Monday, 18 August 2008

Chapter 103

Al all but manhandled Anna into the studio, ‘What the fuck do you mean he can’t leave, he has to!’

Anna frowned, ‘I thought you’d want him to stay, Christ its Jon Bon Jovi Al!’

‘Yeah I know, but damn it Anna!’ With that she quickly gave a condensed version of what had happened, again! And how they’d met, and what was happening between her and Tico, and Jon and Liz!

‘Holy crap you scored the jackpot!’ Anna was for once lost for words.

‘Yeah but it doesn’t feel like that at the minute.’

‘Aw honey I’m sorry and I went and rained all over your plans didn’t I?’ Al nodded and Anna hugged her. ‘Al I’m serious though, you can’t kick him out just yet. He needs to stay put and heal. Sorry sweetie.’ Plus Anna thought it may give Tico and Jon, hell all of them, chance to grovel to Al.

‘Crap! And what the hell are you doing jumping Mike in front of everyone? Has worked finally pushed you over the edge?’

‘Oh come on Mike’s just yumilicious! All that muscle and menace.’ She shivered again, ‘What’s a girl to do?’ She laughed at Al’s reaction. Hell she’d taken one look at his and wanted him then and there! She hadn’t ever had that feeling before, she’d just gone with it! In all her forty something years she’d never once really looked at a man, unless an itch needed scratching. She’d concentrated on becoming a doctor, then setting her practice up; men hardly ever got a look in!

But this one, well, she’d always gone for the suit and tie man, but Mike gave her the feeling she’d be safe, looked after, cherished. Something she’d never thought was missing from her life. Look’s like she’d thought wrong.

‘But Anna, that’s just not you! I’ve never in all our years seen you do that to a man! Who are you and what have you done with out Anna?’

‘Damn Al, it was like walking into a wall, I saw him and that was it, couldn’t take my eyes off him! It feels like I’ve been waiting for him. Mushy isn’t it.’ Anna rolled her eyes, all three were eye rollers, but Al started it!

‘No it’s not mushy, that’s how it feels with Tico! Even though this shits happened, I still look at him and feel the heat and the love shining from him, and it’s all just for me! I feel, well, whole! First time in my life I’m not searching for more, this is it for me; if things go wrong between us, I won’t look again.’

‘Al you can’t mean that!’ Anna was appalled!

‘Yes I do, if we don’t end up together, he’s spoilt me for anyone else.’ Al knew that Tico was her one true love, the other half of her soul, the ying to her yang! She mentally slapped herself; Christ snap out of it, too much sugar was bad for you!

Anna’s cell rang, she answered it, ‘Ah no rest for the wicked. Gotta go, and I’m glad you’ve finally got the chance to meet Tico, and to see where this heads. Now do you think I could get Mike to go?’ She pulled a face and they both laughed.

‘I’m sure all you only have to do is crook your little finger and the guy’ll follow you anywhere.’

‘I think you may be right!’ Anna’s smile was pure evil!

Laughing they headed back into the main room.

The men were exactly where they’d left them; Mike still had a stunned look on his face! Women never went for him, they only saw the guys in the band. But Anna had taken his breath away. Hell he’d been married before, but he’d never felt that bolt of lightening with his ex! He looked down to make sure his clothes weren’t chard, nope just felt like it!

‘Well hell she didn’t give us a second glance!’ David bitched.

The door opened and Al and Anna strolled out laughing. Mike just looked at her and wanted to have her wrapped about him again, right this minute!

Anna glanced over at Mike and smiled coyly at him, ‘Now David, why would I give you boys a second glance, when Mike’s in the room.’ She walked towards Mike, licking her lips again, ‘I’m sorry but I’ve got to head out, work can be a bitch! Wanna come with me?’ She smiled at him, and hit him square between the eyes.

Mike looked at Al, ‘Jon can’t leave, right?’ Al smirked and nodded, ‘I’m right with you darlin, lead the way!’

‘Later people, Al tell Jon I’ll be back day after to check on him. If he doesn’t stay put, ring me and I’ll come over with a sedative.’ She winked at Al and laughed. ‘Boy’s it’s been a pleasure, and I may just see you again, toodles!’

With that she put her arm through Mikes and they headed out the door, laughter, dirty and nasty, followed in their wake. Al just stood there grinning like an idiot, poor Mike, he didn’t stand a chance. She snickered harder when she gave it some thought, the buttoned up doctor and the jean loving brick out house, fucking priceless!

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