Sunday, 26 October 2008

Chapter 132

The rest of the afternoon and into evening became an engagement party of sorts, back at Al’s, the TV playing to itself in the corner.

Jon put out a few calls to places and lots of party food appeared as if by magic. The kids thought it wonderful, Al just told him off!

‘Blondie, you didn’t have to do this, we’ve got enough food to feed a damn army in this house! And you cater in more!’ She rolled her eyes at him.

David walked over and slung an arm about her shoulders, ‘Babe get used to him taking over. He forgets he’s not the boss of others half the time, it’s his age.’ He dropped a kiss on her and headed off with Jon’s curses floating after him.

‘Well this will be the last time you do that, won’t it blondie?’ She glared at him and picked up a statue, and tested its weight.

Jon gulped and promised he’d try to hold back his instincts, the unlady like snort echoed about the walls again, he pouted, shrugged and kissed her, ‘Hey that’s what brothers do for family.’

‘Bossy, pushy, younger ones by the look of it.’ But she laughed and elbowed him in the ribs just to make sure he knew he did anything again without running it passed her, his ass would be canned.

Ally.’ Steph suddenly yelled to her, ‘You need to see this!’

Al pushed her way to the TV, where Steph had paused it, ‘What?’

‘This.’ And she hit resume.

'Good evening and welcome back to Showbiz News!

Well folks have we got a mega exclusive for you tonight!

It seems that this afternoon love was in the air at the Ritz in London.’

Al groaned, no they couldn’t know! Tico walked over and hugged her and stayed with his arms about her wondering what else they were going to throw at them.

'And fortunately for us we had someone inside who took these photos of Tico Torres, the drummer with Bon Jovi, proposing to the woman we saw on Frank Skinners show, who at the minute we only know as ‘Al’.

The lady in question, said yes and as our pictures show Mr Torres and the rest of the band were very happy when she did!

Let’s hope this one last longer than his others!

Congratulations to you both.’

Through the piece they’d shown pictures of Tico and her arriving, a few of Jon and Liz, the rest of the band, but no children. Then Tico going down on one knee and all the flurry of hugs and kisses after she’d said yes, and then the toast to the happy couple and smiles all around.

There were several males swearing under their breaths after the end bit. Al buried her face in Tico’s neck and cursed, assholes, how could they say that!

‘Holy hell, is this how it feels like when someone does this to you? Tico, how could they say that shit? It’s just not right’ Al’s face was ashen, hell she’d had snaps taken with them by fans at the concerts, and the debacle of Skinner, but this was a very private moment made public, and to say they hoped it lasted longer than his other marriages was just sickening. She felt more for him than herself.

‘Aw darlin, I’m sorry, we’re normally more ‘aware’ of people around us, but we got caught up in it.’ Richie said as he pulled her from Tico and in for a bear hug, he’d like to get the leech who’d photographed this and the bigger moron who’d written the script!

‘It’s fine Rich, just a shock. I’d better be making some phone calls to the girls, just so they don’t get caught unawares and think I didn’t remember them.’ As she started for the stairs Richie caught up with her.

‘Tell the girls Dave and I will phone them later, okay?’ She nodded and he dropped a kiss on her nose. ‘Ally, I’m glad you said yes, don’t let this get to you, you’re his other half and I’m so damn happy for you both.’ His smile faltered a little.

‘Rich, thank you, and it only hurt me when they had a go at Teek! One day when you least expect it you’ll find your other half too, trust me on this. There’s someone out there for everyone.’ Standing up several steps she ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek, then headed up to blow the girls minds!

She was still on the phone when she got invaded by the guys saying their goodbyes and shouting into the phone bye to the girls.

‘Well be back early tomorrow shorty.’ Jon laughingly threatened her as he hugged her goodnight.

‘You mean if you can get Lurch outta bed.’ She snickered loudly at Richie’s indignant face.

‘Hey if he’s not he can make his own damn way here.’ Which earned Jon the bird, and they all piled back out laughing and bitching at each other.

‘Hell honey, sounds like you’ve got your hands full. Want any help there?’ Purred Jo.

‘Hey yeah, we could all come to help out.’ Sandy chortled gleefully, she’d love to see David up close and personal after all the hot and dirty phone calls she’d been getting. Hell even the emails had a smut edge to them, and when they’d hooked up the webcam… she blushed, the things he’d tried to get her to do, and failed…… damn the man!

‘Well just know if I need help, you’ll be the first ones I shout for.’ They laughed and chatted for a little longer, the girls again congratulating her on the engagement and then signing off for the night, Jo making her promise to send them all pictures of her ring, Al saying she’d get on it tomorrow and hanging up.

With a smile on her face she sat for a while just looking at her ring, it was beautiful, and it seemed Tico and she had the same taste in rings.

A thought hit her; she could give him an engagement gift too. With that thought in her mind she took off for her studio.

She realised, when she got downstairs, all the kids were gone and Carol and Tico were nowhere about. She wasn’t bothered that they weren’t there and went into her studio.

Pulling out the necklace she’d made the other night, and the ring she’d done weeks ago, she went in search of her love.

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