Friday, 1 February 2008

Chapter 46

Four pairs of eyes swung to the man on the stairs. Dressed in boxers and his white shirt Al had been wearing, he could smell her on it, that’s why he’d put it on. Each one was wondering what they’d done to warrant the cold menacing look in his eyes.

Tico had been standing on the stairs for some time, listening to them talking. Seeing how relaxed the guys were with Al. Especially Richie who was having his feet rubbed by his woman. He snickered, time to have some fun. So he’d put a nasty frown on his face and growled out the sentence and waited. They all jumped and looked like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Jon knew Tico had one hell of a temper, a Latin thing, when something really pissed him off. He thought about ducking for cover.

Richie and David looked at each other with the ‘oh fuck’ look. Al just didn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing from him. But none the less admired his dark looks against the white of that shirt.

‘Hey Teek, we were only talkin to your lady, honest.’ Richie thought to sooth the beast before him.

They sat on the sofas watched as that menacing look on Tico’s face dissolved and crack, so he was nearly crying with laughter.

‘Damn, you lot are so damn easy to screw with!’ He walked towards them, still laughing.

‘Fuck you Torres that wasn’t funny!’ Richie bellowed throwing a cushion at his head.

‘Miel that wasn’t nice.’ Al said as Tico threw the cushion back at Richie, then pulling Al up, sitting in her place and yanking her on to his lap, dropping a kiss on her lips, all in one fluid motion. Al trying her damnest to make sure she didn’t flash anyone.

‘I know, but you all looked so cosy sitting there, and there I was left in that big cold bed; while here Sambora was getting a foot rub and looking like he was enjoying it way to damn much!’

‘Cause I was.’ Richie snickered.

‘So I decided to play the pissed off boyfriend. Something I’ve not done in years.’ He kissed her just below the ear, making her shudder. ‘¿Bebé dulce, usted está usando cualquier cosa debajo de ese traje?’ (Sweet baby, are you wearing anything under that robe?) He said with a hint of lust in his eye.

‘¡Nope, no una puntada maldita! ¿Por qué usted me piensa está intentando preservar mi dignidad, cuando usted guarda el cambiar de puesto de mí? Uno de los individuos puede conseguir un eyeful si usted no tiene cuidado.’ (Nope, not a damn stitch! Why do you think I'm trying to preserve my dignity, when you keep shifting me? One of the guys may get an eyeful if you're not careful.) She grinned as he stared at her breast, licking his lips, and something under her ass stirred to life again. Damn the way he was going you’d think he was in his 40’s not in his late 50’s.

‘Oh fuck that’s it I’m gonna learn Spanish if it kills me!’ groaned David, rolling his eyes.

‘C.D you’ve got no chance, I doubt you can even speak Jewish.’ Al snorted in disgust; liking that Tico and her could talk about things and no one knew what was being said.

‘So what you guys still doing here?’ He asked.

‘They’ve packed up and moved in miel.’ Al told him.

His eyebrows winged up. ‘Yeah man, your stuffs over there.’ Jon said wafting a hand at the remaining pile of gear. ‘We didn’t think you’d appreciate us bring it up for you and disturbing you.’ He waggled his brows, leering at them.

‘Makes a bloody change.’ Al muttered under her breath.

The men about her laughed, she could feel Tico’s in his chest way before it hit the surface. It made her smile. ‘I take it Tony and Mike is having a bitch fit?’

‘Yep, Tony’s even threatened to ring mom.’ Jon laughed, picturing Tony running to their mommy.

‘Fuck moron why didn’t you tell us! You know we don’t get on the bad side of momma C!’ Richie shook his head in disgust. Jon’s temper wasn’t the only Bongiovi temper they didn’t like.

‘Aw she loves me and will understand why. I’ll send her some pics I’ve took of this place on my cell in the mornin. Oops I mean later today.’ He laughed.

‘You’ve taken pictures? Al asked amazed he’d done that.

‘Yeah I want to show people where we’re staying and that’s why I did it!

Al glanced at the clock and nearly groaned. It was now six am, damn she should be knackered, but wasn’t’, not really. But, ‘Well gents as much as I’ve enjoyed this, I need some sleep today.’ She laughed and gingerly got up off Tico’s lap. The robe caught between Tico’s legs and started to undo showing nearly all of Al’s leg. She made a grab and just managed to preserve her modesty.

‘Why darlin we’re enjoying the view.’ Richie drawled starting appreciatively at her now covered leg.

Mustering her dignity she flipped him off, and started to head for the stairs, laughter following her. She looked back to see all of the guys getting up and following her. Damn she liked being the pied piper of Jovi, and she knew several friends that would love to be in this position.

As she reached to top of the stairs she turned to say goodnight, or day to the men. She realised the Richie had somehow managed to get behind her, and then David, followed by Jon and poor Tico pushed to the rear. She smirked, poor baby.

‘Night darlin, try not to scream too loud, we need our beauty sleep.’ Richie winked, bent down and gave her a gentle kiss.

‘I second that.’ David said also giving her kiss.

‘Me three honey.’ Jon said after kissing her too. She watched in awe as they turned and made their way to bed. She noted which room who had taken, grinning.

‘Well querido, shall we.’ Tico asked. She looped her arm about his neck and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

‘Hmmm …..let’s.’ Arm in arm they walked into the room, Tico making sure he hit the lock. He knew his brothers to well.

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