Sunday, 27 January 2008

Chapter 44

Tico gasped as she suddenly had her hands under his T, nails scrapping over his abs. Moving back down her deft hands made short work of his belt buckle and zipper. Her hand slipped inside and as she kissed him deeply, took his shaft into her cool hand. Tico thought he could hear the hiss of steam coming off it.

She gently pumped him, making his hips rise and thrust him more into her hand. Damn he was hard and so ready for her, his self control nearly shredded into nothingness. He finally got the will over his hands and unclenched them from the bed, going to her bra snap he undid it and her breast spilt into his hands.

He quickly took one of the nipples into his mouth, laving it and again biting down. Al’s hand clenched on him and he growled deep in his chest. ‘Careful querido, doing that you could break it off.’ He heard a breathy giggle and her hand released him a little.

His mouth full of her breast, his hands attacked her jeans, undoing the snap and zip. He slid a hand into the back of them and cupped the firm globe he found there.

Al couldn’t figure out where she started and Tico ended. His mouth was doing delicious things to her breast, his strong rough fingers caressing her ass, pushing down her jeans as far as they could go.

With a surge of strength Tico drove himself up and flipped her over, gaining his knees he took hold of her jeans and dragged them off her, and threw them across the room. Looking down he grinned, ‘Querido what happened to you panties?’ A wolfish look appeared.

‘I didn’t feel I could wear them again, you seemed to have destroyed them. I put them into the bin. The hotel maids will have a field day with that.’ She chuckled, Tico watch her breast bounce.

His jeans and boxers hit the floor so quick Al blinked and he was naked and in her arms once again, his kiss curling her toes.

They touched and caressed each other, sighs mingling, groans being ripped from them. Skin against skin; their bodies growing slick with sweat, both breathing hard.

As he kissed her, Tico found her entrance with his shaft and slowly he flexed his hips, impaling her inch by glorious inch. She was that slick, if he hadn’t have restrained himself he could have just slipped straight into her to the hilt. It took all his years not to do just that. He wanted her moaning and wanting him more.

Al didn’t think she could take much more of Tico going slowly, and tried to thrust upwards, he forestalled this by moving away from her thrust. ‘¡Híbrido!’(Bastard!) But she grinned, and then gasped as he finally thrust into her, hard! Her back arched off the covers, taught as a bow, her orgasm over took her, throwing her about.

The muscles in Tico’s arms stood out with the strain not to follow her over that precipice, he wanted more, he wanted to show her that he had stamina to make it last, not like last night. He felt her starting to come down and slowly picked the pace up once again. Al whimpering and moaning at the sensations rocketing threw her body.

‘Tico ……. Please for god’s sake ……….Now!’ Al wanted him to go with her as she felt another wave start to pick her up and carry her body towards that wall of pure sensation once again.

He heard it in her voice, and felt it as her insides clamped onto his shaft, he wanted to hold back. But as he fought it Al reared up, her hand thrusting into his hair, her mouth attacking his and she kissed him for all she was worth as she went over the edge. This time she won and took him over with her, all she heard was her name shouted out into the room, and into her heart.

He collapsed on top of her, his forehead to hers, kissing her lightly. Their bodies slick with sweat, they both shivered. Tico moved over to lie on his side, grabbing the duvet and pulling it over both of them as he nestled Al into his arms. ‘Darlin, I think I need a little nap before I try for another round.’ He laughed as she snickered in remembering last night.

‘Babe so do I! Least we’ve warned each other that we might just nod off.’ She giggled, his chest rumbled in anwer. Tucking herself to him more, her hand on his chest playing with his fur, they finally drifted off into sleep.

She awoke again later with Tico’s head between her thighs, his mouth sending her flying. Then for him to take his time and make slow passionate love to her! Both of them, falling over the cliff, into the arms of exhaustion.

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