Saturday, 31 May 2008

Chapter 64

They all climbed the stairs, Jon not letting go of Liz’s hand. She didn’t know whether to laugh, run or slap Al! Jesus what a bloody question to ask, she’d kill her best friend, no one would mind, plea of insanity should do. Liz snickered quietly to herself. Bitch, but she loved her.

Reaching the top the whole group walked into the kitchen, getting drinks, no one saying anything. David and Richie were dying to start in on Jon, but Ally had glared at them, and since they didn’t want a repeat of earlier they kept quiet, barely!

Grabbing various drinks and snacks, some people had figured out they were hungry; they started back to the couches.

Tico decided to have a lil fun at Jonny’s expense, ‘Hey Jonny, your mom rang, says you need to phone her asap, to talk about those arrangements! She said you switched your cell off bro, so she phoned Ally.’ Tico cackled as he saw Jon’s pace hesitate, he also heard ‘fuck’ and saw his shoulders slump.

Jon dropped into a couch, put his drink down and never letting go of Liz pulled her down next to him, wrapped his arm about her kissed her forehead, pulled his cell out and prepared to talk in code to his mom. He prayed she’d not said anything to Ally about the kids coming in; mind you she hadn’t exploded, so he was probably one lucky male. His mom picked up on the second ring; he swore she had the damn thing surgically attached to her! ‘Hey mom ………..’ he held the phone away as she lit into him; the others laughed at his discomfort.

Tony was laughed, till Tico told him to turn his damn cell back on, as Momma C had tried to call him too. Tony went beet red and grabbed his cell and switched it on, he would be next in line after Jon had been given a ass whooping!

Al settled onto Tico’s knee and luckily for Jon she tuned everything out; expect the rumbling of Tico’s laughter. Damn it was sexy as hell. She could stay like this forever.

Liz wasn’t sure if she really was awake, she’d made love, or shagged, Jon Bon Jovi and now she was sat here while he talked to him mother! Damn! This really was the weirdest day of her forty odd years. She couldn’t believe that he’d be interested in her, but it seemed he might just be.

She also hoped it might be a little more than just a fling. But whatever it was she’d take what she could get! Not monetary, but physically and emotionally.

She chuckled as she could hear his mum setting light to him; she frowned as she heard something about the children and hoped they were ok. The warmth coming off him started to seep into her and she began to relax into his embrace. She pillowed her head into the crook of his neck, she inhaled, damn he smelt so good, and without thinking she gently kissed his neck. He jumped, hissed and then squeezed her shoulder, his fingers then running up and down her arm.

She also realized his mum had heard the hiss and he told her something had made him jump, to which Richie shouted out ‘Yeah mom a lovely pair of lips, attached to Ally’s friend.’ Loud enough to be heard on the other end of the phone! Without thinking she picked a cushion up and lobbed it at Richie’s head, scoring a direct hit and calling him a jackass! Liz’s eyes went wide as she finally caught up with her actions and felt her face flame.

‘Serves you right Dean, you shouldn’t have told.’ Jon laughed at Richie’s stunned face, then he looked at Liz’s mortified one, leant over and gave her a resounding kiss, ‘Great arm Lizzie darlin.’ He winked at her as she heard his mum demand to know who was kissing her son! Awwww hell!

Richie groaned, ‘Oh Christ! Another one who can stand up for herself! Damn this ain’t gonna be fun, or pretty!’ Putting his head in his hands, he pretended to cry, David slapping him heartily on his back making him wince consoling him. ‘They have no thought for there elders any more.’ He heaved a dry sob.

Al laughed hard, she knew Liz’s personality would start to shine through, hell Liz was usually the outgoing one of the two of them. She took no shit from anyone, but you didn’t know this till she got to know you, then watch out! Yeah the guys had no clue what they’d let themselves in for, she grinned wickedly.

‘Poor old Rich, can’t cope with two women, oh how the mighty have fallen.’

