Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Chapter 45

She awoke slowly several hours later, a slight ache and tenderness between her thighs. Damn he’d really made up for falling asleep on her the night before. She could feel him curled in behind her, his arm loosely holding her. Checking the clock she realised it was well after three. Least the guys would have gone back to the hotel by now.

Nature was calling so she lifted his arm; he snorted and grunted but carried on sleeping. Al grinned. She went to the bathroom and took care of business. Looking in the mirror that wanton woman was staring back again. Lips puffy, hair looking like someone had played with it for a few days. And there, just between neck and collar bone, a hickie!!!! Well shit, been branded. She grinned like a mad woman.

Walking back out, she stood staring down at Tico, who’d now turned fully onto his front, the sheet resting just on the rise of his ass. She could feel herself start to drool, what an ass! I need a drink she thought. Grabbing a pure silk kimono she threw it on and headed downstairs, not bothering with lights.

Padding into the kitchen she headed for the fridge, leaning in and pulling out a carton of orange juice, she uncapped it and drank straight from the carton, and jumped six foot in the air.

‘Didn’t your mom tell you never to drink from the carton Al.’ a laughing voice asked from the darkness of the lounge.

Stifling a scream and OJ dripping down her chin she turned and realised there was more than one man sat at the fire. ‘Fuckin hell! What the hell are you lot doing here?’ She gapped at Richie, Jon and David all sat there in what looked like boxers and open shirts, wiping her chin.

‘Well now darlin, you did say we could move in.’ David said.

‘So we did!’ Smirked Jon, all the guys enjoying the picture she made with the light behind her, the robe not really hiding much. ‘We went off in the car, Hugh loves the Buell by the way, and he’s already hit the hay. We went to the hotel, packed up and checked out. Pissed Mike off no end. Tony’s thrown a bitch fit that we’ve screwed with the security at two am, they’ll deal with it. Loaded up the Mustang, threw the rest of our gear into other cars and moved in.’ He nodded to loads of stuff still downstairs in the hall way.

‘Bloody hell! How long are you staying?’ She couldn’t believe the amount of stuff they had.

‘What we’ve taken most of our stuff upstairs.’ Richie commented.

‘And I thought women over packed!’ She rolled her eyes, finally closing the fridge door.

‘Hey we’re on tour.’ Jon defended their junk.

‘Looks more like you’ve brought home with you!’ She laughed, walking over and curling up on the other end of the sofa Richie was sprawled out on. He moved his feet a little so she could sit then promptly put his feet in her lap.


‘What you want to butt in on my sofa, you pay the price.’

In retaliation she whizzed her nails up the sole and he jumped and yanked his feet away.

‘No fair!’ He yelped.

‘My home, my sofa, your problem is?’ Grinning at him, he tried on the puppy eyes, she snorted unladylike.

They all started to talk, chatting about life in general. Al listened intently and found out some secrets, how things had happened with the ex’s. How they were handling all being single again this late in life. David went and made some coca and they were all content and relaxed. One fleeting thought she had was here she sat with some of the hottest men about, and all she was wearing was her robe. Damn, she made sure it wasn’t gaping and the belt was tight.

Richie’s feet had made it back into Al’s lap, and being someone who liked other peoples feet, she’d started the rub and massage them while talking, not really noticing what she was doing.

Richie though he’d died and gone to heaven, she had wonderful hands. Kneading in all the right places, it was taking all his concentration not to groan in ecstasy. He glanced over and noticed Jon watching him enviously, he grinned and Jon flicked him the finger.

‘Well ain’t this fuckin cosy!’ A growl came from the stairs, making them all start.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Chapter 44

Tico gasped as she suddenly had her hands under his T, nails scrapping over his abs. Moving back down her deft hands made short work of his belt buckle and zipper. Her hand slipped inside and as she kissed him deeply, took his shaft into her cool hand. Tico thought he could hear the hiss of steam coming off it.

She gently pumped him, making his hips rise and thrust him more into her hand. Damn he was hard and so ready for her, his self control nearly shredded into nothingness. He finally got the will over his hands and unclenched them from the bed, going to her bra snap he undid it and her breast spilt into his hands.

He quickly took one of the nipples into his mouth, laving it and again biting down. Al’s hand clenched on him and he growled deep in his chest. ‘Careful querido, doing that you could break it off.’ He heard a breathy giggle and her hand released him a little.

His mouth full of her breast, his hands attacked her jeans, undoing the snap and zip. He slid a hand into the back of them and cupped the firm globe he found there.

Al couldn’t figure out where she started and Tico ended. His mouth was doing delicious things to her breast, his strong rough fingers caressing her ass, pushing down her jeans as far as they could go.

