Thursday, 14 August 2008

Chapter 101

While the girls were putting Hector down, the guys went to sort Jon out!

They didn’t bother to knock and walked straight in, ‘Hey momma C.’ they all said as one, then turned to glare at a wincing Jon.

Tico looked at him and felt not one bit of sympathy for him; he’d brought this on himself! ‘Ally tells me I have to ask you the terms of our being thrown out because you’re an asshole! Sorry mom.’

‘She’s thrown you out? Carry on boys.’ Carol settled in to see what happened.

Holy crap he’d never seen his brothers this wound up before, or standing there like they’d like to string him up by his already purple nads! ‘Hey you wouldn’t kick a brother while his down would ya?’

‘At this minute in time I’d hold you while Teek beats you to death you jackass!’ This came from David, the usual peacemaker of the band, but not today. His arms crossed over his chest fire shooting from his eyes.

Shit he was in deep crap!

‘So what are the terms then?’ Richie asked smiling proudly at David, damn it had only taken two decades but he’d finally let Jon have it, woohoo!

‘We have to leave today, and can’t come here at all till she’s stopped being pissed at us, me I mean. Mom and the kids can stay here if they want, but we can’t visit them here, they can only visit us, till she’s ready to forgive me.’ he sighed and closed his eyes, the enormity of how badly he’d screwed up finally hitting him. Everyone suffered because of him! Shit!

‘Teek I’m so fuckin sorry. You were all right, I should have come clean, and I didn’t and look what happens.’

‘We’ve always said one day you’d get you ass handed to ya, but never thought we’d see it!.’ Rich said, all of them laughing nastily at him.

‘So did she hurt ya?’ David asked and before Jon could stop him the sheet was pulled away leaving his boys to his brother’s stare.

‘Holy fuck!’ Was the collective agreement on seeing them.

Carol spoke up, ‘Liz has rung for her friend who’s a doctor, she didn’t like the look of them.’

Richie whistled, ‘Damn Jon they’re a fuckin mess! Holy hell I ain’t ever pissing your woman off Teek! I’ve got more to hit than pretty boy here.’

‘Fuck you Dean!’

Tico’s chest puffed up, no one took Ally for a stooge, not even Jon any more. He was just glad she’d not thrown anything at him!

All of a sudden the door burst open and in strode an Amazon! ‘Ok who the hell’s my pati……… Crap!’ Anna back peddled nearly running Al and Liz over.

Al pushed her back into the room, ‘You’re a professional, act like it, yes it is who your eyes are seeing, deal with it!’ Then Al blushed when she realised Jon was naked!

Anna couldn’t believe her eyes there in all his wondrous, bare ass naked form was Jon Bon Jovi, standing about the bed were the rest of the group, holy crap who’d spiked her drink?

‘Hey darlin thanks for coming so quickly.’ Richie stepped forward and took her gently by the arm, damn she was taller than he was, and he checked she’d not got heels on either! Her red curly hair bounced about her back as she glanced from one man to another, then back to chocolate eyes, still no verbal response from her.

Carol decided it was time to intervene, ‘Anna, dear, I’m John’s mom Carol, thank you for coming. He’s in a lot of pain and he’s bruised to high hell, can you help him?’

With the mention of pain Anna snapped into doctor mode, slamming the door closed and throwing away the key on the thoughts she was getting her hands on Jon Bon Jovi!!!! ‘Ok, I’m sure all of you don’t need to be in here, so leave! She turned her back expecting them to do her bidding without question, she moved to the bed and realised no one had moved, ‘I meant now people not next week, out!’

Everyone but Carol and Liz moved out. Anna looked at her friend and frowned, ‘You too Liz.’

‘No she stays Anna.’ This came from the sprawled form of Jon.

Anna frowned and saw the look that passed between them, how in hell was this happening? She shook it off and opened her bag, taking out some latex gloves and snapping them on.

Jon swallowed; he’d a feeling this was going to get more painful!

Anna took a deep cleansing breath, and then lent over to remove the icepack, ‘Well hell Mr Bongiovi what the fuck happened here?’

‘Ally did.’ Came the groaned reply, shit that hurt!

Anna looked at Liz, ‘Ally?’

‘He means Al, they all call her Ally.’

‘Our Alice?’ Anna was stunned Al wouldn’t hurt a fly.

‘Yep Alice, now can we get passed that and tell me if I’m going to have balls much longer?’ Jon was getting pissed now, he was in pain!

‘No need to snap Mr Bongiovi….’

‘Darlin if you’re goin to be handling the boys, call me Jon!’

‘Ok Jon, I know you’re in pain but jumping out of your pram won’t solve anything! What did she do this with?’ Anna still didn’t believe them, blanking out who he was she carefully lifted his left ball and started to examine it, making him wince and start to sweat.

‘Paperweight!’ He managed to choke out.

‘Not the one in her office?’ she asked looking up holding his ball, Liz chuckled, Anna had totally gone in doctor mode now, when she thought about it later, she die with embarrassment!


‘Crap I brought her that!’ Anna shook her head; hell that thing weighed a ton.

‘Thanks.’ Jon tried to smile but she was prodding his boys to damn much.

After carefully checking both and his penis, Anna made her diagnosis. ‘Well Jon you were bloody lucky!

‘You call this lucky, woman are you mad?’

‘Yes lucky, a little harder then you’d be in way more trouble. As it is they are just very badly bruised. I will give you a prescription for some pain meds. You need to rest, no shagging for a couple of weeks.’ Her eyes flicked to Liz’s face, it started to go red, hmmm. ‘No exercising either, for the first three days you need to stay as flat as you can, wear nothing to confine them and just let nature take its course. I’ll pop back in a few days and check on them, I don’t foresee any problems; the swelling will go down with you resting. If they do swell any more, ring me.’ She snapped off the gloves and put them in her bag, the fan in her just wouldn’t let her throw them. She grabbed her pad, wrote out the script and handed it to Carol.

‘Well Jon it may not have been it for you, but for me it’s been a pleasure!’ She winked at him, smiled at Carol and said goodbye, and Liz walked her to the door and hugged her.

‘Thanks for coming Anna.’

‘You’re more than welcome, how many people can say they’ve fondled Jon’s privates.’ With that, laughing her butt off she left, a trail of nervous energy following in her wake!

Jon just groaned, and thought not that many in the last decade or so, and none of them as thoroughly as she had!

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