Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Chapter 39

Al went straight into her studio and out the door Hugh spotted earlier. Walking down the steps she passed two doors. The left led to the small home cinema, the right into her underground garage that held her prize possessions. Jon would love them. She opened the last door on the right and walked into her games room. In it she had a pool and snooker table, darts board, air hockey table and a foosball table. Plus there was a bar and some more comfy sofas. The basement stretched the whole length of the house above, it was huge!

Her mind in turmoil she racked the pool table and taking cue in hand broke the balls. It made a satisfying thwack! She cleared the table easily, but still felt uneasy.

Should she let the men she’d had crushes on for the last twenty odd years into her home. Crap that sounded weird! Jon Bon Jovi wanted to move into her home! Fuck! Leaving the cue on the table she went behind the bar, reached into the fridge and pulled out the same kind of wine she’d been drinking, uncorked it and poured another glass. Taking it she sank into the sofa took a big gulp of wine, closed her eyes, and prayed for guidance!

She’d been gone for twenty minutes and Tico was getting worried. He kept looking at his watch. They’d moved back to the sofas and had talked over what Jon had said. Things had smoothed out, but they needed to know what Al thought.

‘Aw fuck Teek, stop lookin at your watch and go find her. You’re making me jumpy keep doing that.’ David complained.

‘Fuck you C.D!’ He growled back. The others snickered. David huffed.

Tico got up and headed for the studio. She’d had enough time. Opening the door quietly he was surprised to find it empty, he went over to the darkroom, no light on above the door, so he opened that too. Empty! A frown deepened his brows. Then he remembered the other door, she’d said it was the basement. Grasping the handle he pulled it open. Strange, when did you carpet stairs to a basement?

‘Where is she?’

‘Fuck Sambora you nearly gave me a fuckin coronary!’ He grabbed his heart and tried to push it back down! He looked and noticed they’d all followed him.

They stepped into the room one by one looking about as if she’d just appear. ‘I think she went to the basement. But guys this doesn’t look your normal kinda thing. The stairs are carpeted!’

‘Woohooo lets play Sherlock Holmes!’ David laughed. Eye rolls came from the others.
They all started to file downstairs. Al, nodding on the sofas had no idea she was going to get visitors!

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Tina C said...

Love your story Gail!! Looking forward to reading more chapters.