With a surge of strength Tico drove himself up and flipped her over, gaining his knees he took hold of her jeans and dragged them off her, and threw them across the room. Looking down he grinned, ‘Querido what happened to you panties?’ A wolfish look appeared.

‘I didn’t feel I could wear them again, you seemed to have destroyed them. I put them into the bin. The hotel maids will have a field day with that.’ She chuckled, Tico watch her breast bounce.

His jeans and boxers hit the floor so quick Al blinked and he was naked and in her arms once again, his kiss curling her toes.

They touched and caressed each other, sighs mingling, groans being ripped from them. Skin against skin; their bodies growing slick with sweat, both breathing hard.

As he kissed her, Tico found her entrance with his shaft and slowly he flexed his hips, impaling her inch by glorious inch. She was that slick, if he hadn’t have restrained himself he could have just slipped straight into her to the hilt. It took all his years not to do just that. He wanted her moaning and wanting him more.

Al didn’t think she could take much more of Tico going slowly, and tried to thrust upwards, he forestalled this by moving away from her thrust. ‘¡Híbrido!’(Bastard!) But she grinned, and then gasped as he finally thrust into her, hard! Her back arched off the covers, taught as a bow, her orgasm over took her, throwing her about.

The muscles in Tico’s arms stood out with the strain not to follow her over that precipice, he wanted more, he wanted to show her that he had stamina to make it last, not like last night. He felt her starting to come down and slowly picked the pace up once again. Al whimpering and moaning at the sensations rocketing threw her body.

‘Tico ……. Please for god’s sake ……….Now!’ Al wanted him to go with her as she felt another wave start to pick her up and carry her body towards that wall of pure sensation once again.

He heard it in her voice, and felt it as her insides clamped onto his shaft, he wanted to hold back. But as he fought it Al reared up, her hand thrusting into his hair, her mouth attacking his and she kissed him for all she was worth as she went over the edge. This time she won and took him over with her, all she heard was her name shouted out into the room, and into her heart.

He collapsed on top of her, his forehead to hers, kissing her lightly. Their bodies slick with sweat, they both shivered. Tico moved over to lie on his side, grabbing the duvet and pulling it over both of them as he nestled Al into his arms. ‘Darlin, I think I need a little nap before I try for another round.’ He laughed as she snickered in remembering last night.

‘Babe so do I! Least we’ve warned each other that we might just nod off.’ She giggled, his chest rumbled in anwer. Tucking herself to him more, her hand on his chest playing with his fur, they finally drifted off into sleep.

She awoke again later with Tico’s head between her thighs, his mouth sending her flying. Then for him to take his time and make slow passionate love to her! Both of them, falling over the cliff, into the arms of exhaustion.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Chapter 43

Tico bounded up the stairs to her room like a man half his age. His dick was already jumping with the thought of plunging into her again. His hand wandered up over her ass, damn fine ass she had, nice and full.

‘Unless you’re planning on doing me in five seconds flat, I’d lay off my arse miel.’ He heard the want and passion rising in her voice. It had dropped and sounded husky. Aw hell, he prayed he’d last at least long enough to get her off.

‘But luz de mi vida, (light of my life) I want to be in you so badly I can taste it. I want to take you hard and fast, then slow, pushing in a little at a time. Till I am buried deep within you, till we are nearly one body. Would you deny me that?’ His normal deep growl was so raspy now it made the hairs on her whole body stand on end. She felt the pull of her womb and the wetness begins to pool. How the hell could you say no to that kind of feeling.

‘No.’ she said in a breathless whisper, ‘No miel I could never deny you that.’

As the words left her mouth they reached her bedroom. He walked in and closed the door with just a tiny snick. He felt her shiver with anticipation, his dick grew harder.

Flicking on the light he walked to the edge of her bed and slid her down, lowering her to it. She scooted over, but he shook his head. ‘I think we need to remove a bit of clothing querido!’ His voice lower than she’d ever heard it, her nipples puckered, and she swore her panties and jeans would show how much she wanted him right this second.

He leant over and gently pushed up her jeans and unzipped her boots tossing them aside, he laughed, ‘Damn talk about de ja view! I remember doing something like this last night, but I don’t think I took the time to enjoy what I’d uncovered.’ He kissed the inside of her ankle, nibbling it, and placing kisses up her calf as far as the jeans allowed.

Al thought she’d died and gone to heaven. She never realised how sensitive and erotic it was to have someone do that to your calf. She purred deep in her throat. He’d let go of that foot and picked up the other, proceeding to do exactly the same to that too. She squirmed, damn he was good.

Tico knelt on the end of the bed, then like a sleek muscled panther, he started to crawl up the bed. Al gulped. He didn’t stop, but continued till he was poised above her looking down into those dark emerald eyes of hers. He leant down, looking like he was going to kiss her, she waited, breath coming faster. At the last minute he swerved and attached himself to her awaiting breasts through the white silk shirt. She gasped and arched her back, nearly screaming when he gently bit his prize. He did exactly the same to the other. Raising his head he looked at the two wet patches he’d caused, then grinned at Al, ‘Least tonight we can take it slowly.’

