Saturday, 9 August 2008

Chapter 96

Luckily for Al she’d pulled on some jeans when she’d got into her room otherwise Jon would be staring at her nearly bare ass. She thanked god for small favours.

Going into the office she ignored the couch and settled behind the desk, curling up on the chair, ‘Well?’ Was all she said before Jon had even sat down.

‘Are you going to let me have my say, or should I just leave now?’

‘If I were you I’d loose the attitude, you wanted to talk, so fuckin talk!’ Sparks radiated from her eyes.

‘I fucked up big-time.’

‘No shit Sherlock!’ She couldn’t help herself.

Jon glared at her but continued, he’d been told in no uncertain terms he’d screwed them all now he’d gotta sort it out, and fast. Tico started off in Spanish, and Jon got the gist that he’d be killed and not too kindly.

‘Ally, I’m sorry, I chickened out telling you because I was selfish.’ He held up his hand to forestall the comment he knew would come, she clamped her lips together. ‘I wanted to stay at your home and yes I know I should have told you, but I was scared that you’d throw us out. And damn it we needed to be here! We’re starting the last leg of the tour and we’re tired and ratty, bitchin at each other all the time. Then we walked in here and it felt like coming home.’ He smiled at the memory, his hands twisting in frustration and the fear he’d lost this place.

Al watched him; he’d finally started to open up, not still holding himself in check. She knew that over the last few days she’d still not seen the real Jon, till now, it was interesting.

‘Your home is a home, even though its big, its lived in. it’s like my old house when I lived there, full of life and love. But darlin you’re a fan, and even though you had Teek eating outta the palm of your hand, I held back, I saw all the guys falling for you one by one. I wanted to see if you’d suddenly turn into a gold digger, or a fame hound. You did nothing like that, and I began to realise you liked us for us, not the rock stars. By then I was too afraid to tell you the kids were due in for a holiday with us. Hell the rest of them threatened to tell you, but I put them off.’

‘They’re fully grown men Jon, they can say no to you! It kills me that the man I love didn’t tell me something this important, and that he backed your lie.’ She dashed a tear from her face, she wouldn’t cry again!

‘Aw baby, please don’t cry, I can’t take that. Hell throw something at me! Anything, but tears, I can’t cope with those.’

‘Tough you did this, live with it!’

‘You’ve got to understand, since we all divorced, women have come and gone, well in some of our lives. We’ve learnt to rely on each other more and more. Hell look how long we’ve been together. The bottom line is I’m the boss and they’ve always done what I’ve told them too, even when they shouldn’t!’ He sighed deeply, fuck maybe he was spoilt; he’d always got what he wanted. ‘Don’t blame them for my mistake. Tico adores you and is walkin about down there like a condemned man, Hector’s not sure what’s wrong, but he knows his pappy isn’t right. If you throw him out of your life, he’ll wither away and die. And you’ll never find another like him to love you! The light has gone from out of his eyes, I did that, and I don’t ever want that to happen again, darlin we guys need you! We need a conscience, one that’s not afraid to slap the hell out of us when we need it. Shit you had me scared to death, I’ve never been shouted at like that before, and you’re the first one to ever have thrown stuff at me!’ That had been the only thing to raise a smile from the others.

‘Jon, I’m not Jiminy Cricket, I can’t do that for you. At your age you should know the difference between right and wrong. What you did was way wrong! And you need to pay for your stupidness.’ She’d been thinking about this, she’d got shit loads to say to Tico, but Jon was the ringleader, he needed to be punished!

Jon swallowed, holy crap she meant it! He stood up, it was time to take his medicine, whatever she said would go, he may have to grow a bigger pair to handle it, but he’d do it. ‘Ok Ally, tell me what I have to do to make this right.’ He started praying, something he’d not done for many years.

‘Ok I’m still pissed at you, you were, and are a fuckin idiot! If my relationship with Tico continues and I’m about you more, you ever pull this shit or anything like it that’s devious and underhanded again, I reserve the right to dye your hair in rainbow colours and dress you like the jackass you’re behaving like! This is none negotiable! You put your happiness above everyone else’s, including Liz’s, and for a fledgling relationship you sure as shit shot that one in the foot. Liz and lying don’t go hand in hand very well, and that’s all I’ll say. Regarding your punishment for now …..’

Jon’s head snapped up, he thought that was his punishment, to be dished out in the future.

Al caught the look, he needed to listen more carefully, ‘That wasn’t it Jovi, this is it! I’ll allow everyone to stay here, including the children and your mother, I have put you ups down in the basement.’ He said a few thanks yous, and then his jaw hit the floor with her next words!

‘But you sir, you don’t get that privilege, you pack your bags now and leave.’ She watched him struggle to say no, but he caught himself and nodded.

‘I’ll be outta here within an hour, I just need to make a call and arrange a place to crash.’ He started to the door.

‘You didn’t hear the rest Jon.’ She said quietly, and he turned wondering what else she could do to him.

‘You are not allowed anywhere near my home, till I decide I’m no longer pissed at you! If the children want to stay here they can, if they want to go with you, fair enough, they are your kids; but if they stay you don’t get to come here, they go to you! You are not welcome I my home till I’ve calmed down.’ She waited for his reaction.

His jaw dropped and he felt his temper start to spiral, ‘Oh come on it’s not like I tried to shag you behind Teek’s back! If I go so do the others!’ He started to pace.

‘That’s fine with me; you’ve tarred them all with the same fuckin lying brush! And I wouldn’t do you if you were the last dick on earth! So again, take your brothers with you and get the hell out, now! She pointed to the door, her fingers itched to pick up something heavy and throw it at him again!

Jon stopped in mid pace, she’d actually throw Teek out, his brain froze, holy fuck he thought she’d cave in just to keep Tico there. But it looked like he was mistaken on that. Fuck! ‘You’d throw Teek out too?’ his eyes showed his inner turmoil!

‘Sure as I could bounce a quarter off your ass I would, I don’t take to kindly to lying bastards. And he and the rest lied by omission just so your sorry ass could stay here.’ The volume of the shouting had risen considerably.

‘So the first sign of it not going perfect you throw us out, I thought you’d got more balls than that lady, guess I was right and you were in it for the fame and the fuckin.’ He sneered at her.

Al shot out of her chair, paper weight in hand and threw it before she computed what she was doing, ‘Bastard!’ She tried to stop the throw, and the missile went haywire!

He saw it coming and didn’t have a hope in hell of it missing him!

Al screamed as it hit him, he collapsed like a house of cards; passing out from the pain.

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