Sunday, 10 August 2008

Chapter 98

Tico led an unresisting Ally down the stairs and to the couches, sitting down and pulling her onto his lap. She snuggled into his neck, breathing him in her eyes closed.

‘Jesus I could have permanently damaged him Teek! He just pissed me off so freakin much! He got mad because I told him to leave!’ She groaned at the thought of Jon collapsing in front of her!

Her eyes flew open as she felt a small body climbing into the lap; she was now nose to nose with Hector. He just sat on her lap and put his arms about her, snuggling into her, ‘Un Jon be ok.’ With that he lay on her heart and fell asleep, out like a light, tired from the flight and the excitement from seeing his pappy again.

‘I hope he will baby.’ Al whispered back to him gently kissing the top of his head, stroking his hair, she looked at Tico and choked back the tears; his son was a trusting little man, just like his pappy.

Tico smiled, Hector always seemed in tune with people emotions. The day Alejandra told him she’d had enough, he’d tried to be happy and play with his boy, but Hector just walked over to him, crawled on his lap; just like now. He’d held his pappy for a long time, just the two of them, the baby feeding the strength to the adult.

‘Miel, I’m so damn sorry for letting Jon talk us into this. I know it’s no excuse, but darlin he’s been the boss of us for freakin decades!’ He tailored his language because of Hector, ‘When we realised he wasn’t going to tell you, we should have stood up and told you. The others were devastated when they turned up and you didn’t have a bloody clue! Rich and Dave were threatening to cut his end off, but you seemed to have beaten them to it.’ He snickered, hell he wouldn’t want anything hitting him there, Hec had kicked him several times there and brought tears to his eyes, it fuckin hurt!

Neither notice Carol sneak down and grab the ice out of the fridge, and hurry back upstairs, but not before she’d heard what Tico had said about the boys wanting revenge on John; she grinned.

She smiled a little, but he’d stepped all over her heart by not telling her. ‘Teek you have to see it from my point of view, you didn’t tell me something this important, so what’ll be stopping you in the future? It feels like you don’t really love me I’m just a sc…pit stop on the rock n roll road for you! If you did love me you’d have told me!’ She wiggled off his lap, carefully hauling Hector with her. ‘I’m going to put your son in my bed then check how Jon’s doing. I think you and the others need to pack up and leave, Jon’ll tell you my terms and conditions. As much as I love you I don’t really like you very much at this minute.’ She turned moving Hector in her arms, in his sleep his arms went around her neck and his legs about her waist, his head burrowing under her chin, she breathed him in. She turned again, ‘Thanks for the hold.’ Then turning once more she walked to the stairs, walking slowly praying she wouldn’t drop this precious baby.

Tico watched her walk away from him, she looked so damn right with his son in her arms, he put his head in his hands; fuck me I’ve really screwed this one over and it’d just begun. How the hell does Jon talk us into this shit! How the hell do I mend this? He could literally feel his heart breaking in two, if she didn’t take him back, hell he didn’t even want to think about it!

That was how Richie and David found him a half an hour later, ‘Shit she’s pissed isn’t she?’ David asked, sitting down next to Teek and throwing his arm over his shoulders.

‘Pissed ain’t the word bro, resigned is more like it. Fuck the light just seems to have disappeared from behind those green pools of hers. She’s told me we have to leave.’

‘What? Seriously? Holy cow she is mad!’

‘Yeah she said to ask the asshole upstairs for her conditions. So I think we need to find out everything from him, let’s go.’

As one they got up from the couch and headed upstairs, Richie hoping to hell he didn’t have to stop Teek from pounding Jon some more!

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