Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Chapter 109

Chapter 109

After a little while Al decided to check on Jon and if he was awake to have little chat, she grabbed a couple of cans. ‘If you excuse me, I’ll go and see how ball boys doing.’ That elicited snickers from the men at the table.

She walked upstairs and quietly pushed open the door then jumped when Jon said ‘Long as you leave the paperweight out there you can come in darlin.’

‘Jesus I really thought you were asleep, way to give a girl a heart attack blondie!’

Jon realised she’d joked with him and looking at her she seemed somewhat happier.

‘We need to talk Jon.’ The worried look on his face made her smile inwardly. Sitting down on the bed next to him she motioned him if he wanted a can, he nodded and gently, with a wince or three, sat up. Ally gulped and prayed his sheet would stay above the waist; it did by the skin of its teeth!

He took the can and motioned her to start, praying nothing else had gone wrong.

With faltering speech she started to tell him about her ex, her voice growing as she told him the whole shitty thing. As she talked Jon realised why Liz was pissed with him, she must have gone through Ally’s break up with her. She’d seen first hand what lying could do to a person, fuck he really had screwed the pooch!

‘I finally confessed this to Teek, and I thought you needed to hear this too. Liz takes on my role as protector, even thought I don’t need it.’

‘My balls would agree with ya there Ally.’

‘She saw me after he’d gone, I didn’t cry, I just didn’t want to be about people, I thought no one could understand how stupid I felt. I wanted to hide away and forget all about the idiot I’d made of myself. Liz fought me tooth and nail, and dragged me kicking and screaming back into the world. It wasn’t till today I finally cried over what I’d let him make me into, I didn’t like it and won’t go back there.’

‘Ally I can only say I’m sorry, and I’ll keep saying it till you believe me. I can’t take it back, but I can make certain I don’t do it again.’

‘I know Jon, I know, but it doesn’t change my punishment. When Anna gives you the all clear, you leave. If I give in and let you stay, I don’t think I could live with myself..’

Jon reached over and took her hand, pulling her gently into his arms and cuddling her, kissing her forehead. ‘I totally understand, I won’t beg to stay, like I want.’ He felt her grin on his shoulder, ‘I respect you for sticking to your guns, and as soon as Anna says okay, we’re out of here. But I take it Tico gets to stay?’ He held his breath praying she’d say yes.

‘He can stay.’ And as Jon hugged her even more, ‘But he won’t be sleeping in my bed for a while! He’ll get his own punishment.’

‘Well damn baby I’d think he’d prefer being kicked out to being thrown out of your bed. He may not like it.’

‘He already knows, and you’re right he didn’t like it, but he’d agreed to it. David’s moving into Hugh’s room seeing as he’s gone to shack up with Mandy.’ She grinned, she liked Hugh, and they made a good pair.

‘Damn that boy’s fast! I didn’t know he’d got it in him, always the freakin quite ones!’ He chuckled. ‘Why’s Dave moving in there?’

‘Because he’s been kicked out, the girls have taken over that room. Colt and Jess have taken over the cinema room. Romeo is getting a bed in here with you and Hector will have a bed in my room, along with your mom, till Tico’s let back in.’

‘Wow really making sure Teek doesn’t get a chance to change your mind there Ally.’ He laughed outright.

‘Yeah and you don’t get the chance to change Liz’s mind either nad man!’ She watched as the penny dropped.



Then they both laughed, and lay there for a while just talking and shooting the breeze, still cuddled up together.

Chapter 108

After Liz had left, much to Al’s amazement, everyone had eaten till they could eat no more, or so she thought! It didn’t stop the men and boys raiding the now much depleted cookie jar, ten minutes after finishing. The adults were still sitting and talking, while the kids did clean up duty.

‘Ally, can we go watch some more dvd’s?’ Jesse asked, batting his father’s baby blues at her.

‘Yeah cause you can, but no inappropriate ones you hear me? And you do realise that if you slide the cupboard open on the right of the screen in the corner, it’s all hooked up to a PS2?’

‘No way!’ Colt and Jess nearly drooled at the thought of playing on a screen that big!

‘Yes way! But you guys share and take it in turns if you do play on it.’

Colton nudged Jesse and jerked his head at Al. ‘Spit it out boys.’

‘We were wondering if we could, maybe, sleep down there while we’re here. Please Ally, we promise no movies or games after midnight.’

‘Eleven, and you’ve got a deal, if both your fathers ok it.’

Jesse took off up the stairs like a rabbit on crack and Colton threw his arm about his dad’s shoulders, ‘Well old man, can we?’

‘That’s not the way to get me to agree with this is it?’ David rolled his eyes at his son.

Jesse bounced down the stairs, ‘Dad said if it’s okay with you Ally, he says yes!’ Then he noticed the looks David was giving Colton, now what?

‘You need to ask better than that Colton, otherwise you get to bunk with your dad.’

Colton’s eyes bugged out of his head, hell no way he was doing that, his dad snored like a buzz saw! ‘Please dad, can I bunk downstairs?’

David hid the snicker at the look of distress on his sons face at the prospect of bunking with him, ‘Seeing as you asked so nice, yeah go for it! And no midnight or any other a.m. snacks get it?’

‘Got it and thanks Ally, dad, later people!’ With that all the children took off for the stairs.

‘Hold it!’ The kids ground to a halt and looked at Ally, ‘Hector and Romeo, you need to be in bed by.’ She looked at Carol and Tico, who signalled seven-thirty, ‘Seven-thirty, so back up here for a bath by seven, Steph make sure they do please. That’s okay with you guys?’ She blushed, she’d just run roughshod all over their parenting skills!

‘Darlin it’s all good by us.’ David said to the blushing woman. ‘Lilly, you get till eight-thirty, young lady.’ Lilly giggled then pouted as the older ones would still be up.

She looked at Carol, ‘You did good honey! But the older ones know what time they’re supposed to go to bed, don’t you guys.’ Steph, Gabby, Ava, Jesse and Colton all nodded at her, even though three of them weren’t maternal grand children, they all accepted that whoever’s grandma gave out orders all kids obeyed without question!

‘But grandma it’s our holiday!’ Jesse pointed out.

‘Yes sweetie it is, but you’ve done a lot of travelling today and even though you’ve napped, you need your sleep. We’ll review times with your fathers tomorrow, tonight bed as usual!’ she brooked no argument. Their fathers all smiling at one another, just like when they were young, she gave no leeway and took no shit!

The kids knowing not to push quickly left the adults on there own.

Tico just couldn’t stop looking at her; she’d make a damn fine mom some day!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Chapter 107

Upstairs Liz and Jon silently ate their food, to Liz is tasted like saw dust!

Tony was right, they had been arguing.

He couldn’t understand why she was pissed at him too! Christ sake he’d fucked things over with Ally, not her!

They’d argued back and forth, but in the end the pain he was in got too him, making him break out in a cold sweat. That had sent her into friggin (damn he sounded like Ally now) Florence Nightingale mode! This pissed him of some more because he wasn’t used to someone taking care over him.

In the end they’d given up talking/shouting, and when Tony had come up with food and pills he’d tossed back the pills and prayed for oblivion, he was still waiting! They’d numbed the pain though.

Liz had just sat in the corner chewing automatically on her food, tasting nothing! She didn’t want to give away Al’s secrets, about the ex asshole! Liz hadn’t liked the slime bag at all, but Al was her best friend, so she took the leering looks and comments. Then when Al had found out about him Liz caught him two days after Al had hit him, and told him exactly what she thought of him. He’d sneered at her saying Al was a big girl and she was only jealous of her. Liz blacked his other eye for him and re-broke his reset nose. She’d never told Al this though.