He grunted as she thrust her hips and somehow flipped him so he was on his back and she was on top of him! ‘Miel, slowly is not in my vocabulary at this minute in time. I want you now!’ She sat onto her haunches and ground herself down onto him. Tico went hot, red hot. Damn this woman knew what she wanted, and fuck if it wasn’t him! He was a lucky bastard! He grinned and Al frowned, ‘What’s amusing you miel?’ Her fingers slowly unbuttoning his shirt, and the black bra appeared more fully.

It was Tico’s turn to gulp, his hands tightening on her thighs, his thumbs caressing her zipper. ‘Nothing querido, it just continues to surprise me that you want me.’ He licked his lips as the shirt was finally undone and thrown across the room. He felt himself, if possible, get harder.

Al stopped and looked down at him, his eyes glazed with passion, ‘¿Aw, por qué usted me duda le deseó? Usted es el hombre que he deseado para sobre un cuarto de un siglo. Quisiera sí que el redoblante de un grupo de la roca mirara mi manera. Pero después de una década o así pues, deseé a hombre. El hombre veo la mentira debajo de mí, con su negro de los ojos casi de desearme. Usted mi sensación querida como la otra mitad de mi alma. Y me siento agradecido que podemos tener esta ocasión de ver si tengo razón.’ (Aw, why do you doubt I want you? You're the man I've wanted for over a quarter of a century. Yes I wanted the drummer of a rock group to look my way. But after a decade or so, I wanted the man. The man I see lying under me, with his eyes nearly black from wanting me. You my darling feel like the other half of my soul. And I feel grateful that we can have this chance to see if I'm right.)

Tico could hardly breathe with the emotion he felt. He’d never felt so connected to one person before as he did with Al. ‘Mujer del dios, usted sabe lo que usted hace a mí que dice cosas como eso?’ ('God woman, do you know what you do to me saying things like that?')

With a deep throated laugh, she gently shifted her hips, ‘Tico, I can feel what I’m doing to you miel.’ She laughed again and leant over and kissed him gently on the lips.

Tico felt a loud rumbling and thought Al had gone all primeval on him. He realise it wasn’t. ‘Darlin, what the hell’s that?’

‘That sweetie is your brothers taking my babies out, sounds like someone’s taken Killer out.’ She smirked.


‘Yeah the Buell! He roars. Hmmm someone’s got the Mustang too. If they break it they’ve brought it!’ She grinned evilly.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Chapter 42

Al left the safety of Tico’s arms and sauntered towards Jon. Toe to toe with him she crooked her finger at him, beckoning him down to her level. He grinned and leant down to her. Al put her hand on the back of his neck, her fingers delving into his hair, having a quick feel of his locks! Hell she was only female. She drew him down so her lips were at his ear.

Jon swallowed wondering what he’d left himself open for; knee to the family jewels flew through his mind. A slight sheen appeared on his forehead.

Al licked her lips, and caught his ear, repaying him for last nights little stunt, she felt him stiffen, and grinned a look of pure evil glinted in her eyes. Whispering she said to him, ‘I tell you now Mr. Bongiovi, you so much as look smug I’ll rescind my invitation to stay at my home. And I expect you to butt the fuck out of Tico and mines love life. Got it shnookums?!’ She gently applied her grip to his hair, Jon winced. Richie noticed and wondered what the hell she was saying, or doing to him.

As he went to straighten, she held tight, ‘And I’m telling you, this place will be kept tidy, you will clean up after yourselves, I am not a maid. And if I find any bras or knickers that don’t belong to me, your ass will not meet the kerb. Do I make myself clear honey?’ With that she let him go and he straightened. Her hand slid to his chest and rested there, flexing her fingers, her nails scratching his skin, warning him.

All the guys realised Jon had a stunned look in his eyes, and seemed slightly unsure of himself. They’d never seen that before. This five foot nothing of a woman seemed to be able to bring people to their knees, whoever they were.

‘Well?’ Richie asked he couldn’t wait to see what she’d said, he prayed it was yes. ‘Earth to Jon, hey, what did she say?’ He looked like an over excited puppy. A bloody big one!

Jon looked down at this feisty woman, he looped his arms over her shoulders, hands linking behind her head, leaning down he dropped a kiss onto her lips, lingering slightly, till he heard Tico start to mutter. He felt her nails flex deeper into his chest and winced, her meaning clear. Chuckling he broke the kiss, pulled her into a bear hug, making her squeak a little. ‘Guys someone wants to tell the driver we need to leave?’

