Monday, 30 June 2008

Chapter 76

The following day all the guys kept an eye on Al! So much so, she nearly killed the whole lot of them, what a bunch of mother hens’. Tico just laughed when she told him if they didn’t quit it she’d string the lot of them up by their balls.

‘But miel the fuckers are sending me scranny! Can’t you tell them to give it a rest?’ she batted her lashes at him, he laughed again.

‘Mi Corazon (my heart), they love you and don’t want anything to happen to you.’ The arm around her shoulders tightened as he pulled her in and kissed her forehead.

Al sighed, ‘Mi vida (my life) I love them too, but look at them they keep glancing at me like I’ll go poof! Then there’s the touching, Jesus, they walk passed and, ok watch David.’

Tico watch him and as David walked passed her, his hand brushed her arm. Then seconds later Richie did the exact same move. Damn she was right they’d gone from over protective to smothering! ‘Ok querido, I’ll talk to them.’ He kissed her and left Mike lurking behind her, watching her too.

Mike had been roasted by Jon about the catastrophe of yesterday. But just as Jon really started to get into it, Ally had walked in, told Jon to shut the fuck up and leave Mike alone. And if he carried on she’d leave and go home, it wasn’t Mikes or her fault what had happened, time and fate had over taken them.

Jon looked stunned, and she’d walked over to him, pecked his cheek and told him not to worry she wouldn’t tell the others he was afraid of her! He’d nearly wet himself laughing, she’d dragged Mike out the door before he’d had time to recover.

Tico rounded up the guys, just managing to stop Jon from touching her too. ‘Ok assholes listen up! Ally isn’t going anywhere so unless you want to piss her off more than she is, cut the touchy feely shit!’

‘What touchy shit bro?’ Richie voiced what the others thought, what was Teek on about.

He stood there looking at each of them, they’d not realised what they’d been doing, well hell. ‘Every time one of you walks passed Al, you brush her arm to make sure she’s still there.’

The others laughed at him, then saw he was serious and wondered if they had been.

‘Rich, David, you’ve both just done it, I’ve watched you! Jon you were just about too! Try to reign it in guys otherwise she’ll go nuclear on your asses, I’m only tellin ya for your own good.’

‘Did I, I can’t remem…………. Oh hell, I did, didn’t I? I’m surprise she didn’t say anything!’ David went a bit red faced.

‘Seems we have issues about yesterday and we didn’t realise it. Ally may not have been with ‘us’ very long Teek, but she’d wormed her way into all of our hearts.’ Jon said with a serious look on his face, and the rest of the guys nodding and agreeing with him.

Each of the guys walked over to Ally and hugged and pecked her on the cheek, even Richie, no tongue. They said sorry to her and told her if they did it again to slap them. They also told her what Jon had said and that they all agreed with him; this nearly had Al in tears.

To break the tension Richie flipped her over his shoulder and ran with her screaming, ‘Put me the fuck down Lurch before you hurt yourself, you’re not young any more!’ But she was laughing all the time, bouncing over his shoulder.

‘Sambora, put her the hell down you idiot!’ Both Jon and Tico shouted, then they took off after him.

Later they rocked Ireland once again, all on a high from the laughter they’d shared.

Al was stood down the front, with Mike looming behind her, as well as Marco watching every move she made. She felt suffocated and protected all at once, she wasn’t sure she liked it, but she put up with it.

That was till she needed the loo, and her bodyguards, she rolled her eyes at the thought, but that’s what they are, wanted her to go all the way backstage and use Tico’s loo, instead of going to the normal loo’s. She lost it and told them if they thought she was plaiting her legs and running off to use a private bathroom, when in ten steps she’d hit the ladies, they’d got another thing bloody coming!

Mike and Marco were unhappy, but neither wanted to piss her of. Smart boys!

By three am they were back in London and heading straight to bed. Al and Tico snuggled into each others arms and fell straight to sleep, content just to hold each other.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Chapter 75

He didn’t let go of her and dragged her out of the lift and into their suite with her feet barely touching the carpet. He pulled her inside, and had her up against the door kissing her, running his hands all over her, still trying to assure himself she was back. They lost themselves in each others kisses and caresses.

Their hands fumbling at their clothes they quickly stripped each other, hardly any space between them, not wanting to be away from the others warmth. He hitched her up and she locked her legs around his waist, then he pulled her down hard onto his swollen shaft. She screamed with total pleasure feeling him buried in her. He turned and walked to the bed being careful not to break the intimate contact.

Lowering them to the bed, he began to set a punishing pace, slamming into her, pushing them high and fast, sweat pooling on them. No words were spoken; all that could be heard was the sighs and groans of two people trying to make themselves into one body.

They hit the peak together shouting out their completion, coming down from a great height, curling into one another’s heat. Kissing gently and whispering their love for each other.

Then slipping from the bed and showering together, drying each other off, never being more than a few steps away from the other. They dressed and headed for the door, back out into the world, leaving their warm cocoon.

The others were waiting for them in the car, no one said a word about the way they were acting, they understood the thought that he could have lost her.

Richie had spent precious minutes on the phone talking to Jo, Jon had rung Liz, telling her he couldn’t wait till they were back at Ally’s and he could see her again. Both women wondered what had brought the calls on, but just enjoyed these men talking to them in hushed voices, husky with some emotion.

That night’s concert was in Al’s words, awesome! The men took their feelings for what happened and poured it into their music. Making every note sweeter than they’d ever been!

Unknown to Ally, they’d decided to BOR’s again, but with a slight twist, one none of the guys remembered ever doing before and praying it would work. When it started up, Richie, Jon, David and Hugh started to play, the place went mad, then people realised that they were playing a different version, no drums. When it got to the part where Jon might pick a woman to dance with, Tico pulled Al from the shadows of the stage and he slowly danced her around.

The place erupted. Al was just totally in awe, but she just snuggled into Tico’s neck and let the music take her.

At the end he took her back to the wings, kissed her hand and bowed low to her, she was certain she heard every female in the place sigh.

The night was one that neither the boys nor the fans would ever forget.

Tico and Al bowed out of the after party and headed back to their suite. But not before Jon, Richie, David, Hugh, Tony and Mike all kissed and hugged her again.

