Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Chapter 59

Over the other side of the room:-

‘Hey Sarah, this is Tico, please don’t hang up or faint.’ He heard her gasp, and a tiny ‘ok’ uttered. ‘I think the guys are really sorry about using MSN, and scarin ya honey. Can you hear Ally she’s roasting them alive.’ Tico chuckled and Sarah nearly squeaked down the phone.

‘Yeah sounds like their getting their balls handed to them.’ She bit her lip, damn she just said that to Tico, holy mother of god! She’d been minding her on business and noticed Al was on line and pm’d her, joking about the concert and how some lucky woman had made hay with Tico. Never in a million years did she expect the pm back saying basically ‘Hey Richie and David here, that woman was Ally, and we’re staying with her’, she’d snickered, thinking Al was in one of her madwoman phrases. When she said for Al to stop peeing about, they came back with ‘we’re not, we’re who we say we are’. Sarah had told them to prove it, by this time the others were on MSN with her and ltao at Al.

So imagine the shock Sarah had when on there Richie and David’s faces filled the screen! She’d sat there stunned, while Richie had said ‘is this thing on’ she’d stuttered ‘yeah’ then clicked off and told the others it was true!

Lena, Jo, and Sandy had laughed till one after another they’d seen for themselves. That had been an hour ago and none of them had believed their luck, or Al’s as the boys had pecked out replies.

‘Ask him if it’s true he’s doing Alice!’ Teek heard another voice on the line.

‘Who’s this talking?’ He frowned at the phone.

‘Shit Sarah you didn’t mute it!’ The mortified voice shrieked.

‘Aw shut up Jo!’ Another voice chimed in.

‘Jesus.’ Came another voice.

‘Ok ladies I’m takin it ya’ll on a conference call?’ He rumbled down the line. He heard what sounded like four gasps/groans and chuckled, busted ladies.

Behind him Ally was still ranting and raving at the guys, poor bastard, then he mentally lhao, serves them right.

‘Yeah we decided to call and see wtf was goin on.’ This wasn’t Sarah, could be Jo.

‘And you all got more than you bargained for didn’t cha?’

‘No shit Sherlock.’ Different voice again.

‘Lena, good god woman!’ That was Sarah.

‘You answerin my question then, Hitman?

Tico chuckled Jo wasn’t the least put out, ‘Yeah Miss Jo, Ally and I are hooked up.’ He heard gasps all round.

‘So is Jon still free and single?’

Three voices as one shouted ‘Jo!’ down the phone, Tico roared with laughter, earning a look from his beloved for it, he winked and she continued to berate the guys.

‘Well darlin, seems he just might have hooked up with Ally’s gf Lizzie, they headed out for sodas and never came back upstairs.’ This was met with several groans and a few ‘lucky bitch’ thrown in.

‘I think, if it’s ok with you ladies, Ally will ring you back. That is if she’s not in jail after killing my brothers.’ He snickered down the phone.

‘From the sound of it, she could be a while. Tell her not to kill Sambora, throw him my way will ya. I’ve planed many ways I’d like to try and kill him.’ Jo cackled.

‘Shit Jo-Anne behave your self you hussy!’ Sarah sounded outraged, but a little pissed that Jo had come straight out with it. She’d talked to Richie first ….. damn she was pouting. ‘Yeah tell her to call one of us and we’ll conference again. Can I say, Tico, I’m happy she’s with you. But you hurt her and you’ll have the sisterhood on your ass so damn fast your ears will have to catch up with your head. Received?’

‘Received and understood ma’am!’ He’d got to meet these girls. Mind you Richie might have a hard time choosing between Sarah and Jo. He smirked.

Sarah coloured as she realised what she’d said. Damn why can’t my mouth listen to my brain before shooting myself in the damn foot,

All the girls introduced themselves as they said goodbye. He liked women who’d rip your balls of if you hurt one of their own.

After Tico hung up Sarah, Sandy, Jo and Lena talked for an hour, giggling like school girls about how they’d flirted with Richie and David, and talked to Tico. Damn what a day!


Opester said...

Glad for a new chapter and glad that Jon managed to get out of the way of Al's wrath. I don't blame her for being pissed and fun is fun, but the guys did cross the line here, I agree. You rather lost me tho on some of the dialog and the messaging thing and all the techie stuff-can't really relate to that-but that's just me-I'm sure most readers are more tech saavy than I am!

Joviswoman said...

Techie stuff????

Hell if you mean the conference phone, I winged it lmao!

G xx

Opester said...

Yep, that and the MSN account and all-you and Richie are much more clever than I am-I still haven't figured out how to retrieve my 3 voice mail messages off my cell phone and they've been there for a year now, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh, ouch...Richie & David really messed up...after all, they did EXACTLY what she asked them not to do. Hopefully Ally's wrath won't get taken out on all the boys.

Genie P