Thursday, 9 October 2008

Chapter 127

Everyone scooted about and got ready to head out, Liz and Anna followed Al to her studio on the pretext of getting her gear to take with her.

‘Ok, spill it sister you’ve had a sappy look on your face since we walked through the damn door! I take it Tico didn’t spend the night on the couch like you said he would!’ Anna shot at her as the door closed.

‘Nope, he didn’t.’

‘Come on what’s going on with you?’ Liz chimed in, the look on Al’s face was one of pure happiness something she’d not seen in years.

‘Well…………. I’m just happy with life.’ She started to load her cameras into her backpack, knowing the girls wouldn’t let it go.

‘Bullshit! Something’s happened, now talk before I get my needles out!’ Anna threatened.

‘Nothings happened, Tico and I made wonderful love last night and I think he’s going to ask me to marry him.’ She continued to pack.

She found herself spun and up against the wall her two friends pinning her there. In unison ‘What!

She started to laugh, ‘He told me to think about marrying him, and girls the only one who has me up against the wall is Tico, now let me go please.’

‘And?’ Anna wanted to slap the answers out of her, but restrained herself, just!

‘And I told him I’d already thought about it, and when he asked me properly, I’d say yes!’

Whooping a hollering ensued, hugs and kisses were passed about, till one of them realised what she was telling them.

‘Fuck!’ Liz uttered then sat heavily on the couch.

‘What’s wrong?’ Anna asked still hugging Al.

‘Don’t you get it? If she marries Tico, she won’t be living here any more.’ Liz’s emotions vied back and forth from happiness to major sadness. ‘It’s going to be the end of an era.’

Al walked over and sat down hugging her friend, ‘Hell don’t you think I’ve thought about this. It’s scaring the crap out of me!’

Anna sat down next to them both and looked stunned, ‘I never even thought about that. Shit!’ The three sat there looking glum and despondent.

That’s how Tico found themn minutes later; looking like their favourite puppy had died. ‘Mi amour, you okay, what’s wrong?’ He was worried, they looked close to tears and damned if he could cope with Al let alone the other two where tears were concerned.

‘Nothing querido, we were talking and got maudlin, but we’re fine now, aren’t we girls?’ She begged them with her eyes not to let on.

‘Yeah, we spotted a picture that she painted of our friend, and got to wondering how he is. We’ve not seen him in years, sorry about the pity party.’ The other two thanked god Anna was a on her feet thinker.

He didn’t believe her, but let it slide, ‘Well we’re ready to go if you ladies are?’

‘Yep, time Bongiovi fed us!’ Al said as they walked back into the main room.

‘Hey, who paid for the food yesterday?’ He pouted, hearing he was being slandered again.

‘Actually that’d be me.’ David piped up.

‘What do you mean, you?’ Jon frowned; sure to god he’d paid.

‘You may have paid for the first load bro, but I got stuck with the last four trips! You owe me.’

‘Aw damn Lemma, why didn’t you say something?’

‘You were too busy schmoozing, as usual.’ David laughed.

‘Bite me!’

‘Nah, that’s a job for Lizzie girl.’

Liz went beet red and headed for the door saying it was about time they went for food. The kids nearly ran her over trying to get out the door!

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