That night they made love many times, sometimes slow, other times hard and fast, but always with love. They fell into a deep sleep locked in each others arms.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Chapter 74

‘Where the fuck have you been? We’ve been worried sick, we thought something had happened! And you walk into here like nothings wrong!’ Tico gasped for air, didn’t she realise how upset they were!

People were beginning to stare, some were wearing Jovi t-shirts, Jon groaned, not now. ‘Teek, man lets take this upstairs.’ He put his hand on Teeks shoulder, it was shaken off. Crap this didn’t bode well.

Al looked at them all like they’d lost the plot. Yeah they were late, but they didn’t warrant Tico’s tone of voice! She could feel her temper starting to flare. ‘We went out! You remember me telling you this morning? Or has it slipped your minds?’ She couldn’t believe them, what the hell!

‘Babe, don’t please.’ Mike wasn’t above begging.

‘What? Someone please tell me what the hell is going on?’

Mike laid a hand on her, ‘They thought you’d been kidnapped.’ He dropped the bomb on her.

‘What the hell do you mean, kidnapped? Have you [i]all[/i] lost it!’ But looking at the four men stood in front of her she realised they seriously thought she’d been taken.

‘Ally darlin, Mike’s telling you the truth. You weren’t back; we couldn’t get you on your cells. You were late back, and no message. What were we supposed to think?’ This came from David.

‘You seriously thought I’d been kidnapped?’ All four men shook their heads, Al didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or slap them all silly! They were a little late and they assumed the worst.

‘We were told on the bus coming back something in the peat bogs that surround this area keep cell phones from working in certain areas, we unfortunately were in said area. We lost track of time, don’t any of you guys do it when you’re working? Then Mike got the blister from hell which slowed us down. Didn’t you bother to ask anyone in the hotel about the signal?’ All four looked a little shamed faced, they hadn’t. ‘And from you not being able to get us, and us being late back you automatically assumed something bad had happened? Again they shook their heads.

Mike had noticed people starting to get nearer to hear better, shit! He put Al in front of him, forgetting what he’d said about standing behind her.

Levelling a searing glance at Tico, ‘And after finding I’m fine you stand there and act like a total moron? Demanding where we’ve been, like kids caught sneaking out. We don’t owe you jack shit, you’ve heard what I’ve had to say and if you don’t like it you can take a running jump!

The next thing she knew Tico had her wrapped in his steel bands of arms, kissing her, stroking her hair, touching her to make sure she really was there, ‘Mi corazón, mi vida, si cualquier cosa le había sucedido yo no piensa que habría podido encenderme. Me sentía como mi corazón había sido rasgado de mi pecho. Te amo maldiga tan mucho. Estoy apesadumbrado que no pensamos y saltado a la conclusión incorrecta. Qué importa es usted es seguro y trasero en mis brazos donde usted pertenece. Si usted quisiera que dijera esté apesadumbrado para el excedente que reacciona, lo diré diario para el resto de nuestras vidas. ¿Perdóneme?’ (My heart, my life, if anything had happened to you I don’t think I could’ve gone on. I felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. I love you so damn much. I’m sorry we didn’t think and jumped to the wrong conclusion. What matters is you’re safe and back in my arms where you belong. If you want me to say I’m sorry for over reacting, I’ll say it every day for the rest of our lives. Forgive me?)

Looking into his eyes she could see the worry, the pain that he may have lost her for good, her hand cupped his cheek, and looked deeper into his eyes, ‘You’ve said it once, that’s enough mi amor, just don’t do it again! That goes for you lot too, no more jumping the gun please. Its sweet you were so worried, but guys you seriously think after four days in your lives I’d be in trouble? You gave Mike a job, he did it. Be happy you were wrong.’ Walking over she kissed their cheeks and hugged them.

‘You realise that David was the only one who didn’t think something was wrong, in fact he was an island of calm. He tried to tell us you were ok, we just didn’t listen hard enough.’ Jon told her after getting his hug and kiss.

‘What! You mean C.D didn’t freak out? Someone pass the smelling salts please.’ They grinned but didn’t laugh they were still coming down off the scare for anything else. She went back to David and squeezed the hell out of him. ‘Thanks for believing we were ok.’

‘Your welcome Ally, I’m just glad you’re back.’

Jon’s cell rang; it was Tony asking if they’d heard anything. Jon filled him in then glancing at his watch, it was nearly six, ‘Holy fuck, guys we’ve still got a show to do!’

Tico with his arm tightly around Al, surrounded by is brothers all made their way to the lift.

The people around them smiled that things had been worked out, and the Jovi fans realised that they’d better get a shift on and get to the stadium otherwise the band would beat them there. Others headed straight to their computers to upload the video they’d taken!

Chapter 73

Jon was worried; Mike wouldn’t have stayed away this long on purpose. Something must have happened. He phone Tony, telling him his fears, he couldn’t say them to the others, they already wanted to smack someone, and he wasn’t volunteering! He told Tony to be prepared for the eventuality they may have to cancel the show. Tony told him he’d have it all ready just in case, and for fuck sake let him know if they turned up, he liked Ally.

Tico was pacing, swearing and trying the damn cell every five minutes, nada! ‘¡Juro! ¡Si ella se vuelve a mí que nunca la estoy dejando fuera de mi vista otra vez!’ (I swear! If she comes back to me I'm never letting her out of my sight again!)

‘English Teek, English!’ Richie said, they didn’t need him going off in Spanish and no one knowing what the hell he was on about.

Whipping around on Richie he growled, ‘Leave me the fuck alone!’

‘Whoa bro, we know your upset, but don’t take it out on us! She’s fine, I guarantee she’ll walk in here and wonder what the hell’s going on.’ David threw his arm over Tico’s shoulders and hugged him.

‘I’m sorry Rich, it’s just I’ve found her and now well ….’ He trailed off trying not to think of what might be.

‘Hey its cool bro, it’s cool.’ Richie hadn’t prayed in many a year, but he was talking to god like he was his best friend, asking him to please send Ally back in one piece.

The room phone rang, Jon raced over and snatched it up, and he listened for a minute, ‘Thank fuck!’ And put the receiver down very carefully.

