Sunday, 18 May 2008

Chapter 60

Tico looked toward the door, Al was still giving them shit, but was slowly running down, he had a feeling that when next time she said no, they’d actually listen.

‘You will never, ever use my computer again! You will not] mess with my friends on-line or I swear you’ll be walking funny for the rest of your natural, and singing soprano! Do I make myself clear?’ She lasered a glare at Richie and David, then included Mike and Tony into it.

‘Hey! What the fuck! We did nothin!’ Tony wailed indignantly.

‘Yeah you did nothing! You both could have stopped them, and even shouted me. But you didn’t so in my book you’re just as bad. Now get the hell out of my sight.’ They started to talk as she stepped back and slammed the door in their faces. She heard them moaning and heading downstairs.

Tico walked over and gently pulled her ridged body into his arms, ‘There my querido, calm down and take a few deep breaths. Trust me miel, they won’t ever fuck with your things again. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone, even their moms, lit into them like you just did.’ He kissed her forehead, and moved her towards the chair again, pulling her back onto his lap, stroking and soothing her. He felt when she let go, her body sagged against his and she all but burrowed under his skin to get closer to him.

‘Jesus H Christ I’ve just gone and ripped two of my idols new holes! WTF was I thinking? Why didn’t you stop me? They’ll think I’m a total fruit loop. Aw hell!’

Tico started to laugh, ‘Querido, don’t start thinking it over, you went with your feelings. I think my bro’s will respect you for forgetting who they are and treating them as you would any of your friends who piss you off. That’s after they take your foot from their asses.’ Al groan and Tico laughed more.

The phone started to ring again, who now was Al’s thought as she picked it up. ‘Hello?’ Silence met her.

‘Hi is my eldest son about?’

Al looked at the phone like it was a large hairy spider, gaping at Tico she tried to hand him the phone mouthing ‘Jon’s mum.’ At him, he snickered and nodded no, she was on her own, and sat grinning.

‘Hellllooo! Is anyone there?’ Laughter floated over the line.

‘Erm ….. Huh….. Sorry, hello Mrs Bongiovi, how can I help you?’ Al slapped her hand to her forehead, Jesus she sounded like a dumb ass!

‘Well honey seeing as I can’t reach either Jon or Tony I’m trying this number they gave me. Call me Carol. Are you Al?’ Carol smiled at the woman’s response, a lil shy and she bet she was bright red.

‘Erm ….. They gave you my number? Why would they do that?’ Tico laughed at her dumbfounded expression, ‘Aw shut the hell up miel!’ Then gasped when remembering who was on the other end. She prayed the floor to open up and put her out of this misery.

A chuckle sounded in her ear, ‘They didn’t give honey, I demanded, just in case I couldn’t get in contact via their mobiles. And look what happens. And you didn’t say are you Al?’

Al heaved a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, ‘Yes I’m Al, Alice, Ally, take your pick, the boys seemed to have.’

‘Hmmm seems to me you sound a lil stressed already, tell me have you screamed yet, and I don’t mean with joy.’ Carols dirty chuckle hit Al’s funny bone and she too started to laugh. This was Jon’s mum who knew exactly what the guys were capable of.

‘Nope, but I’ve just ripped four of them new holes.’ She gasped and groaned again. Carol really laughed this time.

‘Aw honey I’m sorry I missed it, was my oldest one of them?’ She laughed picturing the woman Jon had described to her letting them have it.

‘No, but your middle child was.’ Al laughed; she was enjoying talking to Carol.

‘What, Tony was in trouble, my god what have those heathens done to my baby boy?’ Tony never did anything to upset people. Sure he could piss his brothers off and stand toe to toe with the band when he had to, but to upset this woman. Damn his ears where going to burn!

Al started to choke, ‘No, no Mrs Bongiovi, he just got caught in the crossfire!’ She was mortified, why the hell did she say that. Al groaned and buried her head in Tico’s neck, ‘Shoot me now!’ his rumbling laugh rattled up his chest, soothing her.

He finally gave in and took the phone from her trembling fingers, ‘Hey Momma C, how you doin?’

‘Tell Ally, no to the shooting. Did I embarrass her?’

‘Nah, she’d just had one of those days, and you ringing seems to have pushed her into meltdown mode.’ He laughed as she elbowed him say ‘Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, damn!’

Carol laughed down the phone, ‘Well just tell her I’m sorry for addin to her day. But I need to get hold of Jon and confirm the children’s flights for tomorrow. They’re all assembled here and ready to take off now.’ She laughed, Ava was spending the last night with Joan, but David’s children along with Jon’s and of course Hector were all having a mass sleepover at her house tonight.

‘Erm, yeah I’ll find Jonny and get him to phone you back asap. Kiss my son for me.’

‘I will Tico, and make sure he gets back to me, otherwise you’ll have me to deal with. Kiss Ally for me and I can’t wait to meet her.’ Laughing Carol hung up. Tico was glad he’d got that message, Jon really needed to tell Al that the kids were flying in. But he certainly wasn’t the one to tell her, he’d seen her in action.

‘Momma C sends kisses. And I need to find her fair haired child and pass a message to him.’ He slowly slid Al off his knee and they both stood. Time to find Jon!

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Opester said...

Oh, yay! New chapters, bless you!

Love Al's character-she is just too funny sometimes! I love Tico's character too-I could picture that whole exchange and Tico's grinning through the whole thing. Can't wait to see how Richie is gonna make peace now that he's on Al's shit list! And yes indeed, let's go find Carol's oldest!!!!