Thursday, 27 March 2008

Chapter 56!

As the door shut behind them Tico dragged Al into his arms and kissed her till neither could breathe.

Coming up for air as their lungs nearly collapsed Tico looked her in the eye, ‘¡Usted no tiene ninguna idea cuánto te amo aliado! Pare el rojo que va; Le he dicho, I diciéndolo repetidas veces hasta que usted me cree.’ (You have no idea how much I love you Ally! Stop going red; I've told you, I saying it again and again till you believe me.)

She wound her arms about him and brought him back to her waiting mouth, ‘Te amo a Tico.’ (I love you to Tico.) Their mouths met and clung to each other. ‘Y no pienso que siempre neumático de usted que lo dice.’ (And I don't think I'll ever tire of you saying it.)

‘Come on I think we need to find Jon and Liz, before we end up back in bed and the guys banging on the damn door again.’ Al took his hand and headed for the stairs only to be stopped and pulled back into his arms.

‘But querido, you’ve got me all worked up, I think you need to come up with the goods baby.’ He had a devilish glint in his eye.

‘Oh you do, do you?’ She rubbed him threw the denim, and he growled. A shiver shook Al to her toes, damn clean undies and they were now soaked! Her fingers started to ease the zipper down, Tico’s hand grabbed at hers.

‘What are you doing miel?’

‘Well you said come up with the goods, so I am.’ She made out she was going to kneel and the look on his face was like, ‘you crazy bitch, not where the guys could walk out and see us’, he took her hand and nearly ran her back into her room. Locking the door as he got her in, then finding himself flat up against the door, the zipper down, his throbbing dick out and her going down on him!

‘Fuck!’ He kept trying to tell his body he wasn’t a teenager any more, but the damn things just didn’t listen! Her hot mouth engulfed him sucking him from top too bottom and back again. She managed to undo the jeans without breaking her rhythm. He’d know idea how she’d got his shorts down, but they’d gone. One of her hands cupping and tugging his balls the other on his ass. Man he’d died and gone to heaven for sure now.

He groan then growled as she sucked her way back to the top of his dick and nibbled and licked his slit. His hands fisted into her hair, wanting to be buried at the back of her throat, or better yet inside her!

Al was loving the way she could turn him on, he was rock hard, and his balls taught, he was on the edge. She suddenly felt him slide his dick out of her mouth, pulling her up and aiming her at the chair, his hands yanking the button of her jeans. Damn she nearly laughed realising he was shuffling along with his jeans around his ankles. He kissed her deeply as his fingers thrust into her panties and into her; she nearly screamed feeling thoughs clever fingers thrusting into her soaking wet centre.

‘The bed……….’ Was all Tico could get out, his fingers pumping her as her lips had done to him, he was pawing at her jeans pushing them down as much as one hand could.

They never made it into bed. He leant her over the end of the bed, damn glad it was waist height! Took his hand out of her jeans, yanked them all the way down along with the soaking wet panties, bent her over even further and pushed himself to her entrance and one swift sure thrust went straight in to the hilt!

Al braced herself for the pounding she knew she’d brought on, and boy did he pound! After the first thrust his hips started a pace that blew her mind. His fingers digging into her hips, as he slammed himself over and over again into her. She was nearly sobbing, wanting to cum, but wanting it to last. He was whispering to her, in Spanish, hot and dirty things, making her wet even more.

All at once they both peaked without warning, cuming together, his gruttle growl, and her keening low scream.

Tico slumped over her, kissing her neck, ‘Well darlin, I really think you came up with the goods. And hell woman you’ve just about finished me, my legs are like jelly.’ He slipped from her, pulledher jeans up, step out of his, and led her into the bathroom to clean up. ‘Least we were more quite than this morning.’

That earned him a slap on his still bare ass.


Friday, 21 March 2008

Chapter 55!

Liz’s nerves were on fire, when he sucked her neck it had taken all her strength not to scream! She had a little weird thing, sucking and biting her neck turned her on so damn much. He did it again and her nails flexed into his shoulders where she’d put then to try and ground herself. He groaned and his tongue flicked out and he ran it from one side of her neck to the other. His teeth closed on her again and bit down, gently. A shudder ripped through Liz her head fell back and she ground down onto him. He stored it away to use later.

She felt his hands move again, they landed on her butt and pulled her closer to him; his hips left the couch and slowly rubbed his covered crotch into her. Every moan he got out of her made him all the more harder. He didn’t know why she affected him like this but it felt fuckin surreal. Yeah the word Ally had been using!

