Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Chapter 50

Liz was worried! A man had answered at her best friends place and said he was John, and Alice was taking a shower. WTF! Her friend never picked up men!! She’d run from her home two streets over, and was now leaning her finger on the damn bell.

She had her cell in hand in, police number in the window ready to hit send if she needed it.

She heard a muffled shout, her finger went to the connect button and just as she was about to hit call, the door was flung open. Her jaw hit the floor, and swear to god her eyes bugged out. There in her bf’s door way with a massive mega watt grin stood Jon Bon bleeding Jovi, the man of her hot and heavy fantasies!

‘Jon you bastard, I’m gonna bloody kill you! You’re a total wan …………… oh hey Lizzie.’ Al came to a grinding halt, fist pulled back ready to lump him one. She grinned at her friend.

Liz stood there just staring at Jon. Taking in his tousled hair, white shirt tucked in on one side to some tight jeans, it was opened half way down showing his fur; and holy crap, bare feet. She started to sweat. What the hell had Alice been up too? And how in God’s green earth had she nailed Jon!

‘Hey there Lizzie darlin, come on in a join the party.’ He purred, reaching out and grabbing Al’s stunned friend by her clammy hand and dragged her in.

Liz was waiting for that damn alarm clock to start shrieking at her and snapping her out of this wonderful dream. Damn he felt soooo real! His fingers were rough from playing his guitar, but his palms were smooth, damn she was getting wet! One hell of a detailed dream this one!

Al looked at Liz and realised what her friends look meant, she didn’t believe this was happening. She couldn’t blame her in the least! Grinning as Jon dragged her into the house and slammed the door, making Liz jump.

Walking over she grabbed Liz in a hug, going up onto her tip toes and whispering in her ear, ‘Sweetie you’re awake this is happening, Jon has got you by the hand, you are awake.’ Turning to the others sat at the table, ‘Guys I’d like you to meet my best friend Liz. Liz I’d introduce you but you know who they are.’ Al walked over and sat on Tico’s knee as Jon steered the still unbelieving Liz to Al’s vacated chair, pushing her into it. All the men said hey and eyed up the newcomer.

Richie got up and fetched another mug and the coffee pot, filling that one for Liz and putting it in her hand, refilling the others. Jon still had her other hand in his, running his fingers over her knuckles, wondering if he’d sent her into a mental breakdown? She was cute. Where Al was short and blonde, Liz was about 5ft 8” and short spiky dark hair, and smoky grey eyes. Nice package!

The men looked at Al who shrugged her shoulders. ‘Liz, you ok?’ With a sigh she did what she needed to, she pinched Liz, hard!

‘Ow shit Alice what did you do that for?’ An irate Liz finally snapped from her trance to let into her bf.

‘I did it so you’d stop looking like a twit!’ Al grinned again; Liz was staring around the table. The bell went again; Al got up to answer it.

There stood Mike and a harassed looking Tony, ‘Ok where’s my asshole brother?’ Were the first words out of his mouth?

‘Well good morning, sorry, afternoon to you to sunshine. Aren’t we a bundle of joy today?’ She laughed another one with the Bongiovi temper.

‘I would be happy if the old man would turn his mobile on! Mom’s been trying to ring you for hours!’ Richie thrust a mug of coffee at Tony, who slugged it back like it was whiskey.

‘Wow Al you’ve got some place here.’ Mike looked about in awe.

‘You should see what she’d go in the basement.’ David piped up with lust in his eyes.

Meanwhile poor Liz looked on in bemused awe and shock as they all started talking at once, conversation flying thick and fast. But in the middle of all this turmoil sat Alice, on Tico’s knee, his fingers intertwined with hers. What the hell is going on?

‘Alice can I see you in your office?’ She regally made the request and jumped when she realised Jon still had hold of her hand. She glanced at him and found him watching her, a slight grin tugging the corners of his mouth.

Al looking perplexed nodded ok, leaning over she kissed Tico dead on the lips and Liz’s jaw hit the table. ‘Cute aren’t they.’ Jon leaned over and asked her. ‘They’ve been like that since the concert. We think we’ll get tooth decay with all the sugar about here.’