What Jon didn’t seem to get was that yeah he’d done it to Al, but Liz was the one who’d pick up the pieces again! And she didn’t ever want to see her that bad again, or in this case Al would be a thousand times worse because she actually loved Tico, she hadn’t love the ex, not really. Best friends took on their friend’s pain to help one another over things, men just didn’t get it!

‘If you’ve finished I’ll take the plates down and get going.’

‘What do you mean, go?’

‘I can’t stay here all the time, your mother is here, and so are Steph and Al.’

‘But I don’t want you to go! Please Lizzie, don’t go.’ He wasn’t passed begging.

‘Yeah it always seems to come down to what you want doesn’t it Jon.’ With that she picked up the pots and left, leaving to door ajar in case he needed something.

He laid there shocked, damn she was so fuckin right! He was a total ass!

Steph had passed Liz on the stairs and she headed into her fathers room, ‘So what did you do now?’ She stood there, hands on hips glaring down at him; never had she looked more like her mom.

‘Screwed up big time, again!’ He closed his eyes; he couldn’t bear to see her looking at him like that.

‘Well at least your consistent pops! Now all you need to do is pee off grandma and you’ll have a full house!’ With that smart ass remark ringing in his ears, sounding too much like Richie, she waltzed off back downstairs.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Chapter 106

David checked his watch, it was nearly five, ‘Do you think he found her, and did she kill him? Our Ally’s got one hell of a temper on her.’

‘Why would Ally kill pappy?’

Richie shot David a look that should have killed him. ‘Uncle David was joking Hec, pappy and Ally will be back soon.’

All the kids were awake, but damn cranky!

Carol had smirked at them and told them she was going to take a shower in Ally’s bathroom and they could look after their children.

Colt and Jess were bitching there was no food in the place; David told them there was plenty, and to stop whining!

Hugh and Mandy had legged it out not long after the kids woke up. Hugh told them his room would be free and if Ally killed anyone else to phone him at Mandy’s, she’d gone bright red, then they’d jumped ship!

Hector looked like he was going to start to cry, just as the rumble of the garage door opening and closing, and the roar of the bike sounded under, ‘Pappy?’ Hectors eyes glowed and he bounced up and down.

‘Yeah looks like pappy’s back.’ And as Hector took off for the studio door Richie muttered under his breath, ‘I fuckin hope he’s back!’

David hearing it ‘amend’ him.

They all headed for the door and to take the excited boy downstairs to his pappy!

They opened the door to the garage and the guys breathed a sigh of relief as there indeed stood Tico, along with Ally.

‘Ally!’ Was all the warning she got as she bent and scooped up Hec who’d launched himself at her from a distance.

‘Damn looks like all the Torres men have fallen for you baby.’ David laughed as Hec proceeded to plant smacking great kisses all over her face, both of them laughing.

‘How’s it?’ Richie quietly asked Tico.

‘Getting there, getting there.’ His eyes shone with love as his son and his girlfriend hugged and giggled.

‘Hey they brought food!’ Jess and Colton were salivating at the smells coming from the bags on the bike. They pushed there way to the bike and sighed with teenager glee at the fast food sitting there.

‘Ally?’ Came the drooling question from the two boys.

‘Yeah help your dad and the others take it upstairs. And no snacking! Wait till we’re all there!’

‘Damn she sounds like grandma!’ Jess said with disgust, but both boys grabbing as many bags as they could and heading upstairs.

Richie, Dave and Tico grabbed the rest; Al had nearly brought the place out trying to figure how many pieces of chicken each person could devour. Hell just thinking about Dave and Rich nearly did her in! Fries, gravy, beans, slaw, and several desserts later they’d left then tried to get it all on the bike, it hadn’t been easy.

Still holding Hec in her arms she followed them, laughing as Hec chattered away to her in Spanish. By the time she got to the kitchen a line had formed and Richie had started to dish out the food to children and adults.

‘Don’t forget Liz and Jon!’

‘Already taken care of baby!’ Rich said as Tony came beetling back downstairs, grinning.

‘Think I walked in on a fight! And Liz was winning.’ He laughed harder, picking up a plate Richie had done for him and he dived onto the couch scooching his nieces and nephews out the way.

Al looked at everyone; even Obie was in the thick of things, children laughing and joking, adults talking and laughing.

‘Where are Mandy and Hugh?’ David bitched they’d gone to her place out of the way of flying paperweights. Discreetly Al flipped him off.

‘Nice isn’t it?’ Carol asked coming up on her, freshly showered, Hector had jumped from her arms when Tico offered him food, men!

‘Yes it is I always thought this place would one day have children running about it. But I always thought they’d be mine.’ She laughed.

‘Well honey, technically they’re yours by default! You’re dating Tico, so the kids think you’re another aunt. And Hector, well he’s never taken to any of the women in the past like he’s taken to you. You have children who have only known you a few hours, but already accept you as family.’

‘Thank you Carol.’ Was all she could manage, she’d choked up.

‘Ally darlin, come get some juicy meat.’ Richie waggled his eyebrows at her and dangled a piece of chicken in front of her mouth, she automatically curled her tongue about it and pulled it from his unresisting fingers, licking them clean, and Richie swallowed, Carol laughed.

‘Hmm nice, now feed me man! I’m starving!’ She grabbed a plate and headed to the table with the other adults.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Chapter 105

Al had only meant to go into her studio, she picked up her camera bag to put things away, and the next thing she’d been in the garage, grabbing the key for her baby and pulling on her leather jacket that she kept down there, hopping on the bike, hitting the door remote and roaring out onto the street. She’d no clue where she was headed; she just needed some space from everyone!

She ended up at her ‘thinking’ spot, next to the river Thames, at a flea market. Here she could wander for hours or just sit taking pictures. The stall holders knew her, and were used to her taking their pictures.

Today she chose to sit and watch the world go by, wondering if things would ever return to normal?

She really did love Tico and wanted things to work out, but he and the rest of them needed to realise she wasn’t a pushover and that she took lying seriously.

The last person who told her a lie had hurt her deeply, he’d told her he wasn’t married. In fact he had been for twelve years and had three gorgeous daughters. Since then Al hadn’t let anyone close, till now, then he lied. She wanted to get passed it, but she was stuck! Luckily she knew for a fact Tico was divorced.

Sighing she got up and headed for the ice cream van, nothing that ice cream couldn’t cure, or help ease the ache in her chest. She checked her watch, damn it was gone three, she hoped the guys remembered to wake their children.

Walking back to the bench she settled with her vanilla whipped cream with chocolate sauce and nuts on it, devouring it, hell she’d missed lunch! She sat and looked back on this last week. Damn that’s all it was a week today, Friday, when all this happened.

Someone sat down next to her jarring her out of her revere, ‘Damn this stuff is good!’ His tongue flicked out over the dribbling ice cream, catching it before it could run down his fingers.

Her jaw dropped, ‘How the hell did you find me?’


‘She wouldn’t give me up that easily.’ How could her best friend do that to her?

‘No she didn’t, I had to figuratively put my balls on the chopping block. Then she made me get down on my knees and grovel, all of which I did.’

‘She made you get on your knees?’ Al laughed; she’d have loved to have seen that tableau! He nodded, ‘And you did it?’ He nodded again.

‘Ally to get to you I’d walk on hot coals! I’m just lucky she took me too my knees.’ His look was self depicting. ‘Ally I’ll do whatever you want me to do, just let me make this right. I swear on Hector’s life I’ll never lie to you ever again, even by omission. Just please give me another chance to stay in your life.’ Tico’s brown eyes were filled with sorrow and remorse.