Liz had enough; she’d lusted over that chest for twenty odd years, now she wanted to see if up close and damn personnel! ‘Take your shirt off before I bloody rip it off, please.’ She waited to see what he’d do.

Jon heard her voice through the lust filled haze and let go of her, but just long enough to rip the shirt over his head, fuck the buttons. He heard her suck in a breath, her eyes fastened to his chest, she licked her lips and his dick went wild! She reached out her hand towards her goal; vaguely she noticed it was shaking. Her finger tips moved slowly over his pecs, they jumped as she touched them, she grinned. Before she touched his nipples she moved her hand back up. Jon let out the breath he was holding, waiting, and needing her to touch him.

She ran her hand up and traced his tattoo on either side; she’s always wanted to do that. Then without warning she leaned forward and sucked on one of his nipples. Jon nearly shot off the couch, his hands came up and fisted in her hair. Holy fuck! He closed his eyes and prayed to hold onto his tentative grip on reality and not cum in his jeans!

Her mouth moved from one nipple back and forth she went. She wondered if she dare, oh hell in for a penny, her hand carefully started to rub him threw his jeans. ‘Holy shit Lizzie, you’ve got me on a hair trigger, be careful darlin.’ She swallowed, and looked at him, she had him on the edge? She’d been on it since he kissed her! ‘Ok your turn; take your top of for me.’ His blue eyes turned darker at the thought of finally seeing her.

Shyly she took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt, and in one smooth motion lifted it off and tossed it onto his discarded one. Before her arms could fall to her sides his hot mouth latched onto her through her bra, she bit her lip to stop the scream from coming out. His hands went to the front catch, flipped it open, flicked it off her and took her throbbing nipple back into his mouth. Liz did scream a little then; fuck that hot wicked mouth actually on her flesh was her undoing; she literally came apart then and there, sobbing.

Jon’s dick responded to that scream so much it hurt. God she’d cum from just him sucking her breast. Hell he wanted more, now! His hand wandered down between her legs and pushed up, she moaned deep in her throat, rubbing against it, asking for more.

His fingers worked on the zip, opening it he kissed her deeply as his finger pushed passed her jeans and panties. Finding her drenched he slipped his finger into her, just enough to reach her clit. He rubbed it slowly and she growled in her throat.

‘Jon for god’s sake stop fucking playing and get the hell in me now, or let me go!’ Liz was panting now, his fingers working her into a lather. Gone was the hesitancy of a while ago, now she just wanted him to fuck her brains out, or stop and let her out of there!

‘Lizzie my darlin I’m not letting you go anywhere! And your wish m’lady is my command!’ He pushed off the couch taking her with him, till they both stood. He walked to the door and locked it, just in case they came looking for them. Turning he looked at Liz, whose breath sucked in. Damn she was gorgeous. Walking back to her he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Letting her go, he sank to his knees and slowly lowered her jeans, kissing her belly and the top of her mound, her knees went weak and he stood catching her against him. He lay her down on the couch, shucking off his jeans, he noticed she was eyeing him hungrily. This could be the quickest shag in his history if she kept looking at him like that.

Liz couldn’t do anything but stare. Frigging hell he was hot! His member standing proud and huge! She liked her lips again and held out a hand to him, needing him to quench the fire he’d started in her. He moved towards her and she reached out and ran her fingers lovingly over his shaft. He thrust into her hand, moaning when she left it, cupping his balls, squeezing them. He moved her hand away from him, leaving him wanting more.

He lay down on top of her, damn she felt good, she moved her legs apart, showing him what she wanted, him! He kissed her his hands running down and into her, she was still soaked, he gently pushed two fingers into her, she moaned and her hips undulated trying to make him move faster, he obliged. He pumped her while kissing and nibbling her neck, breast whatever he could reach, never straying far from her hungry, greedy lips. He realised she was on her way to another orgasm and pulled his fingers out.

As she started to protest he thrust home, her scream bouncing off the walls. She flew over the edge and into an amazing orgasm, he slowed down letting her catch her breath, then looking into her eyes started to thrust faster and faster, till her legs wrapped about his hips and him nearly on his knees, banging into her. He felt her start to clench onto him, ‘Lizzie look at me.’ Her eyes had been closed since he’d pushed home. They blinked open and stared into his. ‘Cum with me darling.’ She did, and they hurtled over together, both shouting out at their release.