‘What?’ his three brothers nearly screamed as one.

‘She’s in the lobby.’ That was all that he got out as Tico, quickly followed by Richie, and David took off at a break neck speed, ‘Wait the fuck for me.’ He yelled and took off after them, a big relieved grin on his face!

None of them waited for the lift, and took the stairs nearly flying down them.

They hit the lobby shooting through the door, then all coming to a grinding halt taking in the sight before them, Al helping a limping Mike heading towards the lift. Richie slipped out a ‘Thank you God.’ The others nearly amended him but refrained.

Al finally looked up and saw the guys standing there, just staring at her and Mike. He stiffened when he saw his boss, he saw the looks of relief and knew in a flash what they’d thought, shit if he had a job after this he’d be lucky to be picking up trash!

‘Hey guys sorry we’re late, my fault!’ And smiled at them, then it turned into a frown when they continued to look at her.


Tico stepped forward.

Chapter 72

Meanwhile about four miles away Al and Mike had been having a blast. She’d found some spectacular vistas and little babbling brooks. They’d walk nearly thirty miles since leaving the hotel. They’d passed through small villages with a handful of houses and just places a little bigger and they were the towns!

They’d had a great time, walking, talking and laughing; they’d got to know each other really well. Ally was a wonderful woman and Tico had better not screw this up, was the thought that kept floating through Mike’s brain.

About one, on their way back, they’d called in at a quaint pub they’d passed going. They’d been greeted warmly and fed till they rolled out the darn place. They’d drunk pints of Guinness and slated their hunger with massive sandwiches, crisps and home made fruit cake. Mike joked he’d no idea where she’d put that much, and had she spilt it, this had made some of the older men laugh and slap him on the back.

Al had asked some of the older ones if she could take their photos. After telling them about her work they’d said yeah. She’d snapped to her hearts content, and nearly died with happiness when some others got out the Bodhran’s (Irish drums), flutes, cheating spoons and fiddles, and started to play. She’d taken photos then changed to video. Damn this music was heavenly.

Al had gasped when she realised it was gone two-thirty and that they needed to be heading back. Saying goodbye to their new friends, and leaving her card with the galleries web addy on it, telling them they’d see themselves on there sometime in the next month or so.

They’d taken off at a trot; Mike knew they’d be in deep shit. It wasn’t until they were out in the countryside again that he realised they had no signal! Fuck!

‘Ally baby we need to motor! I’ve got no signal, and the guys would have finished by now. Christ I’m a dead man.’ He’d also realised he’d got a freaking blister rubbing up and it felt like Everest under his foot, fuck!

‘Oh calm down we’re not that far from the hotel now. They know I’ve got you; man mountain, scares the shit out of everyone! We’ll get there when we do. So chill baby.’ She smiled up at him and he relaxed a bit, she was right, that’s why he’d been sent along.


‘Yeah babe?’

‘Are you limping?’ She’d just noticed his uneven gait.


‘Liar! Ok sit on that wall and let me look.’

‘Babe I’m fine, let’s just keep moving.’ No way was she babying him!

Al stopped and refused to budge. ‘I said let me look at it!’ Stubborn bloody minded male!

‘Baby, if you don’t start to walk, I’ll throw you over my shoulder and carry you back.’ He frowned at her and used his best ‘you’ll do wtf I tell you look’ that worked on his underlings. He forgot who he was dealing with!

‘Michael Reardon you’ll do as your damn well told! Try the macho shit and I’ll scream all the way back! Don’t be such a bloody woose!’ Hands on hips, eyes firing up at him he’d never seen anyone so damn pissed at him, and so petite! And damn, only his mother used Michael in that very same tone that Ally had used.

‘All ….’

‘Sit down now!’ she shrugged off her camera bag and started going through it, coming up with her first aid kit, always be prepared was her motto!

Mike gave in, not very graciously. He took his trainer off and then gently pulled off the sock hissing as the damn thing burst. Blood and gunk went everywhere.

‘I told you, that you were lying!’ Al dropped to her knees, her breath sucking in as she saw the big red hole that’d been a blister from hell. She pulled out the sterile water she carried and gently bathed his foot, using a sterile pad. Tutting and muttering she cleaned it, put on some soothing cream that cooled the redness and bandaged it for him.

Mike felt he’d gone back to his childhood, and his mother was sorting out, yet again, his cuts and bruises. Ally’s hands were gentle and cause him no more pain. She made him take some general antibiotics that she carried, so if any infection had got in it would start to kill it.

Together they gently put his shoe back on, he winced at that, but it didn’t feel too bad. By now it was nearly four; he knew he was dead meat when they got back. Jon would kill him, and crap he loved his job!

They started to walk again, Mike hobbling and gritting his teeth. Al clucking like a mother hen, and they’d still got about two miles to go, if they got back before the guys left it’d be a bloody miracle! Tico would be steaming! She checked her cell again, still nothing, damn countryside!

About ten minutes into the snails pace, she heard a rumble. Turning she didn’t believe her eyes, a damn bus! Waving it down they clambered on board after being told it went straight passed their hotel. With a great sigh of relief Mike collapsed on a seat and Al gently prised off his trainer again. He sighed with gratitude and gave her a peck on the cheek.

‘What was that for?’

‘For being you babe, and helping me in my time of need! Just remember when we get back I’m hiding behind you!’
She laughed and with his arm about her shoulders they sat on the bus unaware of the chaos that was happening at the hotel, and the scared men sat/pacing there

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Chapter 71

By the time the guys had done the sound check and a few interviews they had to do it was getting on towards three. They needed to head back and grab some food and start to get ready for the show.

They’d laughed about how Ally hadn’t wanted Mike to look after her, and that Jon better be careful as it was his idea, no one else’s and they wouldn’t help him if she went after him.

‘Knowing our Ally, she’s probably killed him and buried him in one of those peat bogs they talk about.’ Dave chuckled.

‘Nah she’s saving that one for Jonny boy here.’ Richie chimed in.

Tico wondered about Al, he’d tried her cell several times during the day and nothing, not a murmur. He got worried so he’d tried Mikes nothing there either, fuck! He hadn’t told the others yet. Jon would have a shit fit, he was hoping they were at the hotel and their cells were turned off.