‘Awww shit Jonny boy, she didn’t give into your famous charms! Damn!’ David moaned.

He moved Al so she stood at his side; he looped an arm back over her shoulders. ‘Yeah, seems we need to go back to the hotel, pack and check the hell out!’ He waited.

The guys whooped with glee, like little boys. David, Richie and Hugh all high fived each other, grinning like loons.

‘Holy crap she said yes! Al you won’t regret it. We’ll be good. Honestly!’ Richie said using the puppy dog eyes making her roll hers.

She pulled away from Jon; so far she’d not seen any trace of his smug look. Inside she giggled, he believed her! Well frak! Really, what woman would be stupid enough to say no to having all these wonderful men staying with her.

Walking over to Tico, ‘El querido I piensa que es tiempo que continuamos nuestra discusión anterior. La necesidad de los muchachos de hablar.’ (Darling I think it's time we continued our earlier discussion. The boys need to talk.) She smirked at him.

‘Mi amor, usted va a tener que decirme lo que usted dijo a Jon. Él tiene una mirada extraña en su cara. ¿Usted zap lo con sus energías mi ángel?’ (My love, you are going to have to tell me what you said to Jon. He's got a weird look on his face. Did you zap him with your powers my angel?)

‘¡Bien, si usted desea hablar de Jon, en vez de ir arriba a mi dormitorio, y de la fabricación amor lento, caliente, apasionado, podemos hacer!’ (Well, if you want to talk about Jon, instead of going upstairs to my bedroom, and making slow, hot, passionate love, we can do!)

She squealed in delight as he, once again, flipped her over his strong shoulders and started to carry her out or the games room.

‘Teek, you realise she’s going to either get so pissed of you doing that she’ll leave ya, or expect it 24/7!’ Jon laughed at Al hanging upside down. Nice view of her curvy ass though.

‘Don’t care man, just need to leave now! She says you guys need to talk. I’ll be down later and we can go check out and move in!’ With that he turned on his heel and continued to the door.

‘Wait!’ She panted and laughed, ‘Jon, tell them my conditions to staying here! Ok miel off you go. Bye fellas see you later.’ They heard her dirty laugh as Tico finally went out the door.

The four men had big grins on their faces.

‘Erm, Jon, when are you going to tell her about the kids flying in?’ David asked quietly.

‘After Tico’s finished keeping makin her happy, and about an hour before the plane lands in four days time. Should have made ourselves right at home by then, she won’t kick us out.’ He grinned.

‘You have spent the last twenty four hours with the same woman we have, haven’t you?’ Richie asked. Suddenly Richie broke into a run after them. ‘Al!!!!!!’

‘Aw for god’s sake, what?!’

‘Erm darlin how the hell do you get your cars out, and baby, where’s the keys? Pretty please, with sugar on top.’

‘How old are you?’ She rolled her eyes, ‘Behind the door, open panel, hit the switch marked ‘door’, keys should be in there too and marked for each car.’ Tico started to walk up the stairs, ‘You dent or scratch any of my babies and your ass will be mine!’ The last word reached his ears as the door sprang shut after them.

‘Ok who the hell wants to go for a ride?’ Richie snickered as he heard yelps of three grown men all trying to fit through a door at the same time.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Chapter 41

Tico got down onto his knees, damn they cracked something awful. He gently reached forward and moved the bit of hair that had fallen over her eyes. ‘Querido, hey cosa dulce. Tiempo a despertar!’ (Darling, hey sweet thing. Time to wake up!) She sighed but never fluttered even an eyelash. Looking over the sofa he checked out where his bros were. Then looking down on her lips he sighed, leaned down and gently place his lips on hers. He ran his tongue over them, her mouth opened in response, he deepened the kiss. She moaned in her sleep, her hands coming up and into his hair so she could deepen the kiss.

He scooted onto the sofa with her and she plastered herself to him, still not opening her eyes. Al’s subconscious letting her enjoy this erotic dream, masterful hands slipping onto hot skin, moving from her stomach to her breast. She moaned deep in her throat, wanting the hand to cup her. She thought she heard someone say ‘Fuck!’ and snickering after it.

As the hand enclosed her breast, ‘THWAK’ David hit the cue ball, and her eyes jerked open! She was looking into those beautiful brown eyes again; they were nearly black with desire. ‘¡El amperio hora así que mi ángel finalmente despierta!’ (Ah so my angel finally wakes up!) Her green eyes deepened into a dark emerald filled with lust. Her breasts were heaving from her desire.

‘Intenté despertarle hablando con usted a querido, pero usted no tenía cualquiera de él. Hice tan la mejor cosa siguiente.’ (I did try to wake you by talking to you darling, but you weren't having any of it. So I did the next best thing.)

