Monday, 11 August 2008

Chapter 99

As the door clicked closed Liz realised they were alone and damn his dick was twitching to life! He’d just taken one hell of a battering but he was getting a hard on! Was there no stopping the damn thing? Looking up she caught him watching her, his eyes deep blue with passion, her breath sucked in! No I will not give in to this man!

With as much venom she ripped back his jeans, making Jon groan and it wasn’t in ecstasy either! She did it like someone ripping a plaster off a wound! He yelped when she made him lift his hips to shuck them off his hips, grabbing the waist band in one smooth yank she had them down his legs and off! ‘Get under the covers, your mother should be back soon!’ With that she threw his jeans on the chair and headed for the door, proud she hadn’t even peeked at his dick!

‘Liz, please stay, and let me explain.’ He went to sit up and sweat beaded on his upper lip, and turned him white. He reversed his position fast, Christ his dick may be awake but his balls were on fire!

Liz noticed this and walked back towards him, ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Ally may not have hit my dick but she sure as shit nailed my balls!’ He moaned some more.

Liz wondered where the hell is mother was with the ice! He really looked like he was in agony. ‘Ok you big baby let me take a look.’ She started to lift the sheet and he clamped it back down. ‘Oh come on it’s not like I’ve not seen them before.’ She rolled her eyes and tugged again.

‘Yeah but then they were in good condition, not battered like they are now!’ He yelped again as she ripped the covers from him, ‘Bitch!’

‘Bastard! But I won’t see anyone in pain even a shit like you Bongiovi!’ He gave in and just lay there; balls to the wall so to speak came floating to mind. Liz took a look and winced, damn they were swollen and turning black and blue. ‘Jon I think you need to get this checked out, they’re a mess!’

‘Fuck no I’m not trying to explain this!’

‘Don’t be a bloody big kid, if something is wrong and you don’t sort it, they might drop off!’

His eyes bugged out and his mouth hung open, nah she was kidding, right?

‘I’ll phone a friend of Al’s and mine, she’s a doctor.’ She reached for the phone and punched the number in.

‘She? Aw fuck you tryin to finish me off, don’t you know any male docs?’ his eyes pleading with her.

‘Oh stop being a friggin woose! Oh hello yes I need to speak to Dr. Payne please, tell her it’s Liz, yes I’ll wait.’ She looked at a miffed Jon and snickered he looked mortified, good! Jon prayed to god she was taking the piss about the doctor’s name!

Just then Carol walked in with the ice pack, she took one look at her naked son and gasped at the state he was in, ‘Christ John I’m praying you’ve learnt your lesson in pissing Ally off. Poor baby, oh stop trying to cover yourself up! I’ve seen it all before and I’ve powdered it many, many times, grow up!’ With that she leant over moved his hands, parted his legs and put the ice pack on him, making him yelp.

‘Yes I’ll hold.’ Liz glanced at Carol and laughed, his mum was wonderful. ‘I’m phoning a doctor, he’s in a mess, and I don’t like it, he can’t sit up without breaking into a sweat and looking like he’s going to keel over. Oh hey Anna, I need discretion and you’re the only one I trust.’ With that she briefly gave her an outline of what had happened, his name, John, age and what things looked like. Anna told her she’d be there in half an hour.

Carol pulled the sheet up over him, just in case someone came in. ‘Thank you Liz, that even made me wince. John honey do you need anything?’

‘My dignity back! And hell Lizzie Dr A Payne, seriously A Payne?’

‘Yup, and she can be, and get on her wrong side she’ll dish it out! So keep your smart mouth closed!’ She headed to the door asking them if either wanted a drink, with that she flounced out.

Carol laughed at John’s face from a frown to a grin as Liz left, ‘Well son looks like you may have met your match there. That’s if you can grovel like a normal man can, otherwise you’re going to loose her.’

‘Hell ma, I’ve not known her long but she’s got my number! She won’t even sleep with me!’ The indignity evident in his voice, ‘Well again any way.’

Carol started to laugh loudly, ‘Oh how the mighty have fallen.’ She carried on laughing.

‘Ma, you can be such a bitch!’ But even he chuckled then winced as this disturbed his frozen boys! Mom just laughed at him more.

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Sunstreaked said...

Oh god, honey, I'm laughing so hard from these last couple of chapters it's tough to type!

Thought Al had beaned Jon good and then to find out she hit the jewels! ROFLMAO! Now he has to see a female doc, Dr. A. Payne, no less. This just gets better and better.

So many great lines in this story. Each chapter is hysterical and you've captured everyone so well. I want Ally for a friend, but I sure don't wanna piss her off!