Arriving back Tico headed straight for his room, praying she was there and just in a snit. ‘Ally querido I’m back.’ Not a freakin sound. He phoned the reception desk and asked if she’d been seen, the answer was not since she’d left not long after them, arm in arm with a man. He thanked them and hung up.

He pulled out his cell and tried both of them again, nothing. He started swearing, and headed out the door to Richie’s room.

He banged on the door and he heard Rich muttering, the door jerked open and the smartass comment froze in Richie’s throat when he saw a pale looking Teek, ‘What the fucks wrong bro?’

‘Al’s not back and I can’t reach either of them of their cells, no ones seen them since they left this morning.’ Tico wiped his hand over his face, praying that Al would walk in any second.

Richie steered Tico to Jon’s room, banging on Dave’s as they passed.

‘What?’ Came the growl from David, as he opened the door.

‘Emergency Davy, get in here now!’ David all but ran into Jon’s, he only heard that tone in Richie’s voice if the shit had hit the fan somehow.

‘What the hell, can’t I get any peace from y…?’

‘Ally and Mike aren’t back and Teek can’t reach either of them. They’ve been gone since just after we left.’ Richie’s face was full of concern.

Jon snapped out his cell and tried for Mike’s, it went straight to voicemail. They next number got Marco, Mikes second in command. He gave him a run down what was happening, Marco said that Mike’s phone like theirs had GPS tracking in it and he’d get it found. Jon hung up.

‘You know, they could just not have cell reception.’ David for once the calm voice of reason in this melee, ‘You’ve seen her work Teek, she’s just gets involved, like Jon does when he writes. They’ve probably not realised the time, and not realised they’ve no signal. Give them another thirty minutes or so before you start to panic. All of you need to calm the fuck down.’ Walking to the mini bar he took out four tumblers, filled three with straight bourbon and one with diet coke, ‘Here, drink this and sit down.’

For once in their lives they actually took notice of him and did as he told them.

‘Ok, who the fuck are you and what have you done with my bro?’ Richie asked with a slight case of awe, he’d never seen David take charge; it was normally Jon or himself.

‘Bite me Mookie, you guys just jump to the worst scenario and shorted out the other possibilities in your brains.’ He grinned at them, then took a hearty swallow of his drink and prayed the fuck he was right.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Chapter 70

After they’d check in, grabbed some breakfast, the guys went off to the venue, Al saying she’d go to the concert later, but wanted to take some pictures of the countryside. Under much bitching and moaning, mainly from Al, she had herself a babysitter, Mike!

‘Why the hell does the poor man have to follow me around? No one knows me here; I’ve been before and never had anything bad happen, well except a hangover from hell. Come on don’t do this to him.’

‘He doesn’t go with you, you don’t get to go and play! Either Mike goes or you go with us. It’s your choice Ally.’ Jon laid it out in clear terms, after a shouting match between them; she gave in, none to gracefully!

She tried the ‘But Teek they don’t care about me! They only know you guys. It’s not fair.’ All this said with glistening eyes and a puppy dog look Richie was damn proud of, and a whine in her voice.

‘Querido, I agree with Jonny, you ain’t goin nowhere without Mike. Take it or leave it!’ Hell Tico didn’t want her to go anywhere but the damn venue, but he knew after three full days of the guys, she needed a break from all of them.

‘What about if I said I’ll stay in the hotel and go nowhere?’

Jon and Tico just rolled their eyes, yeah like they’d fall for that one!

She flipped them all the bird and flounce out of Jon’s suite, and headed for Teeks and hers. Mike waited outside the door, the one that was slammed in his face. He knew she’d calm down, if Jon had asked instead of telling her, things would have gone better. One day boss man may just get a clue!

As the guys filed passed they commiserated with him, he told them to fuck themselves.

Tico, brave man that he is, went in to say goodbye to Al. ‘Hey baby, can I come in and say bye?’ He entered the suite cautiously.

‘Yeah, you didn’t stand up for me, but I still love you.’ She walked to him and he wrapped her in his arms, hugging her and gently kissing her. When he went to pull away, she wrapped a leg around his and clamped him to her. Her tongue speared his warm, hot mouth and kissed him like a drowning woman. His arms tightened, nearly cutting off her air supply.

Tico’s phone went off blaring out ‘Big Boss Man’ by Elvis she rolled her eyes. ‘Hey least I know who’s callin me.’ He laughed and answered it, ‘Yeah I’m on my way down, no she ain’t killed me, yes I have a hard on! Well you fuckin asked!’ And flipped his cell closed.

Al shook her head, lent forward, kissed him and pushed him towards the door, ‘Later gator.’ Opening it she shoved him out, making Mike smile.

‘¡Te amo y no usted atrevimiento flojamente Mike!’ (I love you and don't you dare loose Mike!)

‘¿Si él puede continuar con mí, no lo soltaré?’ (If he can keep up with me, I won't loose him, will I?) She fluttered her lashes at him.

‘Why the hell do I feel I really don’t want to know what she just said Teek.’

‘Cause you don’t my friend, you just don’t. Can I suggest you get your trainers on?’ Grinning he walked away and Al smirked at Mike and shut the door to get changed.

Five minutes later in walking boots, her camera bag slung over her shoulder and one of Tico’s baseball caps on, they headed out the hotel. Mike looked at her boots and prayed they were just for show, otherwise he didn’t think he’d cope. He’d changed his obligatory cowboy boots for his Nike’s, he hoped they’d serve him for whatever she was going to drag him to.

‘Well Mikey, you ready for this?’ Grinning a tad evilly at him.

‘I’m game, just remember Ally, this was Jon’s idea not mine. So baby, please don’t kill me.’

Chuckling, she linked her arm through his, ‘Nah, I like you too damn much, I’ll just have to get Jon back some how for this one.’ And grinning like co-conspirators they walked off plotting how to get him back!

Chapter 69

Arriving in Ireland, it was wet, misty and a little cold.

Al smiled, remembering her tour of the bedroom of the jet. It had an enormous bed in the centre of the room. Deep blood red silk sheets, cream thick pile carpet. It was tastefully decorated with dark wood pieces, a chest of draws, bedside tables and two deep armchairs.

