Friday, 14 March 2008

Chapter 53

After they’d left the others, Liz’s hand firmly grasped in Jon’s they headed downstairs. He was nearly running, trying to get her alone. God talk about hormones on legs!

As he hit the bottom he turned and Liz crashed into him. His hand came up caught her to him and before she realised it, he’d slanted his mouth over hers and plundered what he found there! He’d been aching to taste her since he’d opened the door and found her glaring at him, then going into shock because his shirt was undone, and as her fingers grabbed onto his belt he took full advantage of her being stunned. His plan had worked; she was in his arms kissing him back like a starving woman.

Holy fuck! She was kissing him! The man she’d crushed on for as long as Al had crushed on Tico. Damn this man knew how to please and tease a woman’s senses. He’d thrust his tongue into her mouth without a by or leave, and ravaged her silly! Then he’d gentled and nibbled across her lips, before giving her the sweetest kiss she’d ever had. His hands now down on her ass, holding her too him as he slowly ground against her heat.

She wasn’t just wet she was bloody soaked! If he let go of her know, she’d dissolve into a puddle of ecstasy. She itched to grab hold of his shirt and rip it off him, did the man have any idea what he was doing to her? Then it hit her, of course he knew! She pushed him off her! ‘What the hell do you think you’re playing at?’

Jon looked at her bemused and tried to pull her back into his arms. For that he got a fist to the ribs! ‘Hey!’ He yelped startled.

‘Don’t hey me Mr Bon Jovi! What the hell do you think you’re doing?’

‘Well darlin, I thought that was pretty obvious, kissing a hot woman.’ He hit her with that mega watt smile of his, thus making thoughs baby blues of his sparkle even more.

She nearly gasped out loud, close up that smile was nearly hard to resist. ‘Well why don’t you keep your lips and hands to yourself mush!’ She pushed passed him and headed to the fridge, praying her legs carried her that far, and way from him, not back towards him and jump his bones.

Jon stood there, wtf had just happened? One minute he’d got a hot willing woman in his hands, the next a spitfire, who roasted his ass, well hell. Who was taking out some anger on the fridge door and cupboards!

Liz was trying to calm down, but hell did he think just because of her nick name, she was a sure thing? Well he’d got another thing coming!

He slowly sidled up to her and reached out his hand, only to find instead of her arm he’d got a soda can! Damn she was fast, don’t grin, don’t grin she’ll kill ya! ‘Lizzie my darlin………..’

‘I’m not your darling or anything else thank you very much! And only Alice gets to call my Lizzie, it’s reserved for friends!’ she turned to get a tray for the drinks and squealed out loud as she found herself grabbed, turned and flung up over Jon’s solid shoulder, her nose just above that gorgeous taut ass of his. ‘Put me the hell down you Neanderthal!’ She started to move her leg so she could hit his boys and a band of steel clamped down. He started to head to Al’s studio; she thought she heard him mutter something about if it worked for Teek. But she wasn’t sure; the blood was rushing to her head, mainly from looking at his ass!

‘Now Lizzie my darlin you really wouldn’t want to hurt them, really, just calm down I wanna talk to you …’

‘Well put me the hell down you idiot!’ She grabbed hold of the door jam, so he couldn’t get passed it. Ha got him. It never occurred to her to scream for help! She squeaked as his hand stung her bum, ‘Ow you bastard that’s assault!’

‘Let go of the door Lizzie and it won’t have to happen again, unless you want me to smack you.’ Pure devilment laced his voice and laughter. She still held on, not believing he’d do it again.

‘Thwack!’ His palm connected again, but he ran his hand over the stinging area, caressing it and soothing it, she was lost. Feeling his hand wandering over her made her want to return the favour, hmmmm …… she finally released the frame and he walked forward. She also realised he wasn’t stopping at the studio, but opening the door to the cellar and the underground play room. Oh hell!


sunstreaked said...

I am so hooked on this story! Another one I will have to check on every day to find more chapters. I love your dialog and can see the guys with Al. You really have some talent there, girl, hope you keep writing this and many, MANY more!

Joviswoman said...

Thanks honey.

As I said to Opester, nice to know people are reading it lol.

I've been involved in a little project, which had moved me away from Teek and Al, but back now.
But be warned I'M SLOW at times.


Sunstreaked said...

Don't worry, there are 3-4 stories that I check on EVERY DAY to see if there are new chapters. I am just adding you to the list! This one is too damn good to miss any of it! Can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud and read the concert scenes twice they were so funny!

Sunstreaked said...

Ok, just read this bloody story again for the THIRD time! It's so damn good!

I am not above begging...please give us more!

Joviswoman said...

Lmao! Glad you're finding it so funny.

I'm working on something at the min, but Tico's still jumping up and down, getting in the way.

So sometime in the next week, hopefully.


sunstreaked said...

Gail - LOL! Told you I was a greedy bitch! Love this story SO much! The guys are so great, I feel like I am a fly on the wall, although I am still trying to figure out how to be Liz! You are so talented and that comes from a voracious reader - I will try to keep my patience, but when a story is this damn good, it's hard to be a good reader and not BUG THE HELL out of the writer! Love ya girlfriend!