‘¿Usted está diciendo tan que usted copping una sensación con sus hermanos el otro lado de este sofá es su manera de conseguir mi atención?’ (So you're saying that you copping a feel with your brothers the other side of this sofa is your way of getting my attention?)

Grinning evilly, he just nodded and slanted his lips over hers again, his hand continuing his ministrations to her breast. She arched her back to thrust it more into his hand. God she felt hot and wet for him, and knowing the others were in the room added just a little excitement to it.

She tugged his burns and he raised his head and looked at her questioningly. ‘Le sugiero miel de la desaceleración. No hay manera que usted va a conseguir cualquier cosa mientras que su adentro el cuarto. ¡Aligere tan para arriba, o movamos esto a mi sitio!’ (I suggest you slow down honey. There is NO way you're gonna get anything while their in the room. So lighten up, or let's move this to my room!) She grinned at him.

‘Awwww fuck their talkin Spanish again! David whined.

On the sofa Al felt her face flame, and buried her face in Tico’s neck. Against her chest she felt his shake with laughter. Getting swiftly to his feet he offered a hand to her, which she accepted, and he pulled her to her feet and back into his arms.

‘Well if you’d have showed any interest in the last twenty odd years to learn the damn language you might just have a fuckin clue C.D!’ Al snapped her face still red. The others laughed at him, ‘Hey bozos the same can be said of you too!’

That shut them up.

Tico started to steer Al towards the door.

Jon blocked their escape. ‘Where do you think you two are going?’ A big ass grin on his face.

‘Where you guys aren’t!’ Tico snapped. Al just grinned at Jon; she knew why he wanted them to stay.

‘Al darlin, I’ll let you two go get down and dirty when you tell me what you’ve decided.’

Playing with him, ‘About what Jon?’ She plastered a totally confused look on her face as she looked up at him, head cocked to one side.

‘You know damn well what, and until you cough you ain’t getting him in your pants lady!’ Tico nearly choked, Richie and David went off laughing their asses of, and Hugh just stood shaking his head.

‘Well, what you say Alice darlin?’ Blue eyes met bright green ones.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Chapter 40

‘Wow pretty plush down here for a basement. Where’s your woman Teek?’ Hugh asked.

‘Fucked if I know.’ Came the growl.

Jon opened the door nearest him, ‘Shit she’s got a fuckin cinema in here!’ His jaw nearly hit the ground. ‘Why’d she just tell us it’s a basement?’ He shook his head.

‘Probably she had an inkling that we’d really not want to leave.’ Hugh pointed out.

Tico in the mean time opened the other door and hit the light switch, revealing it was a garage and had several cars and bikes in it.

There stood Al’s babies. She had a silver Chevrolet convertible C5, behind that a black Ford Mustang 351c 1971, red leather interior, you could feel the testosterone building. Jon lifted a cover and found a red Buell 1125R bike. Damn this woman liked her toys. There was another cover which had a car underneath it. He pulled the cover off and there stood a cherry red 1956 Mercury Montclair convertible. All the guys drooled. ‘Teek, if you don’t want her, I’ll take her off your hands. Damn I love this woman.’ Jon huffed out. Tico flipped him off.

She had some hot cars in here. There were another couple, one a BMW and a small Ford that looked the most used. ‘I’ve gotta ask how the hell does she get them out and onto the street?’ Richie piped up, eyeing the Chevy lovingly.

‘Well when we find her ya can ask her.’ Growled Tico, he was getting frustrated that she wasn’t there.

Heading back out the door they all moved on mass to the last door. Opening it David let out a whistle, ‘Damn Jonny boy this place looks waaay better than the Shoe! It’s better decorated too.’ They all chuckled and agreed. ‘Ok whose breaking.’ He headed to the pool table.

‘Shhh …Hey Teek looky what I’ve found.’ Hugh whispered beckoning them over.

They all crowded at the back of the sofa and looked down. ‘Ah man she’s so damn cute when she’s not nailing us!’ Richie snickered.

Teek looked down at her and it felt like a fist hit his gut. She was lying on the sofa, one hand resting on her stomach, the other flung above her head in abandonment. One leg tucked under the other knee, the other straight out. Her top bunched revelling a little of her stomach. His eyes flew to his brothers, all their eyes snapped up and away from that glimpse of smooth flesh, all trying to not look guilty of having a quick perv.

‘Well bro she’s your sleeping beauty, so you gonna wake her granddad Charming.’ Jon asked, as the others snickered.

Tico glanced once more at Al. Ah fuck it he wanted to do what Jon suggested, but without and audience. ‘Yeah, fuck off!’