‘Fuck you Ally darlin!’

‘Nah you’re not my type Lurch! I’d strain my neck looking into the clouds sweetie!’

This sent everyone; expect the miffed looking Richie into laughter. Jon’s mom thought both women were just what her ‘sons’ needed! Boy would she like to be a fly on the wall when Jon told her about the children heading in, because from the way Jonny was talking in hushed tones, she guessed Ally didn’t know anything about the rest of the houseguests she was going to get!

Hell she might just fly in with them, now that’s an idea!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Chapter 63

Tico and Al slowly made there way downstairs, hand in hand. Al thought about the last three days, Christ was that all it had been? They’d been magical, and she prayed that it stayed that way, but knowing her luck she’d wake up soon and find it all a wonderful, hot and horny dream!

She checked her watch, it was now gone seven, no wonder her tummy was rumbling. Good job she always had a filled freezer with homemade food. Mind you the way this lot ate, the shelves would be bare in three or four days. She chuckled, picturing David’s face when there was nothing left. Poor baby!

‘What’s so funny querido?

‘Nothing much just wondering how long my food supplies will last with you lot about.’

‘Well miel, with Rich and Davy eating, not long honey, not long at all.’

‘Hey, you and Jon don’t do too damn bad out of it. I watched you eating so don’t blame it on the tall ones.’ She laughed.

Reaching the bottom, no one was in sight and it was quiet, too damn quiet! The door to the basement was wide open. Jesus, boys will be boys. They headed to the door just as they made the top of the stairs they heard ‘Hey asshole! You down there?’ Then it was followed by male laughter and pounding on a door.

‘I swear you break that damn door Sambora and you’re paying for it!’ Al shouted down the stairs.

‘Oh fuck, SF alert!’ That gem from Tony.

Al looked at Tico, ‘SF?’

He laughed, ‘I think it could mean spitfire miel.’

‘Well I suppose its better than what they could have called me.’ She snickered delicately.

Al in front they walked down to see what the hell was going on. All four guys were lounging outside the play room.

‘Ok what the hell’s going on?’ She aimed it at Richie as he was the one with his ear to the door.

‘Weeeeeeeell, sounds like people in there trying to jump into their clothes, and not being very good at it.’ He said a shit eating grin shining at everyone.

‘Dare I even ask how you know that, and do we really want to know?’ Al tried to frown; damn it was hard when all she wanted to do was laugh again!

‘Well darlin, I know their not making a good job, because all I can here is swearing and cursing cause someone’s shirt ended up lord knows where.’ With that he doubled over and gave into his mirth.

Al’s jaw hit the floor, no, she wouldn’t, mind you Jon did look at Liz like a juicy steak. Her best friend and Jon, Al’s smile grew, that could be interesting.

Richie raised his fist to bang on the door again just as it jerked open, and standing there was a very flushed Mr Bon Jovi, shirt still wide open, hair looking like someone had been running their fingers through it. Liz was stood just behind him, her lips very puffy from being kissed senseless; her hair like Jon’s was all over the place and on her neck …..

‘Jesus how old are you guys, hickies?!!’ Al said without thinking, eyeing several fresh looking love bites around Liz’s neck. She glanced over towards Jon, she didn’t see any on his neck, but glancing down she spied one just below his nipple before he quickly buttoned his shirt up, Al grinned way to go you Liz gave him some back, cause she was damn sure he’d have more than one.

‘Jon and Lizzie kissing in the tree k.i.s.s ………..’ Richie started to sing out.

Jon moved forward and thwacked his brother in the arm, ‘Can it jackass!’

‘So Liz how was he?’ Al couldn’t resist, her friends cheeks went even redder and dropped her head forward and groaned.

‘Ally you embarrassing her.’ Jon blustered.

‘Honey, I hate to burst your bubble but us women share more than you guys do! And don’t you look cute Jon, all buttoned up wrong.’ She grinned.

