Monday, 16 June 2008

Chapter 74

‘Where the fuck have you been? We’ve been worried sick, we thought something had happened! And you walk into here like nothings wrong!’ Tico gasped for air, didn’t she realise how upset they were!

People were beginning to stare, some were wearing Jovi t-shirts, Jon groaned, not now. ‘Teek, man lets take this upstairs.’ He put his hand on Teeks shoulder, it was shaken off. Crap this didn’t bode well.

Al looked at them all like they’d lost the plot. Yeah they were late, but they didn’t warrant Tico’s tone of voice! She could feel her temper starting to flare. ‘We went out! You remember me telling you this morning? Or has it slipped your minds?’ She couldn’t believe them, what the hell!

‘Babe, don’t please.’ Mike wasn’t above begging.

‘What? Someone please tell me what the hell is going on?’

Mike laid a hand on her, ‘They thought you’d been kidnapped.’ He dropped the bomb on her.

‘What the hell do you mean, kidnapped? Have you [i]all[/i] lost it!’ But looking at the four men stood in front of her she realised they seriously thought she’d been taken.

‘Ally darlin, Mike’s telling you the truth. You weren’t back; we couldn’t get you on your cells. You were late back, and no message. What were we supposed to think?’ This came from David.

‘You seriously thought I’d been kidnapped?’ All four men shook their heads, Al didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or slap them all silly! They were a little late and they assumed the worst.

‘We were told on the bus coming back something in the peat bogs that surround this area keep cell phones from working in certain areas, we unfortunately were in said area. We lost track of time, don’t any of you guys do it when you’re working? Then Mike got the blister from hell which slowed us down. Didn’t you bother to ask anyone in the hotel about the signal?’ All four looked a little shamed faced, they hadn’t. ‘And from you not being able to get us, and us being late back you automatically assumed something bad had happened? Again they shook their heads.

Mike had noticed people starting to get nearer to hear better, shit! He put Al in front of him, forgetting what he’d said about standing behind her.

Levelling a searing glance at Tico, ‘And after finding I’m fine you stand there and act like a total moron? Demanding where we’ve been, like kids caught sneaking out. We don’t owe you jack shit, you’ve heard what I’ve had to say and if you don’t like it you can take a running jump!

The next thing she knew Tico had her wrapped in his steel bands of arms, kissing her, stroking her hair, touching her to make sure she really was there, ‘Mi corazón, mi vida, si cualquier cosa le había sucedido yo no piensa que habría podido encenderme. Me sentía como mi corazón había sido rasgado de mi pecho. Te amo maldiga tan mucho. Estoy apesadumbrado que no pensamos y saltado a la conclusión incorrecta. Qué importa es usted es seguro y trasero en mis brazos donde usted pertenece. Si usted quisiera que dijera esté apesadumbrado para el excedente que reacciona, lo diré diario para el resto de nuestras vidas. ¿Perdóneme?’ (My heart, my life, if anything had happened to you I don’t think I could’ve gone on. I felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. I love you so damn much. I’m sorry we didn’t think and jumped to the wrong conclusion. What matters is you’re safe and back in my arms where you belong. If you want me to say I’m sorry for over reacting, I’ll say it every day for the rest of our lives. Forgive me?)

Looking into his eyes she could see the worry, the pain that he may have lost her for good, her hand cupped his cheek, and looked deeper into his eyes, ‘You’ve said it once, that’s enough mi amor, just don’t do it again! That goes for you lot too, no more jumping the gun please. Its sweet you were so worried, but guys you seriously think after four days in your lives I’d be in trouble? You gave Mike a job, he did it. Be happy you were wrong.’ Walking over she kissed their cheeks and hugged them.

‘You realise that David was the only one who didn’t think something was wrong, in fact he was an island of calm. He tried to tell us you were ok, we just didn’t listen hard enough.’ Jon told her after getting his hug and kiss.

‘What! You mean C.D didn’t freak out? Someone pass the smelling salts please.’ They grinned but didn’t laugh they were still coming down off the scare for anything else. She went back to David and squeezed the hell out of him. ‘Thanks for believing we were ok.’

‘Your welcome Ally, I’m just glad you’re back.’

Jon’s cell rang; it was Tony asking if they’d heard anything. Jon filled him in then glancing at his watch, it was nearly six, ‘Holy fuck, guys we’ve still got a show to do!’

Tico with his arm tightly around Al, surrounded by is brothers all made their way to the lift.

The people around them smiled that things had been worked out, and the Jovi fans realised that they’d better get a shift on and get to the stadium otherwise the band would beat them there. Others headed straight to their computers to upload the video they’d taken!

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