Sunday, 24 August 2008

Chapter 106

David checked his watch, it was nearly five, ‘Do you think he found her, and did she kill him? Our Ally’s got one hell of a temper on her.’

‘Why would Ally kill pappy?’

Richie shot David a look that should have killed him. ‘Uncle David was joking Hec, pappy and Ally will be back soon.’

All the kids were awake, but damn cranky!

Carol had smirked at them and told them she was going to take a shower in Ally’s bathroom and they could look after their children.

Colt and Jess were bitching there was no food in the place; David told them there was plenty, and to stop whining!

Hugh and Mandy had legged it out not long after the kids woke up. Hugh told them his room would be free and if Ally killed anyone else to phone him at Mandy’s, she’d gone bright red, then they’d jumped ship!

Hector looked like he was going to start to cry, just as the rumble of the garage door opening and closing, and the roar of the bike sounded under, ‘Pappy?’ Hectors eyes glowed and he bounced up and down.

‘Yeah looks like pappy’s back.’ And as Hector took off for the studio door Richie muttered under his breath, ‘I fuckin hope he’s back!’

David hearing it ‘amend’ him.

They all headed for the door and to take the excited boy downstairs to his pappy!

They opened the door to the garage and the guys breathed a sigh of relief as there indeed stood Tico, along with Ally.

‘Ally!’ Was all the warning she got as she bent and scooped up Hec who’d launched himself at her from a distance.

‘Damn looks like all the Torres men have fallen for you baby.’ David laughed as Hec proceeded to plant smacking great kisses all over her face, both of them laughing.

‘How’s it?’ Richie quietly asked Tico.

‘Getting there, getting there.’ His eyes shone with love as his son and his girlfriend hugged and giggled.

‘Hey they brought food!’ Jess and Colton were salivating at the smells coming from the bags on the bike. They pushed there way to the bike and sighed with teenager glee at the fast food sitting there.

‘Ally?’ Came the drooling question from the two boys.

‘Yeah help your dad and the others take it upstairs. And no snacking! Wait till we’re all there!’

‘Damn she sounds like grandma!’ Jess said with disgust, but both boys grabbing as many bags as they could and heading upstairs.

Richie, Dave and Tico grabbed the rest; Al had nearly brought the place out trying to figure how many pieces of chicken each person could devour. Hell just thinking about Dave and Rich nearly did her in! Fries, gravy, beans, slaw, and several desserts later they’d left then tried to get it all on the bike, it hadn’t been easy.

Still holding Hec in her arms she followed them, laughing as Hec chattered away to her in Spanish. By the time she got to the kitchen a line had formed and Richie had started to dish out the food to children and adults.

‘Don’t forget Liz and Jon!’

‘Already taken care of baby!’ Rich said as Tony came beetling back downstairs, grinning.

‘Think I walked in on a fight! And Liz was winning.’ He laughed harder, picking up a plate Richie had done for him and he dived onto the couch scooching his nieces and nephews out the way.

Al looked at everyone; even Obie was in the thick of things, children laughing and joking, adults talking and laughing.

‘Where are Mandy and Hugh?’ David bitched they’d gone to her place out of the way of flying paperweights. Discreetly Al flipped him off.

‘Nice isn’t it?’ Carol asked coming up on her, freshly showered, Hector had jumped from her arms when Tico offered him food, men!

‘Yes it is I always thought this place would one day have children running about it. But I always thought they’d be mine.’ She laughed.

‘Well honey, technically they’re yours by default! You’re dating Tico, so the kids think you’re another aunt. And Hector, well he’s never taken to any of the women in the past like he’s taken to you. You have children who have only known you a few hours, but already accept you as family.’

‘Thank you Carol.’ Was all she could manage, she’d choked up.

‘Ally darlin, come get some juicy meat.’ Richie waggled his eyebrows at her and dangled a piece of chicken in front of her mouth, she automatically curled her tongue about it and pulled it from his unresisting fingers, licking them clean, and Richie swallowed, Carol laughed.

‘Hmm nice, now feed me man! I’m starving!’ She grabbed a plate and headed to the table with the other adults.

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Sunstreaked said...

Every chapter has me laughing more and more. Thought I would choke when Ally beaned Jon in the nuts with the paperweight and then all the stuff that happened since then has only added fuel to that fire.

This is a GREAT story and I'm so glad I found it and have been along for the ride. I hope you continue it for many more adventures as the dialog is hysterical and I just LOVE Ally!