Jon glanced down and realised half his buttons were in the wrong holes, ah damn! With what little dignity he had left, he took hold on Liz’s hand and glaring at Ally, headed towards the stairs, everyone else trailing behind them.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Chapter 62

She felt his heat pressed up the length of her spine, his breath, heavy in her ears. His hands clasped around her middle, slowly stroking her stomach. Those hands, so talented hands helped bring her to orgasm over and over again in such a short space of time.

He’d whispered did she have a fantasy about him; she’d blushed and said yes. He’d listened to what she had to say, his dick nearly leaping off him as she’d described what she’d dreamed of. He decided to make fantasy into reality, even if it killed him.

Now they were stood so close together not even a hair could find a gap. His dick pressed into her back was beggin him for release. He moved his hands up till they sat just below her aching heavy breasts. She thrust forward showing him where she wanted his hands. He obliged, cupping them, squeezing them then rubbing his open palms over the sensitive nipples, taking hold of them he pulled and pinched. Liz whimpered with need.

He nuzzled into her neck, making her head fall to one side; he latched on and bit down. He caught her to him as her legs went weak, she really had a thing about being bitten, and he liked to bite, so a match made in heaven. He’d left numerous marks on her, her buttocks, hips, inside of her thighs, her breasts, and she’d loved every nibble every suck every teeth catching flesh minute of it. Mind you she’d left several marks of her own; Jon grinned and bit her again, she slumped forward bracing herself against the pool table.

His hands wandered downwards, one hand stopping on her stomach again, the other making its way down into her curls, he wasn’t gentle as he thrust two fingers straight into her waiting, aching pussy, she was already drenched. She knew what he was going to do to her.

‘Assume the stance darlin.’ He chuckled wickedly; it made her mew, his fingers still pumping into her, his thumb occasionally rubbing over he mega sensitive clit. Liz opened her legs more, and leaned her top half more towards the table. She looked like she was ready to take a shot. She moaned as Jon’s fingers left her and his warmth moved away from her.

‘Now that’s a wonderful image angel.’ He couldn’t believe this was her fantasy. But hell it made him damn hot too. He sucked in his breath as Liz glanced over her shoulder at him.

‘How about you stop talking and come fuck me.’

He grinned; his hand reached out and caressed her buttocks, then drew back and slapped her hard, leaving a hand print. Liz groaned, he hoped with pleasure.

‘Stop teasing and take me!’ Yeah it was pleasure.

He gripped her hips, he nudged her legs open a little more, ‘How about I show you how to play pool baby, you just have to hit the right hole.’ With that he thrust his hips forward and slammed into her, and stopped. Liz’s head hit her arms as her head fell forward, she couldn’t believe he’d liked what she had to say. She came, clamping down on his shaft, fuck just thinking had sent her spiralling over the abyss again.

Jon yanked himself back from the brink as she nearly squeezed his dick off. Damn she’d got some great internal muscles. He waited till her breathing started to return to normal, then he started to thrust into her faster and faster, he’d pushed her right up to the table now. Her upper body laying on the table, his hands gripping the side of the table as he banged into her, all that could be heard was the slapping of flesh, and moans coming from both of them.

He stopped, dragged himself out of her just as she started to peak again, he heard her growl of frustration. He turned her, lifted her so her ass was on the very edge of the table and pushed her to lie back down, she did. Her legs hanging down and open. Jon dropped to his knees, put her legs over his shoulders and speared her with his tongue. A scream ripped from Liz’s throat as she flew over again, her orgasms hitting her one after another. He carried on eating her till she was spent and sobbing. He stood and pulled her off the table and kissed her.

‘My turn.’ She slid off the table, the taste of herself on her lips. She turned him so he now lent of the table, his dick begging for what he knew was coming. Liz dropped to her knees, and without missing a beat, took his shaft into her hot welcoming mouth, all the way to the back of her throat. Jon’s hips went forward, his head went back and he swore as her clever mouth pulled back to the top of his head, licking the slit and nearly driving him insane.