‘You need to understand why I don’t like lying Teek.’ With that she finally spilt her guts about the year long affair; the man she thought would marry her and make her life with. His wife turning up on her doorstep one evening, telling her to leave her husband alone. Al’s shock convincing his wife she knew nothing of his family. The wife had left, and half an hour later he’d arrived, roses in hand from work, letting himself in with the key she’d given him just weeks before.

Al had confronted him and he’d gone pale and aged in front of her eyes, telling her what his wife had said was true. She couldn’t stop herself and she’d hit him, blackened his eye and broke his nose in one good right cross. He left, never to return. She’d heard he’d split with his wife, the wife had thrown him out. That had been five years ago, she’d let no one in since then, always keeping it light and distant, till Tico.

Tico sat there, stunned. How could a man do that to her?

‘I felt a total fool, why hadn’t I seen the signs; he always left to go home, never staying, only when his wife had taken the children on holiday.’ He’d told her all his suits were there, so better to go home than to clutter her wardrobe. ‘I believed him Tico, just like I believed Jon and you. I never saw it coming. Now do you understand why I made such a big deal of it? Lying always hurts someone, namely me!’ The tears started to fall, she’d never cried for him, but now she cried for all his lying and what she’d become from it! Tico hauled her fighting, into his arms.

¡Aliado del `, estoy tan apesadumbrado! Nadie piensa siempre que una mentira poco blanca lastimará a alguien. ¡Pero hizo y bebé que soy un asno! Pero usted tiene que creerme querido, nunca mentiré a usted otra vez, y si usted me deja pasaré el resto de mi vida que lo hace hasta usted. Por favor el bebé, no grita más, usted está rompiendo mi corazón.' (‘Ally, I’m so sorry! No one ever thinks a little white lie will hurt someone. But it did and baby I’m an ass! But you have to believe me darling, I’ll never lie to you again, and if you’ll let me I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Please baby, don’t cry any more, you’re breaking my heart.’)

People passing by looked at them, the woman in his arms crying like her heart was breaking, in fact it was finally healing, the dark good looking man holding her like he’d never let her go. It looked like what it was, a couple bringing their lives back on track.

He sat cradling her for what seemed like hours, each sob ripping him apart. But somehow he knew this wasn’t all for his lying, it had more to do with the bastard that hurt her back then. Tico wondered if he could ever find this asshole and beat him to a pulp.

Al finally gave a racking sob and dragged herself under control. ‘Jesus miel I’m sorry I’ve soaked you.’ She reddened.

He grinned she didn’t realise what she’d called him, ‘Querido it’s fine, what’s a little water between a couple.’ He looked deep into her red eyes and couldn’t help himself he kissed her, but this one wasn’t full of passion and want, it was full of strength and longing, he never deepened it. She pulled back looking at him, god she loved this man with all her heart, probably had for twenty odd years and here he was offering her everything she’d ever wanted.

‘Come on let’s go and get some hot chocolate, then we’d best get back, the guys were under strict instruction to wake the kids in the next five minutes. But I’m assured there’s a great hot choc stand around here.’ He stood holding his hand out to her, praying she’d go with him, he held his breath.

‘That sounds good, but I must look like Rudolph!’ She reached and took his hand, smooth against rough, white against brown, male versus female; hauling herself up.

He offered his arm and she took it, ‘Yeah but Rudolph never looked so damn hot with it!’ He chuckled as she cuffed him, he threw his arm about her and they wandered off for hot chocolate and talking by themselves, no one bugging them.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Chapter 104

‘Well Ally looks like you’re stuck with us for a while longer.’ Richie said hoping to gage her reaction.

‘Looks like it, I’m making lunch.’ With that she headed to the kitchen.

They guys just looked at one another, wondering what the hell to do.

Richie wandered towards her, ‘I’ll help you darlin.’ And before she could stop him he started to grab stuff out the fridge.

Al gave a big sigh and resigned herself to his help; the others made their way to the kitchen and started to get crockery and bits out.

‘Oh by the way the girls have taken your room over Dave, and I told them I’d wake them about four so they can get into a pattern. Hec and Rome are in my room, not sure where Colton and Jess have crashed.’

‘Oh they’re out of it in the cinema, wondered who was in there and they were out for the count so Ob and I switched things off and left a small light on for them. Hope that was ok Ally?’

‘Yes Tony it was.’

‘Thanks for looking after them Ally, we appreciate it after what we did. You could have thrown them out too, but we know you wouldn’t.’ David said his features pensive.

‘Just cause you guys were jerks, doesn’t mean I’d be cruel to your children.’ She started to shred some lettuce, venting on it that they’d not leave yet.

Just then Carol walked down, ‘My, my Richie so domesticated, hope you boys are suckin up to Ally?’ Her frown told them, if not they were in deeper shit than ever before.

David flung an arm about her, ‘We’re tryin mom, we’re tryin!’

‘Yeah you’re very trying!’ Came a muttered comment from Al, still ripping into the lettuce.

Carol laughed, ‘Tony I need you to go and get the script filled for the pain meds Anna left for Jon please.’

He walked over, pecked him mom on the cheek, checked with Al the nearest pharmacy and headed out, saying to save him some food, Richie told him no chance.

‘So how’s he doing Carol?’ Al nervously asked.

‘He’s been better honey, but don’t sweat it, he had it coming. But a little less painful was what he hoped for.’ She shook her head, ‘I checked on Hec and Rome, their ok, the girls too. I’ll take whatever you’re making I could eat a scabby dog at the minute! After lunch the boys can help me get a couple of day beds up to David’s room and I’ll bunk in with the girls.’

‘I’m sure we can figure out the boy’s room too.’

‘Hey where does that leave me?’ David pouted.

‘Bunk in with Rich, you’ve done it before.’ Tico laughed.

‘Hey asshole, he snores like an elephant on speed!’ David wailed.

‘Fuck you I do not! You’re just a light sleeper and a flea fart wakes ya up!’ Richie bit back.

‘Oh for god’s sake stop bitching!’ Al ground out, she’d just about had enough today! ‘Figure it out later.’ With that she slapped down the butter knife she was using, one accident per day was enough, and walked away from everyone, heading into her studio and slamming the door, but not too loudly, kids sleeping.

‘Boys you have a hell of a lot of ass kissing to do! And way to go on the squabbling you two, your children act more like adults!’ Carol let them have it, all of them bowing their heads.

Tico jerked as they heard a roar of an engine, he ran for the door and hit the stairs at a run. Flinging the garage door open, he saw that the bike had gone and with it Ally. Crap!

Everyone had followed him down, and Carol put a comforting arm about him, ‘Honey, she needed to clear her head, her plans haven’t exactly gone the way she’d hoped. Let her let off steam, she’ll be back later.

‘I hope so ma, I hope so.’ With that they all walked back upstairs, they ate, but didn’t really want it. No one joked or laughed, they tried to figure out how to make it up to her; they all drew a blank.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Chapter 103

Al all but manhandled Anna into the studio, ‘What the fuck do you mean he can’t leave, he has to!’

Anna frowned, ‘I thought you’d want him to stay, Christ its Jon Bon Jovi Al!’

‘Yeah I know, but damn it Anna!’ With that she quickly gave a condensed version of what had happened, again! And how they’d met, and what was happening between her and Tico, and Jon and Liz!

‘Holy crap you scored the jackpot!’ Anna was for once lost for words.

‘Yeah but it doesn’t feel like that at the minute.’

‘Aw honey I’m sorry and I went and rained all over your plans didn’t I?’ Al nodded and Anna hugged her. ‘Al I’m serious though, you can’t kick him out just yet. He needs to stay put and heal. Sorry sweetie.’ Plus Anna thought it may give Tico and Jon, hell all of them, chance to grovel to Al.