They’d stayed in there till May banged on the door. They mainly talked, but mostly Al being damn nosy and mooching through the drawers, while Tico laughed at her.

Before she went back out she’d mussed her hair and kissed Tico silly, running her fingers through his hair. They both wandered back to their seats looking like they’d done a whole lot more than talk! They got whistled and cat called at by the guys. As one, they both flipped the others off. As they touch down, laughter, Al thought could be heard on the tarmac!

They were bundled through the airport security and out into more cars. Al ended up next to Richie, who looped his arm around her neck and gave her one hot kiss on the lips. She pulled back his laughing eyes sparkling into hers. ‘So we ok now?’ He asked.

Her hand landed on his thigh and gently rubbed circles on it. ‘I suppose, but what about the threesome?’

He groaned, and David’s ears hit full alert, ‘Who’s having a threesome?’ He squeaked at the top of his lungs.

Jon, Hughie and Tony nearly got whiplash from their heads spinning off their shoulders, ‘What!’ all three yelped together.

‘Jesus David! Could you have said it any louder?’ Al growled at him.

Tico sat laughing, no sound coming out, tears running down his cheeks, he started to go red in the face. He wondered if anyone knew of this morning’s shenanigans, now they all did.

‘Fuck it!’ Was all that Richie said.

They laughed and ragged on Richie and Al all the way to the hotel.

Again they piled out of the cars and hustled to the check in desk.

Al’s phone rang, she smiled it was Joanne. ‘Hey sweetie, what’s up?’

‘Ah nothing doll, just wondered if we’d dreamt yesterday? Well?’

‘Sorry honey, it was all real.’

‘Well fuck! So you really are dating Tico and have the rest of the men staying at your place?’ Jo thought Al was a lucky bitch, but she loved her like a sister.

‘Huh, so I take it you’re talking to Richie then?’ Al thought about Jo, her Boston friend, she’d loved Richie forever, a real Darksider kinda girl.

‘Yeah, were the hell are ya? All I can hear is chaos near ya.’ Jo blushed; thinking about Richie, seeing him on the screen in front of her nearly gave her a heart attack! The man was just edible.

‘Checking into the hotel in Ireland looks like a get a few days vacation out of this.’ She chuckled as several fingers flipped her the bird.

‘Hot damn, you get to go to the concerts too?’ Jo really was jealous; she’d love to be a part of that crowd, just for a day to see what it felt like.

‘Nah I’m bored with the concerts I’m staying in and using the spa.’

‘Like fuck you are woman!’ Tico growled right next to her ear, making her jump, she didn’t realise how close he was. ‘You’re comin with darlin, and you don’t get a choice, you don’t go, I ain’t goin!’

‘Aw Ally will you please stop screwin with everyone’s brains! This, from an eye rolling Jon.

She snickered, ‘Sorrrrrry Blondie! And I was only saying it to Jo, and you overheard, no that’s not right, you eavesdropped and got what you deserve!’ she chuckled.

She heard a gasp from the other end of the phone, ‘Sweet fuck you call Jon, Blondie? Christ!’

Richie perked up and nearly fell over his own feet to get to Ally. ‘That’s Jo you got there honey?’ He battered his lashes.

Suddenly light dawned above Al’s head, ‘Erm Jo sweetie, seeing as it’s only just gone eight here, what the hell you doing up?’

Richie nudged her, and made those puppy eyes of his, she gave him the ‘talk to the hand’ movement. Jon snickered.

‘I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d ring ya’ll and see how you were holding up.’ Jo crossed her fingers and hope Al brought that, she soooo wanted the gossip. And if she was lucky to find out if Al had got some pics of Richie that she might send her so she could drool over!

Richie was now tugging at Al’s sleeve, turning the puppy eyes up to full melt. She rolled her eyes. ‘Wow JoJo that’s a whole lot of BS you’ve got going on there. But I’ll let it slide. Look can I hang up for a minute and phone you back. I’ve got a big ass bug needling the crap out of me and it won’t sod off!’

Jo said yes and Al snapped the phone too, Richie nearly fell over with the shock. ‘Damnit Ally what you do that for?’

‘Because that phone call was costing her an arm and a leg, and seeing as I can afford to phone her for longer I hung up on her.’ She could see his bottom lip quiver, hmmm looks like the KOS wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted. They all were a tad spoilt, women usually falling at their feet, doing what they were asked. Poor babies!

She flipped open her cell and hit speed dial, then she handed the phone to Richie, who looked like she was trying to pass him a live snake, ‘Oh for god’s sake Lurch take the damn thing and talk to her! That’s why I hung up, cause I know you’d be on the thing for a while. Don’t say I don’t love you.’ With that she pushed it into his hand, hearing Jo saying hello several times, and walked away.

Tico bear hugged her and kissed her gently, ‘This is why I love you luz di mi vida. You’re a warm and caring woman, and you’ll forever have my heart.’ They tenderly hugged one another and walked into check in, leaving Richie with a goofy smile on his face and talking ten to the dozen to Jo.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Chapter 68

The flight, Al still didn’t believe it, was in the Jovi plane. She’d gawped like a teenager touching things, trying out each seat to find the one she like the best, pissing Jon of because it was his seat. He told her to move, she looked haughtily down her nose and told him if he’d asked she would have done, now he could swivel! You could have heard a pin drop, everyone holding their breaths, both combatants not backing down.

‘Well shit! Next time I’d better ask.’ With a grin he dropped into the seat next to her lent over and kissed her cheek, whispering in her ear, ‘They normally give without question, otherwise I’m a pissy bitch.’

Al laughed out loud, and Jon slung his arm about her shoulders, hugging her to him. He honestly loved this woman; she was a wonderful foil for the laid back, read horizontal Teek! He looked up and realised everyone was still looking at him, jaws nearly on the floor. ‘Hey I’m not stupid, she carved your asses up, and I’m just making sure my balls stay firmly where they should be.’

May, their stewardess cracked up laughing and shook hands with Al, welcoming her on board, telling her it was nice to see another female who didn’t bow to the Bongiovi charms. She shooed the others into seats, like a drill sergeant! A whining Tico was forced to sit opposite Al, as Jon said it was about time she showed some good taste. Teek flicked him the bird.