She worked her way down the underside of his dick and to his balls, which she nibbled and licked, sucking on them. ‘Darlin you keep that up and there’s gonna be one hell of a mess.’ He grinned down at her.

‘Well I’d better make sure there isn’t.’ And deep throated him again, making Jon hiss and curse. He hit the back of her throat, she swallowed and he lost it, cuming fast and furious into her greedy waiting mouth. The chords on his neck stood out and he ended up nearly on his tiptoes as he came like never before.

Liz licked him clean and slowly stood. Jon wrapped her in his arms and kissed her deeply. ‘Now darlin Lizzie, you got any more fantasies you wanna share.’ He waggled his eyebrows and Liz laughed.

‘Honey, more than you can imagine.’ They walked to the couch and sunk into it.

‘Hell I can’t tell you the last time I had a marathon sex session. You just might kill me off baby. But damn, I’d go with a smile on my face.’ They laughed, and then kissed, a sweet lingering kiss.

‘Hey asshole! You down here?’ Liz nearly screamed as they heard the others bellowed.

They looked at one another and started to scramble for their clothes, that shout was damn near!

Chapter 61

Richie, David, Tony and Mike looked at the door all with slack jaws. Jesus that woman knew how to rip a new one.

Tails, figuratively, between their legs they stomped off downstairs.

‘You know I think she’d make a damn good addition to the security team.’ Mike snickered, ‘She’d be about the only one who’d keep you fuckers in line, even Boss man might have trouble besting our Ally.’ He laughed harder. Damn she’d been a sight to see in full temper, it’d been great till she’d nailed his ass too, he could still feel the sting.

‘Now that would be something I’d like to see, she may be a lil bit, but she ain’t scared of anyone.’ Tony cackled he liked her; she’d bring his brothers to heel damn fast.

‘Rich, don’t know about you bro, but I’m gonna be walkin funny for a freakin month! Her foots still in my ass.’ David had seen some of her temper, but now, holy hell her temper was on par with Jon’s if not worse. He grinned, Teek had def got himself one hell of a spitfire.

Richie nodded, ‘Yeah, can’t you see the imprint she left! I’m not sure if I’ve any flesh left on my bones after she blasted me with that fire of hers!’ Hell not even Heather had done what Ally had done, handed him his balls on a silver platter. He grinned, what a woman!

‘Ok let’s grab something cold and watch the steam come off us.’ David laughed, and the guys headed to the fridge.

‘Mind you, that roastin we’ve just had was worth it.’ Richie grinned evilly.

‘How’d you figure that one out?’ Tony frowned.

‘Well I’ve got Ally’s MSN sign in and I know Jo, Sarah, Lena and Sandy’s screen names.’ He gave a dirty chuckle, ‘And when I get my lap top out and runnin I’m headin after that Jo.’ She’d peeked his interest, saucy, from the little he’d managed to talk to her.

David looked at his bro with undisguised interest and casually asked, ‘What was Sandy’s nick?’

Richie laughed, he’d seen the look Dave had given that hot Cali woman, ‘Sorry bro it slips my mind.’

David punched him in the arm, ‘Fucker!’

They popped the coke cans and fell about the couches. After ten minutes or so Mike asked nonchalantly, ‘Where’s Boss man?’

They all sat up, frowning, ‘Aw crap, I forgot all about him, and damn it Lizzie too, that sneaky bastards stashed her and himself somewhere!’ Richie looked pissed that he’d forgotten all about Jon leaving. ‘He ain’t upstairs, his door was open. I don’t think he’s gone out his sunglasses and baseball cap are there on the stand. Come on; let’s see if we can find him and Lizzie.’ Richie grinned evilly, he had a feeling he knew exactly what Jon was doing with Miss Liz.