As they lay there, sucking in great lungfuls of air Liz started to laugh. Jon rose up on his arms, ‘What’s so funny honey?’ His eyes crinkling at her chuckles, he hoped to god it wasn’t his performance that brought about this mirth.

‘I’m sorry Jon, it’s just this has finally hit home. I told Alice when we were a lot younger, that one day I’d get you into the sack. It’s not the sack but I’m not picky!’ She starts to chuckle again.

‘Well sweetheart I hope I measure up to your dreams.’ Crap he’s getting a hard on again, well hell.

‘Babe you’ve far surpassed anything my little brain could come up with. And from the feel of it, you’re going to blow all my dreams weeeelll out of the water.’ She rolled her hips against him, grinning.

‘Well I’m gonna try.’ He leant down and slipped his tongue between her lips, and she wrapped her arms about him, holding on tight. One hell of a day!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Chapter 54

He wasn’t sure if he was sorry she hadn’t put up more of a fight. ‘You ok there sweetheart?’ She’d gone really quite when he’d gone threw the cellar doors.

Her reply was a resounding slap on his ass that had him nearly falling down the last two stairs! ‘Yup, fine thank you.’ He could hear the saccharine dripping off her tone. Damn she’d got a good arm, his ass smarted from where she’d connected, and she was upside down too.

He headed into the games room straight for the couch. He moved her forward down his body, man he must be a masochist, and as her head hit his shoulder, he sat, making her squeak again, damn that was cute. She was now sat on his lap, knees bent glaring at him, and him with a raging hard on. ‘Now what the hell was that upstairs? One minute we were, I hope, enjoying each other, the next you hit me.’ He waited, she’d gone bright red.

‘I don’t like being manhandled by anyone!’

‘Darlin that was the furthest away from manhandling you could ever get. Now spill it lady!’

She took a deep breath, and Jon’s jeans tightened even more, oh fuck talk about a walking hard on, sheesh! ‘I just realised who was kissing me, and realised I didn’t want to be a notch on your belt.’ She looked him straight in the eye, and prayed he’d say she was wrong.

‘Liz, damn woman, you’re straight to the point. Well darlin, I gave up notching my belt over a decade ago. If I wanted a one night stand I wouldn’t have chosen Ally’s best friend to do it with. She’d get Richie to beat the shit outta me.’ He laughed, that woman had got his friends so protective of her after the debacle with Frank; she’d only have to well up with tears and she’d have whoever’s balls in her hand, mounted on a plaque, before the offender knew what hit them. And he wouldn’t want it to be him!

Liz didn’t know what the hell to do or say, she felt like a right blonde! She supposed he was right, it wouldn’t look good to jump someone’s bf, then leave them swinging. And hell and damnation, she wasn’t blind or feeling deficient! She knew she affected him, and hell second grader be damned! This boy was packing!

His hands grew restless. They’d been on the back of her calves, now they’d started to wander. He stretched a little and Liz had to grab the couch behind his head to stop her landing her boobage in his face. His hands were now on the front of her thighs, rubbing up and down. Liz was inhaling threw her nose and out through her mouth, slowly, so he didn’t realise how much she wanted to say, ‘Aw hell’ and jump him!

He really wanted to kiss her again, but he’d no freakin clue if she’d slap him. Damn his dick had nearly broken his damn zipper when she’d smacked him. Hell it hadn’t stopped trying to get out since. Ok time to lay, shit bad choice of words, it on the line, ‘Lizzie darlin, look at me.’ She did, but tried to put her head down, he gripped her chin and raised it so they were eye to eye. ‘I don’t want a one night stand! From the moment I opened that door and saw you standing there, I wanted you, and not just for sex! Shush. I took one look at a woman who’d come to her best friends assistance, not knowing what she’d find; ready to kill if the look you was givin out was anything to go by.’ He chuckled. ‘As much as I want you at this minute, I want to get to know you more. So if you say ‘back off Jon’, I will. But know this, I won’t give up. And until further notice lady you are off the market!’ He waited, wondering how she’d take that last bit!

Liz sat there, stunned! Good God he was serious. ‘Off the market, you don’t even know if I’m married, engaged or going out with someone. Damn you’re arrogant!’ She tried to get up; he clamped his hands on her hips and held her fast.

‘Well, are you any of the above?’ He’d never even give it a second thought that she could already be taken. The first thing he always checked with a woman, was her ring finger, or he subtly inquired if her other half was around. But with Liz, his dick led this one.

‘If I was I’d be one hell of a slut! I don’t go out with married men, and if I was married, engaged or seeing someone I wouldn’t even go near you. I’m not like some fans that have a ‘get out of marriage’ free card for the night, to have a shag with the great JBJ! Now get off me you over inflated egotist!’