The four guys turned in unison and laughed themselves to the pool table. Jon swerving to go behind the bar and check what she’d got on tap and in the fridge.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Chapter 39

Al went straight into her studio and out the door Hugh spotted earlier. Walking down the steps she passed two doors. The left led to the small home cinema, the right into her underground garage that held her prize possessions. Jon would love them. She opened the last door on the right and walked into her games room. In it she had a pool and snooker table, darts board, air hockey table and a foosball table. Plus there was a bar and some more comfy sofas. The basement stretched the whole length of the house above, it was huge!

Her mind in turmoil she racked the pool table and taking cue in hand broke the balls. It made a satisfying thwack! She cleared the table easily, but still felt uneasy.

Should she let the men she’d had crushes on for the last twenty odd years into her home. Crap that sounded weird! Jon Bon Jovi wanted to move into her home! Fuck! Leaving the cue on the table she went behind the bar, reached into the fridge and pulled out the same kind of wine she’d been drinking, uncorked it and poured another glass. Taking it she sank into the sofa took a big gulp of wine, closed her eyes, and prayed for guidance!

She’d been gone for twenty minutes and Tico was getting worried. He kept looking at his watch. They’d moved back to the sofas and had talked over what Jon had said. Things had smoothed out, but they needed to know what Al thought.

‘Aw fuck Teek, stop lookin at your watch and go find her. You’re making me jumpy keep doing that.’ David complained.

‘Fuck you C.D!’ He growled back. The others snickered. David huffed.

Tico got up and headed for the studio. She’d had enough time. Opening the door quietly he was surprised to find it empty, he went over to the darkroom, no light on above the door, so he opened that too. Empty! A frown deepened his brows. Then he remembered the other door, she’d said it was the basement. Grasping the handle he pulled it open. Strange, when did you carpet stairs to a basement?

‘Where is she?’

‘Fuck Sambora you nearly gave me a fuckin coronary!’ He grabbed his heart and tried to push it back down! He looked and noticed they’d all followed him.

They stepped into the room one by one looking about as if she’d just appear. ‘I think she went to the basement. But guys this doesn’t look your normal kinda thing. The stairs are carpeted!’

‘Woohooo lets play Sherlock Holmes!’ David laughed. Eye rolls came from the others.
They all started to file downstairs. Al, nodding on the sofas had no idea she was going to get visitors!

Chapter 38

‘Jon, have you lost your fuckin mind?’ Richie demanded. He couldn’t believe his bro, the poor woman had just unloaded all that info, and Jon had callously swept it aside and ask to move in!

‘Nope I’ve not.’ Jon looked at Al.

He noticed a slight twitch of her lips. Tico was ranting in Spanish. She lay a hand on his arm, ‘Miel, calm down you’re going to have a heart attack. Richie, please don’t hit Jon. David, Hugh, sit down! Jon, I have to ask what makes you think I’d let you lot in here? Really I want to know. And why do you want in? Boys hush!’ The table quieted.

Jon looked her in the eye. ‘Well lil darlin, I’m tired. Tired of hotels! Tired of people who look through me! I hate the blandness of living out of a suitcase, in rooms that all look the damn same. Your home is like a breath of fresh air. It’s big enough for us to not fall the hell over each other. We need to get out of the hotel and into a place that is loved. I think you’d let us in because we need a home, not a place to crash. We’ve been on the road for months and not due to hit America for at least another month. If you let us invade your privacy we would use this as a base. We can fly to Ireland; do the two shows there, then fly back that night. We could come home, not another no name room! Plus the fans wouldn’t have a hope in hell of finding us. We could relax, be ‘normal’ here, like I was when shooting the Leading Man. It was wonderful being able to do that. But it’s up to you.’

All the guys, even Tico listen to what he was saying and realised that he was right. They were all getting antsy. Hotels were ok for a few months, but after nearly ten, they lost the shine. All eyes went to Al.

‘I need a drink and to think.’ She got up went to the kitchen poured a glass of wine, then went back passed them, no one said anything as she did this. She went into the studio. Tico thought she’d gone to immerse herself in painting. He’d give her a minute then follow.

‘Well Kidd, you better fuckin hope she don’t kick our asses to the kerb.’ Richie snarled and went for more coffee. ‘Cause if she does I’m gonna beat you within an inch of your life!’

The other three nodded in agreement. Tico was smiling at the thought. Jon winced praying she wouldn’t, he like his face just fine as it was. And Richie’s punch could put you out for days.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Chapter 37

She returned to the table with coffee pot in hand and did a refill for all of them. Sitting down she looked about the table. They were all waiting for her to start.

Smirking, she took a deep breath, ‘Ok, Al stands for Alice, last name Newcombe, height, same as Tico’s 5ft 2”, weight, none of your damn business! Born February 22nd 1962.’ She waited to see if they caught it. They did.

‘Holy shit! You mean your my age?’ Jon couldn’t believe her, he knew he looked good for his age of 47, but she only looked in her 30’s.

‘Yeah Kidd I’m even older than you!’ She laughed.