They all got up and headed for the basement door, all with wicked grins in place.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Chapter 60

Tico looked toward the door, Al was still giving them shit, but was slowly running down, he had a feeling that when next time she said no, they’d actually listen.

‘You will never, ever use my computer again! You will not] mess with my friends on-line or I swear you’ll be walking funny for the rest of your natural, and singing soprano! Do I make myself clear?’ She lasered a glare at Richie and David, then included Mike and Tony into it.

‘Hey! What the fuck! We did nothin!’ Tony wailed indignantly.

‘Yeah you did nothing! You both could have stopped them, and even shouted me. But you didn’t so in my book you’re just as bad. Now get the hell out of my sight.’ They started to talk as she stepped back and slammed the door in their faces. She heard them moaning and heading downstairs.

Tico walked over and gently pulled her ridged body into his arms, ‘There my querido, calm down and take a few deep breaths. Trust me miel, they won’t ever fuck with your things again. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone, even their moms, lit into them like you just did.’ He kissed her forehead, and moved her towards the chair again, pulling her back onto his lap, stroking and soothing her. He felt when she let go, her body sagged against his and she all but burrowed under his skin to get closer to him.

‘Jesus H Christ I’ve just gone and ripped two of my idols new holes! WTF was I thinking? Why didn’t you stop me? They’ll think I’m a total fruit loop. Aw hell!’

Tico started to laugh, ‘Querido, don’t start thinking it over, you went with your feelings. I think my bro’s will respect you for forgetting who they are and treating them as you would any of your friends who piss you off. That’s after they take your foot from their asses.’ Al groan and Tico laughed more.

The phone started to ring again, who now was Al’s thought as she picked it up. ‘Hello?’ Silence met her.

‘Hi is my eldest son about?’

Al looked at the phone like it was a large hairy spider, gaping at Tico she tried to hand him the phone mouthing ‘Jon’s mum.’ At him, he snickered and nodded no, she was on her own, and sat grinning.

‘Hellllooo! Is anyone there?’ Laughter floated over the line.

‘Erm ….. Huh….. Sorry, hello Mrs Bongiovi, how can I help you?’ Al slapped her hand to her forehead, Jesus she sounded like a dumb ass!

‘Well honey seeing as I can’t reach either Jon or Tony I’m trying this number they gave me. Call me Carol. Are you Al?’ Carol smiled at the woman’s response, a lil shy and she bet she was bright red.

‘Erm ….. They gave you my number? Why would they do that?’ Tico laughed at her dumbfounded expression, ‘Aw shut the hell up miel!’ Then gasped when remembering who was on the other end. She prayed the floor to open up and put her out of this misery.

A chuckle sounded in her ear, ‘They didn’t give honey, I demanded, just in case I couldn’t get in contact via their mobiles. And look what happens. And you didn’t say are you Al?’

Al heaved a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, ‘Yes I’m Al, Alice, Ally, take your pick, the boys seemed to have.’

‘Hmmm seems to me you sound a lil stressed already, tell me have you screamed yet, and I don’t mean with joy.’ Carols dirty chuckle hit Al’s funny bone and she too started to laugh. This was Jon’s mum who knew exactly what the guys were capable of.

‘Nope, but I’ve just ripped four of them new holes.’ She gasped and groaned again. Carol really laughed this time.

‘Aw honey I’m sorry I missed it, was my oldest one of them?’ She laughed picturing the woman Jon had described to her letting them have it.

‘No, but your middle child was.’ Al laughed; she was enjoying talking to Carol.

‘What, Tony was in trouble, my god what have those heathens done to my baby boy?’ Tony never did anything to upset people. Sure he could piss his brothers off and stand toe to toe with the band when he had to, but to upset this woman. Damn his ears where going to burn!

Al started to choke, ‘No, no Mrs Bongiovi, he just got caught in the crossfire!’ She was mortified, why the hell did she say that. Al groaned and buried her head in Tico’s neck, ‘Shoot me now!’ his rumbling laugh rattled up his chest, soothing her.

