Saturday, 11 October 2008

Chapter 128

The day was busy, hectic and full of laughter.

To people looking at the large group, they saw a large family trolling about Hyde Park, kids running screaming from a crazed tall dark haired man growling like a monster. Even the older children ran from him while the other adults just shook their heads and laughed. They saw love connecting them together, older couples stopped and watched them, smiling in memories of doing this with their children.

People who recognised them couldn’t believe what they were seeing, but laughed at Richie’s antics along with other people about them, some took video, others took a few snaps of kids being held upside down by their ankles, laughing and squealing.

The one thing they didn’t do, was interrupt the group, it was nice to see rock stars acting like normal people, some laughed and shook their heads as women were thrown over different shoulders and ran with, shrieking and cursing the carriers!

They did the history museum first and the kids were enthralled by the massive skeletons guarding the main doors.

They loved exploring different parts of the museum, laughing when Al made a crack about the Neanderthal exhibit missing one of them, and pointing to Richie. He threatened retaliation when she least expected it, she laughed harder.

Lunch was a shipping order of sandwiches on the go, the children wanted to look around Big Ben and St Pauls Cathedral, so food on the go was a must.

Al was having a wonderful time her camera was on the go nearly all the time, she’d videoed Richie menacing the kids in the park, loving the warmth coming from all the adults and children, and she was included in it!

They did the London Eye, David making barfing noises as they stopped at the top to take in the view.

The kids loved it. Jon not looking happy to be there, but manning up. All caught on Al’s camera, for posterity.

Jon nearly coming to blows with Richie and Mike as they tried to get the car to ‘swing’ a little. Liz having to kiss Jon to distract him. Carol threatening said males if they carried on. Said males, cowering like kids from their irate mom!

Children’s laughter at the adult’s antics.

The only thing Al missed totally was the shifty looks Tico kept giving her and patting his pocket, and Hector grinning up at his pappy.


Anonymous said...

Hi!! I like your story a lot!! Only one thing, and please dontn´t get mad at me, but the spanish sentences don´t make sense at all! Laura

Joviswoman said...

Laura, I'm not mad honey lol.

I did say I've been using a programme and I've got no clue if it was correct lol.

Evidently the thing doesn't work at all lmao!

G x

Anonymous said...

It works, but it translates word by word, and most of the time, doesn´t make sense. I wouldn´t have a problem helping, if you want!! Laura

Joviswoman said...

Laura I'd love some help in retranslating what I've written so far.

My emails at the bottom of 'About Me' section.

Thanks honey.

G x