Saturday, 18 October 2008

Chapter 129

By the time they got to the Ritz it was well passed six, but the massive crowd streamlined when they hit the hotels doors, filtering in two by two. The maitre de looked a little nervous thinking he’d got to turn them away till Jon walked over and gave his name, then grins appeared and they were shown to table’s right at the back; away from too many prying eyes.

Al noticed the lustful looks the men were getting from women scattered about, she missed the looks the men were throwing at Anna, Liz and herself.

The food arrived and they dug in like they’d never seen the stuff ever before!

At one point a little cream sailed over and landed on Jon’s nose, no one owned up to throwing it, but under the table Richie and David knocked fists and smirked.

No one noticed the unassuming man in the corner reading his newspaper. They didn’t see the camera lens being aimed at them and pictures being snapped off. He’d got some nice ones of Bon Jovi and his new lady canoodling, but he’d realised straight off that the drummer and his squeeze were news at the minute too, they’d been on TV and so people would be interested in them.

He’d been careful not to take any of the kids, he knew if he did without Bon Jovi’s permission he could end up black balled, and he wasn’t that stupid.

Tico was sweating; Hector kept looking at him and frowning. He knew if he didn’t do something soon his hijo would take matters into his tiny hands, after all he was his father’s son.

His prayers seemed to be answered as Al and the other girls, all of them, got up on mass and excused themselves to go to the ladies; all the men rolling their eyes.

He knew when she came back it’d be now or never, he started to sweat even more.

‘Bro you okay? You look a little flushed?’ David was full of concern, never seeing Teek this flushed.

Before he could answer Hector beat him to the punch. ‘Pappy’s askin Ally to marry us!’ He declared to his uncles, crawling onto Tico’s knee and kissing him.

Every jaw at the table dropped in shock, ‘Seriously bro? Now?’ Richie asked and at Tico’s nod, grabbed him and Hector into a bear hug, ‘Congrats man, she’s a wonderful woman, and mind you she really could do better and trade up.’ He winked and punched Tico’s arm, making the older man wince.

They all started to congratulate him and he held up his hand, ‘Don’t, I don’t want it jinked. She hasn’t said yes yet.

‘She will bro, she will, she’s head over heels with you. Just like you are with her, anyone can see it.’ Jon said, deadly serious about it, the others agreed.

‘Shit I just let me get the dvd camera set up! This I’ve gotta take.’ Said Obie rushing to get his hand held out before the girls returned the others chuckled.

‘Calm down Ob you’ll give yourself a stroke man!’ Richie laughed at him.

‘So are you askin as soon as she gets back or what?’ Mike asked.

‘I’ve no idea, just none of you give it away, I’m begging you, and hijo you need to stay quite till I’ve asked her, okay?’

Little Hector solemnly nodded his head, he just really wanted his pappy to get on with it!

‘Well bro, don’t look now but your future wife is on her way back to the table.’ Tony told him, and then they snickered as he went white and broke out in a sweat.

‘I gotta go to the head!’ and with that he jumped up and nearly ran from the room, leaving the males laughing and Al with a bemused and worried look on her face.

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