Saturday, 7 June 2008

Chapter 67

Something stirred her; damn she was sure she could smell coffee!? This was one good dream it smelt almost drinkable!

‘Come on darlin, I’ve got your coffee here, wake up for me angel.’ Someone whispered. The smell of coffee grew stronger as someone passed it near her nose; she inhaled, still fighting not to wake up.

‘Time to wake baby.’ A butterfly kiss fluttered onto her lips making her sigh and smile. The coffee disappeared; she heard a thunk as it hit the nightstand.

‘More.’ She whispered back, still safe in her cocoon of sleep, dreaming.

The lips slowly blended with hers, not deepening it, just bussing and skimming, ‘Darlin, you really better open those gorgeous eyes of yours befor…..’

‘Sambora I said take her coffee up not kiss her, sheesh man Teek will kill ya bro!’

With that Al’s eyes flew open and stared into brown eyes that just weren’t Tico’s, ‘Morning baby.’ Richie snickered at her, the sleep gone from her eyes, which left only confusion and something else; he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Fuck him he’d done it again! Well Mister two came play this game! ‘Mornin Richie, baby.’ Before he could move her hands anchored themselves into his hair, lifted upwards a little and laid one hell of a steamy mind blowing kiss on him, with a little tongue thrown in for good measure.

‘Sweet Jesus, Richie let go of her! Aw shit Teek’s comin!’ Al heard David running for it, the coward. The next second…………

‘Fuckin in hell, you hibrido! You let her go right this minute or I swear to god you’re a dead man!’ Tico roared from the door.

Richie all but fell away from the bed, back peddling like the hounds of hell were after him! He couldn’t believe she’d done that, man he’d been caught unawares, and been turned on, shit!

Al looked over at a chest heaving Tico and said, ‘But luz de mi vida, you weren’t here when I woke up.’ She pouted prettily at him, then looked at the stunned man beside the bed, ‘And Richie was, I thought you’d arranged that threesome I wanted already! No?’ Her bottom lip quivered and her eyes filled with tears.

‘Hell NO.’ exploded from Richie, he scrambled upright and nearly ran for the door, ‘As much as I love you Ally, and Teek you know you’re my bro…. I’m sorry…….It’d be just too weird!’ With that he sprinted from the room, Tico slammed the door shut, laughing so hard he just slid down it.

‘Miel, you’re a naughty girl. I’ve never seen Richie run like that.’

Al sat up watching the man she loved, laughing after catching her in the embrace of another man! Well hell, where’s the Latin temper? The jealous rage, the chest beating???? No bloody where! ‘But Tico, I kissed him!’

The laughter dried up and he jumped to his feet and started pacing back and forth, ‘You mean you instigated that kiss?’ More pacing, this was much better.


‘You kissed Sambora? But Ally you’re not with him, your with me, aren’t you? I can’t believe you kissed him! I blamed him ……’ with steam coming out of his ears he descended into Spanish, muttering dire threats, about keeping her locked up, never allowing her near the others again!

‘But miel?’ Tico stopped and looked at the woman nearly curled into a ball purring like a cat, ‘It was payback on both your parts! His for kissing me first and you for acting like it didn’t matter that he’d kissed me! ¡Usted wanker!’ with that she broke out laughing. Christ was every day they were together going to make her sides ache laughing at; she glanced at the clock, six am!!!!

Tico crossed to the bed, pounced on Al and started to tickle the hell out of her, making her gasp and wriggle, trying to get out from under him. But his arms and thighs held her prisoner.

‘Uncle, uncle!’ Al laughed, she was nearly peeing herself.

‘Not until you tell me you’ll pull no more of this shit on me! I don’t care about the others, hell I’ll even help you take them down! But amour you had me wanting to rip out Richie’s heart and feed it too him! I couldn’t believe you’d kissed him like that! Please darlin I’m too damn old for a shock like that. Hell I could’ve keeled over!’

Al lay still under him, ‘Tico I’m sorry, I just went with it with Richie. He’d kissed me twice now and I thought I was getting you, so I reacted and kissed the git back, scared the hell out of him! But you just laughed like it was nothing to worry about. You walked in on your brother and the woman you claim to love, in a steamy embrace, and you laugh! Thanks!’ She rolled her eyes and huffed.

‘But one thing you’ve got to remember, is I love you and know you love me back, and miel, you’d never kiss Rich like that unless you were playing with him. Remember I’ve seen you play all of us. Plus Rich knows I’d kill him.’ The latter said with menace.

She couldn’t believe he really got her! Most people never realised her kind of one off comments, and the way she worked. But he really seemed to know when she was punking people. And he’d said he loved her again, her insides melted and puddled into a gooey centre. And he was right she did love him, with all her heart. ‘I promise never to pull any more shit on you. But the guys are fair game!’

He laughed, ‘Agreed.’ With that settled, he let go of her and settled himself along her length, and just as the kiss started to get heated …………….

‘Torres you’ve got twenty minutes for you to get you shit and ass together before we leave for the airport! Let Ally up, now!’ Came Jon’s voice.

Groaning and laughing Al ran for the bathroom while Tico made sure he’d got his gear to go with.

‘Ally you packed?’

‘Give me five minutes and I will be.’ Flying passed him, she bussed his mouth and grabbed her overnight case while hopping on one foot trying to get her damn jeans up.

‘I love a woman who can multitask.’ Tico laughed.

Ten minutes later they were packed and downstairs, Richie keeping a safe distance from Al. Hmmm she thought, might be a fairly quite flight, but some how she didn’t think it’d last.

A car horn blaring heralded the arrival of their transport; they piled in and took off.

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