Richie made sure he sat away from Teek and Ally. She kept looking over her shoulder and winking or blowing him a kiss. At one point she gave him such a lust filled look he took off for the bathroom to calm down. He’d heard Teek’s laughter when he’d shot out the room back at Ally’s, but fuck she’d given him a hard on, and he was embarrassed about it.

Jon told Al that May had been the first stewardess they’d ever had. She’d not been bothered by all the mouthy young things, the sexual innuendos thrown her way. She’d taken so much shit off them. Then on one flight, Richie had propositioned her. She slapped him so hard, she knocked a tooth loose. She picked up the intercom and told them to ‘sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and listen!’ They had. She told them if they continued to treat her like shit and part of the in-flight entertainment, one day at 40/50,000 feet she’d open the fucking door and hang on! Or she’d put a laxative in their food. Their choice! From that day she’d always been with them, she was now an older sister/aunt to them.

‘Hey May?’

‘Yes Ally honey?’

‘Would you have put laxative in their food?’

‘Nah.’ The boys laughed at her, ‘I’d have put it in their last drink on board, that way I wouldn’t have had to deal, literally, with their shit!.’ With a grin and a swish of her hips she sashayed back into the galley. Leaving Al laughing, and the boys thanking god they’d never pushed her that far.

The short hop was uneventful, the men regaling Ally of some of the more ‘take to the grave’ secrets, and just some down right nasty things they’d done to each other over the years. Her sides hurt from laughing.

‘Hey Ally, Teek hasn’t shown you the best bit of the plane yet!’ Richie piped up in a wicked down and dirty honeyed voice that Al knew meant trouble or teasing.

‘And Lurch, where would that be?’ Glancing over her shoulder, she smiled coquettishly at him.

Rich could feel the heat rising under his collar. He just couldn’t stop putting his foot in it and keep his mouth closed! Clearing his throat he answered her, deciding to hell with it, so she’d given him a stiffy, ‘Why darlin, I mean the bedroom.’ He grinned at her, blowing her a kiss back.

Al frowned, he’d finally hit back, well damn, that didn’t last long. Then she coloured as his words sunk in, ‘Seriously, there’s a bedroom.’ Then she coloured some more as the thought of the mile high club flew fleetingly through her mind.

‘I’ll show you!’ Shit Richie was definitely over his snit!!

‘Bro, I swear, you take one step towards that room with Ally and I’ll make you wish you were in the Sopranos, not real life.’ Tico’s chest puffed out and he snarled at Richie.

Richie cackled, sat down holding his hands up in surrender.

‘Darlin let me show you the bedroom.’ Tico leered at her, waggling his eyebrows, pulling her up and out from under Jon’s arm.

From the galley they heard May shout, ‘Landing in ten minutes hot stuff!’ He all but dragged Al to the back room.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Chapter 67

Something stirred her; damn she was sure she could smell coffee!? This was one good dream it smelt almost drinkable!

‘Come on darlin, I’ve got your coffee here, wake up for me angel.’ Someone whispered. The smell of coffee grew stronger as someone passed it near her nose; she inhaled, still fighting not to wake up.

‘Time to wake baby.’ A butterfly kiss fluttered onto her lips making her sigh and smile. The coffee disappeared; she heard a thunk as it hit the nightstand.

‘More.’ She whispered back, still safe in her cocoon of sleep, dreaming.

The lips slowly blended with hers, not deepening it, just bussing and skimming, ‘Darlin, you really better open those gorgeous eyes of yours befor…..’

‘Sambora I said take her coffee up not kiss her, sheesh man Teek will kill ya bro!’

With that Al’s eyes flew open and stared into brown eyes that just weren’t Tico’s, ‘Morning baby.’ Richie snickered at her, the sleep gone from her eyes, which left only confusion and something else; he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Fuck him he’d done it again! Well Mister two came play this game! ‘Mornin Richie, baby.’ Before he could move her hands anchored themselves into his hair, lifted upwards a little and laid one hell of a steamy mind blowing kiss on him, with a little tongue thrown in for good measure.

‘Sweet Jesus, Richie let go of her! Aw shit Teek’s comin!’ Al heard David running for it, the coward. The next second…………

‘Fuckin in hell, you hibrido! You let her go right this minute or I swear to god you’re a dead man!’ Tico roared from the door.

Richie all but fell away from the bed, back peddling like the hounds of hell were after him! He couldn’t believe she’d done that, man he’d been caught unawares, and been turned on, shit!

Al looked over at a chest heaving Tico and said, ‘But luz de mi vida, you weren’t here when I woke up.’ She pouted prettily at him, then looked at the stunned man beside the bed, ‘And Richie was, I thought you’d arranged that threesome I wanted already! No?’ Her bottom lip quivered and her eyes filled with tears.

‘Hell NO.’ exploded from Richie, he scrambled upright and nearly ran for the door, ‘As much as I love you Ally, and Teek you know you’re my bro…. I’m sorry…….It’d be just too weird!’ With that he sprinted from the room, Tico slammed the door shut, laughing so hard he just slid down it.

‘Miel, you’re a naughty girl. I’ve never seen Richie run like that.’

Al sat up watching the man she loved, laughing after catching her in the embrace of another man! Well hell, where’s the Latin temper? The jealous rage, the chest beating???? No bloody where! ‘But Tico, I kissed him!’

The laughter dried up and he jumped to his feet and started pacing back and forth, ‘You mean you instigated that kiss?’ More pacing, this was much better.


‘You kissed Sambora? But Ally you’re not with him, your with me, aren’t you? I can’t believe you kissed him! I blamed him ……’ with steam coming out of his ears he descended into Spanish, muttering dire threats, about keeping her locked up, never allowing her near the others again!

‘But miel?’ Tico stopped and looked at the woman nearly curled into a ball purring like a cat, ‘It was payback on both your parts! His for kissing me first and you for acting like it didn’t matter that he’d kissed me! ¡Usted wanker!’ with that she broke out laughing. Christ was every day they were together going to make her sides ache laughing at; she glanced at the clock, six am!!!!