‘You didn’t say it.’

‘Say what?’ Liz was confused and out of sorts.

‘Back off Jon.’ He said, then grabbed the back of her head with one hand, and pulled her in for a mind blowing kiss. The other slipped under the black t-shirt and found flesh.

Liz thought about fighting him, for about a millisecond; then his hands hit bare flesh and she was lost. She’d tried to fight herself and her instinct to jump him; but fuck it was Jon Bon Jovi! And she still didn’t really believe what he’d said, but hell she so freakin wanted him. Her mind shut down, and she let her senses have free reign.

Jon felt her give in and groaned with pleasure, deepening the kiss. Pulling her more against him, so her that her crotch met his raging dick. She squirmed to get closer, her hands now in his hair tugging and stroking it.

She gasped as his hand found her covered breast, and started the gently pummel it. His mouth attached itself to her neck and sucked. He heard her keening moan and did it again. He liked making her moan, but he sure like to see if he could get her to scream for him!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Chapter 53

After they’d left the others, Liz’s hand firmly grasped in Jon’s they headed downstairs. He was nearly running, trying to get her alone. God talk about hormones on legs!

As he hit the bottom he turned and Liz crashed into him. His hand came up caught her to him and before she realised it, he’d slanted his mouth over hers and plundered what he found there! He’d been aching to taste her since he’d opened the door and found her glaring at him, then going into shock because his shirt was undone, and as her fingers grabbed onto his belt he took full advantage of her being stunned. His plan had worked; she was in his arms kissing him back like a starving woman.

Holy fuck! She was kissing him! The man she’d crushed on for as long as Al had crushed on Tico. Damn this man knew how to please and tease a woman’s senses. He’d thrust his tongue into her mouth without a by or leave, and ravaged her silly! Then he’d gentled and nibbled across her lips, before giving her the sweetest kiss she’d ever had. His hands now down on her ass, holding her too him as he slowly ground against her heat.

She wasn’t just wet she was bloody soaked! If he let go of her know, she’d dissolve into a puddle of ecstasy. She itched to grab hold of his shirt and rip it off him, did the man have any idea what he was doing to her? Then it hit her, of course he knew! She pushed him off her! ‘What the hell do you think you’re playing at?’

Jon looked at her bemused and tried to pull her back into his arms. For that he got a fist to the ribs! ‘Hey!’ He yelped startled.

‘Don’t hey me Mr Bon Jovi! What the hell do you think you’re doing?’

‘Well darlin, I thought that was pretty obvious, kissing a hot woman.’ He hit her with that mega watt smile of his, thus making thoughs baby blues of his sparkle even more.

She nearly gasped out loud, close up that smile was nearly hard to resist. ‘Well why don’t you keep your lips and hands to yourself mush!’ She pushed passed him and headed to the fridge, praying her legs carried her that far, and way from him, not back towards him and jump his bones.

Jon stood there, wtf had just happened? One minute he’d got a hot willing woman in his hands, the next a spitfire, who roasted his ass, well hell. Who was taking out some anger on the fridge door and cupboards!

Liz was trying to calm down, but hell did he think just because of her nick name, she was a sure thing? Well he’d got another thing coming!

He slowly sidled up to her and reached out his hand, only to find instead of her arm he’d got a soda can! Damn she was fast, don’t grin, don’t grin she’ll kill ya! ‘Lizzie my darlin………..’

‘I’m not your darling or anything else thank you very much! And only Alice gets to call my Lizzie, it’s reserved for friends!’ she turned to get a tray for the drinks and squealed out loud as she found herself grabbed, turned and flung up over Jon’s solid shoulder, her nose just above that gorgeous taut ass of his. ‘Put me the hell down you Neanderthal!’ She started to move her leg so she could hit his boys and a band of steel clamped down. He started to head to Al’s studio; she thought she heard him mutter something about if it worked for Teek. But she wasn’t sure; the blood was rushing to her head, mainly from looking at his ass!

‘Now Lizzie my darlin you really wouldn’t want to hurt them, really, just calm down I wanna talk to you …’

‘Well put me the hell down you idiot!’ She grabbed hold of the door jam, so he couldn’t get passed it. Ha got him. It never occurred to her to scream for help! She squeaked as his hand stung her bum, ‘Ow you bastard that’s assault!’