He finally gave in and took the phone from her trembling fingers, ‘Hey Momma C, how you doin?’

‘Tell Ally, no to the shooting. Did I embarrass her?’

‘Nah, she’d just had one of those days, and you ringing seems to have pushed her into meltdown mode.’ He laughed as she elbowed him say ‘Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, damn!’

Carol laughed down the phone, ‘Well just tell her I’m sorry for addin to her day. But I need to get hold of Jon and confirm the children’s flights for tomorrow. They’re all assembled here and ready to take off now.’ She laughed, Ava was spending the last night with Joan, but David’s children along with Jon’s and of course Hector were all having a mass sleepover at her house tonight.

‘Erm, yeah I’ll find Jonny and get him to phone you back asap. Kiss my son for me.’

‘I will Tico, and make sure he gets back to me, otherwise you’ll have me to deal with. Kiss Ally for me and I can’t wait to meet her.’ Laughing Carol hung up. Tico was glad he’d got that message, Jon really needed to tell Al that the kids were flying in. But he certainly wasn’t the one to tell her, he’d seen her in action.

‘Momma C sends kisses. And I need to find her fair haired child and pass a message to him.’ He slowly slid Al off his knee and they both stood. Time to find Jon!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Chapter 59

Over the other side of the room:-

‘Hey Sarah, this is Tico, please don’t hang up or faint.’ He heard her gasp, and a tiny ‘ok’ uttered. ‘I think the guys are really sorry about using MSN, and scarin ya honey. Can you hear Ally she’s roasting them alive.’ Tico chuckled and Sarah nearly squeaked down the phone.

‘Yeah sounds like their getting their balls handed to them.’ She bit her lip, damn she just said that to Tico, holy mother of god! She’d been minding her on business and noticed Al was on line and pm’d her, joking about the concert and how some lucky woman had made hay with Tico. Never in a million years did she expect the pm back saying basically ‘Hey Richie and David here, that woman was Ally, and we’re staying with her’, she’d snickered, thinking Al was in one of her madwoman phrases. When she said for Al to stop peeing about, they came back with ‘we’re not, we’re who we say we are’. Sarah had told them to prove it, by this time the others were on MSN with her and ltao at Al.

So imagine the shock Sarah had when on there Richie and David’s faces filled the screen! She’d sat there stunned, while Richie had said ‘is this thing on’ she’d stuttered ‘yeah’ then clicked off and told the others it was true!

Lena, Jo, and Sandy had laughed till one after another they’d seen for themselves. That had been an hour ago and none of them had believed their luck, or Al’s as the boys had pecked out replies.

‘Ask him if it’s true he’s doing Alice!’ Teek heard another voice on the line.

‘Who’s this talking?’ He frowned at the phone.

‘Shit Sarah you didn’t mute it!’ The mortified voice shrieked.

‘Aw shut up Jo!’ Another voice chimed in.

‘Jesus.’ Came another voice.

‘Ok ladies I’m takin it ya’ll on a conference call?’ He rumbled down the line. He heard what sounded like four gasps/groans and chuckled, busted ladies.

Behind him Ally was still ranting and raving at the guys, poor bastard, then he mentally lhao, serves them right.

‘Yeah we decided to call and see wtf was goin on.’ This wasn’t Sarah, could be Jo.

‘And you all got more than you bargained for didn’t cha?’

‘No shit Sherlock.’ Different voice again.

‘Lena, good god woman!’ That was Sarah.

‘You answerin my question then, Hitman?

Tico chuckled Jo wasn’t the least put out, ‘Yeah Miss Jo, Ally and I are hooked up.’ He heard gasps all round.

‘So is Jon still free and single?’

Three voices as one shouted ‘Jo!’ down the phone, Tico roared with laughter, earning a look from his beloved for it, he winked and she continued to berate the guys.