Liz couldn’t help it, she cracked out laughing. The place went quite. Getting up she took eased her hand from Jon’s, and taking hold of Al steering her towards the stairs, ‘I wouldn’t know about that, but I’m damn well gonna find out how in God’s name you lot are walking about like you own the bloody place.’ With that the girls disappeared up the stairs, with the guys’ laughter ringing in their ears.

Liz didn’t say a word all the way too Alice’s office. Walking in after Al, Liz slammed the door to.

‘Now wtf is going on Alice Newcombe?

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Chapter 49

Al and Tico quickly showered and dressed. Al turned and looked at him and started to laugh. He turned to ask what she was laughing at and realised why she was. They were both dressed in black jeans and a black T. The only difference was Al’s had a deep v neck, while his, the usual round neck. Checking he realised they both had on cowboy boots. ‘Fuck! The guys are gonna die when they see this.’ He laughed a kissed her, dragging her out the room so she couldn’t change.

‘Did you hear the phone while we were in the shower?’

‘Might have done, but I’ll let you into a secret. They can all answer phones ya know.’ He waited.

Al balled her fist and smacked him on the side of the arm ‘Híbrido!’(Bastard)

‘Holy hell looks like we’ve got the Torres twins in town!’ David said as he spotted them coming down the stairs. They others looked and a few comments about least Al filled the T out in the right places! Tico flipped them off. Everyone laughed.

Walking down the stairs arm in arm Al stopped and stared. There in her kitchen was Hugh fixing coffee, Richie flipping eggs, Jon and David setting the table and filling orange juice into glasses. Crap! Talk about surreal! There’d been a lot of that the last couple of days.

‘Mornin darlin.’ Richie said, pecking her cheek, as she walked into the kitchen.

‘Bloody hell a woman could get used to this.’ She said finding herself being ushered to the table by Hugh, winking at her gave her a mug with coffee in it.

‘Well you see we are well trained. And if we keep this up you won’t want to let us go.’ Jon told her as he pecked her cheek too.

She rolled her eyes at him and took a sip of the coffee, perfect!

The guys ferried over platters of food, then sat down, loaded up their plates and started talking about the tour and then what they were going to get up to over the next four weeks in London.

Al frowned, ‘What do you mean, the next four weeks?’

The table went quite and the guys looked very sheepish.

Tico stepped in, ‘Didn’t you realise we fly out tomorrow for the two gigs in Ireland, and then we’ve finished this leg of the tour? After we get back you’re going to have visitors for the next four weeks, before we head home.’ Tico grinned as the reality of what she’d said yes to sank in.

Al choked on her coffee. Swinging her glare to Jon, ‘You sneaky bastard! You didn’t say one friggin word about having a break! Anything else you’ve forgotten to let me in on, hmmmm?’ She glared at him, trying to bore a hole in his head.

‘Well I thought if I told you we’d be here for four weeks you wouldn’t let us stay.’

‘Jackass! But you didn’t answer my question Bongiovi, have you left any other surprise out?’ She waited.

The others looked uncomfortable, glad that Jon was the one getting the hairy eyeball from Al.

‘Nope, don’t think so.’ He smiled at the pissed off woman near him. She looked like she’d like to string him up by the balls till they dropped off. He wanted her to calm down before he sprung all the kids turning up, all nine of them!

Tico glared at him. Should he tell Al, shit this wasn’t good he was between a prat and a pissed of woman.

‘That better be the last surprise blondie, or I swear I’ll extract my revenge. Got it?’

‘Loud and clear darlin.’ He crossed his fingers that she wouldn’t decapitate him in front of the kids.

Just then the doorbell was leant on by a finger that wasn’t moving. ‘Oh yeah, forgot you had a phone call while you were getting dressed. Someone called Liz; she demanded to know who the hell I was and where the hell you were. Told her you were in the shower, and my name was Jon, she slapped the phone down in my ear.’ Jon laughed as Al groaned and buried her head in her hands.

This can’t be happening, truly, it can’t! Al had forgotten Liz was going to ring today so she could spill about the concert. Shit, that must be her leaning on the bell.

Before she could get up Jon smirked and took off for the door. ‘Jon NO!’

