Sunday, 2 March 2008

Chapter 51

‘Calm down Lizzie and I’ll tell you what’s gone off.’ Al grinned at her bf.

It took time but eventually Al brought Liz up to speed. Liz sat in total awe!

‘So you’re telling me that you went to the concert. Dance with Jon, met Tico, shagged the arse off him, and then they moved the hell in? Fucking hell if I’d have realised you got to bring them home with you; I’d have made sure I was with you bitch! And Tico’s told you he loves you, well bugger!’

‘That sounds about right, something like a five for one deal.’ Al laughed.

Liz ranted and raved a bit more, saying she hadn’t even checked the board for Al’s review of the show.

Al stopped cold, fuck with all that’s going on she’d forgotten to go on the Jovi board Liz and she belonged to! Crap, crap and triple crap! Booting up the computer she quickly logged onto her home on the internet. On there someone had posted grainy pictures of a ‘mystery’ woman being wowed by Jon; then being kissed silly by Tico. She groaned. Liz looked over her shoulder, jaw hanging loose, when she realised she was looking at Al.

‘Well fuck girlie, he’s certainly got you in a lip lock there hasn’t he! Shit none of them know it’s you!!!’ Liz chortled with glee, and started to reply to the thread.

‘Stop, don’t do that.’ Al was stricken.

‘Why, they’d be happy for you?’

‘I know, but damn it Liz I don’t want anyone to know it’s me just yet. I want to have time to process this.’ She gave Liz a pleading look.

‘Aw hell you’re asking me to keep a secret? Damn it to hell you know I’m a blabbermouth! Just cut my tongue out and my fingers off so I can’t type. It’d be a damn sight easier.’ Liz’s voice had gone up several octaves, and the volume had increased till she was shouting at Al.

A knock on the door was all that warned them that someone was coming in. It wasn’t just one of the guys; it was the whole friggin group, along with Tony and Mike.

Jon was in the lead, ‘Ladies, you ok in here? We got a bit worried that you jumped out of the windows and run away from us.’ He flashed his killer smile at Liz, she had a high red flush on her cheeks, and her chest was heaving just right. The smile turned to a lustful leer.

Before Liz could stop herself, ‘Run away, do I look that bloody stupid?’ Her eyes growing as big as saucers as she realised what she’d said.

Jon chuckled, ‘No darlin, never stupid, hot maybe. But never stupid.’

Liz grabbed for the desk and held on, praying she wouldn’t make a complete ass of herself and fold into a mushy heap on the floor. Damn those dimples, teeth, hair, aw damn the whole freaking package that was Jon.

David had pushed his way in and was checking out what the girls had been looking at, ‘Hell Teek you take a good pic.’ He checked out the forums name and how Al was signed in and snickered. ‘So Al, TicosTotty by name and nature huh.’

Al groan, it had to be the smart ass in the group to figure that on out!

‘What?’ Richie and Jon muscling him to the side, ‘Well hell Teek didn’t realise how steamy that clinch you got Ally in was, phew talk about scorching the lens! What the hell you mean CD?’ Richie not realising the sign in name at the top of the page gave away Al’s online alter ego.

David slapped him on the back of the head, ‘There you computer illiterate moron.’ Pointing to the top of the screen, three pairs of eyes, all with wickedness in them, turned on Al.

Liz couldn’t cope with all the interaction, and by play. She grabbed the chair and sat down. Then realised she was right next to Jon. Oh my god! I’m sat next to the hottest man alive. As she checked him out, his lips pursed scrolling back and forth on the pages, checking out the pics from the concert, she couldn’t help but wonder what he’d do if she reached over; grabbed his ass then laid one on him! She drew in a sharp breath. It must have been loud because Jon turned and caught her perusal of him.

‘Well know Lizzie, we know that Ally here is a definite TicosTotty, but what I wonder is your nick? Wanna tell Jonny what it is?’ He lent in close to her. All she had to do was, damn he licked his lips. Her insides quivered.

‘Nope.’ It came out in a breathy whisper.

‘Ally darlin, what’s your friends nick on here?’ He never took his eyes off Liz, and slowly they wandered over her, nearly leaving an actual trail with the heat he was sending. Damn she was fine. He wondered if she’d have any objections to him pressing her up against the wall, running his fingers over her delicious looking breast. Then slipping himself deep into ……………… aw hell Jon calm the fuck down before you embarrass yourself.

He found the members list and was working through it. He found Al’s easily and there on the same day, minutes apart …………. He turned to Liz, ‘Well hey there JonnysPlayToy.’

‘How the hel ……….. aw shit!’ Liz went bright red and wished the ground would open up and swallow her.

‘Hey stop hoggin the keyboard, wanna see who’s a Richie girl.’ Richie laughed, pushing Jon out of the way and nearly into Liz’s lap.


Opester said...

Okay, I really want to be Liz now. What'll it cost me? This is so much fun, honestly, I'm so hooked!!!!!

sunstreaked said...

No way, Opester! I believe I have you in age, so I get to be Liz...already working on the bank loan, selling the house, could get a good price for the kids, heck, HOW much does it cost!!??