back in a min.’

‘I’ll be off, gotta go back to work, or my boss will sack me!’

Liz and Al hugged and Al whispered, ‘Is he moving in with you?’

‘Nope! He gets the hotel. We’ve talked and sorted things out. He’s promised never to piss either one of us off again. He did hint, but I didn’t bite, he needs to learn actions have consequences. Now I’m off, I’ll be back after work.’ Louder she said, ‘We still on for Saturday night pizzas?’

Anna, Al and Carol looked at one another, ‘Yep, the kids will love more junk food.’ Al said and they all laughed.

Liz said bye to the other two women, and left.

Al headed to Jon’s room again.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Chapter 118

Liz was relieved, those bruises had turned nasty.

‘Well that’s wonderful Anna; I can’t wait to get up and..’

Anna cut him off, ‘I said later Jon, and I don’t want you to push it! They’re still going to be tender for several more days, and if you push it too much, they’ll hurt for longer, do I make myself clear?’ She glared down at him, the man she’d lusted after for twenty years, and wanted to slap him. He’d got that look in his eyes that said he’d be trying to jog before the days out! Stupid man.

Jon sighed, looking at her she looked like she’d snap him in half if he wasn’t careful. ‘Yes Anna, I’ll behave.’ And he shot her a killer pout, she knew he’d push the envelope if he could. Well from what she’d seen he was a grown man, let him discover his pain threshold!

‘Well least Liz will make sure you do.’

‘Oh nope sorry, I’m on my lunch break, some of us work for a living. I’m heading back in half an hour; I came to check on him, that’s it.’

‘You mean you’re not going to stay with me?’ He tried a Sambora special on her; she didn’t bite, just rolled her eyes at him.

‘No, you’ve got your friends and family downstairs, hell Jon your mums down there!’

‘Yeah but they’re not you baby.’ Damn he didn’t want her to go.

‘Christ I can smell BS in the morning air, can’t you Anna?’

‘Yeah someone likes to fertilize well.’

Jon huffed, they got him spot on and he didn’t like it. ‘But you’ll be back later won’t you?

‘Cause I will you big baby!’ She rolled her eyes at Anna again, the girls snickered.

‘Well don’t forget he won’t be here.’ Anna waited.

‘What do you mean? Of course he’ll be here.’

‘No he won’t, he’s better.’

Jon’s face fell, he understood what Anna was saying, ‘I’m well, so I can move out today.’ He sighed and weighed the possibility of getting Anna to lie so he could stay. Then mentally slapped himself, shit had he learnt nothing from the last couple of days?

‘Oh god I’d forgotten about that.’ Liz looked a little stunned, looked like Jon’s time was up, unless Al changed her mind.

‘Anna, tell the boys and Al we’ll leave later, I’ve just got to tell the hotel we’re moving back in, I didn’t cancel the rooms just in case something went wrong.’ He held out his hand to her, ‘It was nice to see you Anna, and I think we’ll see lots more of you darlin. But no offence I hope to god you never have your hands on my boys again.’

‘None taken, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will be something to tell my grandchildren about when I’m on my death bed.’ She took his hand and was surprised when he pulled her down and kissed her on the lips, damn no tongue though she chuckled inwardly.

He released her hand and she walked to Liz and hugged her, and headed for the door, ‘Oh yeah, still no sex for a week, however your boys feel!’ She winked, and walked out the door.

‘I like your girl Lizzie darlin, Mike’s not going to handle that one. Now come here and kiss me.’

‘Nope, you could get excited and strain something that’s mending.’

He lunged and grabbed her, making her squeal and land on the bed, he anchored her with a leg thrown over hers, ‘It didn’t bother you before she came in.’ With that he proceeded to see how much pain he could take, without taking her!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Chapter 117

Anna walked into Jon’s room, and stopped dead; Liz was on the bed and in his arms and some hot and heavy breathing was going on. She coughed discreetly and waited till they reluctantly let go of each other. ‘Morning all how’s my patient today?’

‘Holy crap Anna, what are you wearing?’ Liz’s mouth was a big O as she checked her out.

‘Fuckin hell, lady you are one hot lookin doc! Shit those jeans look like my stage ones!’ He ran his eyes appreciatively over her,

‘Down boy or I’ll give you a shot to calm you down!’ But Anna’s husky chuckle was dirty. ‘Hey Liz, how’s he been? Aw sweetie pick your jaw off the floor.’

‘Damn Mike must have really unclogged your pipes!’ Liz hadn’t seen her so relaxed, in, well forever!