‘Well darlin, seems he just might have hooked up with Ally’s gf Lizzie, they headed out for sodas and never came back upstairs.’ This was met with several groans and a few ‘lucky bitch’ thrown in.

‘I think, if it’s ok with you ladies, Ally will ring you back. That is if she’s not in jail after killing my brothers.’ He snickered down the phone.

‘From the sound of it, she could be a while. Tell her not to kill Sambora, throw him my way will ya. I’ve planed many ways I’d like to try and kill him.’ Jo cackled.

‘Shit Jo-Anne behave your self you hussy!’ Sarah sounded outraged, but a little pissed that Jo had come straight out with it. She’d talked to Richie first ….. damn she was pouting. ‘Yeah tell her to call one of us and we’ll conference again. Can I say, Tico, I’m happy she’s with you. But you hurt her and you’ll have the sisterhood on your ass so damn fast your ears will have to catch up with your head. Received?’

‘Received and understood ma’am!’ He’d got to meet these girls. Mind you Richie might have a hard time choosing between Sarah and Jo. He smirked.

Sarah coloured as she realised what she’d said. Damn why can’t my mouth listen to my brain before shooting myself in the damn foot,

All the girls introduced themselves as they said goodbye. He liked women who’d rip your balls of if you hurt one of their own.

After Tico hung up Sarah, Sandy, Jo and Lena talked for an hour, giggling like school girls about how they’d flirted with Richie and David, and talked to Tico. Damn what a day!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Chapter 58

Al heard them the laughing and bitching at each other. ‘Erm … miel, the kids are on the move.’ His arms tightened about her and he kissed the top of her head. They were sat in the big comfy chair that looked out of the glass wall. Tico had insisted they snuggle for a while, mainly he said so he could catch his damn breath. Al had laughed at that till he silenced her with a lip lock full of sin and peppermint! They’d brushed their teeth.

‘Yeah, they must have finally figured out something wasn’t right!’ He chuckled, and Al heard the deep grumble in his chest. Damn she loved that chuckle.

On cue fists hammered on the door, ‘Hey Ally, we’ve finished chattin your girlfriends up, they didn’t believe us, till we used your MSN and web cam. I think Sarah passed out!’ Male laughter floated threw the door.

Al flew off Tico’s lap before he had chance to grab her, fuckin Sambora strikes again!

The door was nearly taken off the hinges as Al yanked it open, ‘You better have not done any of what you’ve just said.’ Her finger jabbing into Richie’s chest as she spoke, ‘Sarah would never forgive me! Tell me you’re just winding me up, otherwise you better start running you shmuck!’ Her eyes bore into him. ‘And what do you mean ‘girlfriend’S? What have you done?’

At that minute the phone started to ringing, walking back into her room she grabbed the cordless, whirling and giving the hairy eyeball still to the men standing outside the door. ‘Hello?’

‘Alice, what the hell’s goin on over there sugar? Richie freakin Sambora used your sign in on MSN and scared the shit out of Lena, Joanne, Sandy and myself!!!’ The high pitched near scream echoed down the phone, Sarah was nearly hysterical.

‘You fucking morons you did it, didn’t you? I asked you not too, but oh no, friggin Mr Rock Stars don’t listen do they? Hell no! You jackasses just do what the hell you want and damn the consequences!’ She was pissed; they screwed with her trust, fuckers!

‘Now darl…………..’ Richie started to placate, he’d seen her mad before, but she was way passed that now.

She threw the phone to Tico, ‘Try and calm her down.’ Then she turned on the four men stood there. ‘Tony why the hell didn’t you stop them? Mike? Jesus H Christ how could I have been so damn stupid. Did none of you think of the problems you could cause me?’ Richie and David looked sheepish; it felt like they were in front of the teacher. ‘No you didn’t, good god, whatever do my friends think.’ She buried her head in her hands, praying she could calm down before she castrated someone.