Tico sat stunned at her revelation; he assumed she was a decade or two younger than him, not just nine years.

The whole table had erupted into a debate over her age. Al just sat shaking her head; she should know how old she was. She got their attention back when she took hold of the biscuit tub and started to put the lid back on it. Richie soon snatched it away from her, grabbing another cookie and passing it to his brothers. All who took another cookie, all staring at Al?

‘So I’ve not robbed the cradle, well thank fuck for that!’ Tico mopped his brow and rolled his eyes. ‘Any husband I should be aware of?’

‘Dude that should have been the first question you asked this morning!’ Hugh deadpanned Tico. The others laughed. Tico nodded.

Al snorted, ‘Nope never had the inclination to marry, you guys can be such work!’ She rolled her eyes. ‘I’ve never met a man I liked enough to share my home with, let alone give up my freedom for.’

Tico wondered if someone had hurt her, seeing as she seemed adamant about not marrying. He’d have to work on changing her mind. He nearly choked on the sip of coffee, where the hell did that come from? He’d known her; he checked his watch, a little over twenty four hours, and he’d thought of marriage. Fuck!

‘What about your parent’s querido?’ He asked, trying to get his mind away from marriage.

‘They were killed nearly twenty years ago; I’ve no siblings and a distant uncle somewhere that I’ve never met.’

‘You said killed, how honey?’ Richie asked, laying his hand over hers, ‘That’s if you don’t mind me asking.’

‘No of course I don’t. They were coming home after celebrating their thirtieth anniversary; I was working nights. A drunk driver came out of nowhere and smashed into the car. They didn’t suffer, they died outright. The drunk survived with a broken leg and a few cuts and bruises. I found out when they were brought into the A&E, I met the ambulance at the door, when it opened there was my mother; my father came in the second ambulance. I took one look and knew she was dead, the world went black and I came too minutes later. My best friend May was standing over me, crying and telling me she was so sorry. She’d told staff that they were my parents.’

About the table the men were silent, taking in everything Al had told them.

‘But you don’t work as a nurse anymore do you?’ David asked.

‘Perceptive C.D, no, after the joint funeral, I tried to go back, but everytime the ambulance drew up, all I saw when they opened the doors was my mother. A month after the funeral I left and never went back.’

‘So, and if I’m being too nosy just tell me, how do earn a crust now, and how come you can afford this place?’ Jon asked.

‘Yeah you’re a nosy fucker, but I’ll tell you.’ The boys grinned, but waited to hear what she was going to say. ‘I had always been into photography and drawing, so it felt right to try it on for size. It fit well. I do sell my drawings and photos, and I own my very own art gallery not far from here, that helps. And the reason I can afford this place is because my parents were both extremely well off before they died, plus their life insurance etc. I really don’t have to work ever again, but I need too. I like working. By the way Jon, I built this place, oh I had help, but I got my hands very dirty making this run down factory into my home. Everything you see here has come from my ideas.’

All of the men looked about the house again with new eyes and respect for Al.

‘So again, how much do you want for it honey.’ Jon grinned at her.

‘Aw Jon you give blondes a baaad name, you’ve got no memory of the conversation we had earlier, poor baby.’

‘Well you can’t blame me for trying. How do you feel about houseguests?’

Tico wanted the floor to open up and swallow him! He should have known Jon would get around to asking that question, shit! ‘Jon!’ Tico glared at him.

Al’s gaze swung from Jon to Tico, who looked like he could rip Jon apart with his bare hands. ‘What do you mean houseguests, and why does Teek look like he’d like to kill you?’ She had a fair idea, but wanted to hear it from them.

‘It’s nothing querido, just Jon being an asshole!’

‘No I’m not, I asked you earlier how you thought she’d react if I asked her. I’m serious Al, I want to move in!’ He just left it hanging in the air.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Chapter 36

After the guys had nearly ripped the kitchen apart looking for the cookies, Al and Richie egging them on and laughing, they finally realised Tico hadn’t moved except to start the coffee perking and putting sugar and milk onto a tray.

‘Davey boy, me thinks I smell a giant Cuban rat!’ Jon nodded towards Tico, who was failing badly to look angelic.

With that the other three advanced on him, David and Hugh grabbing an elbow each and hoisting him out of the way so Jon could get into the cupboard. ‘Wooohooooo we’ve got cookies!’ Came the triumphant shout from Jon, as he held up a massive plastic box full of yummy treats.

Tico laughed himself nearly sick; his feet still several inches off the ground, ‘Took you assholes long enough to figure it out!’ He chortled some more.

Still laughing the cookies and coffee were all moved to the table, each of the men’s hands diving into the cookie tub and pulling a handful out each.

‘Damn! You’d think you’d not just eaten a massive meal.’ Al looked on in amazement at the speed of which the cookies were disappearing.