Anna stretched and Jon watched her t-shirt rise and a flat stomach start to appear, talk about going straight to hell! ‘Yeah I’ve never spent twelve solid hours making love before! It’s tiring, but I feel so alive it’s unreal!’ She snickered at Jon’s look of relief as her t met her jeans again. ‘Ok rock star let’s check out your boys.’ And before Jon could protest she expertly flicked off his sheets.

‘Damnit woman!’ Jon went beet red and tried to cover himself. ‘You said Sunday, not today!’

‘Oh for god’s sake, I’ve seen them before or did you think the testicle fairy had been by to have a good grope?’ She rolled her eyes, yanked on some gloves, snapping them in place, and pried his hands from the boys. ‘And I thought I’d check on you seeing as I’m here.’

Liz was still stunned, ‘Twelve hours?’

‘Yes and he’s delish in the sack, all that muscle and damn he’s got moves that’d put Jon here to shame.’

‘Please for the love of god, stop talking about Mike’s moves while you touch my boys!’ He laid there arm slung over his eyes trying not to picture Mike’s moves, he shuddered.

‘Aw sorry honey, too real for you there?’ Anna smirked at him finishing off her exam.

‘Darlin, no man wants to hear about another man when a woman’s got her hands on him!’ He gingerly pulled the sheet up to cover him again; it was unusual that a woman could make him feel naked, when he was. But she just looked at him and handled him like he wasn’t who he was, it felt weird.

‘Well Jon, I hate to tell you this ….’

‘What, did you miss something yesterday?’

‘Nope, the swellings gone down very fast actually, you weren’t as badly hurt as I first thought, they just bruised easily, and seeing as you don’t wear underwear.’ Both Liz and Anna laughed at his groan, hell they were fans, what he expect? ‘You should be fine to get up and wear some baggy sweats or something, but you can get up, later,and move about a bit.’ She waited to see if he realised what this meant.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Chapter 116

Five minutes after they started to eat the front door swung open, Tico forgot to lock it, and in strolled a smirking Mike and Anna.

Anna didn’t look like the same woman from yesterday, or any day that Al had known her. Gone were her doctor clothes, the grey/pinstripe pants and the white, high neck blouses, sensible heels, hair pulled back, well most of the time. This Anna looked, well loved up! She was wearing spray on jeans, Al knew she wore jeans, she’d seen them when they went to concerts, just not these ones! Her shoes had four inch killer heels, and her t-shirt was tight and dark green that seemed to set off her red hair, which looked like she’d just got out of bed, and hello, the cleavage was just dangerous!

‘Holy fuck look what the cat drug home! Surprised you can walk Mike!’ Richie chortled, eyeing Anna up and down, damn she looked hot!

‘Hey I’m a doctor, ice pack and a shot can get anyone moving!’ Anna bit back, her arm about Mike’s waist. ‘Seeing as I’m here I’ll go take a look at the rock god upstairs.’ She laid a kiss on Mike that nearly had smoke coming from his ears. She hugged and kissed Al on the way passed grabbing Al’s coffee, they both took it the same, white two sugars.

‘Hey that’s mine!’ But Al laughed as all the boys asked where their good morning kisses were. Anna said in her bag along with a few lips she’d taken off smart ass males earlier, she headed up. David voice his concerns that she just might kill Jon off in that get up!

Tico chuckled and handed Al another coffee. ‘Thanks miel.’ And she bent down to help Hector get some more juice, and a greasy kiss from him; he’d got a piece of bacon in his hand, just like Teek had. She laughed at that, it was damn cute, if only she’d got her camera! He wandered off with the other kids, all heading downstairs.

‘So Mike, been having fun with my best friend hmm?’ She glared up at him, nearly giving herself a crick in the neck.

‘Ally darlin, she’s one in a million, she got me all hot and bothered, and then ravished my chaste body.’ His hand went to his forehead and flapped his hand in front on him.

That earned choking laughs from all adults in the room, including Steph. Richie looked at her and his jaw hit the floor. ‘Baby girl you better not let your dad know you understand adult conversations!’

‘Christ Richie, she’s grown up around you guys, you expect her not to pick up on your bad habits? Please!’ Al snorted in an unladylike fashion.

‘Yeah Uncle Richie how’d you think I learnt about the birds and the bee’s? You really should close your dressing room door.’ Richie’s eyes nearly fell out as she blew him a kiss and sashayed across the room and headed after the other kids to the basement.

‘Shit Sambora your so dead if Jon finds out!’ David laughed, then stopped dead as Steph poked her head out and politely told him he should close his too! He went white and sat down hard, Christ they were in so much shit!

Al couldn’t say anything for laughing.