‘Let go of the door Lizzie and it won’t have to happen again, unless you want me to smack you.’ Pure devilment laced his voice and laughter. She still held on, not believing he’d do it again.

‘Thwack!’ His palm connected again, but he ran his hand over the stinging area, caressing it and soothing it, she was lost. Feeling his hand wandering over her made her want to return the favour, hmmmm …… she finally released the frame and he walked forward. She also realised he wasn’t stopping at the studio, but opening the door to the cellar and the underground play room. Oh hell!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Chapter 52

Al howled with laughter at Lizzie’s face, she’d never seen her best friend that red before.

Liz didn’t know where to put herself, she wanted to run for the door screaming, but everyone was in the way. With Richie’s shove Jon and she were nose to nose, flippin heck he smell divine! She nervously licked her lips, his eyes lasered onto the movement. Her breath locked in her chest, aw hell Liz calm down he’s not interested in you! You’re taking it out of context.

She nearly leapt through the roof as his hand dropped onto her denim covered knee. He leant closer to her so no one else could hear what he said, just Liz. ‘Do I get to play with my play toy then, it seems fair?’

She went to stand, only to find as she stood up he’d only moved back a little bit so her breast ended up brushing the side of his face. He took advantage and rubbed it. It took all her will power to keep standing. She looked down into his eyes and saw a mixture of devilment and lust vying for poll position. He grinned his deadliest grin, full of charm, and slowly stood up, making contact with her all the way up, then moved away so it ended up looking like he’d not crowded or touched her.

‘Seeing as it’s a lil crowded in here, I nominate you and I to go on a drinks run, what do ya say guys, coffees?’ Everyone nodded in agreement; Jon grabbed Liz’s hand and all but dragged her from the room.

‘Erm miel, don’t you want to rescue your girl friend from Jon’s clutches?’ Tico chuckled.

‘Nah, she’s always wanted to get him to herself. I wanna see what she does now it’s finally happened.’ Al gave a dirty laugh and kissed Tico.

‘Hey Ally, where does Richie’s Pants Bitch live?’ He looked hopeful.

‘That’s my friend Sarah, she’s a TEXAN! She’s got a lil thing for you trousers. But honestly, it’s probably more what’s in them.’ Al laughed, ‘And since when has my name been Ally?’

‘Since we were talking this morning, and decided Al just wasn’t you. Jon came up with Ally and we like it, so get used to it darlin, now phone number, picture of Sarah? Is she married, come on woman I’m single and need setting up with someone!’

‘Hey get in line asshole I got divorced before the rest of ya, I should be set up first!’ David chimed in.

Al rolled her eyes, leant over and switched the computer off.

‘Hey we were going to check that out!’ David looked affronted.

‘If you two think I’m letting you on boards with my friends on, you’ve got another thing coming.’ She headed for the door; she needed to find out what Jon and Liz were up too.

Richie’s hand shot out and pulled her into his arms, ‘Sambora, what have I told up about grabbing my woman?’ Tico’s growl made Al shiver, mmmm possessive!

‘She didn’t answer me, is Sarah married?’ He wrapped his arms about Al and gently lifted her off the floor till she was at his eye level.

‘Bloody hell, Neanderthal much! No she’s not married! Now put me the hell down before I accidentally nail your family jewels.’

He started to put her down, and then stopped, ‘You got a picture of her? Come on Ally my darlin let David and I back onto your comp, phulease!’ He battered his long killer lashes at her. ‘Then you can get Teek on your own.’ His eyebrows waggled.

‘Yeah come on Ally, be a sport these two haven’t played with anything but themselves in months!’ Tony laughed.

Looking at the puppy dog eyes from both David and Richie, she caves in, ‘Under no circumstances are you to leave messages or pm’s do I make myself clear?’ She set the hairy eyeball on both of them. ‘There is a member picture thread, nearly everyone on there has a pic of themselves, Sarah’s on there.’

‘Wouldn’t dream of it sugar, and thanks.’ Yeah like she believed that! But she re booted the comp and logged them onto the web site, they told her they just wanted to check out what people thought. Boy they were going to get a shock when they came across the bitching thread about them out pricing themselves. Both Liz and she had agreed to some degree, she couldn’t wait!

Grabbing Tico’s hand they headed for the door and to find Liz and Jon.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Chapter 51

‘Calm down Lizzie and I’ll tell you what’s gone off.’ Al grinned at her bf.

It took time but eventually Al brought Liz up to speed. Liz sat in total awe!

