Monday, 19 May 2008

Chapter 61

Richie, David, Tony and Mike looked at the door all with slack jaws. Jesus that woman knew how to rip a new one.

Tails, figuratively, between their legs they stomped off downstairs.

‘You know I think she’d make a damn good addition to the security team.’ Mike snickered, ‘She’d be about the only one who’d keep you fuckers in line, even Boss man might have trouble besting our Ally.’ He laughed harder. Damn she’d been a sight to see in full temper, it’d been great till she’d nailed his ass too, he could still feel the sting.

‘Now that would be something I’d like to see, she may be a lil bit, but she ain’t scared of anyone.’ Tony cackled he liked her; she’d bring his brothers to heel damn fast.

‘Rich, don’t know about you bro, but I’m gonna be walkin funny for a freakin month! Her foots still in my ass.’ David had seen some of her temper, but now, holy hell her temper was on par with Jon’s if not worse. He grinned, Teek had def got himself one hell of a spitfire.

Richie nodded, ‘Yeah, can’t you see the imprint she left! I’m not sure if I’ve any flesh left on my bones after she blasted me with that fire of hers!’ Hell not even Heather had done what Ally had done, handed him his balls on a silver platter. He grinned, what a woman!

‘Ok let’s grab something cold and watch the steam come off us.’ David laughed, and the guys headed to the fridge.

‘Mind you, that roastin we’ve just had was worth it.’ Richie grinned evilly.

‘How’d you figure that one out?’ Tony frowned.

‘Well I’ve got Ally’s MSN sign in and I know Jo, Sarah, Lena and Sandy’s screen names.’ He gave a dirty chuckle, ‘And when I get my lap top out and runnin I’m headin after that Jo.’ She’d peeked his interest, saucy, from the little he’d managed to talk to her.

David looked at his bro with undisguised interest and casually asked, ‘What was Sandy’s nick?’

Richie laughed, he’d seen the look Dave had given that hot Cali woman, ‘Sorry bro it slips my mind.’

David punched him in the arm, ‘Fucker!’

They popped the coke cans and fell about the couches. After ten minutes or so Mike asked nonchalantly, ‘Where’s Boss man?’

They all sat up, frowning, ‘Aw crap, I forgot all about him, and damn it Lizzie too, that sneaky bastards stashed her and himself somewhere!’ Richie looked pissed that he’d forgotten all about Jon leaving. ‘He ain’t upstairs, his door was open. I don’t think he’s gone out his sunglasses and baseball cap are there on the stand. Come on; let’s see if we can find him and Lizzie.’ Richie grinned evilly, he had a feeling he knew exactly what Jon was doing with Miss Liz.

They all got up and headed for the basement door, all with wicked grins in place.

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Opester said...

Uh oh, busted, Jon! Damn tht Richie! He really is a devil in disguise! I love it!