‘Crap! And what the hell are you doing jumping Mike in front of everyone? Has worked finally pushed you over the edge?’

‘Oh come on Mike’s just yumilicious! All that muscle and menace.’ She shivered again, ‘What’s a girl to do?’ She laughed at Al’s reaction. Hell she’d taken one look at his and wanted him then and there! She hadn’t ever had that feeling before, she’d just gone with it! In all her forty something years she’d never once really looked at a man, unless an itch needed scratching. She’d concentrated on becoming a doctor, then setting her practice up; men hardly ever got a look in!

But this one, well, she’d always gone for the suit and tie man, but Mike gave her the feeling she’d be safe, looked after, cherished. Something she’d never thought was missing from her life. Look’s like she’d thought wrong.

‘But Anna, that’s just not you! I’ve never in all our years seen you do that to a man! Who are you and what have you done with out Anna?’

‘Damn Al, it was like walking into a wall, I saw him and that was it, couldn’t take my eyes off him! It feels like I’ve been waiting for him. Mushy isn’t it.’ Anna rolled her eyes, all three were eye rollers, but Al started it!

‘No it’s not mushy, that’s how it feels with Tico! Even though this shits happened, I still look at him and feel the heat and the love shining from him, and it’s all just for me! I feel, well, whole! First time in my life I’m not searching for more, this is it for me; if things go wrong between us, I won’t look again.’

‘Al you can’t mean that!’ Anna was appalled!

‘Yes I do, if we don’t end up together, he’s spoilt me for anyone else.’ Al knew that Tico was her one true love, the other half of her soul, the ying to her yang! She mentally slapped herself; Christ snap out of it, too much sugar was bad for you!

Anna’s cell rang, she answered it, ‘Ah no rest for the wicked. Gotta go, and I’m glad you’ve finally got the chance to meet Tico, and to see where this heads. Now do you think I could get Mike to go?’ She pulled a face and they both laughed.

‘I’m sure all you only have to do is crook your little finger and the guy’ll follow you anywhere.’

‘I think you may be right!’ Anna’s smile was pure evil!

Laughing they headed back into the main room.

The men were exactly where they’d left them; Mike still had a stunned look on his face! Women never went for him, they only saw the guys in the band. But Anna had taken his breath away. Hell he’d been married before, but he’d never felt that bolt of lightening with his ex! He looked down to make sure his clothes weren’t chard, nope just felt like it!

‘Well hell she didn’t give us a second glance!’ David bitched.

The door opened and Al and Anna strolled out laughing. Mike just looked at her and wanted to have her wrapped about him again, right this minute!

Anna glanced over at Mike and smiled coyly at him, ‘Now David, why would I give you boys a second glance, when Mike’s in the room.’ She walked towards Mike, licking her lips again, ‘I’m sorry but I’ve got to head out, work can be a bitch! Wanna come with me?’ She smiled at him, and hit him square between the eyes.

Mike looked at Al, ‘Jon can’t leave, right?’ Al smirked and nodded, ‘I’m right with you darlin, lead the way!’

‘Later people, Al tell Jon I’ll be back day after to check on him. If he doesn’t stay put, ring me and I’ll come over with a sedative.’ She winked at Al and laughed. ‘Boy’s it’s been a pleasure, and I may just see you again, toodles!’

With that she put her arm through Mikes and they headed out the door, laughter, dirty and nasty, followed in their wake. Al just stood there grinning like an idiot, poor Mike, he didn’t stand a chance. She snickered harder when she gave it some thought, the buttoned up doctor and the jean loving brick out house, fucking priceless!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Chapter 102

With everyone coming down the stairs Mike, Ob and Tony finally caught up with them.

‘Well fuck Mike; I thought you were head of security! But where were you when Jon gets attacked, drooling over cars!’ Richie decided to play with him.

‘What ya mean asshole? What’s happened?’ He was worried.

‘Aw shit Rich stop playing him! Ally hurt Jon, the doctor’s up there now. And may I say Ally you have some hot lookin girl friends!’ David winked at her.

‘You did what?’ He looked on with shock at a bright red Ally.

‘Calm down.’ Richie said and filled the three in, they couldn’t believe their ears. Also he told them about Ally wanting them to leave.

‘Holy hell Ally.’ Was all Mike said, his boss got hurt and he was nowhere about! Mind you he didn’t think he’d have had a snowball’s chance in hell to stop it, so he didn’t really sweat it.

‘I know, I know.’ She flushed again.

Just then Anna descended the stairs at a good clip; Mike’s jaw hit the floor when he spotted all that titan hair! Ob dug him hard in the ribs, ‘Wipe the drool up Mac!’

Mike didn’t care, he just watched he stride across the floor towards them, hips swaying, he looked up straight into deep cobalt blue eyes, they locked onto his and she grinned at him.

‘Tiiiiiimmmmmberrrr.’ Came the smart ass remark from David.

Al stood laughing, she knew the effect Anna had on men, it wasn’t just the hair, lips and legs to die for, and she had a wicked personality hidden under her doctor disguise! And she was a great friend.

‘Hey Anna, what’s the verdict? Richie asked.

‘Well Al looks like he’s not going to loose his balls, but only cause you throw like a girl!’

‘Damn good job she does.’ David chimed in.

Al went red for the hundredth time, ‘Come on he pushed me and I lost it! Jesus give me a freakin break!’

‘He’ll be fine, needs a day or two in bed, I’ve told him no exercise or sex for a few days, and to stay flat and let the boys hang free and recuperate. And Al no more throwing. Now do I get a proper intro to these men or do I have to point out I’m your doctor and can do nasty things to you?’ She grinned as Al rolled her eyes. Hell she wasn’t passing up the chance to meet her all time fav band!

‘Well seein as you patch up the ‘Kidd’, course you can, hi Anna I’m Richie, nice to me ya darlin.’ He ignored her hand and pulled her in for a hug and gave her a long kiss on the lips. When he let her up she looked at the others and fanned her face.

‘Damn, I like your handshake there Sambora.’

‘Try mine, I’m David.’ He laid one on her that nearly curled her toes, and she a Jonny girl!

‘Jesus!’ Anna was now in a daze, Mike was pissed.

Al watched Tico walk up to her, ‘Damn querido you’re a tall one aren’t ya? I’m Tico Al’s boyfriend.’ He looked over his shoulder at Al and dared her to correct him, she didn’t. ‘Thanks for looking after Jon.’ With that he raised her hand and kissed it.

‘Boyfriend? Do tell Ally dear.’ Anna smiled, but she realised something was wrong with them, but not sure what.

‘Long story, I’ll fill you in later.’ Al took over and introduced Obie and Tony, Anna gushed over Obie.

‘See every bloody time, they love the old rouge!’ Richie complained.

‘Green ain’t your colour Sambo!’ Obie laughed.

Anna looked towards Mike and realised he was checking her out, he looked dangerous, she shivered, she could almost feel his fingers caressing where his eyes looked! ‘Al, I see you’ve left the cutest for last.’ She batted her lashes at Mike and winked at him, she really liked the look of him, rough, ready and damn gorgeous! She wondered if it was hot in here, or was she having a senior power surge! Lord the man filled out a pair of jeans beautifully.

‘Mike, cute, lady you need glasses!’ David snorted.

‘This is Mike; he’s the head of Jovi security. Mike my other best friend, Anna Payne.’

David cracked out, ‘Holy hell Dr Payne!’ And started to laugh more.

Anna ignored David and focused on Mike, she nearly purred at him, ‘Nice to meet you Mike.’ Her eyes taking him in, nearly devouring him.

