Saturday, 9 August 2008

Chapter 97

Richie heard the fighting going on upstairs, and with Carol’s help kept the kids outside, all except Steph who was stood staring at the ceiling, ‘You know uncle Mookie, dads an ass!’

‘Darlin never let your dad hear you talk like that, he’d kill you. And yeah you’re right, but so are we for going along with hi…..’ He heard a scream and took off running for the stairs, taking them two at a time. ‘Tell Tico.’ He shouted at Steph who stood there looking stunned.

Steph shot out the door shouting for her Grandma and her uncles; they came running and all thundered up the stairs, Carol getting Steph, Gabby and Ava to distract the smaller ones. The two older boys scooted up the stairs after the others, Carol’s threats following them; they wanted to see what was wrong! She scooped up Hector and took him back outside, wanting nothing more to see what had happened to her eldest!

Richie crashed through the office door and found Ally kneeling over a very pale and lifeless Jon, a heavy paperweight next to them, he dropped to his knees seeing her pasty face and tears streaming down her cheeks, ‘Oh fuck darlin did you kill him?’ Richie’s fingers went for the pulse at Jon’s neck just as the others flew through the door.

Tico looked at the picture before him, hell he’d sometimes wanted to kill Jon, but always stopped himself. Had she really done it?

‘Dad!’ Came the whispered cry from Jess; Colton putting his arm about his friend.

Liz came running when she heard the others running up the stairs, she pushed passed David and fell to her knees at Jon’s head, her mouth opening and closing.

‘Rich?’ Was all David could say, Hugh coming in behind him with Mandy.

‘He’s alive!’ They all breathed with relief.

Al looked at Jon out cold on her floor then at the faces above her, ‘Of course he’s alive I didn’t hit that thick head of his, I caught him in his balls!’ She watched as every male in the room blanched.

‘You hit him in his balls?’ Richie tried to compute, so did the rest of them.

None of them noticed Jon coming around; he’d heard the conversation as he came out of his pain filled tunnel, ‘Yeah without fuckin tryin!’ He groaned in pain then noticed Liz kneeling by his side; she looked as white as Ally did. ‘Fuck I need some ice!’ David turned to the two boys, Jess looking relieved his dad was alive and told them to go get ice for Jon, they scooted. They couldn’t wait to tell Grandma C what Ally had done!

‘Jon, I’m just so sorry, my temper went ape shit ……..Aw hell I didn’t mean to throw it! I tried to pull it but that’s when it went of course………Aw fuck…’

Tico walked to her and pulled her up off the floor, kissing her forehead and folding her into his embrace, ‘Miel calm down, you tried to stop it, but couldn’t, shit happens.’

Jon tried to sit up and winced, fuck it felt like he’d got a pair of melons stuffed down his jeans! ‘Hey I’m the wounded party here.’ He lay prone again, thinking if he sat up he’d pass out again, and that wasn’t good. Then he had another thought, ‘Holy fuck I hope you’ve not damaged me woman! Shit if I can’t get it up agai…’

‘John stop talking like that you’re children do not need an anatomy lesson! Now stop being a baby, Richie, David, help him into his room. We need to get your pants off so I can apply the ice.’ She looked at the men surrounding her, ‘Well?’ They jumped to do her bidding without arguing.

As he got hoisted Jon groaned and winced, fuck that hurt.

His mom had no sympathy for him, ‘It serves you right, you’ve brought this all on yourself! Liars always get their comeuppance! I’ve told you this before. Ally honey it’s ok, you didn’t kill him, though I’m surprised no ones done this to him before!’


‘Oh stop bitching John, ok everyone out, I need to get his pants off.’

‘Don’t forget the diaper change while your there mom!’ David piped up, which earnt him a glare from her and the bird from Jon and a slap about the ear from Richie. They all filed out.

Liz didn’t budge, and Carol smiled, ‘I could use a hand to get these sprayed on things off honey.’ Liz didn’t say a word, just walked over, grabbed his belt and started to undo it.

Well fuck thought Jon, his dick wasn’t broken after all, as Liz started to pull the tab down slowly, being careful not to hurt him any more, but turning him on no end. He glanced towards his mom and she had a smirk the size of Texas on her lips. Jon flushed bright red, something he hadn’t done in ages, he’d started to get a hard on with his mom in the freakin room, aw shit!

‘Liz dear, I’m going to go get him some pain killers, can you cope here?’ Liz didn’t look up, which was probably good as Carol was holding back her laughter, she just nodded and carried on undressing Jon.

He blew his mom a kiss, and nearly dropped through the bed when his mom flipped him the bird as she walked out closing the door. Jon’s head fell back into the pillow as Liz started to easy his jeans off, his dick twitching like it had electric currents running through it, damn!

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