Tico crossed to the bed, pounced on Al and started to tickle the hell out of her, making her gasp and wriggle, trying to get out from under him. But his arms and thighs held her prisoner.

‘Uncle, uncle!’ Al laughed, she was nearly peeing herself.

‘Not until you tell me you’ll pull no more of this shit on me! I don’t care about the others, hell I’ll even help you take them down! But amour you had me wanting to rip out Richie’s heart and feed it too him! I couldn’t believe you’d kissed him like that! Please darlin I’m too damn old for a shock like that. Hell I could’ve keeled over!’

Al lay still under him, ‘Tico I’m sorry, I just went with it with Richie. He’d kissed me twice now and I thought I was getting you, so I reacted and kissed the git back, scared the hell out of him! But you just laughed like it was nothing to worry about. You walked in on your brother and the woman you claim to love, in a steamy embrace, and you laugh! Thanks!’ She rolled her eyes and huffed.

‘But one thing you’ve got to remember, is I love you and know you love me back, and miel, you’d never kiss Rich like that unless you were playing with him. Remember I’ve seen you play all of us. Plus Rich knows I’d kill him.’ The latter said with menace.

She couldn’t believe he really got her! Most people never realised her kind of one off comments, and the way she worked. But he really seemed to know when she was punking people. And he’d said he loved her again, her insides melted and puddled into a gooey centre. And he was right she did love him, with all her heart. ‘I promise never to pull any more shit on you. But the guys are fair game!’

He laughed, ‘Agreed.’ With that settled, he let go of her and settled himself along her length, and just as the kiss started to get heated …………….

‘Torres you’ve got twenty minutes for you to get you shit and ass together before we leave for the airport! Let Ally up, now!’ Came Jon’s voice.

Groaning and laughing Al ran for the bathroom while Tico made sure he’d got his gear to go with.

‘Ally you packed?’

‘Give me five minutes and I will be.’ Flying passed him, she bussed his mouth and grabbed her overnight case while hopping on one foot trying to get her damn jeans up.

‘I love a woman who can multitask.’ Tico laughed.

Ten minutes later they were packed and downstairs, Richie keeping a safe distance from Al. Hmmm she thought, might be a fairly quite flight, but some how she didn’t think it’d last.

A car horn blaring heralded the arrival of their transport; they piled in and took off.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Chapter 66

They walked up the stairs, just gently touching each other, they were tired but happy. Tico wondered what god’s he’d please when Al had fallen into his life, he’d like to thank then.

Reaching the top step they started to head for the room when they heard Jon talking and laughing at someone. Walking around the corner they could see he was stood in Richie’s doorway, ‘If Ally finds out you know you’re dead men? I don’t think I could replace you at such a late date, so try not to piss her off too much.’

Al grinned at Tico and quietly walked up to where Jon was, ‘If I find out what!’ Jon gasped and jumped turning to look at her.

‘Aw hell I’m gonna have to get you a bell woman!’

Sticking her head in the door she saw a guilty looking Richie and David, hastily closing a lap top. She frowned, they wouldn’t, would they? ‘Please tell me you aren’t messing with my friends again?’ She stood hands on hips.

‘Darlin I can honestly say we’re not messing with anyone.’ Hell Richie meant it, he wasn’t messing about trying to get Joanne to talk to him, he wanted her to talk to him, and David really wanted to talk to Sandy.

Al looked back and forth between them. She sighed oh bugger it she thought, she was too tired to cope with them. If she found out they had done something stupid, she’d deal with them both later. ‘I don’t believe you, but I’m going to bed. Night guys.’ She missed the jaws of the three men nearly hitting the floor with shock at her not drilling them.

Tico chuckled, and walked into the room behind her, ‘Miel, you are one wonderful woman, you know that don’t you.’ He walked up behind her and looped his arms around her waist, nuzzling into her neck, kissing her.

‘Querido if I want to be with you, I have to be to put up with their shit! Christ they wear me out and get on my last good nerve, and all I can think of is it’s only been a couple of days! What the hell’s it going to be after a few years?’

Tico turned her and slanted his lips over hers; kissing her deeply. He couldn’t believe she’d said that! She’d started to believe they could be together for years. A break through! Lifting his lips from hers he gave her a great bear hug, and laughed when she said she needed oxygen!

They got ready for bed, Al feeling weird that she was sharing her bathroom with him, and it felt like they’d been doing it all their lives! By the time she’d finished he was laying in bed, arms behind his head waiting for her.

Al nearly salivated at the sight of him, bear furry chest, rippling muscles of his arms and a dark smouldering look in his eyes. Damn, how were they just supposed to sleep???

She crawled into bed and snuggled up to him, receiving a deep and thorough kiss from him. Tico thought she looked damn hot in those shorty shorts and top, but even though his flesh was screaming its willingness, the rest of his body was telling it the shut the hell up!

They settled down in one another’s arms and within minutes fast asleep. But both had grins on their faces!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Chapter 65

Liz couldn’t believe her friend, she’d just called Richie Sambora, Lurch! Freakin hell!

Out of the two of them, Al was the quiet one! Seems the world got turned on its head and gone into the Twilight Zone! Cause this sure wasn’t how Al normally acted! She was normally reserved, introverted, the other half of Liz’s soul. What the hell had these men done to her?

Liz had worked for Al since she’d opened the art gallery, they’d clicked the day she’d gone for the interview for manager. She’d got the job and a ‘sister’ out of the deal. They’d done things together over the years that neither would have had the courage to do alone.

Liz had been the one to push Al harder about her drawings and photography, telling her she should sell them. Al had laughed at her, but only at first! Al had put in a couple of her own works as a joke, with obnoxious over inflated prices on them. They’d sold within a day, Liz had crowed, Al had been gobsmacked!

Now they were sitting here and Al was mouthing off, wow things had change in just a couple of days!

‘So Lizzie?’ Liz glanced at Al and noticed a wicked glint in her eyes, crap now what? ‘I take it Jon got a good look at Tweety?’

Before Liz could answer Jon chimed in, ‘Now darlin Ally how could I miss Tweety, I covered that area many times.’ He waggled his eyebrows leeringly.

A chorus of ‘Where is it.’ Could be heard.’