Mike grinned; she’d made it plain she liked what she saw, ‘Well darlin the pleasure could be all yours if you’d like it to be.’ With that he gently reeled her in till his arms slipped about her waist, so she could pull out if she wanted to, her eyebrow winged up and she licked her lips. Mike groaned and crushed her too him, totally ignoring the people about him. His lips gentled as they touched hers, her mouth opened to accept him making him groan and pull her tighter.

‘Holy crap! Who ordered free porn?’ David asked. Al just stood her jaw on the floor watching her girl friend make out with a stranger!

They finally came up for air and Anna’s slumberous eyes looked at them and then she extended a perfectly manicure hand and flipped them all of! Richie laughed.

Anna licked her lips licking Mikes flavour on them, ‘Hmm just what the doctor ordered.’ She couldn’t believe she’d just done that, and in front of people, what the hell had happened to the one the girls called ‘conservative’?

Al couldn’t stand it any more, ‘Jesus Anna did you have to attack the man!’ Something Anna said a minute ago kicked Al’s mind, ‘And what do you mean lay flat? He’s moving out in a bit!’

‘No sweetie he’s not going anywhere for at least two days! He can go to the loo but that’s it. Looks like you’ve got a house guest for a few days.’ Anna yelped as Al grabbed her and hustled her of into her studio.

The guys looked at one another and smiled, could this be a reprieve? If Jon couldn’t leave, they sure as shit weren’t going anywhere.

‘Looks like you may get a chance to wear Ally down Teek!’ Richie winked at him; Tico wasn’t too sure on that.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Chapter 101

While the girls were putting Hector down, the guys went to sort Jon out!

They didn’t bother to knock and walked straight in, ‘Hey momma C.’ they all said as one, then turned to glare at a wincing Jon.

Tico looked at him and felt not one bit of sympathy for him; he’d brought this on himself! ‘Ally tells me I have to ask you the terms of our being thrown out because you’re an asshole! Sorry mom.’

‘She’s thrown you out? Carry on boys.’ Carol settled in to see what happened.

Holy crap he’d never seen his brothers this wound up before, or standing there like they’d like to string him up by his already purple nads! ‘Hey you wouldn’t kick a brother while his down would ya?’

‘At this minute in time I’d hold you while Teek beats you to death you jackass!’ This came from David, the usual peacemaker of the band, but not today. His arms crossed over his chest fire shooting from his eyes.

Shit he was in deep crap!

‘So what are the terms then?’ Richie asked smiling proudly at David, damn it had only taken two decades but he’d finally let Jon have it, woohoo!

‘We have to leave today, and can’t come here at all till she’s stopped being pissed at us, me I mean. Mom and the kids can stay here if they want, but we can’t visit them here, they can only visit us, till she’s ready to forgive me.’ he sighed and closed his eyes, the enormity of how badly he’d screwed up finally hitting him. Everyone suffered because of him! Shit!

‘Teek I’m so fuckin sorry. You were all right, I should have come clean, and I didn’t and look what happens.’

‘We’ve always said one day you’d get you ass handed to ya, but never thought we’d see it!.’ Rich said, all of them laughing nastily at him.

‘So did she hurt ya?’ David asked and before Jon could stop him the sheet was pulled away leaving his boys to his brother’s stare.

‘Holy fuck!’ Was the collective agreement on seeing them.

Carol spoke up, ‘Liz has rung for her friend who’s a doctor, she didn’t like the look of them.’

Richie whistled, ‘Damn Jon they’re a fuckin mess! Holy hell I ain’t ever pissing your woman off Teek! I’ve got more to hit than pretty boy here.’

‘Fuck you Dean!’

Tico’s chest puffed up, no one took Ally for a stooge, not even Jon any more. He was just glad she’d not thrown anything at him!

All of a sudden the door burst open and in strode an Amazon! ‘Ok who the hell’s my pati……… Crap!’ Anna back peddled nearly running Al and Liz over.

Al pushed her back into the room, ‘You’re a professional, act like it, yes it is who your eyes are seeing, deal with it!’ Then Al blushed when she realised Jon was naked!

Anna couldn’t believe her eyes there in all his wondrous, bare ass naked form was Jon Bon Jovi, standing about the bed were the rest of the group, holy crap who’d spiked her drink?

‘Hey darlin thanks for coming so quickly.’ Richie stepped forward and took her gently by the arm, damn she was taller than he was, and he checked she’d not got heels on either! Her red curly hair bounced about her back as she glanced from one man to another, then back to chocolate eyes, still no verbal response from her.

Carol decided it was time to intervene, ‘Anna, dear, I’m John’s mom Carol, thank you for coming. He’s in a lot of pain and he’s bruised to high hell, can you help him?’

With the mention of pain Anna snapped into doctor mode, slamming the door closed and throwing away the key on the thoughts she was getting her hands on Jon Bon Jovi!!!! ‘Ok, I’m sure all of you don’t need to be in here, so leave! She turned her back expecting them to do her bidding without question, she moved to the bed and realised no one had moved, ‘I meant now people not next week, out!’

Everyone but Carol and Liz moved out. Anna looked at her friend and frowned, ‘You too Liz.’

‘No she stays Anna.’ This came from the sprawled form of Jon.

Anna frowned and saw the look that passed between them, how in hell was this happening? She shook it off and opened her bag, taking out some latex gloves and snapping them on.

Jon swallowed; he’d a feeling this was going to get more painful!

Anna took a deep cleansing breath, and then lent over to remove the icepack, ‘Well hell Mr Bongiovi what the fuck happened here?’

‘Ally did.’ Came the groaned reply, shit that hurt!

Anna looked at Liz, ‘Ally?’

‘He means Al, they all call her Ally.’

‘Our Alice?’ Anna was stunned Al wouldn’t hurt a fly.

‘Yep Alice, now can we get passed that and tell me if I’m going to have balls much longer?’ Jon was getting pissed now, he was in pain!

‘No need to snap Mr Bongiovi….’

‘Darlin if you’re goin to be handling the boys, call me Jon!’

‘Ok Jon, I know you’re in pain but jumping out of your pram won’t solve anything! What did she do this with?’ Anna still didn’t believe them, blanking out who he was she carefully lifted his left ball and started to examine it, making him wince and start to sweat.

‘Paperweight!’ He managed to choke out.

‘Not the one in her office?’ she asked looking up holding his ball, Liz chuckled, Anna had totally gone in doctor mode now, when she thought about it later, she die with embarrassment!


‘Crap I brought her that!’ Anna shook her head; hell that thing weighed a ton.

‘Thanks.’ Jon tried to smile but she was prodding his boys to damn much.

After carefully checking both and his penis, Anna made her diagnosis. ‘Well Jon you were bloody lucky!

‘You call this lucky, woman are you mad?’

‘Yes lucky, a little harder then you’d be in way more trouble. As it is they are just very badly bruised. I will give you a prescription for some pain meds. You need to rest, no shagging for a couple of weeks.’ Her eyes flicked to Liz’s face, it started to go red, hmmm. ‘No exercising either, for the first three days you need to stay as flat as you can, wear nothing to confine them and just let nature take its course. I’ll pop back in a few days and check on them, I don’t foresee any problems; the swelling will go down with you resting. If they do swell any more, ring me.’ She snapped off the gloves and put them in her bag, the fan in her just wouldn’t let her throw them. She grabbed her pad, wrote out the script and handed it to Carol.

‘Well Jon it may not have been it for you, but for me it’s been a pleasure!’ She winked at him, smiled at Carol and said goodbye, and Liz walked her to the door and hugged her.

‘Thanks for coming Anna.’

‘You’re more than welcome, how many people can say they’ve fondled Jon’s privates.’ With that, laughing her butt off she left, a trail of nervous energy following in her wake!

