Thursday, 2 October 2008

Chapter 123

Before going to bed they wandered about the rooms checking the rest of the children, both kissing Hector who was sleeping in a room with Romeo, they would have their room to themselves for tonight and tomorrow at least.

Holding hands they slowly made their way into their room, locking the door behind them, they’d unlock it before they fell asleep.

‘I need a shower first.’ Al told him, peeling off her clothes and throwing them into the laundry bin in her closet. Tico stood taking in his fill of her, it may have only been one night, but he felt like they’d been apart for weeks! He took in her flushed cheeks from their lovemaking downstairs, the tangle of her hair where his hands had caused havoc. Her full firm breasts, her beautifully rounded hips, his eyes took in the darker blonde hair that glistened with her need for him. Then she shapely long legs, for a short woman she’d got legs that defied her height!

And as she sashayed to the bathroom, her gorgeous, curvy ass, beckoned him, damn she filled out in all the right places! He made short work of his jeans, his throbbing dick springing free in anticipation of being buried in her, ‘El hombre apesadumbrado, no apenas todavía, calma el infierno abajo!’ (‘Sorry man, not just yet, calm the hell down!’) He muttered to his dick. He quickly followed her into the shower and took the shampoo from her, ‘I’ll help.’ With that he made good on his word, soaping her hair, then rinsing it, Al purring as his fingers massaged her scalp. He even conditioned it, making her smile, he’d remembered. Then after he’d rinsed her again, he took hold of her bath sponge and squirted a good amount of coconut shower gel onto it and then lather her all over.

By the time he’d finished Al was a quivering mass of need. He’d not put a single finger out of place and when she’d said she’d return the favour, he’d said gently, no, he’d do it and in a blink of an eye he’d showered.

Taking her hand he pulled her out, and wrapped her in a fluffy bath towel, gently drying her hair, then the rest of her body, not leaving a drop of moisture on her, well except between her thighs, that, he couldn’t, wouldn’t stop just yet!

He dried himself of and taking her hand led her to bed.

He climbed on and held out his hand to her, she took it and he pulled her on and tucked her body under his, his need now so great, the shower had him on the edge for so damn long he was praying for patience so he didn’t go off like a hair trigger.

Al opened for him and he slid into her, stopping and staring down at her when he was seated as deep as he could get. ‘Te amo tanto aliado, le deseo con mí siempre. Piense de esto para mí, cáseme.’ (‘I love you so much Ally, I want you with me always. Think about this for me, marry me.’) Al’s eyes grew wide, then her brain shut down completely as he started to move, with every thrust he moved her higher and higher, leaning down he kissed her with such passion it striped away any layer of resistance she had left, she wrapped him in her arms and let him take her as far as he would.

With one last thrust they shattered into a million pieces, each sighing the others name, sleep claiming then minutes after they came down.

An hour later Al shot awake, his words coming back to her, holy fuck she was certain he’d meant what he’d said, he wanted to marry her! Fully awake now, she knew sleep was gone for a long time as her brain churned his words over and over. She slid from his arms and did the only thing she knew how to do when she was like this; she headed to her studio, taking the picture of Tico sleeping soundly with her.

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