Too late he had his hand on the handle and grinning swung open the door.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Chapter 48

She looked up at the man who’d just said he loved her. He was he first man ever to tell her those words. She could see the love shining out of his eyes, but lurking behind them, fear. Her heart swelled, he was frightened that she’d say no to him!

Would it last? Could she face life if it didn’t? Could she live with herself if she didn’t even try? Questions flying around her head; her heart beating as though it would jump out of her chest.

Making her mind up, she gently brushed her lips over his. ‘Te amo también Tico.’ (I love you too Tico.), she whispered to him. ‘Let’s see where this leads miel.’

Tico sat there, and then let out a big YES! Grabbing her and kissing her. He rained kisses all over her face, pulling her down, and under him, covering her body with his, holding her tenderly. ‘You won’t regret it querido. I promise you I’ll love you till the end of days.’

‘Hey slow down hombre, as much as I want this, you live in Florida and I live here. And you’re on tour at this minute in time. We need to see how this long distance romance will hold up!’ Burrowing her fingers into his hair she pulled him down for a passionate kiss.

He pulled back, ‘Darlin we’ll make it work, trust me. Plus if I ask very nicely you might consider comin with me till the tour ends in four months?’ He held his breath, knowing he was pushing her, but damnit he didn’t want to waste time on phone sex and flying back and forth! He wanted her by his side, now!

‘Fuckin hell Torres you really know how to snowball a woman!’ She laughed softly, she felt the same way, ‘But you’re right I’d sooner have the real thing.’ He started to grin, ‘But can I think about it, at least for a while. I promise I only need a day, or two.’ She hoped he’d say yes, she wanted her mind completely set on this. His grin had dimmed a bit.

He nodded yes, ‘But don’t take too long miel, I might just hop on the plane and not come back for ya.’

‘Yeah and Richie will dress in drag!’ And she cracked out laughing.

‘Smart ass!’ He chuckled; damn the thought of Rich in drag nearly had him crying with laughter.

A gentle knock came at the door, ‘Teek, Al, you ok we heard Teek shout? Richie wants to know if we should call the paramedics.’ David’s laughter and question could just be heard through the door.

‘I wondered when the kids would be up and about, and restless.’ Al had gone a little red knowing the guys had heard Tico’s shout of jubilation, or was it the one where he came? Shit she didn’t fancy facing them just now. She glanced at the clock, damn it was 2.30 in the afternoon!

Tico got up from the bed, grabbed his shorts and headed to the door. Opening it he saw not just David but Jon, ‘WFT do you assholes want?’

‘Well first time we realised why you shouted Al’s name, but the second time we thought you’d killed yourself.’ Jon said with a poker straight face.

Al’s arm snaked around Tico’s waist as she appeared at his side. ‘Well Blondie you can see he’s alive and kicking, so sod off for a while and we’ll get dressed. I’ll cook some food if you do.’

Then she her stomach growled, and she realised she could smell bacon frying; her mouth started to water. ‘I take it Chef Sambora is in my kitchen?’

David’s curls bounced as he nodded yes.

‘Ok scram and we’ll get dressed.’ Tico said.

‘If it’s like yesterday your food will have been eaten.’ Jon told them, grinning from ear to ear.

Moving back Tico slammed the door in his face. Jon and David walked towards the stairs laughing.

‘Davey boy I think our bros fallen hard and fast for that woman.’

‘Yeah, seems to have. I’m glad I like her, she keeps us on our toes and Tico with that fuckin big grin on his face and laughter in his eyes.’

‘It’s been along time since we’ve seen the playful Teek. And Yeah I like our Al!’

They carried on down following the scent of mouth watering bacon.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Chapter 47

She was having the most erotic dream. Lips and tongue were on her breast, fingers between her legs, pushing in and out of her, a thumb on her clit; teasing it to plumpness, her juices flowing. She moaned and the mouth move downwards, fur tickling her skin. Her breath was coming in pants; her hands holding onto the head, as he reached his goal. His wicked tongue was swirling over her clit, his fingers thrusting in and out of her, faster and faster. His teeth gently closed on her and then sucked!

