Monday, 25 August 2008

Chapter 107

Upstairs Liz and Jon silently ate their food, to Liz is tasted like saw dust!

Tony was right, they had been arguing.

He couldn’t understand why she was pissed at him too! Christ sake he’d fucked things over with Ally, not her!

They’d argued back and forth, but in the end the pain he was in got too him, making him break out in a cold sweat. That had sent her into friggin (damn he sounded like Ally now) Florence Nightingale mode! This pissed him of some more because he wasn’t used to someone taking care over him.

In the end they’d given up talking/shouting, and when Tony had come up with food and pills he’d tossed back the pills and prayed for oblivion, he was still waiting! They’d numbed the pain though.

Liz had just sat in the corner chewing automatically on her food, tasting nothing! She didn’t want to give away Al’s secrets, about the ex asshole! Liz hadn’t liked the slime bag at all, but Al was her best friend, so she took the leering looks and comments. Then when Al had found out about him Liz caught him two days after Al had hit him, and told him exactly what she thought of him. He’d sneered at her saying Al was a big girl and she was only jealous of her. Liz blacked his other eye for him and re-broke his reset nose. She’d never told Al this though.

What Jon didn’t seem to get was that yeah he’d done it to Al, but Liz was the one who’d pick up the pieces again! And she didn’t ever want to see her that bad again, or in this case Al would be a thousand times worse because she actually loved Tico, she hadn’t love the ex, not really. Best friends took on their friend’s pain to help one another over things, men just didn’t get it!

‘If you’ve finished I’ll take the plates down and get going.’

‘What do you mean, go?’

‘I can’t stay here all the time, your mother is here, and so are Steph and Al.’

‘But I don’t want you to go! Please Lizzie, don’t go.’ He wasn’t passed begging.

‘Yeah it always seems to come down to what you want doesn’t it Jon.’ With that she picked up the pots and left, leaving to door ajar in case he needed something.

He laid there shocked, damn she was so fuckin right! He was a total ass!

Steph had passed Liz on the stairs and she headed into her fathers room, ‘So what did you do now?’ She stood there, hands on hips glaring down at him; never had she looked more like her mom.

‘Screwed up big time, again!’ He closed his eyes; he couldn’t bear to see her looking at him like that.

‘Well at least your consistent pops! Now all you need to do is pee off grandma and you’ll have a full house!’ With that smart ass remark ringing in his ears, sounding too much like Richie, she waltzed off back downstairs.


Anonymous said...

Jon's learning how tough it can be when the world has you by the balls!!! LOL

Loving the story!!!! Hot AND Hilarious!!!!!!


Opester said...

Poor Jon! Bet he never expected to get a life lesson or to be out of commission so long! And he has a lot left to learn about women, I'd say!