Saturday, 14 June 2008

Chapter 70

After they’d check in, grabbed some breakfast, the guys went off to the venue, Al saying she’d go to the concert later, but wanted to take some pictures of the countryside. Under much bitching and moaning, mainly from Al, she had herself a babysitter, Mike!

‘Why the hell does the poor man have to follow me around? No one knows me here; I’ve been before and never had anything bad happen, well except a hangover from hell. Come on don’t do this to him.’

‘He doesn’t go with you, you don’t get to go and play! Either Mike goes or you go with us. It’s your choice Ally.’ Jon laid it out in clear terms, after a shouting match between them; she gave in, none to gracefully!

She tried the ‘But Teek they don’t care about me! They only know you guys. It’s not fair.’ All this said with glistening eyes and a puppy dog look Richie was damn proud of, and a whine in her voice.

‘Querido, I agree with Jonny, you ain’t goin nowhere without Mike. Take it or leave it!’ Hell Tico didn’t want her to go anywhere but the damn venue, but he knew after three full days of the guys, she needed a break from all of them.

‘What about if I said I’ll stay in the hotel and go nowhere?’

Jon and Tico just rolled their eyes, yeah like they’d fall for that one!

She flipped them all the bird and flounce out of Jon’s suite, and headed for Teeks and hers. Mike waited outside the door, the one that was slammed in his face. He knew she’d calm down, if Jon had asked instead of telling her, things would have gone better. One day boss man may just get a clue!

As the guys filed passed they commiserated with him, he told them to fuck themselves.

Tico, brave man that he is, went in to say goodbye to Al. ‘Hey baby, can I come in and say bye?’ He entered the suite cautiously.

‘Yeah, you didn’t stand up for me, but I still love you.’ She walked to him and he wrapped her in his arms, hugging her and gently kissing her. When he went to pull away, she wrapped a leg around his and clamped him to her. Her tongue speared his warm, hot mouth and kissed him like a drowning woman. His arms tightened, nearly cutting off her air supply.

Tico’s phone went off blaring out ‘Big Boss Man’ by Elvis she rolled her eyes. ‘Hey least I know who’s callin me.’ He laughed and answered it, ‘Yeah I’m on my way down, no she ain’t killed me, yes I have a hard on! Well you fuckin asked!’ And flipped his cell closed.

Al shook her head, lent forward, kissed him and pushed him towards the door, ‘Later gator.’ Opening it she shoved him out, making Mike smile.

‘¡Te amo y no usted atrevimiento flojamente Mike!’ (I love you and don't you dare loose Mike!)

‘¿Si él puede continuar con mí, no lo soltaré?’ (If he can keep up with me, I won't loose him, will I?) She fluttered her lashes at him.

‘Why the hell do I feel I really don’t want to know what she just said Teek.’

‘Cause you don’t my friend, you just don’t. Can I suggest you get your trainers on?’ Grinning he walked away and Al smirked at Mike and shut the door to get changed.

Five minutes later in walking boots, her camera bag slung over her shoulder and one of Tico’s baseball caps on, they headed out the hotel. Mike looked at her boots and prayed they were just for show, otherwise he didn’t think he’d cope. He’d changed his obligatory cowboy boots for his Nike’s, he hoped they’d serve him for whatever she was going to drag him to.

‘Well Mikey, you ready for this?’ Grinning a tad evilly at him.

‘I’m game, just remember Ally, this was Jon’s idea not mine. So baby, please don’t kill me.’

Chuckling, she linked her arm through his, ‘Nah, I like you too damn much, I’ll just have to get Jon back some how for this one.’ And grinning like co-conspirators they walked off plotting how to get him back!

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