Jon just groaned, and thought not that many in the last decade or so, and none of them as thoroughly as she had!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Chapter 100

As Liz walked out the door she spotted Al walking towards her room carrying what looked like a child, she followed; Jon could wait for his drink!

She pushed the door open just as Al laid the dark haired child down. ‘Oh my god that’s got to be Tico’s baby?’ He was beautiful, dark lashes framed his eyes; women would kill for the length! A cherub’s face in sleep, and plump little lips, that would probably have his dads crooked smile when older.

‘Yeah, he attached himself to me then passed out. How’s Jon?’ Nerves showed in the question.

‘I called Anna.’

‘Oh shit you’re kidding me, aw frak I did damage him.’ She plopped on the bed her legs going from under her.

Liz sat next to her pulling her in for a cuddle, ‘Al he’s just very bruised but Anna wants to check and make sure.’

‘I bet she does.’ Al chuckled a bit, Anna was another Jon girls.

Liz took a second, ‘Oh crap I forgot about her, I just rang because I know she’d keep the secret! Awwwww hell I forgot her penchant for the blonde one, and if she has to touch his boys she’ll die a happy woman, frak!’ Then they both laughed.

‘Did you tell her who her patient would be?’

‘I told her his name was John, but not Jon! She’s gonna kill me, isn’t she?’

‘Yup! Come on lets leave the baby to his nap.’ They stood, and she turned and stroked Hector’s hair again, leaning over a pressing a kiss to his forehead. Standing up straight she caught the look on Liz’s face, ‘What?’

‘I just realised you’d make a great mum.’

‘Cobblers! Come on let’s leave him to sleep.’ She turned and their stood Steph with Romeo in her arms.

‘Room for one more, we’re starting to crash, we girls have kicked Uncle David out and taken over that room, he doesn’t know it yet, is that ok.’ She laid Rome down next to Hec and they snuggled together in their sleep, Steph yawned nearly dislocating her jaw.

‘Yeah honey its fine. Why don’t you go on and get some sleep, I’ll wake you at dinner time, so you get adjusted easier.’ Al hugged her as she passed.

‘Thanks Ally, glad you didn’t kill daddy he may be a PITA but he’s our PITA. Night Liz.’ She hugged Liz then walking like a zombie headed down the hall to crash.

‘Night Stephanie.’ Liz called after her, shocked that she’d hugged her.

Al was stifling her laughter till they closed the door on the boys, then let it go, reliving the tension from her, ‘She called him a pain in the ass, hot damn baby girls got daddy’s number.’ Both girls laughed themselves downstairs, Liz decided she needed to get the drinks upstairs sometime today, but not yet.

They wander into the kitchen and Liz headed to the fridge and got out some coke and the cookies. ‘Christ there’s not many left!’

‘Yeah blame the rabble, wonder where they all are? Ah well hopefully their packing!’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I told Jon to get out and he threatened to take the others with him, so I told him to take them! That’s what started the run up to the ball hitting incident, I’ve told Tico to tell the others to pack too.’

‘You mean you’re throwing them out? Including Tico?’


‘Damn I didn’t think you’d do it, seriously you’re so head over the heels in love with him I just thought you’d throw Jon out!’

‘Just cause I love him Liz doesn’t mean he’s getting a free ride card, he lied, he leaves, and so do the others! Told Jon if Carol and the kids want to stay they can. But if they want to see their dads, then the kids go to them, they don’t come here till I’ve stopped being pissed at them!’

‘Do the others know this?’

‘No told Teek to ask Jon about it.’ Just then the bell went. ‘Anna!’ both women headed for the door. Liz was worried that Al would be left broken hearted after Tico had gone.

They opened the door and in hurried their other best Jovi sister, Anna.

‘Well where is he? I’ve not got all day!’

The girls just grinned at her, hugged her pecked her cheek and said hello, she told them to get the hell off her, they all giggled like kids, and then they took her to Jon.

Mike, Obie and Tony came from downstairs just as the girls went up. In all this excitement, they’d been down in the garage and had no clue what had happened upstairs! They looked for the kids and their father’s, nothing, where the hell was everyone?

FOOTNOTE:- Ok I couldn't let this pass by without doing the happy chair dance lmao! 100 chapters! Damn I never thought I could write ten chapters let alone 100!

So I'm patting myself on my back for the first ever 100 chapters of a story! Didn't know I had it in me!

Thanks for letting me waffle.

Gail xx

Chapter 99

As the door clicked closed Liz realised they were alone and damn his dick was twitching to life! He’d just taken one hell of a battering but he was getting a hard on! Was there no stopping the damn thing? Looking up she caught him watching her, his eyes deep blue with passion, her breath sucked in! No I will not give in to this man!

With as much venom she ripped back his jeans, making Jon groan and it wasn’t in ecstasy either! She did it like someone ripping a plaster off a wound! He yelped when she made him lift his hips to shuck them off his hips, grabbing the waist band in one smooth yank she had them down his legs and off! ‘Get under the covers, your mother should be back soon!’ With that she threw his jeans on the chair and headed for the door, proud she hadn’t even peeked at his dick!

‘Liz, please stay, and let me explain.’ He went to sit up and sweat beaded on his upper lip, and turned him white. He reversed his position fast, Christ his dick may be awake but his balls were on fire!

Liz noticed this and walked back towards him, ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Ally may not have hit my dick but she sure as shit nailed my balls!’ He moaned some more.

Liz wondered where the hell is mother was with the ice! He really looked like he was in agony. ‘Ok you big baby let me take a look.’ She started to lift the sheet and he clamped it back down. ‘Oh come on it’s not like I’ve not seen them before.’ She rolled her eyes and tugged again.

‘Yeah but then they were in good condition, not battered like they are now!’ He yelped again as she ripped the covers from him, ‘Bitch!’

‘Bastard! But I won’t see anyone in pain even a shit like you Bongiovi!’ He gave in and just lay there; balls to the wall so to speak came floating to mind. Liz took a look and winced, damn they were swollen and turning black and blue. ‘Jon I think you need to get this checked out, they’re a mess!’

‘Fuck no I’m not trying to explain this!’

‘Don’t be a bloody big kid, if something is wrong and you don’t sort it, they might drop off!’

His eyes bugged out and his mouth hung open, nah she was kidding, right?

‘I’ll phone a friend of Al’s and mine, she’s a doctor.’ She reached for the phone and punched the number in.

‘She? Aw fuck you tryin to finish me off, don’t you know any male docs?’ his eyes pleading with her.

‘Oh stop being a friggin woose! Oh hello yes I need to speak to Dr. Payne please, tell her it’s Liz, yes I’ll wait.’ She looked at a miffed Jon and snickered he looked mortified, good! Jon prayed to god she was taking the piss about the doctor’s name!

Just then Carol walked in with the ice pack, she took one look at her naked son and gasped at the state he was in, ‘Christ John I’m praying you’ve learnt your lesson in pissing Ally off. Poor baby, oh stop trying to cover yourself up! I’ve seen it all before and I’ve powdered it many, many times, grow up!’ With that she leant over moved his hands, parted his legs and put the ice pack on him, making him yelp.

‘Yes I’ll hold.’ Liz glanced at Carol and laughed, his mum was wonderful. ‘I’m phoning a doctor, he’s in a mess, and I don’t like it, he can’t sit up without breaking into a sweat and looking like he’s going to keel over. Oh hey Anna, I need discretion and you’re the only one I trust.’ With that she briefly gave her an outline of what had happened, his name, John, age and what things looked like. Anna told her she’d be there in half an hour.

Carol pulled the sheet up over him, just in case someone came in. ‘Thank you Liz, that even made me wince. John honey do you need anything?’

‘My dignity back! And hell Lizzie Dr A Payne, seriously A Payne?’