‘Jesus Al why did you say that and Jon stop being a dick! And you pervs Tweety is on my shoulder blade! Grow the hell up.’ She laughed at the crestfallen male faces around her. If Al could treat them as just ‘men’ hell so could she!

‘Least she didn’t ask about the butterfly.’

‘Bastard!’ Liz said to Jon just before she smacked him in the face with a pillow and took off toward the kitchen.

He sat there with such a goofy look on his face, ‘Aw she loves me!’ He made kissy faces at her retreating back.

Liz didn’t even look to see if he watched her, she just flipped the bird behind her back and carried on walking.

Al thought he’d hit the nail on the head there. Liz had loved ‘Jon Bon Jovi’ for years, but she’d a sneaking suspicion Liz had fallen for ‘John’ the cheeky, hot and fun loving man and totally ignored the rock star bit of him. Well if she could.

‘Ok, who’s up for Chinese I’m starving?’

The local takeaway she’d used for years had never ever had anyone order so much food!

After the food was consumed, along with a few glasses of vino, it was nearly eleven. Tony and Mike left saying they’d be back early in the morning to pick them up for there flight over to Ireland. Liz jumped up and said she needed to go to, much to Jon’s disgust; she refused to budge about it. Mike suggested that Tony and he drop Liz off on their way to the hotel.

Liz and Ally laughed, it turned out Liz lived four houses down, and Jon perked up, told her he’d walk her to the door himself! Liz stuttered and started to say no, when David stepped in.

‘Lizzie honey, if you don’t let him he’ll be a bitch to fly with tomorrow cause he’d be a pissy shit! So, I’m begging you, for our sake, let him walk you home. He could use the exercise after all that food he’s eaten. He won’t fit into his spray on jeans if he continues to pig out.’ Dave grinned.

Jon flipped him off but mouthed ‘thanks’ behind Liz’s back, he owed Dave big-time!

Liz said ok, and kissed Al goodnight and started for the door, Jon stood waiting for her. Before she’d taken two steps, two strong arms snook around her waist, lifting her off the floor. She squealed in surprise when she found herself turned and coming face to face with Richie.

‘Now honey, you think you’re leaving without saying goodnight to us do ya?’ That was the only warning she had, he locked lips with her and kissed the shit out of her. Liz’s knees buckled and her mind went blank.

‘Dean, get the hell off her!’ Jon all but growled, jealousy shooting through his veins.

‘Sure Frank.’ Richie said after thoroughly making certain she knew he’d kissed her! Then he passed her to David, in turn to Hugh, Tony, even Mike got in on the act. She finally ended up back near Al who just laughed.

‘You alive there Lizzie?’ Al snickered, hell she knew exactly how Liz felt, been there, done that!

‘Barely.’ Came the whispered response, she went to turn, only to find Tico stood there, he winked at Al, took Liz firmly in his arms, dipped her and gently brushed a butterfly kiss on her lips, ‘Welcome to the family miel.’

Setting her upright, he pushed her towards the door and the waiting man. Jon took her firmly by the hand and led her out the door.

Mike and Tony waited a minute, kissed Al bye, saying they’d see her in the morning and left.

David, Richie and Hugh all made a big show of yawning loudly, kissed Al night, and headed up the stairs. Hugh into his room but David and Richie headed into Richie’s and his laptop, both wondering if Ally’s friends were on!

‘I suppose we’d better wait for Jon to come back seeing as he doesn’t have a key.’ Al said.

‘Why you think he’s coming back?’ Tico smirked; it’d be the first time ever if he did. Normally he gave a woman that mega watt smile and they’d fall at his feet. Mind you Liz was a lot like Ally, she might just shock the hell out of Jonny boy.

‘We’ll give him fifteen, then we go to bed.’ He wanted Al in his arms again, he felt complete with her there.

Al agreed, and they sat curled up around each other on the couch. Talking about this and that.

Ten minutes later a shell shocked looking Jon walked in. Tico burst out laughing, ‘Well, well, well looks like someone struck out!’

‘Fuck you asshole!’ was the automated response. But he had struck out and didn’t know how the hell it had happened! ‘She kissed me then went in! Told me I was cute! But even though we’d made love she wasn’t sleeping with me!!!’

Al couldn’t help it, she laughed, tears streaming down her face! Everytime she looked at Jon and the fallen look on his face, she went off again, crying with laughter till her sides ached and she was gasping for breath.

‘Jesus Blondie, she didn’t give in!’ Off she went again.

‘Teek, if you don’t shut her up, I might just kill her!’ He glowered at the crying woman, howling at his downfall by her friends hands, his lips twitched, no damn it he wanted to pout longer. Hell he’d asked Liz to go with them to Ireland, she’d turned him down, saying her boss wouldn’t let her. It was only as he walked into Al’s that he twigged that Al was the damn boss!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Looking at Tico he finally gave in and started to laugh. What a woman! She’d turned him inside out, and then turned him down! Jon had never struck out before, his pride was slightly wounded. But this meant the chase and capture would be all the more sweet!

Bending down he kissed Al, ‘Night darlin, you English girls certainly know how to pique our interests.’ He winked at her.

‘Hey you’re just too damn used to blonde bimbos, with DD’s and nothing in the brain department! If you’d look over them thar hills you’d find plenty of interesting women state side!’

Jon winced, she was probably right, but he’d not dated anyone since the divorce, and with Liz, well when he’d opened the door it had took him all his strength to resist ravaging her on the doorstep!

‘Ok I’m heading up, need some rest tonight. Al you’re probably right, and if she gives me a chance Liz won’t regret it.’ With that he headed for the stairs.

‘Erm, Teek, did he just sort of admit that he wants to see where if leads with Liz?’ She was dumbfounded!

‘Sure would seem that way querido.’ Hell he was shocked, Jon didn’t dive head first into anything without analysing the hell out of it! This was a first.

He got up, held out his hands and hoisted Al up and into his arms, kissing her soundly, ‘Miel, as much as I’d love to ravish your body several times, I think we need just to go to bed and sleep.’ He held his breath praying she wouldn’t mind.

‘Oh thank God! You’ve about killed me, I’m not used to this much love making.’ She kissed him back and arm in arm they headed upstairs, to sleep!