Monday, 19 May 2008

Chapter 62

She felt his heat pressed up the length of her spine, his breath, heavy in her ears. His hands clasped around her middle, slowly stroking her stomach. Those hands, so talented hands helped bring her to orgasm over and over again in such a short space of time.

He’d whispered did she have a fantasy about him; she’d blushed and said yes. He’d listened to what she had to say, his dick nearly leaping off him as she’d described what she’d dreamed of. He decided to make fantasy into reality, even if it killed him.

Now they were stood so close together not even a hair could find a gap. His dick pressed into her back was beggin him for release. He moved his hands up till they sat just below her aching heavy breasts. She thrust forward showing him where she wanted his hands. He obliged, cupping them, squeezing them then rubbing his open palms over the sensitive nipples, taking hold of them he pulled and pinched. Liz whimpered with need.

He nuzzled into her neck, making her head fall to one side; he latched on and bit down. He caught her to him as her legs went weak, she really had a thing about being bitten, and he liked to bite, so a match made in heaven. He’d left numerous marks on her, her buttocks, hips, inside of her thighs, her breasts, and she’d loved every nibble every suck every teeth catching flesh minute of it. Mind you she’d left several marks of her own; Jon grinned and bit her again, she slumped forward bracing herself against the pool table.

His hands wandered downwards, one hand stopping on her stomach again, the other making its way down into her curls, he wasn’t gentle as he thrust two fingers straight into her waiting, aching pussy, she was already drenched. She knew what he was going to do to her.

‘Assume the stance darlin.’ He chuckled wickedly; it made her mew, his fingers still pumping into her, his thumb occasionally rubbing over he mega sensitive clit. Liz opened her legs more, and leaned her top half more towards the table. She looked like she was ready to take a shot. She moaned as Jon’s fingers left her and his warmth moved away from her.

‘Now that’s a wonderful image angel.’ He couldn’t believe this was her fantasy. But hell it made him damn hot too. He sucked in his breath as Liz glanced over her shoulder at him.

‘How about you stop talking and come fuck me.’

He grinned; his hand reached out and caressed her buttocks, then drew back and slapped her hard, leaving a hand print. Liz groaned, he hoped with pleasure.

‘Stop teasing and take me!’ Yeah it was pleasure.

He gripped her hips, he nudged her legs open a little more, ‘How about I show you how to play pool baby, you just have to hit the right hole.’ With that he thrust his hips forward and slammed into her, and stopped. Liz’s head hit her arms as her head fell forward, she couldn’t believe he’d liked what she had to say. She came, clamping down on his shaft, fuck just thinking had sent her spiralling over the abyss again.

Jon yanked himself back from the brink as she nearly squeezed his dick off. Damn she’d got some great internal muscles. He waited till her breathing started to return to normal, then he started to thrust into her faster and faster, he’d pushed her right up to the table now. Her upper body laying on the table, his hands gripping the side of the table as he banged into her, all that could be heard was the slapping of flesh, and moans coming from both of them.

He stopped, dragged himself out of her just as she started to peak again, he heard her growl of frustration. He turned her, lifted her so her ass was on the very edge of the table and pushed her to lie back down, she did. Her legs hanging down and open. Jon dropped to his knees, put her legs over his shoulders and speared her with his tongue. A scream ripped from Liz’s throat as she flew over again, her orgasms hitting her one after another. He carried on eating her till she was spent and sobbing. He stood and pulled her off the table and kissed her.

‘My turn.’ She slid off the table, the taste of herself on her lips. She turned him so he now lent of the table, his dick begging for what he knew was coming. Liz dropped to her knees, and without missing a beat, took his shaft into her hot welcoming mouth, all the way to the back of her throat. Jon’s hips went forward, his head went back and he swore as her clever mouth pulled back to the top of his head, licking the slit and nearly driving him insane.

She worked her way down the underside of his dick and to his balls, which she nibbled and licked, sucking on them. ‘Darlin you keep that up and there’s gonna be one hell of a mess.’ He grinned down at her.

‘Well I’d better make sure there isn’t.’ And deep throated him again, making Jon hiss and curse. He hit the back of her throat, she swallowed and he lost it, cuming fast and furious into her greedy waiting mouth. The chords on his neck stood out and he ended up nearly on his tiptoes as he came like never before.

Liz licked him clean and slowly stood. Jon wrapped her in his arms and kissed her deeply. ‘Now darlin Lizzie, you got any more fantasies you wanna share.’ He waggled his eyebrows and Liz laughed.

‘Honey, more than you can imagine.’ They walked to the couch and sunk into it.

‘Hell I can’t tell you the last time I had a marathon sex session. You just might kill me off baby. But damn, I’d go with a smile on my face.’ They laughed, and then kissed, a sweet lingering kiss.

‘Hey asshole! You down here?’ Liz nearly screamed as they heard the others bellowed.

They looked at one another and started to scramble for their clothes, that shout was damn near!


Opester said...

Okay, now seriously, I really am Liz! Honest to Goddess, woman, how did you get inside my freakin' head like that?????????????

Joviswoman said...

Scary isn't it! lmao.

Liz actually thanked me cause even with the distance between us, I could read her down and dirty thoughts lol.