Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Chapter 104

‘Well Ally looks like you’re stuck with us for a while longer.’ Richie said hoping to gage her reaction.

‘Looks like it, I’m making lunch.’ With that she headed to the kitchen.

They guys just looked at one another, wondering what the hell to do.

Richie wandered towards her, ‘I’ll help you darlin.’ And before she could stop him he started to grab stuff out the fridge.

Al gave a big sigh and resigned herself to his help; the others made their way to the kitchen and started to get crockery and bits out.

‘Oh by the way the girls have taken your room over Dave, and I told them I’d wake them about four so they can get into a pattern. Hec and Rome are in my room, not sure where Colton and Jess have crashed.’

‘Oh they’re out of it in the cinema, wondered who was in there and they were out for the count so Ob and I switched things off and left a small light on for them. Hope that was ok Ally?’

‘Yes Tony it was.’

‘Thanks for looking after them Ally, we appreciate it after what we did. You could have thrown them out too, but we know you wouldn’t.’ David said his features pensive.

‘Just cause you guys were jerks, doesn’t mean I’d be cruel to your children.’ She started to shred some lettuce, venting on it that they’d not leave yet.

Just then Carol walked down, ‘My, my Richie so domesticated, hope you boys are suckin up to Ally?’ Her frown told them, if not they were in deeper shit than ever before.

David flung an arm about her, ‘We’re tryin mom, we’re tryin!’

‘Yeah you’re very trying!’ Came a muttered comment from Al, still ripping into the lettuce.

Carol laughed, ‘Tony I need you to go and get the script filled for the pain meds Anna left for Jon please.’

He walked over, pecked him mom on the cheek, checked with Al the nearest pharmacy and headed out, saying to save him some food, Richie told him no chance.

‘So how’s he doing Carol?’ Al nervously asked.

‘He’s been better honey, but don’t sweat it, he had it coming. But a little less painful was what he hoped for.’ She shook her head, ‘I checked on Hec and Rome, their ok, the girls too. I’ll take whatever you’re making I could eat a scabby dog at the minute! After lunch the boys can help me get a couple of day beds up to David’s room and I’ll bunk in with the girls.’

‘I’m sure we can figure out the boy’s room too.’

‘Hey where does that leave me?’ David pouted.

‘Bunk in with Rich, you’ve done it before.’ Tico laughed.

‘Hey asshole, he snores like an elephant on speed!’ David wailed.

‘Fuck you I do not! You’re just a light sleeper and a flea fart wakes ya up!’ Richie bit back.

‘Oh for god’s sake stop bitching!’ Al ground out, she’d just about had enough today! ‘Figure it out later.’ With that she slapped down the butter knife she was using, one accident per day was enough, and walked away from everyone, heading into her studio and slamming the door, but not too loudly, kids sleeping.

‘Boys you have a hell of a lot of ass kissing to do! And way to go on the squabbling you two, your children act more like adults!’ Carol let them have it, all of them bowing their heads.

Tico jerked as they heard a roar of an engine, he ran for the door and hit the stairs at a run. Flinging the garage door open, he saw that the bike had gone and with it Ally. Crap!

Everyone had followed him down, and Carol put a comforting arm about him, ‘Honey, she needed to clear her head, her plans haven’t exactly gone the way she’d hoped. Let her let off steam, she’ll be back later.

‘I hope so ma, I hope so.’ With that they all walked back upstairs, they ate, but didn’t really want it. No one joked or laughed, they tried to figure out how to make it up to her; they all drew a blank.

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