‘So you’re telling me that you went to the concert. Dance with Jon, met Tico, shagged the arse off him, and then they moved the hell in? Fucking hell if I’d have realised you got to bring them home with you; I’d have made sure I was with you bitch! And Tico’s told you he loves you, well bugger!’

‘That sounds about right, something like a five for one deal.’ Al laughed.

Liz ranted and raved a bit more, saying she hadn’t even checked the board for Al’s review of the show.

Al stopped cold, fuck with all that’s going on she’d forgotten to go on the Jovi board Liz and she belonged to! Crap, crap and triple crap! Booting up the computer she quickly logged onto her home on the internet. On there someone had posted grainy pictures of a ‘mystery’ woman being wowed by Jon; then being kissed silly by Tico. She groaned. Liz looked over her shoulder, jaw hanging loose, when she realised she was looking at Al.

‘Well fuck girlie, he’s certainly got you in a lip lock there hasn’t he! Shit none of them know it’s you!!!’ Liz chortled with glee, and started to reply to the thread.

‘Stop, don’t do that.’ Al was stricken.

‘Why, they’d be happy for you?’

‘I know, but damn it Liz I don’t want anyone to know it’s me just yet. I want to have time to process this.’ She gave Liz a pleading look.

‘Aw hell you’re asking me to keep a secret? Damn it to hell you know I’m a blabbermouth! Just cut my tongue out and my fingers off so I can’t type. It’d be a damn sight easier.’ Liz’s voice had gone up several octaves, and the volume had increased till she was shouting at Al.

A knock on the door was all that warned them that someone was coming in. It wasn’t just one of the guys; it was the whole friggin group, along with Tony and Mike.

Jon was in the lead, ‘Ladies, you ok in here? We got a bit worried that you jumped out of the windows and run away from us.’ He flashed his killer smile at Liz, she had a high red flush on her cheeks, and her chest was heaving just right. The smile turned to a lustful leer.

Before Liz could stop herself, ‘Run away, do I look that bloody stupid?’ Her eyes growing as big as saucers as she realised what she’d said.

Jon chuckled, ‘No darlin, never stupid, hot maybe. But never stupid.’

Liz grabbed for the desk and held on, praying she wouldn’t make a complete ass of herself and fold into a mushy heap on the floor. Damn those dimples, teeth, hair, aw damn the whole freaking package that was Jon.

David had pushed his way in and was checking out what the girls had been looking at, ‘Hell Teek you take a good pic.’ He checked out the forums name and how Al was signed in and snickered. ‘So Al, TicosTotty by name and nature huh.’

Al groan, it had to be the smart ass in the group to figure that on out!

‘What?’ Richie and Jon muscling him to the side, ‘Well hell Teek didn’t realise how steamy that clinch you got Ally in was, phew talk about scorching the lens! What the hell you mean CD?’ Richie not realising the sign in name at the top of the page gave away Al’s online alter ego.

David slapped him on the back of the head, ‘There you computer illiterate moron.’ Pointing to the top of the screen, three pairs of eyes, all with wickedness in them, turned on Al.

Liz couldn’t cope with all the interaction, and by play. She grabbed the chair and sat down. Then realised she was right next to Jon. Oh my god! I’m sat next to the hottest man alive. As she checked him out, his lips pursed scrolling back and forth on the pages, checking out the pics from the concert, she couldn’t help but wonder what he’d do if she reached over; grabbed his ass then laid one on him! She drew in a sharp breath. It must have been loud because Jon turned and caught her perusal of him.

‘Well know Lizzie, we know that Ally here is a definite TicosTotty, but what I wonder is your nick? Wanna tell Jonny what it is?’ He lent in close to her. All she had to do was, damn he licked his lips. Her insides quivered.

‘Nope.’ It came out in a breathy whisper.

‘Ally darlin, what’s your friends nick on here?’ He never took his eyes off Liz, and slowly they wandered over her, nearly leaving an actual trail with the heat he was sending. Damn she was fine. He wondered if she’d have any objections to him pressing her up against the wall, running his fingers over her delicious looking breast. Then slipping himself deep into ……………… aw hell Jon calm the fuck down before you embarrass yourself.

He found the members list and was working through it. He found Al’s easily and there on the same day, minutes apart …………. He turned to Liz, ‘Well hey there JonnysPlayToy.’

‘How the hel ……….. aw shit!’ Liz went bright red and wished the ground would open up and swallow her.

‘Hey stop hoggin the keyboard, wanna see who’s a Richie girl.’ Richie laughed, pushing Jon out of the way and nearly into Liz’s lap.