Saturday, 9 February 2008

Chapter 49

Al and Tico quickly showered and dressed. Al turned and looked at him and started to laugh. He turned to ask what she was laughing at and realised why she was. They were both dressed in black jeans and a black T. The only difference was Al’s had a deep v neck, while his, the usual round neck. Checking he realised they both had on cowboy boots. ‘Fuck! The guys are gonna die when they see this.’ He laughed a kissed her, dragging her out the room so she couldn’t change.

‘Did you hear the phone while we were in the shower?’

‘Might have done, but I’ll let you into a secret. They can all answer phones ya know.’ He waited.

Al balled her fist and smacked him on the side of the arm ‘Híbrido!’(Bastard)

‘Holy hell looks like we’ve got the Torres twins in town!’ David said as he spotted them coming down the stairs. They others looked and a few comments about least Al filled the T out in the right places! Tico flipped them off. Everyone laughed.

Walking down the stairs arm in arm Al stopped and stared. There in her kitchen was Hugh fixing coffee, Richie flipping eggs, Jon and David setting the table and filling orange juice into glasses. Crap! Talk about surreal! There’d been a lot of that the last couple of days.

‘Mornin darlin.’ Richie said, pecking her cheek, as she walked into the kitchen.

‘Bloody hell a woman could get used to this.’ She said finding herself being ushered to the table by Hugh, winking at her gave her a mug with coffee in it.

‘Well you see we are well trained. And if we keep this up you won’t want to let us go.’ Jon told her as he pecked her cheek too.

She rolled her eyes at him and took a sip of the coffee, perfect!

The guys ferried over platters of food, then sat down, loaded up their plates and started talking about the tour and then what they were going to get up to over the next four weeks in London.

Al frowned, ‘What do you mean, the next four weeks?’

The table went quite and the guys looked very sheepish.

Tico stepped in, ‘Didn’t you realise we fly out tomorrow for the two gigs in Ireland, and then we’ve finished this leg of the tour? After we get back you’re going to have visitors for the next four weeks, before we head home.’ Tico grinned as the reality of what she’d said yes to sank in.

Al choked on her coffee. Swinging her glare to Jon, ‘You sneaky bastard! You didn’t say one friggin word about having a break! Anything else you’ve forgotten to let me in on, hmmmm?’ She glared at him, trying to bore a hole in his head.

‘Well I thought if I told you we’d be here for four weeks you wouldn’t let us stay.’

‘Jackass! But you didn’t answer my question Bongiovi, have you left any other surprise out?’ She waited.

The others looked uncomfortable, glad that Jon was the one getting the hairy eyeball from Al.

‘Nope, don’t think so.’ He smiled at the pissed off woman near him. She looked like she’d like to string him up by the balls till they dropped off. He wanted her to calm down before he sprung all the kids turning up, all nine of them!

Tico glared at him. Should he tell Al, shit this wasn’t good he was between a prat and a pissed of woman.

‘That better be the last surprise blondie, or I swear I’ll extract my revenge. Got it?’

‘Loud and clear darlin.’ He crossed his fingers that she wouldn’t decapitate him in front of the kids.

Just then the doorbell was leant on by a finger that wasn’t moving. ‘Oh yeah, forgot you had a phone call while you were getting dressed. Someone called Liz; she demanded to know who the hell I was and where the hell you were. Told her you were in the shower, and my name was Jon, she slapped the phone down in my ear.’ Jon laughed as Al groaned and buried her head in her hands.

This can’t be happening, truly, it can’t! Al had forgotten Liz was going to ring today so she could spill about the concert. Shit, that must be her leaning on the bell.

Before she could get up Jon smirked and took off for the door. ‘Jon NO!’

Too late he had his hand on the handle and grinning swung open the door.

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