'Woman you make the yummiest cookies I’ve had! Just don’t tell my mom though. Hey we’re growing boys.’ David piped up.

‘Yeah outwards if you’re not careful.’ She leant over and grabbed Richie’s love handles, ‘See!’

Tico roared with laughter at the look on Richie’s face.

‘Well fuck! You cheeky bitch I’ve never had a problem with my weight!’ He sniffed with distain, looking at her down his nose.

‘Yeah and I’m a virgin!’ Came the stinging rejoinder from Al. ‘Plus I can produce pictures that say otherwise bub!’ She too looked down her nose at Richie, but it was spoilt as she had to look up to do it.

Jon choked on his cookie, Hugh and David sat with open mouths, and Tico, well he just leant over and dragged her onto his lap, locked lips with her, and kissed her silly. By the time he let her up for air, she couldn’t have strung two words together. The guys still laughing.

With her still on his lap, Tico looked smugly at the others and picked his coffee up and took a deep gulp.

‘Damn woman you always seem to have a comeback.’ Richie shook his head in disgust and munched another cookie to help with the pain.

‘Ok, it’s about time we figured out who this woman in our midst is. We know nothing about ya Al, not even a last name! Do you know it Teek?’ David asked.

‘Oh what’s this, getting him to kiss me silly then while I’m still spinning throw in the questions to see if I can remember my own name? Men!’

‘Well darlin you did say we could talk later, well querido, later has arrived. And no, I’ve no idea what her last name is, or what Al stands for.’ He looked at Al and cocked his eyebrow at her.

‘Ok, let me nip to the loo and I’ll tell you what you want to know.’ With that she hopped off Tico’s knee and headed to the bathroom.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Chapter 35

‘Damn Al you sure can cook a steak!’ David moaned, rubbing his flat stomach that now had a little food bulge showing.

The others agreed.

Tico got up and started to clear the table, Jon helping too. Al’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Then David and Hugh started in too. She looked at Richie who grinned at her stunned look. ‘Whoever cooks gets to watch the others clean up.’ He winked at her.

‘Yeah Sambora ain’t had to wash up for years.’ Hugh laughed.

Richie looked at Al and just raised his hands into the air, with a, hey I can’t help it if they can’t cook, look. Al sniggered again.

‘Darlin where’s your coffee? We’ve found the mugs and stuff but can’t see the beans.’ Jon asked, getting the coffee maker ready to start.

‘There in the freezer, first drawer.’ Wow being made coffee by Jon Bon Jovi, if her friends could see her now! ‘Jon, sweetie, can you make coffee? Or is that classed as cooking too?’ She looked at him, ‘I just like decent coffee.’ She smiled at him, while the others cracked up.

‘Lady, why don’t you ….’

‘Ah ah ahh Jon, just remember she’s pulling your chain bro.’ David said with his hand firmly over Jon’s mouth.

‘Yeah Al, he can make coffee without killing it, it’s his one redeeming quality.’ Hugh piped up.

Jon threw a dish rag at Hugh, who ducked and it hit Tico square in the face. You’ve seen it in cartoons, where the offending article slides slowly down the persons face, it hangs for a long minute on their nose then slips of and hits the floor, leaving the person, wet a bedraggled? That was it looked like to the others, Tico’s face just looking stunned. Everyone cracked up.

‘Jonny boy I’ll remember that one.’ Tico growled, his left eyebrow raising and making him look decidedly rakish and foreboding.

The boys laughed at him!

‘Hey Al, what we got for dessert?’ Jon asked, still laughing at Tico’s non threat.

‘Damnit Bongiovi you sure can put food away! What did your parents do, take out a loan to pay for your food?’ Al’s eyebrows rose nearly into her hairline.

‘Hey don’t shoot me, the others would have asked if I hadn’t.’ He gave here his little pouty look, puckering his lips and blowing her a kiss.

Al snorted unlady like, and mutter something about men only ever thinking of their stomachs, or with their dicks. Richie hearing her nearly fell of the chair laughing. Al glared at him, ‘Keep it up and I won’t tell you where I keep my homemade double chocolate chip cookies!’

Richie tried for a contrite look, mixed with begging and puppy dog eyes, but couldn’t pull it off. He looked at the others still in the kitchen, ‘Hey guys Al says she’s got home made cookies in there somewhere, but won’t let us have em! Get looking now!’

Jon, Richie, Dave and Hugh all dived for the cupboards. Tico stood with a grin on his face not moving from the coffee maker. He’d already spotted them in the cupboard behind him earlier when looking for the beans and mugs. Everyone knows you keep cookies by the kettle or coffee maker ready to nab one as you get a hot drink. He’d let the others search a bit.
Al noted the smug look on his face and blew him a kiss