‘Yup, and she can be, and get on her wrong side she’ll dish it out! So keep your smart mouth closed!’ She headed to the door asking them if either wanted a drink, with that she flounced out.

Carol laughed at John’s face from a frown to a grin as Liz left, ‘Well son looks like you may have met your match there. That’s if you can grovel like a normal man can, otherwise you’re going to loose her.’

‘Hell ma, I’ve not known her long but she’s got my number! She won’t even sleep with me!’ The indignity evident in his voice, ‘Well again any way.’

Carol started to laugh loudly, ‘Oh how the mighty have fallen.’ She carried on laughing.

‘Ma, you can be such a bitch!’ But even he chuckled then winced as this disturbed his frozen boys! Mom just laughed at him more.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Chapter 98

Tico led an unresisting Ally down the stairs and to the couches, sitting down and pulling her onto his lap. She snuggled into his neck, breathing him in her eyes closed.

‘Jesus I could have permanently damaged him Teek! He just pissed me off so freakin much! He got mad because I told him to leave!’ She groaned at the thought of Jon collapsing in front of her!

Her eyes flew open as she felt a small body climbing into the lap; she was now nose to nose with Hector. He just sat on her lap and put his arms about her, snuggling into her, ‘Un Jon be ok.’ With that he lay on her heart and fell asleep, out like a light, tired from the flight and the excitement from seeing his pappy again.

‘I hope he will baby.’ Al whispered back to him gently kissing the top of his head, stroking his hair, she looked at Tico and choked back the tears; his son was a trusting little man, just like his pappy.

Tico smiled, Hector always seemed in tune with people emotions. The day Alejandra told him she’d had enough, he’d tried to be happy and play with his boy, but Hector just walked over to him, crawled on his lap; just like now. He’d held his pappy for a long time, just the two of them, the baby feeding the strength to the adult.

‘Miel, I’m so damn sorry for letting Jon talk us into this. I know it’s no excuse, but darlin he’s been the boss of us for freakin decades!’ He tailored his language because of Hector, ‘When we realised he wasn’t going to tell you, we should have stood up and told you. The others were devastated when they turned up and you didn’t have a bloody clue! Rich and Dave were threatening to cut his end off, but you seemed to have beaten them to it.’ He snickered, hell he wouldn’t want anything hitting him there, Hec had kicked him several times there and brought tears to his eyes, it fuckin hurt!

Neither notice Carol sneak down and grab the ice out of the fridge, and hurry back upstairs, but not before she’d heard what Tico had said about the boys wanting revenge on John; she grinned.

She smiled a little, but he’d stepped all over her heart by not telling her. ‘Teek you have to see it from my point of view, you didn’t tell me something this important, so what’ll be stopping you in the future? It feels like you don’t really love me I’m just a sc…pit stop on the rock n roll road for you! If you did love me you’d have told me!’ She wiggled off his lap, carefully hauling Hector with her. ‘I’m going to put your son in my bed then check how Jon’s doing. I think you and the others need to pack up and leave, Jon’ll tell you my terms and conditions. As much as I love you I don’t really like you very much at this minute.’ She turned moving Hector in her arms, in his sleep his arms went around her neck and his legs about her waist, his head burrowing under her chin, she breathed him in. She turned again, ‘Thanks for the hold.’ Then turning once more she walked to the stairs, walking slowly praying she wouldn’t drop this precious baby.

Tico watched her walk away from him, she looked so damn right with his son in her arms, he put his head in his hands; fuck me I’ve really screwed this one over and it’d just begun. How the hell does Jon talk us into this shit! How the hell do I mend this? He could literally feel his heart breaking in two, if she didn’t take him back, hell he didn’t even want to think about it!

That was how Richie and David found him a half an hour later, ‘Shit she’s pissed isn’t she?’ David asked, sitting down next to Teek and throwing his arm over his shoulders.

‘Pissed ain’t the word bro, resigned is more like it. Fuck the light just seems to have disappeared from behind those green pools of hers. She’s told me we have to leave.’

‘What? Seriously? Holy cow she is mad!’

‘Yeah she said to ask the asshole upstairs for her conditions. So I think we need to find out everything from him, let’s go.’

As one they got up from the couch and headed upstairs, Richie hoping to hell he didn’t have to stop Teek from pounding Jon some more!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Chapter 97

Richie heard the fighting going on upstairs, and with Carol’s help kept the kids outside, all except Steph who was stood staring at the ceiling, ‘You know uncle Mookie, dads an ass!’

‘Darlin never let your dad hear you talk like that, he’d kill you. And yeah you’re right, but so are we for going along with hi…..’ He heard a scream and took off running for the stairs, taking them two at a time. ‘Tell Tico.’ He shouted at Steph who stood there looking stunned.

Steph shot out the door shouting for her Grandma and her uncles; they came running and all thundered up the stairs, Carol getting Steph, Gabby and Ava to distract the smaller ones. The two older boys scooted up the stairs after the others, Carol’s threats following them; they wanted to see what was wrong! She scooped up Hector and took him back outside, wanting nothing more to see what had happened to her eldest!

Richie crashed through the office door and found Ally kneeling over a very pale and lifeless Jon, a heavy paperweight next to them, he dropped to his knees seeing her pasty face and tears streaming down her cheeks, ‘Oh fuck darlin did you kill him?’ Richie’s fingers went for the pulse at Jon’s neck just as the others flew through the door.

Tico looked at the picture before him, hell he’d sometimes wanted to kill Jon, but always stopped himself. Had she really done it?

‘Dad!’ Came the whispered cry from Jess; Colton putting his arm about his friend.

Liz came running when she heard the others running up the stairs, she pushed passed David and fell to her knees at Jon’s head, her mouth opening and closing.

‘Rich?’ Was all David could say, Hugh coming in behind him with Mandy.

‘He’s alive!’ They all breathed with relief.

Al looked at Jon out cold on her floor then at the faces above her, ‘Of course he’s alive I didn’t hit that thick head of his, I caught him in his balls!’ She watched as every male in the room blanched.

‘You hit him in his balls?’ Richie tried to compute, so did the rest of them.

None of them noticed Jon coming around; he’d heard the conversation as he came out of his pain filled tunnel, ‘Yeah without fuckin tryin!’ He groaned in pain then noticed Liz kneeling by his side; she looked as white as Ally did. ‘Fuck I need some ice!’ David turned to the two boys, Jess looking relieved his dad was alive and told them to go get ice for Jon, they scooted. They couldn’t wait to tell Grandma C what Ally had done!

‘Jon, I’m just so sorry, my temper went ape shit ……..Aw hell I didn’t mean to throw it! I tried to pull it but that’s when it went of course………Aw fuck…’

Tico walked to her and pulled her up off the floor, kissing her forehead and folding her into his embrace, ‘Miel calm down, you tried to stop it, but couldn’t, shit happens.’

Jon tried to sit up and winced, fuck it felt like he’d got a pair of melons stuffed down his jeans! ‘Hey I’m the wounded party here.’ He lay prone again, thinking if he sat up he’d pass out again, and that wasn’t good. Then he had another thought, ‘Holy fuck I hope you’ve not damaged me woman! Shit if I can’t get it up agai…’

‘John stop talking like that you’re children do not need an anatomy lesson! Now stop being a baby, Richie, David, help him into his room. We need to get your pants off so I can apply the ice.’ She looked at the men surrounding her, ‘Well?’ They jumped to do her bidding without arguing.

As he got hoisted Jon groaned and winced, fuck that hurt.

His mom had no sympathy for him, ‘It serves you right, you’ve brought this all on yourself! Liars always get their comeuppance! I’ve told you this before. Ally honey it’s ok, you didn’t kill him, though I’m surprised no ones done this to him before!’


