Thursday, 27 March 2008

Chapter 56!

As the door shut behind them Tico dragged Al into his arms and kissed her till neither could breathe.

Coming up for air as their lungs nearly collapsed Tico looked her in the eye, ‘¡Usted no tiene ninguna idea cuánto te amo aliado! Pare el rojo que va; Le he dicho, I diciéndolo repetidas veces hasta que usted me cree.’ (You have no idea how much I love you Ally! Stop going red; I've told you, I saying it again and again till you believe me.)

She wound her arms about him and brought him back to her waiting mouth, ‘Te amo a Tico.’ (I love you to Tico.) Their mouths met and clung to each other. ‘Y no pienso que siempre neumático de usted que lo dice.’ (And I don't think I'll ever tire of you saying it.)

‘Come on I think we need to find Jon and Liz, before we end up back in bed and the guys banging on the damn door again.’ Al took his hand and headed for the stairs only to be stopped and pulled back into his arms.

‘But querido, you’ve got me all worked up, I think you need to come up with the goods baby.’ He had a devilish glint in his eye.

‘Oh you do, do you?’ She rubbed him threw the denim, and he growled. A shiver shook Al to her toes, damn clean undies and they were now soaked! Her fingers started to ease the zipper down, Tico’s hand grabbed at hers.

‘What are you doing miel?’

‘Well you said come up with the goods, so I am.’ She made out she was going to kneel and the look on his face was like, ‘you crazy bitch, not where the guys could walk out and see us’, he took her hand and nearly ran her back into her room. Locking the door as he got her in, then finding himself flat up against the door, the zipper down, his throbbing dick out and her going down on him!

‘Fuck!’ He kept trying to tell his body he wasn’t a teenager any more, but the damn things just didn’t listen! Her hot mouth engulfed him sucking him from top too bottom and back again. She managed to undo the jeans without breaking her rhythm. He’d know idea how she’d got his shorts down, but they’d gone. One of her hands cupping and tugging his balls the other on his ass. Man he’d died and gone to heaven for sure now.

He groan then growled as she sucked her way back to the top of his dick and nibbled and licked his slit. His hands fisted into her hair, wanting to be buried at the back of her throat, or better yet inside her!

Al was loving the way she could turn him on, he was rock hard, and his balls taught, he was on the edge. She suddenly felt him slide his dick out of her mouth, pulling her up and aiming her at the chair, his hands yanking the button of her jeans. Damn she nearly laughed realising he was shuffling along with his jeans around his ankles. He kissed her deeply as his fingers thrust into her panties and into her; she nearly screamed feeling thoughs clever fingers thrusting into her soaking wet centre.

‘The bed……….’ Was all Tico could get out, his fingers pumping her as her lips had done to him, he was pawing at her jeans pushing them down as much as one hand could.

They never made it into bed. He leant her over the end of the bed, damn glad it was waist height! Took his hand out of her jeans, yanked them all the way down along with the soaking wet panties, bent her over even further and pushed himself to her entrance and one swift sure thrust went straight in to the hilt!

Al braced herself for the pounding she knew she’d brought on, and boy did he pound! After the first thrust his hips started a pace that blew her mind. His fingers digging into her hips, as he slammed himself over and over again into her. She was nearly sobbing, wanting to cum, but wanting it to last. He was whispering to her, in Spanish, hot and dirty things, making her wet even more.

All at once they both peaked without warning, cuming together, his gruttle growl, and her keening low scream.

Tico slumped over her, kissing her neck, ‘Well darlin, I really think you came up with the goods. And hell woman you’ve just about finished me, my legs are like jelly.’ He slipped from her, pulledher jeans up, step out of his, and led her into the bathroom to clean up. ‘Least we were more quite than this morning.’

That earned him a slap on his still bare ass.



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