Saturday, 5 January 2008

Chapter 35

‘Damn Al you sure can cook a steak!’ David moaned, rubbing his flat stomach that now had a little food bulge showing.

The others agreed.

Tico got up and started to clear the table, Jon helping too. Al’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Then David and Hugh started in too. She looked at Richie who grinned at her stunned look. ‘Whoever cooks gets to watch the others clean up.’ He winked at her.

‘Yeah Sambora ain’t had to wash up for years.’ Hugh laughed.

Richie looked at Al and just raised his hands into the air, with a, hey I can’t help it if they can’t cook, look. Al sniggered again.

‘Darlin where’s your coffee? We’ve found the mugs and stuff but can’t see the beans.’ Jon asked, getting the coffee maker ready to start.

‘There in the freezer, first drawer.’ Wow being made coffee by Jon Bon Jovi, if her friends could see her now! ‘Jon, sweetie, can you make coffee? Or is that classed as cooking too?’ She looked at him, ‘I just like decent coffee.’ She smiled at him, while the others cracked up.

‘Lady, why don’t you ….’

‘Ah ah ahh Jon, just remember she’s pulling your chain bro.’ David said with his hand firmly over Jon’s mouth.

‘Yeah Al, he can make coffee without killing it, it’s his one redeeming quality.’ Hugh piped up.

Jon threw a dish rag at Hugh, who ducked and it hit Tico square in the face. You’ve seen it in cartoons, where the offending article slides slowly down the persons face, it hangs for a long minute on their nose then slips of and hits the floor, leaving the person, wet a bedraggled? That was it looked like to the others, Tico’s face just looking stunned. Everyone cracked up.

‘Jonny boy I’ll remember that one.’ Tico growled, his left eyebrow raising and making him look decidedly rakish and foreboding.

The boys laughed at him!

‘Hey Al, what we got for dessert?’ Jon asked, still laughing at Tico’s non threat.

‘Damnit Bongiovi you sure can put food away! What did your parents do, take out a loan to pay for your food?’ Al’s eyebrows rose nearly into her hairline.

‘Hey don’t shoot me, the others would have asked if I hadn’t.’ He gave here his little pouty look, puckering his lips and blowing her a kiss.

Al snorted unlady like, and mutter something about men only ever thinking of their stomachs, or with their dicks. Richie hearing her nearly fell of the chair laughing. Al glared at him, ‘Keep it up and I won’t tell you where I keep my homemade double chocolate chip cookies!’

Richie tried for a contrite look, mixed with begging and puppy dog eyes, but couldn’t pull it off. He looked at the others still in the kitchen, ‘Hey guys Al says she’s got home made cookies in there somewhere, but won’t let us have em! Get looking now!’

Jon, Richie, Dave and Hugh all dived for the cupboards. Tico stood with a grin on his face not moving from the coffee maker. He’d already spotted them in the cupboard behind him earlier when looking for the beans and mugs. Everyone knows you keep cookies by the kettle or coffee maker ready to nab one as you get a hot drink. He’d let the others search a bit.
Al noted the smug look on his face and blew him a kiss

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