‘Oh stop bitching John, ok everyone out, I need to get his pants off.’

‘Don’t forget the diaper change while your there mom!’ David piped up, which earnt him a glare from her and the bird from Jon and a slap about the ear from Richie. They all filed out.

Liz didn’t budge, and Carol smiled, ‘I could use a hand to get these sprayed on things off honey.’ Liz didn’t say a word, just walked over, grabbed his belt and started to undo it.

Well fuck thought Jon, his dick wasn’t broken after all, as Liz started to pull the tab down slowly, being careful not to hurt him any more, but turning him on no end. He glanced towards his mom and she had a smirk the size of Texas on her lips. Jon flushed bright red, something he hadn’t done in ages, he’d started to get a hard on with his mom in the freakin room, aw shit!

‘Liz dear, I’m going to go get him some pain killers, can you cope here?’ Liz didn’t look up, which was probably good as Carol was holding back her laughter, she just nodded and carried on undressing Jon.

He blew his mom a kiss, and nearly dropped through the bed when his mom flipped him the bird as she walked out closing the door. Jon’s head fell back into the pillow as Liz started to easy his jeans off, his dick twitching like it had electric currents running through it, damn!

Chapter 96

Luckily for Al she’d pulled on some jeans when she’d got into her room otherwise Jon would be staring at her nearly bare ass. She thanked god for small favours.

Going into the office she ignored the couch and settled behind the desk, curling up on the chair, ‘Well?’ Was all she said before Jon had even sat down.

‘Are you going to let me have my say, or should I just leave now?’

‘If I were you I’d loose the attitude, you wanted to talk, so fuckin talk!’ Sparks radiated from her eyes.

‘I fucked up big-time.’

‘No shit Sherlock!’ She couldn’t help herself.

Jon glared at her but continued, he’d been told in no uncertain terms he’d screwed them all now he’d gotta sort it out, and fast. Tico started off in Spanish, and Jon got the gist that he’d be killed and not too kindly.

‘Ally, I’m sorry, I chickened out telling you because I was selfish.’ He held up his hand to forestall the comment he knew would come, she clamped her lips together. ‘I wanted to stay at your home and yes I know I should have told you, but I was scared that you’d throw us out. And damn it we needed to be here! We’re starting the last leg of the tour and we’re tired and ratty, bitchin at each other all the time. Then we walked in here and it felt like coming home.’ He smiled at the memory, his hands twisting in frustration and the fear he’d lost this place.

Al watched him; he’d finally started to open up, not still holding himself in check. She knew that over the last few days she’d still not seen the real Jon, till now, it was interesting.

‘Your home is a home, even though its big, its lived in. it’s like my old house when I lived there, full of life and love. But darlin you’re a fan, and even though you had Teek eating outta the palm of your hand, I held back, I saw all the guys falling for you one by one. I wanted to see if you’d suddenly turn into a gold digger, or a fame hound. You did nothing like that, and I began to realise you liked us for us, not the rock stars. By then I was too afraid to tell you the kids were due in for a holiday with us. Hell the rest of them threatened to tell you, but I put them off.’

‘They’re fully grown men Jon, they can say no to you! It kills me that the man I love didn’t tell me something this important, and that he backed your lie.’ She dashed a tear from her face, she wouldn’t cry again!

‘Aw baby, please don’t cry, I can’t take that. Hell throw something at me! Anything, but tears, I can’t cope with those.’

‘Tough you did this, live with it!’

‘You’ve got to understand, since we all divorced, women have come and gone, well in some of our lives. We’ve learnt to rely on each other more and more. Hell look how long we’ve been together. The bottom line is I’m the boss and they’ve always done what I’ve told them too, even when they shouldn’t!’ He sighed deeply, fuck maybe he was spoilt; he’d always got what he wanted. ‘Don’t blame them for my mistake. Tico adores you and is walkin about down there like a condemned man, Hector’s not sure what’s wrong, but he knows his pappy isn’t right. If you throw him out of your life, he’ll wither away and die. And you’ll never find another like him to love you! The light has gone from out of his eyes, I did that, and I don’t ever want that to happen again, darlin we guys need you! We need a conscience, one that’s not afraid to slap the hell out of us when we need it. Shit you had me scared to death, I’ve never been shouted at like that before, and you’re the first one to ever have thrown stuff at me!’ That had been the only thing to raise a smile from the others.

‘Jon, I’m not Jiminy Cricket, I can’t do that for you. At your age you should know the difference between right and wrong. What you did was way wrong! And you need to pay for your stupidness.’ She’d been thinking about this, she’d got shit loads to say to Tico, but Jon was the ringleader, he needed to be punished!

Jon swallowed, holy crap she meant it! He stood up, it was time to take his medicine, whatever she said would go, he may have to grow a bigger pair to handle it, but he’d do it. ‘Ok Ally, tell me what I have to do to make this right.’ He started praying, something he’d not done for many years.

‘Ok I’m still pissed at you, you were, and are a fuckin idiot! If my relationship with Tico continues and I’m about you more, you ever pull this shit or anything like it that’s devious and underhanded again, I reserve the right to dye your hair in rainbow colours and dress you like the jackass you’re behaving like! This is none negotiable! You put your happiness above everyone else’s, including Liz’s, and for a fledgling relationship you sure as shit shot that one in the foot. Liz and lying don’t go hand in hand very well, and that’s all I’ll say. Regarding your punishment for now …..’

Jon’s head snapped up, he thought that was his punishment, to be dished out in the future.

Al caught the look, he needed to listen more carefully, ‘That wasn’t it Jovi, this is it! I’ll allow everyone to stay here, including the children and your mother, I have put you ups down in the basement.’ He said a few thanks yous, and then his jaw hit the floor with her next words!

‘But you sir, you don’t get that privilege, you pack your bags now and leave.’ She watched him struggle to say no, but he caught himself and nodded.

‘I’ll be outta here within an hour, I just need to make a call and arrange a place to crash.’ He started to the door.

‘You didn’t hear the rest Jon.’ She said quietly, and he turned wondering what else she could do to him.

‘You are not allowed anywhere near my home, till I decide I’m no longer pissed at you! If the children want to stay here they can, if they want to go with you, fair enough, they are your kids; but if they stay you don’t get to come here, they go to you! You are not welcome I my home till I’ve calmed down.’ She waited for his reaction.

His jaw dropped and he felt his temper start to spiral, ‘Oh come on it’s not like I tried to shag you behind Teek’s back! If I go so do the others!’ He started to pace.

‘That’s fine with me; you’ve tarred them all with the same fuckin lying brush! And I wouldn’t do you if you were the last dick on earth! So again, take your brothers with you and get the hell out, now! She pointed to the door, her fingers itched to pick up something heavy and throw it at him again!

Jon stopped in mid pace, she’d actually throw Teek out, his brain froze, holy fuck he thought she’d cave in just to keep Tico there. But it looked like he was mistaken on that. Fuck! ‘You’d throw Teek out too?’ his eyes showed his inner turmoil!

‘Sure as I could bounce a quarter off your ass I would, I don’t take to kindly to lying bastards. And he and the rest lied by omission just so your sorry ass could stay here.’ The volume of the shouting had risen considerably.

‘So the first sign of it not going perfect you throw us out, I thought you’d got more balls than that lady, guess I was right and you were in it for the fame and the fuckin.’ He sneered at her.

Al shot out of her chair, paper weight in hand and threw it before she computed what she was doing, ‘Bastard!’ She tried to stop the throw, and the missile went haywire!

He saw it coming and didn’t have a hope in hell of it missing him!

Al screamed as it hit him, he collapsed like a house of cards; passing out from the pain.


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