She came awake as her orgasm over took her, leaving her weak and disorientated; sobbing and shattered. She looked down, and there looking up at her from between her legs, Tico.

‘Mornin querido.’ He growled as he climbed back up her trembling body, sheathing himself in that warmth with one slow measured thrust. She gasped as her body responded once more, heating up. He growned his hips, twisting and jerking them, taking her up once again, till she was spiralling out of control, crashing over the edge.

Tico grinned, rocking his hips, looking at the woman below him. She had a red flush from head to chest, panting beneath him. Damn life was fuckin good, and he was still hard, and ready for more.

Al came down once again, and realised he hadn’t come, bloody hell he was trying to kill her. But what a way to go!

‘Turn over for me amour.’ He growled, slowly withdrawing from her.

She did, moving till she was on all fours; squeaking when she felt his teeth on her butt cheek, his evil laugh as he kissed his way up her spine. He brought himself flush against her back, kissing her neck, turning her head so he could thrust his tongue into her mouth. ‘Lean over the end of the bed.’ He purred in her ear. He loved this leather sleigh bed of hers, if had a massive padded curl at the bottom, and luckily for him about the right height.

She complied.

He nudged her legs further apart, arranging her so he would have full access to her. He moved in behind her, she could feel his shaft tapping her ass.

Al could feel herself, if possible, getting wetter. Damn her imagination dulled in comparison to the real thing; his hands playing with her breasts, supporting himself on her ass, his shaft now between her legs. He made no move to enter her. ‘Miel, please, take me.’ She moaned at him.

At her words he pulled back and slammed into her, Al screamed, coming straight away; the explosion rocking her! Tico’s hands clamped onto he hips and he pummelled into her. All to be heard was the pounding of flesh against flesh, moans from both of them.

He could feel himself reaching the edge, and he wanted her to go over with him this time. His hand snaked forward as he continued to thrust into her. Unerringly he found her nub, and started to rub on it.

Her felt her inner walls tighten again on him, at the same time as he buried himself to the hilt, his fingers found the spot on her and they both flew over the cliff together. His shout for Al reverberated about the room.

They stayed linked together, panting trying to catch their breath, sweat dripping. Tico rained kisses over her back, ‘¡Te amo mi ángel!’ (I love you my angel!). He moved out of her and pulled her quaking body to his, laying her head on his chest, and soothing her. ‘Whether you like it or not luz de mi vida, I’m gonna say it. So get used to hearing it.’

‘Damn man you don’t pull punches do you.’

‘Darlin I’m heading off towards sixty and you’ve come into my life and I’m keeping hold of you, and not letting you go. I’m not a youngster anymore; I don’t want to play games. I want to enjoy every minute with you. I’m shittin myself that you don’t feel the same?’ He braced himself for rejection; she’d made it plain that she thought talk of love was too soon.

Al swallowed, did she take a chance and jump in and see what happens, or run!

Friday, 1 February 2008

Chapter 46

Four pairs of eyes swung to the man on the stairs. Dressed in boxers and his white shirt Al had been wearing, he could smell her on it, that’s why he’d put it on. Each one was wondering what they’d done to warrant the cold menacing look in his eyes.

Tico had been standing on the stairs for some time, listening to them talking. Seeing how relaxed the guys were with Al. Especially Richie who was having his feet rubbed by his woman. He snickered, time to have some fun. So he’d put a nasty frown on his face and growled out the sentence and waited. They all jumped and looked like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Jon knew Tico had one hell of a temper, a Latin thing, when something really pissed him off. He thought about ducking for cover.

Richie and David looked at each other with the ‘oh fuck’ look. Al just didn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing from him. But none the less admired his dark looks against the white of that shirt.

‘Hey Teek, we were only talkin to your lady, honest.’ Richie thought to sooth the beast before him.

They sat on the sofas watched as that menacing look on Tico’s face dissolved and crack, so he was nearly crying with laughter.

‘Damn, you lot are so damn easy to screw with!’ He walked towards them, still laughing.

‘Fuck you Torres that wasn’t funny!’ Richie bellowed throwing a cushion at his head.

