Sunday, 17 August 2008

Chapter 102

With everyone coming down the stairs Mike, Ob and Tony finally caught up with them.

‘Well fuck Mike; I thought you were head of security! But where were you when Jon gets attacked, drooling over cars!’ Richie decided to play with him.

‘What ya mean asshole? What’s happened?’ He was worried.

‘Aw shit Rich stop playing him! Ally hurt Jon, the doctor’s up there now. And may I say Ally you have some hot lookin girl friends!’ David winked at her.

‘You did what?’ He looked on with shock at a bright red Ally.

‘Calm down.’ Richie said and filled the three in, they couldn’t believe their ears. Also he told them about Ally wanting them to leave.

‘Holy hell Ally.’ Was all Mike said, his boss got hurt and he was nowhere about! Mind you he didn’t think he’d have had a snowball’s chance in hell to stop it, so he didn’t really sweat it.

‘I know, I know.’ She flushed again.

Just then Anna descended the stairs at a good clip; Mike’s jaw hit the floor when he spotted all that titan hair! Ob dug him hard in the ribs, ‘Wipe the drool up Mac!’

Mike didn’t care, he just watched he stride across the floor towards them, hips swaying, he looked up straight into deep cobalt blue eyes, they locked onto his and she grinned at him.

‘Tiiiiiimmmmmberrrr.’ Came the smart ass remark from David.

Al stood laughing, she knew the effect Anna had on men, it wasn’t just the hair, lips and legs to die for, and she had a wicked personality hidden under her doctor disguise! And she was a great friend.

‘Hey Anna, what’s the verdict? Richie asked.

‘Well Al looks like he’s not going to loose his balls, but only cause you throw like a girl!’

‘Damn good job she does.’ David chimed in.

Al went red for the hundredth time, ‘Come on he pushed me and I lost it! Jesus give me a freakin break!’

‘He’ll be fine, needs a day or two in bed, I’ve told him no exercise or sex for a few days, and to stay flat and let the boys hang free and recuperate. And Al no more throwing. Now do I get a proper intro to these men or do I have to point out I’m your doctor and can do nasty things to you?’ She grinned as Al rolled her eyes. Hell she wasn’t passing up the chance to meet her all time fav band!

‘Well seein as you patch up the ‘Kidd’, course you can, hi Anna I’m Richie, nice to me ya darlin.’ He ignored her hand and pulled her in for a hug and gave her a long kiss on the lips. When he let her up she looked at the others and fanned her face.

‘Damn, I like your handshake there Sambora.’

‘Try mine, I’m David.’ He laid one on her that nearly curled her toes, and she a Jonny girl!

‘Jesus!’ Anna was now in a daze, Mike was pissed.

Al watched Tico walk up to her, ‘Damn querido you’re a tall one aren’t ya? I’m Tico Al’s boyfriend.’ He looked over his shoulder at Al and dared her to correct him, she didn’t. ‘Thanks for looking after Jon.’ With that he raised her hand and kissed it.

‘Boyfriend? Do tell Ally dear.’ Anna smiled, but she realised something was wrong with them, but not sure what.

‘Long story, I’ll fill you in later.’ Al took over and introduced Obie and Tony, Anna gushed over Obie.

‘See every bloody time, they love the old rouge!’ Richie complained.

‘Green ain’t your colour Sambo!’ Obie laughed.

Anna looked towards Mike and realised he was checking her out, he looked dangerous, she shivered, she could almost feel his fingers caressing where his eyes looked! ‘Al, I see you’ve left the cutest for last.’ She batted her lashes at Mike and winked at him, she really liked the look of him, rough, ready and damn gorgeous! She wondered if it was hot in here, or was she having a senior power surge! Lord the man filled out a pair of jeans beautifully.

‘Mike, cute, lady you need glasses!’ David snorted.

‘This is Mike; he’s the head of Jovi security. Mike my other best friend, Anna Payne.’

David cracked out, ‘Holy hell Dr Payne!’ And started to laugh more.

Anna ignored David and focused on Mike, she nearly purred at him, ‘Nice to meet you Mike.’ Her eyes taking him in, nearly devouring him.

Mike grinned; she’d made it plain she liked what she saw, ‘Well darlin the pleasure could be all yours if you’d like it to be.’ With that he gently reeled her in till his arms slipped about her waist, so she could pull out if she wanted to, her eyebrow winged up and she licked her lips. Mike groaned and crushed her too him, totally ignoring the people about him. His lips gentled as they touched hers, her mouth opened to accept him making him groan and pull her tighter.

‘Holy crap! Who ordered free porn?’ David asked. Al just stood her jaw on the floor watching her girl friend make out with a stranger!

They finally came up for air and Anna’s slumberous eyes looked at them and then she extended a perfectly manicure hand and flipped them all of! Richie laughed.

Anna licked her lips licking Mikes flavour on them, ‘Hmm just what the doctor ordered.’ She couldn’t believe she’d just done that, and in front of people, what the hell had happened to the one the girls called ‘conservative’?

Al couldn’t stand it any more, ‘Jesus Anna did you have to attack the man!’ Something Anna said a minute ago kicked Al’s mind, ‘And what do you mean lay flat? He’s moving out in a bit!’

‘No sweetie he’s not going anywhere for at least two days! He can go to the loo but that’s it. Looks like you’ve got a house guest for a few days.’ Anna yelped as Al grabbed her and hustled her of into her studio.

The guys looked at one another and smiled, could this be a reprieve? If Jon couldn’t leave, they sure as shit weren’t going anywhere.

‘Looks like you may get a chance to wear Ally down Teek!’ Richie winked at him; Tico wasn’t too sure on that.


Anonymous said...

OK I'm a little slow at finding your story but read the whole thing up till now this weekend!!!!!! OMFG!!!! Love it!!!!!!


Joviswoman said...

Damn a speed reader lol.

Glad you like it, and welcome ;)