Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Chapter 48

She looked up at the man who’d just said he loved her. He was he first man ever to tell her those words. She could see the love shining out of his eyes, but lurking behind them, fear. Her heart swelled, he was frightened that she’d say no to him!

Would it last? Could she face life if it didn’t? Could she live with herself if she didn’t even try? Questions flying around her head; her heart beating as though it would jump out of her chest.

Making her mind up, she gently brushed her lips over his. ‘Te amo también Tico.’ (I love you too Tico.), she whispered to him. ‘Let’s see where this leads miel.’

Tico sat there, and then let out a big YES! Grabbing her and kissing her. He rained kisses all over her face, pulling her down, and under him, covering her body with his, holding her tenderly. ‘You won’t regret it querido. I promise you I’ll love you till the end of days.’

‘Hey slow down hombre, as much as I want this, you live in Florida and I live here. And you’re on tour at this minute in time. We need to see how this long distance romance will hold up!’ Burrowing her fingers into his hair she pulled him down for a passionate kiss.

He pulled back, ‘Darlin we’ll make it work, trust me. Plus if I ask very nicely you might consider comin with me till the tour ends in four months?’ He held his breath, knowing he was pushing her, but damnit he didn’t want to waste time on phone sex and flying back and forth! He wanted her by his side, now!

‘Fuckin hell Torres you really know how to snowball a woman!’ She laughed softly, she felt the same way, ‘But you’re right I’d sooner have the real thing.’ He started to grin, ‘But can I think about it, at least for a while. I promise I only need a day, or two.’ She hoped he’d say yes, she wanted her mind completely set on this. His grin had dimmed a bit.

He nodded yes, ‘But don’t take too long miel, I might just hop on the plane and not come back for ya.’

‘Yeah and Richie will dress in drag!’ And she cracked out laughing.

‘Smart ass!’ He chuckled; damn the thought of Rich in drag nearly had him crying with laughter.

A gentle knock came at the door, ‘Teek, Al, you ok we heard Teek shout? Richie wants to know if we should call the paramedics.’ David’s laughter and question could just be heard through the door.

‘I wondered when the kids would be up and about, and restless.’ Al had gone a little red knowing the guys had heard Tico’s shout of jubilation, or was it the one where he came? Shit she didn’t fancy facing them just now. She glanced at the clock, damn it was 2.30 in the afternoon!

Tico got up from the bed, grabbed his shorts and headed to the door. Opening it he saw not just David but Jon, ‘WFT do you assholes want?’

‘Well first time we realised why you shouted Al’s name, but the second time we thought you’d killed yourself.’ Jon said with a poker straight face.

Al’s arm snaked around Tico’s waist as she appeared at his side. ‘Well Blondie you can see he’s alive and kicking, so sod off for a while and we’ll get dressed. I’ll cook some food if you do.’

Then she her stomach growled, and she realised she could smell bacon frying; her mouth started to water. ‘I take it Chef Sambora is in my kitchen?’

David’s curls bounced as he nodded yes.

‘Ok scram and we’ll get dressed.’ Tico said.

‘If it’s like yesterday your food will have been eaten.’ Jon told them, grinning from ear to ear.

Moving back Tico slammed the door in his face. Jon and David walked towards the stairs laughing.

‘Davey boy I think our bros fallen hard and fast for that woman.’

‘Yeah, seems to have. I’m glad I like her, she keeps us on our toes and Tico with that fuckin big grin on his face and laughter in his eyes.’

‘It’s been along time since we’ve seen the playful Teek. And Yeah I like our Al!’

They carried on down following the scent of mouth watering bacon.

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