‘Miel that wasn’t nice.’ Al said as Tico threw the cushion back at Richie, then pulling Al up, sitting in her place and yanking her on to his lap, dropping a kiss on her lips, all in one fluid motion. Al trying her damnest to make sure she didn’t flash anyone.

‘I know, but you all looked so cosy sitting there, and there I was left in that big cold bed; while here Sambora was getting a foot rub and looking like he was enjoying it way to damn much!’

‘Cause I was.’ Richie snickered.

‘So I decided to play the pissed off boyfriend. Something I’ve not done in years.’ He kissed her just below the ear, making her shudder. ‘¿Bebé dulce, usted está usando cualquier cosa debajo de ese traje?’ (Sweet baby, are you wearing anything under that robe?) He said with a hint of lust in his eye.

‘¡Nope, no una puntada maldita! ¿Por qué usted me piensa está intentando preservar mi dignidad, cuando usted guarda el cambiar de puesto de mí? Uno de los individuos puede conseguir un eyeful si usted no tiene cuidado.’ (Nope, not a damn stitch! Why do you think I'm trying to preserve my dignity, when you keep shifting me? One of the guys may get an eyeful if you're not careful.) She grinned as he stared at her breast, licking his lips, and something under her ass stirred to life again. Damn the way he was going you’d think he was in his 40’s not in his late 50’s.

‘Oh fuck that’s it I’m gonna learn Spanish if it kills me!’ groaned David, rolling his eyes.

‘C.D you’ve got no chance, I doubt you can even speak Jewish.’ Al snorted in disgust; liking that Tico and her could talk about things and no one knew what was being said.

‘So what you guys still doing here?’ He asked.

‘They’ve packed up and moved in miel.’ Al told him.

His eyebrows winged up. ‘Yeah man, your stuffs over there.’ Jon said wafting a hand at the remaining pile of gear. ‘We didn’t think you’d appreciate us bring it up for you and disturbing you.’ He waggled his brows, leering at them.

‘Makes a bloody change.’ Al muttered under her breath.

The men about her laughed, she could feel Tico’s in his chest way before it hit the surface. It made her smile. ‘I take it Tony and Mike is having a bitch fit?’

‘Yep, Tony’s even threatened to ring mom.’ Jon laughed, picturing Tony running to their mommy.

‘Fuck moron why didn’t you tell us! You know we don’t get on the bad side of momma C!’ Richie shook his head in disgust. Jon’s temper wasn’t the only Bongiovi temper they didn’t like.

‘Aw she loves me and will understand why. I’ll send her some pics I’ve took of this place on my cell in the mornin. Oops I mean later today.’ He laughed.

‘You’ve taken pictures? Al asked amazed he’d done that.

‘Yeah I want to show people where we’re staying and that’s why I did it!

Al glanced at the clock and nearly groaned. It was now six am, damn she should be knackered, but wasn’t’, not really. But, ‘Well gents as much as I’ve enjoyed this, I need some sleep today.’ She laughed and gingerly got up off Tico’s lap. The robe caught between Tico’s legs and started to undo showing nearly all of Al’s leg. She made a grab and just managed to preserve her modesty.

‘Why darlin we’re enjoying the view.’ Richie drawled starting appreciatively at her now covered leg.

Mustering her dignity she flipped him off, and started to head for the stairs, laughter following her. She looked back to see all of the guys getting up and following her. Damn she liked being the pied piper of Jovi, and she knew several friends that would love to be in this position.

As she reached to top of the stairs she turned to say goodnight, or day to the men. She realised the Richie had somehow managed to get behind her, and then David, followed by Jon and poor Tico pushed to the rear. She smirked, poor baby.

‘Night darlin, try not to scream too loud, we need our beauty sleep.’ Richie winked, bent down and gave her a gentle kiss.

‘I second that.’ David said also giving her kiss.

‘Me three honey.’ Jon said after kissing her too. She watched in awe as they turned and made their way to bed. She noted which room who had taken, grinning.

‘Well querido, shall we.’ Tico asked. She looped her arm about his neck and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

‘Hmmm …..let’s.’ Arm in arm they walked into the room, Tico making sure he hit the lock. He knew his brothers to well.