Monday, 11 August 2008

Chapter 100

As Liz walked out the door she spotted Al walking towards her room carrying what looked like a child, she followed; Jon could wait for his drink!

She pushed the door open just as Al laid the dark haired child down. ‘Oh my god that’s got to be Tico’s baby?’ He was beautiful, dark lashes framed his eyes; women would kill for the length! A cherub’s face in sleep, and plump little lips, that would probably have his dads crooked smile when older.

‘Yeah, he attached himself to me then passed out. How’s Jon?’ Nerves showed in the question.

‘I called Anna.’

‘Oh shit you’re kidding me, aw frak I did damage him.’ She plopped on the bed her legs going from under her.

Liz sat next to her pulling her in for a cuddle, ‘Al he’s just very bruised but Anna wants to check and make sure.’

‘I bet she does.’ Al chuckled a bit, Anna was another Jon girls.

Liz took a second, ‘Oh crap I forgot about her, I just rang because I know she’d keep the secret! Awwwww hell I forgot her penchant for the blonde one, and if she has to touch his boys she’ll die a happy woman, frak!’ Then they both laughed.

‘Did you tell her who her patient would be?’

‘I told her his name was John, but not Jon! She’s gonna kill me, isn’t she?’

‘Yup! Come on lets leave the baby to his nap.’ They stood, and she turned and stroked Hector’s hair again, leaning over a pressing a kiss to his forehead. Standing up straight she caught the look on Liz’s face, ‘What?’

‘I just realised you’d make a great mum.’

‘Cobblers! Come on let’s leave him to sleep.’ She turned and their stood Steph with Romeo in her arms.

‘Room for one more, we’re starting to crash, we girls have kicked Uncle David out and taken over that room, he doesn’t know it yet, is that ok.’ She laid Rome down next to Hec and they snuggled together in their sleep, Steph yawned nearly dislocating her jaw.

‘Yeah honey its fine. Why don’t you go on and get some sleep, I’ll wake you at dinner time, so you get adjusted easier.’ Al hugged her as she passed.

‘Thanks Ally, glad you didn’t kill daddy he may be a PITA but he’s our PITA. Night Liz.’ She hugged Liz then walking like a zombie headed down the hall to crash.

‘Night Stephanie.’ Liz called after her, shocked that she’d hugged her.

Al was stifling her laughter till they closed the door on the boys, then let it go, reliving the tension from her, ‘She called him a pain in the ass, hot damn baby girls got daddy’s number.’ Both girls laughed themselves downstairs, Liz decided she needed to get the drinks upstairs sometime today, but not yet.

They wander into the kitchen and Liz headed to the fridge and got out some coke and the cookies. ‘Christ there’s not many left!’

‘Yeah blame the rabble, wonder where they all are? Ah well hopefully their packing!’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I told Jon to get out and he threatened to take the others with him, so I told him to take them! That’s what started the run up to the ball hitting incident, I’ve told Tico to tell the others to pack too.’

‘You mean you’re throwing them out? Including Tico?’


‘Damn I didn’t think you’d do it, seriously you’re so head over the heels in love with him I just thought you’d throw Jon out!’

‘Just cause I love him Liz doesn’t mean he’s getting a free ride card, he lied, he leaves, and so do the others! Told Jon if Carol and the kids want to stay they can. But if they want to see their dads, then the kids go to them, they don’t come here till I’ve stopped being pissed at them!’

‘Do the others know this?’

‘No told Teek to ask Jon about it.’ Just then the bell went. ‘Anna!’ both women headed for the door. Liz was worried that Al would be left broken hearted after Tico had gone.

They opened the door and in hurried their other best Jovi sister, Anna.

‘Well where is he? I’ve not got all day!’

The girls just grinned at her, hugged her pecked her cheek and said hello, she told them to get the hell off her, they all giggled like kids, and then they took her to Jon.

Mike, Obie and Tony came from downstairs just as the girls went up. In all this excitement, they’d been down in the garage and had no clue what had happened upstairs! They looked for the kids and their father’s, nothing, where the hell was everyone?

FOOTNOTE:- Ok I couldn't let this pass by without doing the happy chair dance lmao! 100 chapters! Damn I never thought I could write ten chapters let alone 100!

So I'm patting myself on my back for the first ever 100 chapters of a story! Didn't know I had it in me!

Thanks for letting me waffle.

Gail xx


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Hope you post 100 more. I'm really hooked on this story. Thanks

Tina C said...

I've been reading this story from the beginning and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Great job and congratulations!!!

Sunstreaked said...

Not just 100 chapters, Gail, 100 of the funniest, most entertaining, wittiest, silliest, can't-stop-grinning chapters out there in Jovi fiction land!

Please keep writing - there's so much more to tell here, I can just feel it!

Love everything about this story and you should be really proud of yourself for such a great job!

Joviswoman said...

Thanks for your support girls!